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70+ Popular Tattoo Ideas And Their Meanings

Tattoo Ideas

It’s hard to say whether tattoos are becoming more popular or not, but it’s certainly true that there are a lot of different options available for people who want to get inked.

Since the mid-2000s, most people have become at least a little bit “tattoo curious” as more average Joes get inked.

With millions of people across the world already having tattoos, it’s difficult to believe that they were once taboo in most societies.

People worldwide are getting tattoos as a way of commemorating their favorite things in life, including breast cancer survivors who cover their scars with art.

Tattooing has evolved drastically over the years, becoming an art form in itself, and is often used as symbolic representations of other arts.

It’s the pop art of our time.

As tattoos become more accepted, the diversity within tattoo clients is increasing.

Tattoos are no longer confined to sailors and the military, therefore the artists are becoming more varied in their specialties – from very traditional to incredibly cutting edge.

But with this variety, it’s hard to get the right design to express yourself.

Though many people would like to get a tattoo of some kind, settling on a design is difficult.

To keep it simple, we’ve separated tattoos into two main categories: tattoo subjects and tattoo styles.

Tattoo Subjects

When faced with so many options for a tattoo, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

Instead of diving deep into the ocean of tattoo designs and ideas, let’s take a surface-level approach!

Zoomorphic Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos inspired by animals are a perfect way to show the world who you really are.

Animals have inspired humans for years.

Sporting zoomorphic-inspired tattoos, Viking warriors were able to prove their strength and virility.

Rhino Tattoo

Polynesian tribal tattoos often feature zoomorphic tattoo motifs.

With multiple interpretations and meanings, people often choose animal tattoos and bird tattoos as a reminder to be strong and courageous, seeking value, worthiness, and respect.

Eagle and Tiger Tattoo

More frequently, people have tattoos of animals they wish to emulate.

Some of the most common animal tattoo ideas include eagle tattoos, lion tattoos, hummingbird tattoos, koi fish tattoos, tiger tattoos and panther tattoos.

Being such a versatile tattoo motif, a zoomorphic-inspired tattoo can take any form and can be done in any tattoo style from minimalism to realism.

In fact, when it comes to animal tattoo ideas, there is a design for everyone! 

Wolf Tattoo Ideas

The wolf tattoo is a common theme worldwide and has many interpretations.

In general, wolf tattoos mean independence, leadership, and protection, and they are a great choice for those who value loyalty – especially to loved ones.

Wolf Tattoo

There are many themes in wolf tattoos, but some favorites include tribal wolf, howling wolf tattoos, wolf skull tattoos, and American traditional wolf tattoos.

Wolf Tattoo

Some may prefer a minimalist, geometric wolf tattoo over the realistic and large-scale one.

Wolf Tattoo

A wolf tattoo can be interpreted in many ways and it might be more meaningful than you think.

Owl Tattoo Ideas

Owl tattoos come in a variety of styles, based on one’s personal preferences.

The most common meanings associated with an owl tattoo are wisdom and intelligence.

Owl Tattoo

Portraying your unending pursuit of knowledge, this tattoo is a powerful and symbolic way to show off your passion for learning.

In addition to these symbolic meanings, owl tattoos can also have a darker note: A symbol of death; a strange connection to the supernatural.

Owl Tattoo

This gives an extra edge for those interested in the spiritual world.

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly tattoos are about femininity, beauty, and the life cycle, or a significant change in life.

Butterfly Tattoo

They can represent anything that has significantly impacted you, so much so that it needs to be permanently etched into your skin as a reminder of your growth and development.

Butterfly Tattoo

You can find a butterfly tattoo in almost every style and color, from the American traditional butterfly to simple butterfly tattoos and even 3D designs.

If you’re considering this design, there are many variations and options to choose from: skull and butterfly tattoos, flowers paired with butterflies, or watercolor butterfly tattoos.

Lion Tattoo Ideas

If you have conquered a difficult experience in life, and want to show that it has made you stronger, you can choose the lion as your next tattoo

Lion Tattoo

For a feminine twist on the lion tattoo, you can choose to get a lioness.

Lion Tattoo

This is an incredible tattoo that will bring with it the bravery of a lioness, motherly protection, and courage.

Whether in black and grey or realistic colors, a lion tattoo will exude boldness and power.

Lion Tattoo

There are all sorts of variations on the theme, including lion skull tattoos, tribal lion tattoos, roaring lions, and geometric lion tattoos.

Lion Skull Tattoo

Bear Tattoo Ideas

In tattoo art, a bear is an intimate and personal artwork that reflects its owner’s personality – adorably cuddly, or just dangerous.

Bear Tattoo

It’s often represented in various ways, from teddy bears to polar bear tattoos, or even geometric bear tattoos.

Polar Bear Tattoo

With so many ways to approach a bear tattoo, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed!

Bear Tattoo

Some tattoo ideas portray bears as gentle creatures much like the Care Bears and Winnie the Pooh, while American traditional bears and bear skull tattoos look ferocious.

Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Dragon tattoos represent a number of positive aspects of life, including power, strength, and good fortune. 

Dragons hold a special place in Chinese culture and they play a large role in Korean mythology.

Dragon Tattoo

In Japanese culture, dragons are a popular tattoo motif, especially in Yakuza tattoos, because they believe that there is no definite winner or loser in life.

In Viking times, dragons meant one thing: evil.

Nowadays, a dragon is one of the most beautiful tattoos to get.

It’s not only symbolic, but it’s a reminder that you’re going to do what you think is right.

Cat Tattoo Ideas

If you’re a cat person, a tattoo with your animal’s image can keep them forever by your side.

Cat Tattoo

Cats – a symbol of independence and mystery – can be inked in realistic, colorful style or micro-realistic black and grey.

The color combination is of your choice, as well as the size of the tattoo.

Cat Tattoo

Tiny cat tattoos look best on ankles or wrists; larger pieces suit shoulders and arms.

