Palm Tree Tattoo

13 Palm Tree Tattoos That Will Inspire You

Palm Tree Tattoos

Palm trees conjure feelings of the brisk tropical breeze one feels when you’re by the ocean and of the hot sun tanning your back.

Palm tree tattoos are great reminders that there is warmth and relaxation in this life and that we don’t have to be on the beach to experience it– we can summon the feelings of the sun and surf whenever we want.

Those who have palm tree tattoos tend to be free spirits who know how to let go and be free.

Let’s discuss some more as to what having palm tree tattoos mean:

Palm Tree Tattoo Meanings

Palm tree tattoos have many special meanings that can make for a very thoughtful tattoo.

Being both plants and trees, palm trees represent growth, nature, and wisdom.

Some cultures even say that palm trees have a relationship with the Gods and are spiritual beings.

Palm Tree Tattoo

The palm tree tattoo is symbolic of regeneration and immortality.

Having a palm tree tattoo can mean that you seek to live a long life or to have some sort of life after death.

This tattoo can also mean that you have had a troubled life or you had a near-death experience and that you are grateful that you’re alive today.

Palm Tree Tattoo

Another meaning of palm tree tattoos is victory.

You may want to get a palm tree tattoo if you have succeeded in something you set out to do and feel accomplished.

Also, palm tree tattoos refer to isolation and independence.

Palm Tree Tattoo

Some people are lone wolves and simply prefer to do things on their own.

This kind of tattoo can be an expression of that need to be on your own.

One last but important meaning of the palm tree tattoo is that of peace.

Palm Tree Tattoo

Palm tree tattoos can be for those who value peace above all else.

Now, let’s take a look at more specific meanings of palm tree tattoos:

Sunset and Palm Tree Tattoos

Sunset tattoos and palm tree tattoos refer to rebirth and reincarnation, as well as an afterlife.

Sunset and Palm Tree Tattoo

This tattoo often means that you believe in life after death.

If you do not believe in reincarnation, this tattoo can refer to all different types of life after death such as an existence in heaven.

Palm Tree Tattoo and Sunset Tattoo

These beautiful sunset tattoos can also mean that you are seeking a hidden truth in your life and you are waiting for a door to open.

Matching Palm Tree Tattoos

If you want to get a matching palm tree tattoo with someone, it means that you have a very special bond with that person and that you share the same values.

Matching Palm Tree Tattoos

This type of matching tattoo means that you both share a similar outlook on life and set of beliefs, such as what you believe about life after death or your political views.

Heart-Shaped Palm Tree Tattoos

This tattoo design involves two palm trees joined together to form a heart shape.

This palm tree tattoo design means that your heart is filled with peace.

Heart-Shaped Palm Tree Tattoo

If being at peace with others and with the world brings you joy, then a heart-shaped palm tree tattoo can express that to the world.

Simple Palm Tree Tattoos

Simple palm tree tattoos can have a variety of meanings.

Simple Palm Tree Tattoo

Most notably, this tattoo means that you are someone who craves independence and can’t stand letting others tell you what to do.

This simple tattoo is for someone who is a free spirit and strong-willed.

Simple Palm Tree Tattoo

This tattoo can also mean that you are a spiritual person who believes in life after death.

This simple tattoo can also refer to your own sense of immortality, or your spirit or soul.

Simple Palm Tree Tattoo

Last but not least, simple palm tree tattoos can symbolize peace, whether that means being personally at peace with the world or desiring more peace on Earth.

Tiny Palm Tree Tattoos

A great spot for a tiny palm tree tattoo is on the ankle, forearm, or wrist.

Tiny Palm Tree Tattoo

These small tattoos can symbolize many things, such as being an independent and free-willed person, a belief in life after death or being in touch with one’s spirituality, or even mean that you have a difficult and complicated life that you want to simplify in order to find more personal peace.

American Traditional Palm Tree Tattoos

American traditional palm tree tattoos are rarely solely a palm tree.

