Mjolnir Tattoo

Mjölnir Tattoos: Educational and Inspiring Ideas

Mjölnir Tattoo

Also called Thor’s Hammer, the Mjolnir is a key tattoo symbol in Norse mythology tattoos and represents thunder.

The symbol represents the God Thor who was a major part of the Norse peoples’ beliefs.

Thor’s Hammer comes in many forms as a tattoo and tends to be a medium or large-sized tattoo.

Thor Hammer Tattoo

Although the Mjolnir can be part of a larger tattoo such as a sleeve, more often than not it stands alone.

This tattoo also tends to be highly decorative with different patterns and decorations filling in the hammer and making it appear to be from an old storybook.

Let’s take a look at the meaning behind Mjolnir tattoos:

Mjölnir Tattoo Meaning

A Mjolnir tattoo can be seen as a symbol of protection as if Thor is protecting you from above.

This tattoo also represents power.

If you want more power over your life or really love to be powerful then you can get a Mjolnir tattoo to symbolize that.

Another meaning of a Mjolnir tattoo is rage.

If you are someone who harnesses your rage perhaps while you are working out, wrestling, boxing, or if you use it to win competitions, then this tattoo can help to describe your personality.

Thor Hammer Tattoo

This tattoo is also highly masculine, and it is typically received by men.

It can represent that masculinity and say that you are a strong man who can defend your loved ones.

One last meaning of Thor’s Hammer is ancestral worship.

If you want to channel the energy from your loved ones who have passed or celebrate your ancestors then the Mjolnir tattoo is a great one to have.

Now, let’s take a look at some Mjolnir tattoo designs and their meanings:

  • Thunder God Mjölnir Tattoos

The God of thunder, Thor, is represented in this tattoo design by thunder and lightning.

This tattoo creatively shows a storm in the background of Thor’s Hammer.

Thunder God Mjolnir Tattoos

The tattoo represents the protection that Thor provides.

It also represents power and can provide you with more power in life.

  • Vegvisir and Mjölnir Tattoos

Sometimes, Thor’s Hammer contains a Vegvisir symbol inside of it.

The Vegvisir tattoo represents a guide to your destination and helps you on your path.

Vegvisir and Mjolnir Tattoo

Together with the Mjolnir, this tattoo symbolizes protection on your life path and will help to guide you in the correct direction, keeping you safe and sound.

  • Mjölnir and Snake Tattoos

There is one design of the Mjolnir where the hammer is surrounded by a snake tattoo that is wrapping around it.

Snake tattoos tend to represent sin, and since Mjolnir represents rage, this tattoo represents the somewhat negative characteristic of being someone who gets mad often and easily.

Mjolnir and Snake Tattoo

If this sounds like you, you could get this tattoo in order to represent your rage and perhaps how you want to change this aspect of yourself and work on it.

  • Modern Thor’s Hammer Tattoo

This tattoo design looks like a highly modernized hammer with light grey shading.

Modern Mjolnir Tattoo

This kind of tattoo is highly masculine because it refers to a tool.

It also refers to power and can channel your own powerful energy to become a more powerful person.

Thor's Hammer Tattoo

Last, this tattoo symbolizes the protection that the God Thor can bring.

  • Mjölnir Arm Tattoo

Many people get a Mjolnir tattoo on their arms.

This is usually a larger tattoo with other Viking tattoo symbols beside it or on top of it.

Mjolnir Tattoo

This kind of tattoo is received in order to show extreme masculinity.

This tattoo also offers great amounts of protection from the power of Thor.

  • Mjölnir Hand Tattoo

Another popular placement for the Mjolnir tattoo is on top of the hand.

On the other hand, people usually pair it with a Vegvisir tattoo or with some runes tattoos.

Mjolnir Hand Tattoo

Having a Mjolnir tattoo on the hand means that you are not only masculine if you are a man, but also that you have an inner rage that when unleashed allows you to win competitions.

This tattoo also means that you can become someone who is very powerful.

Is the Mjölnir Tattoo Always Linked to Thor?

One question you may be asking during all of these different designs and meanings is how much Thor is connected to this tattoo.

The tattoo is also called Thor’s Hammer because it represents Thor’s great power.

This is especially true in the design of Thor’s Hammer with a lighting tattoo.

Thor is very much involved in the Mjolnir tattoo and he offers magical protection over you.

However, if you don’t believe in Thor, you can still get this tattoo because of its many meanings.

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