Nautical Tattoo Ideas

Many tattoos are linked to the sea and have a nautical theme and many people gravitate toward nautical imagery when getting a tattoo.

In fact, the popularity of tattoos in the United States goes back to sailors who returned home from their travels.

Sailors were one of the first groups to adopt the tattoo trend at the beginning of the 20th century, alongside circus performers.

Ship Tattoo

Nautical-themed tattoos are usually done in an American traditional style, but you don’t have to get limited by any means.

Whether you want to get a nautical-themed tattoo or have already got one, there are many ways to make it stand out.

Octopus Tattoos

From the vibrant and colorful Japanese octopus tattoos to a simpler American traditional octopus, these tattoos are true standouts and they are enjoying increased popularity.

Octopus Tattoo

Octopus tattoos symbolize intelligence, being the perfect reminder for overcoming your fears and achieve great things.

Compass Tattoo Ideas

Whether you feel like you’re moving in the right direction or not, a compass tattoo can be an excellent choice.

Compass Tattoo

One example is the Vegvísir tattoo, a symbol that was designed to protect against evil and guide its bearer, and it has become an important part of the popular culture’s image of Vikings.

Compass Tattoo

Compass tattoos are a great way to symbolize your journey through life.

Lighthouse Tattoos

Lighthouse tattoos can mean different things to different people.

For one, it’s a beacon of hope.

Lighthouse Tattoo

While for someone else, it means generosity and goodwill.

Lighthouses are simple yet majestic – they offer serenity and calmness amidst the chaos of the sea or stormy weather.

Lighthouse Tattoo

They can also be paired with other nautical tattoo ideas, such as anchor tattoos or swallow tattoos.

Flower Tattoo Ideas

Floral tattoos are popular for their aesthetics and the meanings they hold.

They tend to represent femininity, love, beauty, and growth.

The symbolism behind flower tattoos varies, but every flower is obviously unique in its appearance.

Hibiscus Tattoo

Classic tattoos are usually roses and orchids, but hibiscus tattoos are more unique and whimsical.

If you’re looking for a more refined, ladylike flower, consider peony tattoos.

Of course, every flower tattoo idea is unique and beautiful in its own way.

But you have to know what it symbolizes before getting a tattoo of it.

When it comes to tattoo styles, flower tattoos are usually colorful and realistic, but they can also be shaded in black and grey geometric tattoo patterns.

Flower Sleeve Tattoo

A stunning mix of simplicity and symmetry, geometric flower tattoos may seem simple but are in fact incredibly complex.

For an abstract contemporary take on a classic tattoo motif, you may opt for a watercolor flower tattoo.

As a relatively new form of tattoo artwork, watercolor tattoos have surged in popularity over the past decade.

No matter your gender, flower tattoos are a popular choice.

They can be incorporated into any tattoo design or story.

Flower Tattoo

One of the greatest qualities of these tattoo ideas is their versatility, and it’s safe to assume that in most cases a floral tattoo will look great on any part of the body.

Rose Tattoo Ideas

Rose tattoo, a classic that never goes out of style, is a beautiful addition to your body.

Love has universal appeal, which is why it’s so common to see a rose tattoo.

Rose Tattoo

It can be paired with any other style of tattooing, and it has never been limited to just one kind of rose or color.

There are many tattoo ideas available, and some of them – Neo-traditional rose, watercolor rose tattoos – will help make your rose feel one of a kind.

Rose Tattoo

Choosing the perfect rose tattoo idea is all about choosing a color.

Color, as it turns out, can mean a lot of things.

Red rose tattoos, yellow rose tattoos or blue rose tattoos are all popular choices.

Some of the most popular tattoo ideas featuring roses include dead roses, money rose tattoo designs, and skull with rose tattoos.

Money Rose Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo a bit more elegant than the rest, try getting a realistic rose tattoo or an American traditional rose.

Rose Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo Ideas

The sunflower may be the most inspiring flower ever.

Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower tattoos are traditionally associated with warm weather and happy times.

Sunflower Tattoo

If you like the imagery of sunflowers but aren’t in the mood for something too complicated, you can opt for a simple and small sunflower tattoo.

Japanese Tattoo Ideas

Japanese tattoos are as popular as they are unique.

People love them for their cultural significance and detailed artwork.

Among the oldest styles of tattoos, Japanese tattoos have been in existence for the past 5,000 years.

There are essentially two types of Japanese tattoos: The traditional form of tattooing, also called tebori, using tools that aren’t electrical, and the modern one, where the artists use a tattoo machine.

Japanese Tattoo

If you’re considering a Japanese tattoo, your first step should be thinking about the tattoo subject and other complementary tattoo motifs like Japanese flower tattoos and wave tattoos.

Some of the most popular Japanese tattoo ideas include Japanese masks tattoos, Japanese dolls tattoos, Yokai tattoos, Japanese gods tattoos, samurai, and mythical creatures.

Hannya Mask Tattoos

The Hannya mask tattoo is an instantly recognizable symbol of Japanese culture.

Hannya masks take many forms and meanings.

Hannya Mask Tattoo

They are often used to symbolize anger, fear, betrayal, or strength.

According to Japanese Buddhism, Hannya mask represents a higher level of consciousness and is seen as a symbol of good luck and protection from evil spirits.

Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Japanese dragons are much more nuanced than European ones.

Japanese dragon tattoos come in a variety of colors, each of which is associated with a different meaning.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Representing strength and a fierce nature, the red dragon tattoo is a popular choice for its distinctive color.

Blue dragons are gentle yet powerful creatures symbolizing leadership.

Japanese blue dragon tattoos often come with flower tattoo motifs because of their connections to nature.

Geisha Tattoo Ideas

Geisha tattoos are a reminder of the geisha, and femininity in general.

They symbolize artistry, mystery, and perfectionism.

Geisha Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo with class, go for the geisha.

Keep in mind though not only do they take an enormous amount of detail and precision, but they also occupy a lot of space on your body.

Koi Fish Tattoos

Getting a Koi fish tattoo would be a perfect way to show off your Japanese heritage.