These old-school tattoos are often a whole scene of a beach with sand and surf, as well as one or more palm trees.

American Traditional Palm Tree Tattoo

These tattoos mean that you have a vision of paradise that you are able to access in your head whenever you want– a personal paradise.

This tattoo represents the secret getaway you have in your mind.

American Traditional Palm Tree Tattoo

Maybe you go there when you meditate, or when you are stressed.

As long as you have a happy place then you can get through any tough situation.

Palm Tree With Coconuts Tattoos

This tattoo either shows prominent coconuts on a palm tree, or coconuts falling off of the tree in an aesthetic way.

Either version of this design creates a tattoo that refers to your own life and of the afterlife.

Palm Tree With Coconuts Tattoo

The coconuts represent the tree’s own circle of life since they are its means of procreation.

This tattoo means that you believe in immortality, whether that be reincarnation, heaven, or some other continuation of the soul.

That’s the great thing about this tattoo– it’s about life after death, but your version of it and of whatever you believe.

Palm Tree Silhouette Tattoos

The silhouette of a palm tree in a tattoo could refer to the palm tree’s shadow or the tree itself.

It is a basic representation of the palm tree and can represent the soul.

Palm Tree Silhouette Tattoo

The shadow of the palm tree represents the true nature of it and its essence, which is essentially what a soul is.

This tattoo also can mean that you are a strong independent person who likes to work alone.

Ocean Scene Palm Tree Tattoos

There are many designs of palm trees that involve the palm tree by the ocean or with a whole scene of the beach, waves, palm trees, and even birds flying by.

This palm tree tattoo design means that you are happiest when you are by the ocean and that is where your happy place is.

Palm Tree Tattoo

You may even be someone who desires or has a beach house!

This tattoo means that if you could be anywhere on Earth, you would rather be laying on the sand beneath a palm tree listening to the waves crash.

Palm Tree and Birds Tattoos

Palm tree and bird tattoos are all about freedom and self-expression.

If you believe yourself to be an independent person who likes to follow no one and nothing but your own heart, then this tattoo may be for you.

Palm Tree and Birds Tattoo

Bird tattoos often represent freedom and independence, which meanings are not lacking in palm trees either.

The two together are an unstoppable force of independent freedom and self-expression– that you may want to express with a tattoo.

Tribal Palm Tree Tattoos

Tribal palm tree tattoos in their bold black ink represent any of the meanings of a palm tree tattoo, but especially their connection to nature.

If you love warm weather and the ocean, then you can get a tribal palm tree tattoo to represent your love for the sea.

A palm tree designed in a tribal tattoo style also means that overall you are a happy person who puts others’ needs before your own.

Palm Tree with Skull Tattoos

There are many creative ways to show a palm tree with a skull tattoo.

One of the more unorthodox ways is to have a palm tree growing out of the eye of a skull.

Palm Tree with Skull Tattoo

Whatever the type of design, overall, this type of palm tree tattoo means that you have a strong belief about life after death.

Whether you believe in reincarnation, heaven, or anything else, this tattoo can be a reminder that what you do in this life affects the next one.

Colorful Palm Tree Tattoos

There are many palm tree tattoo designs that use a lot of colors and sometimes even colorful backgrounds behind the palm tree such as graffiti or splatter.

Colorful Palm Tree Tattoo

These tattoos represent self-expression and independence, as well as enjoyment and having fun.

These palm tree tattoos are designed for people who are free-spirits and love to go to the beach to have a good time.

Colorful Palm Tree Tattoo

Even when not at the beach, these kinds of people find a way to see positivity in nearly everywhere they go.


It is important to note that although palm tree tattoos have many important and more philosophical meanings, their main meaning is that you love the beach.

Practically anyone who receives a palm tree tattoo loves the sand and sun, waves and fun, and good time galore spent on the beach with friends or family.

Don’t let this palm tree meaning escape you as you consider getting a palm tree tattoo yourself.

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