Huginn Tattoo

The Meanings Behind Huginn & Muninn Tattoos

Huginn and Muninn Tattoo Meanings

Huggin and Muninn tattoos have a lot of powerful meanings behind them!

The Viking raven legends are an important part of Nordic culture and surround two ravens named Huginn and Muninn, whose names mean “thought,” and “memory.”

These ravens, in their legends, are thought to fly through the nine dimensions finding information that they can whisper back to Odin, the God of war.

Ravens in the Viking world are also known to be highly intelligent and perceptive, able to perceive everything about a person including their spirit.

One of the main meanings behind Huginn and Muninn comes from their association with the god Odin.

Viking Raven Tattoo

He’s the Viking God of war, and, therefore, Huginn and Muninn tattoos often represent bravery, glory in battle, and the relationship between life and the afterlife.

This tattoo also represents Pagan traditions and their religion, so anyone who wants to celebrate Paganism or who has beliefs in Viking gods might consider getting a Huginn and Muninn tattoo.

Not to mention, since the Vikings believed ravens to be especially intelligent creatures, Huginn and Muninn tattoos also symbolize intellect, wisdom, and intelligence.

If you consider yourself to be intelligent, or if you wish to gain more wisdom, then this bird tattoo can help to steer you in the right direction.

One last but important meaning of Huginn and Muninn tattoos is about perception.

Huginn and Muninn Tattoos

These raven tattoos represent insight and the ability to perceive other peoples’ emotions and spirits.

You should get this Norse-inspired tattoo if the belief in a soul is important to you as well as being able to read people.

Now that you understand the basic concepts behind Huginn and Muninn tattoos, let’s get into the specific designs and what they symbolize:

Huginn and Muninn with Runes Tattoos

One design of Huginn and Muninn tattoos is one where the two ravens are shown with their names in runes tattooed above them.

In some cases, one raven with its runes is tattooed on the forearm or wrist while the other is tattooed on the opposite arm.

Viking Raven Tattoo with Runes

In other cases, the two bird tattoos are intertwined with their names above their heads.

This tattoo refers to the ravens’ intelligence and how you too are an intelligent and wise person.

Another meaning of this tattoo design is that you can easily perceive other peoples’ emotions and the soul is an important concept in your spirituality.

Huginn and Muninn with Mjolnir Tattoos

Another popular tattoo design is the Huginn and Muninn flying or sitting on tree branches on opposite sides of Thor’s Hammer, also called Mjolnir.

Mjolnir tattoos symbolize power, strength, and bravery.

Huginn and Muninn with Mjolnir Tattoo

When Thor’s Hammer is added to Huginn and Muninn in a tattoo, the tattoo symbolizes everything to do with the God Odin.

Therefore, this tattoo represents bravery, glory in battle, and the afterlife.

This tattoo means that you will gain more courage in life to face your greatest obstacles.

Huginn and Muninn with Helm of Awe Tattoos

Another popular tattoo design of the great ravens is one where they are interacting with the symbol of the Helm of Awe.

The Helm of Awe tattoo is a rune symbol that mainly represents protection.

Vikings even painted the Helm of Awe on the bodies before a battle to protect themselves.

Huginn and Muninn Tattoos with Helm of Awe Tattoo

Huginn and Muninn with the Helm of Awe in a tattoo mean that your intellect and highly perceptive mind will, in the end, protect you from danger and from evil.

This tattoo is all about being smart, brave, and perceptive enough to conquer great challenges and protect yourself against evil forces.


The key concept of the Huginn and Muninn tattoo is that it means that you have a truly unique mind with a lot of great capabilities.

This tattoo means that not only are you brave but you have wisdom, intellect, and an unparalleled perception of other peoples’ emotions and spirits.

Huginn and Muninn Tattoo

If you do not have these traits but wish to acquire them, then you may want to get this tattoo in order to better become someone who is like this.

It also makes sense that if it is your goal to become braver, wiser, or smarter, to get this tattoo as a promise to yourself that you will be committed to becoming an overall better person.

This is a highly unique bird tattoo that is not only packed with meaning but is beautiful and elegant.

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