Koi fish tattoos are a staple of Japanese tattoo culture.

Koi Fish Tattoo Sleeve

They can be created in whatever size you prefer, so long as it’s not too small for details and colors.

Generally speaking, the koi fish tattoo is a good luck charm and a symbol of perseverance.

Horror Inspired Tattoos

Dark tattoo art has moved beyond being viewed as “gothic” and is now taken much more seriously.

Inspired by themes like mortality and death, the horror tattoo style has moved from the fringes to become a mainstream statement.

Valak Tattoo

After all, death is one of the most common themes in art and it can be found in every culture.

From the most delicate to the most elaborate designs, skull tattoos and skeletons fascinate us all.

Plague Doctor Tattoo

The pop culture landscape is filled with skulls, thanks to the fashion industry and cinema.

In tattoo art, some of the most popular horror tattoo ideas feature skulls, plague doctor tattoos, gargoyle tattoos, evil clowns and movie inspired subjects like Jason Voorhees tattoos or valak tattoos.

Horror Tattoo

With technology and tattoo artists improving all the time, the tattoos being created today are just as scary as the creatures you’ll see in a movie!

Skull Tattoo Ideas

No other image is as fascinating to the human mind – or so often seen on a tattoo – as that of a skull.

Even the most beautiful tattoo designs often contain some reference to bones or skulls.

Skull Tattoo

The skull tattoo – often associated with death – is actually about embracing life, and accepting death as a part of it.

From Japanese skull tattoos to Tibetan Skull tattoos and even Native American skull tattoos, there are a wide variety of cultures with their own ideas about what skulls mean.

Native Indian Skull Tattoo

Here are some of the best skull tattoo ideas out there to help you decide what you like.

Evil Clown Tattoos

Clown tattoos, a case of love it or hate it, aren’t for everyone.

Because of the success and popularity of horror films, clowns have taken center stage in pop culture.

Evil Clown Tattoo

This tattoo may be a reminder that most people are wearing masks, or that they often seem more frightening than their appearances tell – a reminder that things aren’t always as they seem.

Viking Tattoo Ideas

Viking tattoo art and Norse mythology imagery have gone mainstream with the 2013 TV series Vikings and the screen adaption of Thor.

People usually get Viking tattoos because they are fascinated by Norse mythology.

Viking Tattoo

Today’s Viking tattoo fan has many choices from Viking compass tattoos to Runes tattoos, or even Viking gods.

When doing your Viking tattoo research, don’t confuse the many cool-looking decorative symbols with pure decoration.

In Viking art, these symbols have deep spiritual meaning and can be found everywhere from jewelry to architecture.

Viking Tattoo

The Viking Age had many phases, which you should consider if you’re looking for a Viking tattoo.

Some of the most well known are Oseberg style which dominated the 9th century and the Borre style.

The Oseberg Viking tattoo is popular because the creatures actually seem to interact with the wearer.

Here are a few Viking tattoo ideas inspired by Nordic culture, which you can present to a tattoo artist and celebrate your love for this culture:

Fenrir Tattoos

Fans of Norse mythology have many options for wolves tattoos – such as Geki and Freki, who are loyal companions to Odin, or the fated Hati and Skoll.

One of the most popular is the Fenrir tattoo, being a massive symbol of power.

Fenrir Tattoo

This tattoo can also be used to show resistance; breaking the strongest chains of oppression.

Odin Tattoos

No matter how you choose to honor Odin, he remains one of the most important gods in Norse mythology.

Popular Odin tattoo ideas let the Viking god take center stage, featuring him in full action.

Odin Tattoo

But you may want to incorporate some very specific imagery that will set your ink apart from the rest of the crowd.

Vegvisir Tattoos

In the last few years, Viking compass tattoos have become increasingly popular among tattoo artists and their clients.

Vegvisir is a unique symbol of protection and guidance.

Viking Compass Tattoo

It can also be a source of inspiration and wholeness, reminding you of your inner power.

Pin-up Tattoo Ideas

It may seem like a new tattoo trend, but the pin-up tattoo has been around since the 1950’s — a classic in tattoo history.

The pin-up tattoo style was inspired by the pin-up magazines that were in circulation at the beginning of the 20th century.

Pin-up Tattoo

A pin-up tattoo is an image of a voluptuous woman that may be clothed or not.

However, the pin-up tattoo is more than just a sexual symbol; it’s an expression of empowerment, beauty, and the hidden strength of women.

Mexican Tattoo Ideas

Mexican tattoos are appreciated across the world for their elaborate designs that often portray Mexico’s rich heritage and spiritual roots.

Mexican tattoo art, deeply influenced by Aztec aesthetics and, more recently, Chicano culture, is generally characterized by dark themes or Catholicism.

Some of the most popular Mexican inspired tattoo ideas include:

Sugar Skull Tattoos

Sugar skulls are the perfect way to express your love of life and, at the same time, your acceptance of death.

Mexican Skull Tattoo

Sugar skull tattoos, also known as Mexican skull tattoos, are painted in bright colors, decorated with flowers, reminding us of the inevitability of death.

Aztec Tattoos

Aztec tattoos come from a rich, ancient heritage.

The designs come from an ancient past that anyone would be privileged to learn more about.

Aztec Tattoo

They usually take the form of a fearsome, intricately detailed design, often containing 3D effects.

Aztec tattoos are a way of celebrating the past, and honoring an ancient empire.

Tribal Tattoo Ideas

Tribal tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo styles for men and women alike.

They convey a lot of symbolism, as well as masculinity – simultaneously!

Tribal tattoos are more than just art; they bind you to a lineage of hundreds of years before your time.

Tribal Tattoo

Those who get a tribal tattoo usually select their design based on what it symbolizes.

Among the most popular tribal tattoo ideas are Polynesian tattoos and Haida tattoos.

Tribal tattoos hold specific meanings, not only in their imagery but also in placement on the body, so make sure you do your research.

Greek Mythology Tattoo Ideas

The Greek myths, including the stories of Hercules and Zeus, are an important part of our cultural heritage and they represent values like honesty and integrity.

Getting a Greek mythology tattoo is a way to commemorate the literature that you studied as a child.

Greek Mythology Tattoo

Mostly done with black and grey ink, some of the most popular tattoo motifs are Greek Gods, statue tattoos and mythical creatures.

Greek Mythology Tattoo

Greek tattoo ideas are not merely decorative.

They say something about you; they add to your identity.

Medusa Tattoos

Medusa tattoos remind us that you can find beauty even in things we mistrust.

In tattoo art, Medusa is portrayed as a beautiful, snake-haired woman rather than the hideous creature described in mythology.

Medusa Tattoo

Also, a Medusa tattoo is a symbol of warding off evil.

Phoenix Tattoos

If you’ve just recovered from something tough, or are about to begin a life-changing journey, getting a tattoo of the phoenix could be the perfect symbol.

A phoenix tattoo also represents your ability to start over, if that’s what you want.

Simply put, a phoenix tattoo symbolizes your rebirth into a new life.

Phoenix tattoos, with their beautiful wings and tail feathers, are popular choices for back pieces or sleeve tattoos.

Phoenix Tattoo

If you want to get creative, take your tattoo idea to your artist and work together on the design.

For a less detailed and more abstract tattoo design, you may consider a watercolor phoenix tattoo or a tribal phoenix tattoo.

Poseidon Tattoos

Poseidon tattoos are popular with people who enjoy swimming, boating and fishing.

Greek Mythology Tattoo

Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea, is often depicted with a trident – an appropriate symbol of his power over sea creatures.

Celtic Tattoo Ideas

Celtic tattoo designs are timeless classics in the tattoo world.

Bare-chested and even naked, the Celtic warriors would intimidate their enemies with tattoos.

Celtic Tattoo

One of the most popular Celtic tattoo idea is the Celtic knot, which represents an eternal bond between two people or humans and nature, as well as eternal life.

If you have a Celtic background, consider the knotting tattoos as a meaningful way to celebrate your heritage.

Celtic Tattoo

However, Celtic tattoos are not limited to symbols and some of them don’t have anything in common with the warrior patterns – they’re just pretty imagery, like Celtic butterflies or Celtic wolf tattoos.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Ideas

Geometric tattoos are the in-thing among tattoo enthusiasts, and they’re becoming increasingly popular.

Sacred geometric tattoos are a clear reflection of sacred symbols from around the world and the themes of sacred geometry can be found in various art forms, from tattoos to architecture.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo

In sacred geometry, shapes and patterns have a specific meaning so if you’re looking to get a sacred geometry tattoo, take some time to research what each symbol means.

Mandala Tattoo Ideas

The Mandala tattoo is a symbolic representation of the universe, and one’s place within it.

Because each Mandala has an individual shape and pattern, mandala tattoos have so many intricate designs.

Mandala Tattoo

They are not only beautiful, but also have a lot of meanings attached to them, making it even more attractive to those who are looking for meaningful tattoo ideas.

Flower of Life Tattoo Ideas

The Flower of Life first appeared in ancient Egypt.

It is a geometric figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles arranged so that they form a flower-like pattern with six fold symmetry like a hexagon.

Flower of Life

A Flower of Life tattoo represents unity and oneness.

Egyptian Tattoo Ideas

We’re fascinated by ancient Egypt, and ever shall be.

Ancient Egypt is a source of inspiration for many timeless tattoos, including pharaoh tattoos, Egyptian gods, and pyramids.

Egyptian Tattoo

As a culture interested in opulence and pageantry – as well as in the ancient art of body decoration – it is not surprising that Egyptian mummies have been found with tattoos.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Egyptian inspired tattoo ideas:

Anubis Tattoos

Classified as a jackal, Anubis is one of the main players in Egyptian mythology.

Anubis weighs people’s hearts in the underworld, so you may get an Anubis tattoo as a reminder to live justly and fairly.

Anubis Tattoo

In tattoos, he is generally portrayed using the black-work tattoo technique, with gold markings around his eyes.

Anubis Tattoo

However, when designing an Anubis tattoo, you have total freedom: You can either choose black-and-grey realism or go for a mix of contemporary and ancient tattoo idea.

Eye of Horus Tattoos

Someone who has survived a serious illness, or is doing so now, may consider an Eye of Horus tattoo.

The Eye of Horus is a symbol that will allow you to rise above the one who hurt you.

Eye of Horus Tattoo

Horus tattoos can be done in many ways, but the design is typically all black, though some tattoo artists incorporate a portrait into the design.

Or, you can choose to include other Egyptian symbols like ankh tattoos.

Pop Culture Tattoo Ideas

Pop culture fuels the fire of tattoo artists and their clients and the same goes for art itself.

Andy Warhol’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous examples of how pop culture can be used in art.

Pulp Fiction Tattoo

Most people who get Pop-culture inspired tattoos are doing it solely for the visual appeal — the tattoos look good.

Harley Quinn Tattoo

Some of the most beautiful tattoo ideas include Harley Quinn Tattoos, Peaky Blinders tattoos and Punisher skull tattoos.

But usually, there’s more to it than that.

Peaky Blinders Tattoo

Maybe you relate to the character in a specific way or like its personality and his principles.

Joker Tattoo Ideas

A Joker tattoo can represent living with the darkness that’s always there.

One of the most colorful characters in comic book history, the Joker is a striking character even when he’s tattooed black and grey.  

Joker Tattoo

Portrait tattoos of the Joker are a unique way to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite character.

They can be done in a sketchy tattoo style, single needle style or even Neo-traditional tattoo style.

Joker Tattoo

For those with extreme personalities, the Joker tattoo is a perfect fit.

Kobe Bryant Tattoo Ideas

Usually, Kobe Bryant portrait tattoos are all done in color realism style, which gives them a striking appearance.

Kobe Bryant Tattoo

Getting a Kobe Bryant tattoo it’s an ideal opportunity to show why you idolize your favorite player so much, but keep in mind that these kinds of tattoos are extremely difficult to pull off.

Anime Tattoo Ideas

Anime tattoos are a growing trend among fans of the genre that choose to wear them as a means of displaying their favorite characters and symbols.

Anime Tattoo

Anime has a plethora of characters with special qualities with stories that always have a moral to tell.

Star Wars Tattoo Ideas

You don’t have to be tough all the time.

Sometimes, you just want to show your love for one of the most well-known fictional characters in history.

Star Wars Tattoo

Some Star Wars fans go to such great lengths to prove their allegiance; they tattoo it on their bodies.

For those who are looking for a subtle Star Wars tattoo idea, a quote tattoo might be a perfect choice.

Want to stand out? Look for a tattoo artist that’s truly unique.

Marvel Tattoo Ideas

People are going out of their way to get tattoos of Marvel characters like Deadpool, Thanos, and Black Widow to give them a sense of their own power.

Marvel Tattoo

When it comes to comic book inspired tattoos, Marvel tattoos are the most popular.

A tattoo of your favorite Marvel hero is a way to show off how brave and bold you are. 

Got a favorite superhero? Then get a tattoo!

Disney Tattoo Ideas

If you’re planning to get a Disney tattoo, you have plenty of choices.

Picking the perfect Disney tattoo idea might be a bit difficult.

Disney Tattoo

The kids that grew up with Disney have made Disney tattoos a common sight.

They’re in every color of the rainbow – and some of them glow in the dark!

Disney Tattoo

Let Mickey and his friends help you find the tattoo design that’s right for you.

Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas

So, you’re a fan of J.K. Rowling?

How about getting a magical Harry Potter inspired tattoo?!

Harry Potter Tattoo

The Harry Potter universe is still very much alive and continues to enchant the world, with everyday fans adopting the fictional spells on their skin.

Harry Potter Tattoo

If you’re looking for a truly unique piece of ink, consider getting a Harry Potter tattoo and make it your own by mixing and matching your favorite motifs and themes from the series.

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Ideas

Fairy tales and children’s stories offer plenty of inspiration for tattoo artists.

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

As everyone knows, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has a worldwide appeal.

People are delighted with the story of this madcap young girl, and they have it reflected on their skin.

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

Some of the most ‘tattoogenic’ characters are the White Rabbit and Red Queen portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter in the 2010 film.

Decorative Tattoo Ideas

Generally speaking, decorative tattoos have nothing to do with your life story and they can be whatever you want them to be.

They are just a creative way of decorating your body, any way you want.

Ornamental Tattoo

They don’t have to mean anything, but some tattoo designs can convey your personality.

It’s not that you can’t find decorative tattoo ideas with meanings, but they tend to be the exception rather than the norm.

Arrow Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo of an arrow can be as small or as large as you like.

Smaller arrow tattoos are popular among women, while men often prefer larger pieces.

Arrow Tattoo

To get the most out of an arrow tattoo, you’ll need to consider the placement and the style.

It should reflect your personality, as well as the symbolism that you want to portray.

Moon Tattoo Ideas

One of the most popular tattoo ideas when it comes to designs is the moon.

It’s an appealing simple and small design, but it’s the meaning that makes it stand out.

Moon Tattoo

There are numerous ideas for moon tattoos ranging from crescent moons to full moons.

Regardless of your personal interpretation, you don’t need to have a specific meaning in mind for to get this tattoo.

Crescent Moon Tattoo

It simply looks great, and that’s all there is to it.

A moon tattoo is as popular as it is simple.

Mountain Tattoo Ideas

Mountain tattoos are a way to show off your love of nature.

The mountain’s triangular shape makes it an ideal choice for geometric tattoos or simpler minimalist tattoos.

Mountain Tattoo

You can mix and match these tattoos with other nature inspired themes to make your design even more awesome!

Heart Tattoo Ideas

Heart tattoos are universally recognizable, no matter how complex or simple they appear to be.

No tattoo piece is as open-to-interpretation as a tattoo of a heart.

Heart Tattoo

Is it in memory of your first love, or someone who’s passed away? Or maybe a tribute to something you love?

There are plenty of heart tattoo ideas out there, but some of the most popular include anatomical heart tattoos and sacred heart tattoos.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo

While there are many themes and ideas, each conveying a unique meaning, its sacredness never fades.

Memorial Tattoo Ideas

Memorial tattoos are one of the most personal, touching ways to pay tribute to a loved one.

Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos, ribbons, lettering tattoos are some of the main themes that people often choose to honor the memory of a lost loved one.

Music Tattoo Ideas

For anyone with a favorite lyric or a favorite band, a music inspired tattoo is always an option.

Music is an essential part of every person’s life and it can be seen all over the world, even in tattoos.

Music Inspired Tattoo

Some might even get musical instruments tattooed on them as a way of expressing their passion for music.

Music Inspired Tattoo

There are many types of music inspired tattoos to choose from, and their placement on your body depends mainly on the design you select.

Tattoo Styles

Once you’ve decided on your new tattoo subject, the next step is to choose a tattoo style that will emphasize both its beauty and meaning.

As the popularity of tattoos increases, tattoo artists have been coming up with a wide variety of styles, some of the most common being:

American Traditional Tattoos

American traditional tattoos have simple and minimal shading with a vivid limited color palette of red, green and yellow.

Theses tattoos are some of the most beautiful works in tattoo art history and although they may look simple, a clean old school tattoo design requires a skilled artist.

American Traditional Tattoo

Are you a fan of Old School tattoos but don’t like the imagery?

Classic traditional tattoo motifs can be given a contemporary twist, creating a unique style that bridges the gap between yesterday’s tattoos and today’s mainstream artwork.

Neo-traditional Tattoos

These tattoos are a mix of bold lines, illustrative looks and highly saturated warm colors, but because there’s no official guideline or rule-book on Neo-traditional tattoos, you may see some variations from one artist to another.

Neo-traditional Tattoo

They’re also lighthearted and often humorous.

Fruits, flowers, and pets are some of the most frequently-used motifs in Neo-traditional tattoo art.

New School Tattoos

New school tattoos are influenced by pop culture, especially gaming, comic books, and anime.

Their origins can be traced back to the late ’70s and early ’80s.

New School Tattoo

The style was also influenced by traditional American tattooing, but it featured bolder lines, vibrant colors, and more cartoonish imagery

Blackwork Tattoos

Blackwork tattoos are characterized by mainly black ink (sometimes with hints of red or another accent color), very bold lines, and powerful use of negative space.

In a blackwork tattoo, an artist will literally “black out” large sections of skin.

Blackwork Tattoo

This is definitely a bold look, and it will involve more than a quick little trip to your favorite neighborhood tattoo shop.

Blackwork tattoos are all the rage, and for good reason: the clean lines evoke a minimalist aesthetic and they’re easier to maintain.

Because many people are afraid that the love they have for their fresh tattoo may not last, the simple, clean lines of blackwork tattoos are appealing for their minimalist aesthetic.

Blackwork Tattoo

In order to choose the best blackwork design for your tattoo, it is first important to note that the blackwork style enables you a wide variety of choices in the subject matter.

Blackwork tattoos have a classy, artistic look and aren’t specifically linked to any age group.

This tattoo style is all about bold lines and heavy use of black ink.

Blackwork Tattoo

The use of sacred geometry is also incredibly popular in terms of the blackwork tattoo style.

Blackwork tattoos are often simple black lines or slightly ornate geometric patterns, but they can really be anything, from animal skull tattoos to swords, arrows, or even floral patterns.

If you’re looking for a piece that is as beautiful as it is strong and masculine, a blackwork floral tattoo could be something to consider.

Blackwork Tattoo

Regardless of the common themes implemented by tattooists specializing in the blackwork style, one thing should be kept in mind.

The ease of clarity of design, the fact that blackwork tattoos age incredibly well, and that black ink is easily visible on any skin type, make blackwork tattoos an adaptable style for nearly any subject matter.

Before making any final decisions regarding the subject matter of your blackwork tattoo design, however, it may be helpful to select the best placement for your tattoo.

Blackwork Tattoo

One of the most popular placements for blackwork tattoos is in a sleeve design.

Once you have chosen the perfect placement for your blackwork tattoo, it’s time to decide on your tattoo artist, subject matter, and size.

Blackwork Tattoo

As always, we recommend booking with a tattoo artist that specializes in the blackwork style.

Although those specializing in the blackwork style may come at slightly higher costs than those with more general specializations, this is a surefire way to ensure the highest degree of quality.

  • Do Blackwork Tattoos Make Good Tattoo Cover-ups?

Yes, because of their bold lines and large dark spots, a blackout tattoo can be a great option if you’ve been second-guessing your ink.

The use of dark, bold lines found in blackwork tattoos are the perfect solution for covering up tattoos you regret.

In fact, many people looking to cover up past tattoos are directed by their artists to use the blackwork style in their design as it works to completely cover the tattoo in question.

  • What’s the Difference Between Blackwork Tattoos and Tribal Tattoos?

Many considering a blackwork tattoo find themselves wondering what the real difference between blackwork tattoos and tribal tattoos, another popular tattoo style.

These tattoo styles are typically confused with each other as they both use mainly black ink and bold line-work.

Put simply, this is what you should remember about the difference between blackwork tattoos and tribal tattoos: all tribal tattoos count as blackwork tattoos but not all blackwork tattoos are tribal tattoos.

Blackwork tattoos include any style that is filled in with solid black but may not use the same cultural symbolism found in tribal tattoos.

Single Needle Tattoos

Single needle tattooing is the latest trend for fans of small tattoos.

Using only one needle and a limited color palette, this technique offers great results for people looking for small yet realistic tattoos.

Single Needle Tattoo

Aside from being an affordable way to show off one’s individuality, the appeal of a small tattoo is that it can be done quickly.

Dr. Woo, the most-requested tattooist in the world, has earned a reputation for his work on celebrities like Justin Bieber and Cara Delevingne – who sport his single-needle tattoos.

Watercolor Tattoos

The watercolor tattoo has been around since 2010 and is becoming more popular, particularly for those seeking a unique look.

Tattoo artists are continually looking for new ways to break boundaries, and by using the watercolor technique, they can create tattoo designs never seen before.

Watercolor Tattoo

No subject is off-limits when it comes to this tattoo style.

There is a whole world to explore before settling on a watercolor tattoo idea.

Japanese Style Tattoos

If you want a detailed, symbolic piece of work to add to your current collection of tattoos, Japanese tattoos are a perfect choice.

The Japanese have been tattooing for more than 5,000 years.

At first, Japanese tattoos were perceived as a form of folk art, but then quickly became associated with organized crime groups.

Nowadays, Japanese tattoos can be divided into two types: traditional, also called tebori, and modern, made with electrical tattoo machines.


The tebori technique – the Japanese word for “hand-carving” – requires a stick made of bamboo and needles attached to the stick.


This ancient art form has survived despite modern technology and can still be seen in use today.

Being a slower process and less traumatizing to the skin, tebori tattoos heal faster and more evenly.

Neo-Japanese Tattoos

As the times change, all forms of art evolve, including tattoos, forming new artistic trends like Neo Japanese tattoo style.

The Neo-Japanese style is based on traditional Japanese tattoo themes, often combined with contemporary aesthetics, inspired by surrealist themes and pop culture.

Neo-Japanese Tattoo

Being a blend of the old and new, you’ll find some similarities between Neo-Japanese style, New school tattoos and Neo-traditional tattoo style.

Realistic Tattoos

Tattoo art isn’t just incredible, it can be incredibly realistic.

Realistic Tattoo

The popularity of realistic tattoos has been on an upward trend in recent years thanks to artists mastering the art and using different colors.

Apart from the fact that it is incredibly detailed, a realistic tattoo is not an easy feat to achieve and it can be a bit pricey.

Realistic Tattoo

Realistic tattoos are suitable for almost any tattoo subject, color or black and grey alike.

Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are a cool, hip way to express yourself.

Geometric tattoos are usually minimalist in nature, with lots of references to abstract art.

Geometric Tattoo

They are all about points, lines, and curves and sometimes pair realistic images with patterns of lines or shapes.

Geometric tattoos are a lot of fun to play with offering plenty of room for creative expression.

Graphic Tattoos

You may not know it by name, but you’ve certainly seen graphic tattoos.

More than just a tattoo style, graphic tattooing is a movement in itself, with its own rules and regulations similar to the pop art movement of the 1960s.

Graphic Tattoo

It borrows elements from other tattoo styles, such as black-work tattoos and negative space tattoos to create a new genre of body art that’s quickly gaining popularity in the tattoo world.

In the same way as pop art, graphic tattoo style is all about breaking barriers and trying something new, bringing a new level of creativity and innovation to the tattoo world.

Minimalism Tattoos

Minimalist tattooing is a tattoo movement more than a tattoo style, that merges with other tattoo styles, like one-line tattoo style and blackwork style, as well as geometric tattoos, to create a simple design.

Minimalist tattoos were popularized by social media, and there are two reasons for that.

Minimalist Tattoo

First of all, they are cheaper than large-scale ones.

Secondly, minimalist tattoos appeal to many newbies, who love the fact that they can be easily concealed and the process is less painful.

The best thing about them is that they look good on all body parts!

Trash Polka Tattoos

Trash Polka tattoo style may seem chaotic at first glance, but it’s actually very orderly.

With an emphasis on the individual’s self-expression, a Trash Polka tattoo is made up of abstract designs and brush strokes combined with calligraphy, all in black and red ink.

Trash Polka Tattoos

This unique style was pioneered by Simone Pfaff and Volko Merschky, in the early 2000’s, while operating out of the Buena Vista Tattoo Club in Wurzburg, Germany.

The Trash Polka style of tattooing is far from ordinary: Each tattoo is one-of-a-kind.

Trash Polka Tattoo

Trash Polka is a style of opposites that create controversy and harmony in a single blend and it’s a perfect match for those who want an unconventional look that’s unique and bold.

Stick & Poke Tattoos

The stick-and-poke tattoo, also called handpoked, is a DIY, old school way to get ink on your skin.

Although stick and poke tattoos have been practiced for centuries in tebori, tribal, and other traditional tattoo methods, they’ve only recently gained prominence in the West thanks to social media and to minimalist tattoo trend.

Stick and Poke Tattoos

Stick-and-poke tattoos are made with a needle instead of an electric tattoo machine, and they are ideal for simple and small tattoo designs.

However, stick ’n’ poke tattoos aren’t as durable as other types of tattoos, and the process takes longer than machine-assisted tattooing.

Bio-mechanical Tattoos

As the name suggests, biomechanical tattoos are inspired by machinery and robotics, offering a lot of creative freedom when it comes to design.

Biomechanical Tattoo

Blending human skin and technology together, the biomechanical tattoo is the exploration of the answer to one of the deepest questions: What does it mean to be human?

Sketchy Tattoos

Along with other contemporary tattooing styles, the sketchy style is growing increasingly popular.

In a sketch-style tattoo, the artist works on your skin like an artist working on canvas.

Sketchy Tattoo

Sketchy tattoos appeal to those who love the raw, abstract lines of a sketch.

With this technique, you can fit your own tattoo motif or choose from a wide array of classic tattoo designs and brings a new, original twist to it.

Etching Tattoos

Etching tattoos, made up of lines and shades that look like they were cut from wood, are a new trend.

Etching Tattoo

They are a unique choice, so if you’re looking for your very own style, try this cutting-edge method.

Dotwork Tattoos

Dot-work tattoos have a classic, sketchpad look to them.

Dotwork is a technique that combines dot after dot to create a beautiful, compelling image, similar to the pointillism technique developed at the end of the 19th century.

Dot-work Tattoo

This technique can also be used for tattoo shading.


With so many designs and styles of tattoos, you can be sure to find one that fits your personal philosophy.

While you can put your own spin on it, every tattoo has a way of expressing one’s personality and individuality.

The problem is that there are so many tattoos out there; it’s hard to choose one.

Another way to narrow the choices is to categorize them by meaning or placement.

A tattoo can symbolize a number of things, including family, friendship, and love.

When deciding on your tattoo, there’s one thing you should remember: it will be with you for the rest of your life. So choose wisely!


  • What is a good first tattoo for a guy? 

Your first tattoo is always the hardest to decide upon, but one thing we recommend is starting small. A small tattoo will hurt less and be quicker to get done; they’re easier to cover up and are a good starting point if you decide to get more later on. Think about a tattoo design that’s meaningful to you in some way.

  • Which US states allow 16-year-olds to get tattoos? 

The minimum age you can get a tattoo is 16 in Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, and New Jersey, and 14 in Idaho. Over 20 US states, including Alabama, Hawaii, Michigan, New Mexico, and Vermont have no specified minimum age but will require either written or in-person consent from the parents or guardians. 

  • What is the most popular tattoo of all time? 

While it’s unclear which tattoo design takes the number one spot around the world, there are some clear contenders. A 2017 study by Zensa Skincare showed that rose tattoos were the most common on Instagram, closely followed by lettering and skull tattoos. 

  • What are the most common types of tattoos? 

Common types of tattoos include floral, geometric, Japanese, animal, neo-traditional, and blackwork designs. Styles such as watercolor tattoos and fine line tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. 

  • Are tattoos illegal in the UK? 

No, tattoos are fully legal in the UK and you will often encounter people who have them in your daily life. The only restriction is that you must be over the age of 18 to get a tattoo anywhere in the country. 

  • What is the most common first tattoo? 

Some of the most common placements for a first tattoo are the wrist, the forearm, the ankle, and the hip. Nature designs, quotes, and animals are common choices for a first tattoo. 

  • How much should you pay for your first tattoo? 

The cost of a tattoo varies based on size, placement, color, and complexity. The average price of a tattoo in the US is $150 while in the UK is £130. If you’re going for a very small tattoo, it should cost you around £60-£90. 

  • Can I have a tattoo at 16? 

You will need to look up the law in your country if you want to get a tattoo at age 16. There are several US states that allow tattoos at 16 with parental consent, but you must be 18 or over in the UK. The minimum age in European countries tends to vary between 16 and 18, whereas in Asia it is usually higher, such as 20 in South Korea and Thailand, and 21 in Singapore. You can get a tattoo at 16 in South Africa, but the regulations are less clear across the rest of the continent. 

  • What type of tattoo takes the longest? 

While a full-back tattoo with a machine can take upwards of 20 hours, traditional methods take a lot longer. Bamboo tattoos are one of the longest, as the tattoo artist needs to tap out each little dot rather than simply glide the needle in a continuous motion. 

  • What are the 5 major types of tattoos? 

Tattoos can look incredibly different depending on the style. The five major types of tattoos are American traditional, realistic, geometric, Japanese style tattoos, neo-traditional, and minimalist tattoos. 

  • Can you get a tattoo if you’re under 18? 

It depends on the law in your country or state. Some parts of the world allow you to get a tattoo if you’re under 18, but you’ll normally need to be over 16 and have parental consent to do so. 

  • How do tattoos heal? 

The healing process for a tattoo happens in four stages. After the bandages come off, you’ll notice redness and oozing that will last around a week. In the second stage, your tattoo will itch and flake for roughly two weeks. Your tattoo will then start to peel over the second, third, and fourth weeks due to your body’s natural response to injury. After a month your tattoo will appear fully healed. Remember to practice proper aftercare to keep it looking good. 

  • Can tattoos be removed? 

Tattoos can be removed by using the energy from a laser. The process can be uncomfortable and takes a long time to complete, needing at least ten sessions from a medical professional. The laser breaks down the ink, which is then absorbed into your bloodstream and passed out of your body. 

  • Are tattoos supposed to peel? 

You may notice some peeling during your tattoo’s healing process; this is an entirely normal thing to experience in the days or weeks after having your tattoo done. Excessive peeling may indicate an issue if accompanied by symptoms of inflammation or infection. 

  • Where do tattoos hurt the most? 

The most painful areas of the body to get a tattoo are those with a lot of nerve endings, close to bones, or near the thinnest parts of your skin. Examples of areas that hurt the most include the armpit, ribcage, ankles, nipples, breasts, shins, groin, elbows, kneecaps, hips, neck, spine, head, hands, feet, stomach, and inner bicep.   

  • How do tattoos work? 

Modern tattoo artists use a machine with a motorized array of needles that quickly pierce the skin and deposit ink; the ink then becomes trapped in the skin and forms the tattoo. Sensing damage to your skin, your white blood cells try to absorb the foreign particles and dispose of them. However, the pigment particles in the ink are too large for the white blood cells and remain where they are. 

  • Can tattoos cover scars? 

Getting a tattoo is a great way to divert unwanted attention from scars, though the process is more challenging for the artist. Bear in mind that scar tissue can be more painful to get tattooed and severe scars may be harder to cover.  

  • Are tattoos FDA approved? 

The FDA only oversees cosmetic pigments used externally, meaning that tattoo ink isn’t currently regulated by them. The administration is conducting research on adverse reactions to tattoo inks and will consider whether more actions are necessary for the future. 

  • Where do tattoos hurt the least? 

The least painful tattoo spots are far away from bones, have few nerve endings, and are padded with fat or near tight skin. These include the forearm, upper and lower back, calves, outer shoulders, outer biceps, and upper outer thigh. 

  • Why do tattoos itch? 

New tattoos will itch as part of the healing process. This is your body’s natural response to the skin barrier being broken by needles and should go away on its own within two weeks. A persistent itch that gets worse could be a sign of infection, which will require medical treatment. 

  • Will tattoos fade? 

Yes, all tattoos fade to some extent over a number of years. When a tattoo shows signs of fading, it can be touched up by a tattoo artist to restore its vibrancy and sharpness. 

  • Why do tattoos fade? 

When you get a tattoo, the needles pierce your skin and leave ink below the epidermis. Cells from your immune system gradually absorb the ink and cause it to fade. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays also breaks down ink molecules over time, which is why tattoos that get a lot of sunlight fade quicker.  

  • What tattoos can be covered up? 

Some tattoos can be easily hidden with clothing, but others on more visible parts of your body (such as your arm or neck) can be covered up with makeup. This involves cleansing the skin with a wipe, using a concealer lighter than your skin tone, applying a foundation that matches your skin tone and using a setting spray to prevent it from rubbing off. 

  • Where do tattoos originate from? 

Many ancient civilizations practiced tattooing, and the art form has been traced all the way back to the stone age based on the discovery of mummified skin. Tattooed mummies have been found in places all over the world, including Egypt, Siberia, Greenland, China, the Philippines, and Alaska. 

  • Can a 13-year-old get a tattoo? 

You will need to be at least 16 to get a tattoo in most parts of the world, though some countries, such as Hungary, Estonia, and Slovenia, have no minimum tattoo age. In the US, there are 21 states that have no minimum age requirement, however, you will normally need parental permission. 

  • Are tattoos illegal? 

Tattoos are legal in most countries, but not all cultures view them in a positive light. Additionally, some countries have strict laws about tattoos. In Sri Lanka, it is illegal to show a Buddhist tattoo due to the country’s strong religious beliefs. In Germany, France, and Slovakia, you will be arrested and potentially deported for exposing any tattoos symbolizing Nazi culture. In North Korea, it is illegal to have a tattoo that doesn’t show praise for the Kim family.