Fox Tattoos

The Meanings Behind Fox Tattoos: How to Pick the Right Design

Fox Tattoo Meaning

Fox tattoos are popular for good reason.

Foxes are known for being quick and swift, meaning that fox tattoos represent one’s ability to make good decisions on the spot.

Foxes are also known for their cunning nature, craftiness, and wit.

A fox tattoo means that you are intelligent and are a master of deception.

This trickery leads to the tattoo meaning that perhaps you have a belief in magic and think that you can trick people with this magic or have an interest in it.

In Japanese culture, Kitsune are magical foxes with abilities that are out of this world.

These Kitsune are highly intelligent and have the ability to transform into humans.

They target people who are selfish, tricking them with their magic.

One last comment about the basics of fox tattoo meanings is it is important to note that foxes represent the ability to connect with a lot of different people.

Fox tattoos, therefore, symbolize connecting with anyone in the world and being able to understand different cultures.

Kitsune Tattoo Meaning

Kitsune foxes are, in Japanese Folklore, mystical beings that have the power to transform into humans.

The Kitsune are known for being tricksters but only prey on those who are selfish or bad people.

Kitsune Tattoo

A Kitsune tattoo means that you believe in punishing those who do wrong.

This Japanese-inspired tattoo is for someone who has strong values and believes in justice.

Kitsune Mask Tattoos

Kitsune masks are used in dance and theatre performances and are known in Japanese pop culture.

Kitsune Mask Tattoo

A kitsune mask tattoo means that you believe in magic and the supernatural.

The meaning of this tattoo is you are someone who is unique and does not follow normal rules.

Nine-tailed Fox Tattoo Meaning

The origin of the nine-tailed fox’s meaning is the story of the Kitsune where the Kitsune increase their wisdom as they age, and each century it grows an extra tail.

Nine-tailed Fox Tattoo

This growth can be for good or for evil.

Either way, the limit is nine centuries for this growth, hence the nine-tailed fox.

Nine-tailed Fox Tattoo

Therefore, a nine-tailed fox tattoo means that you are extremely wise and have learned so much in life that you believe you are in your prime of wisdom.

Curled Fox Tattoo Meaning

A curled fox tattoo means that foxes are so much more than being cunning and wise.

This tattoo symbolizes the vulnerability of the fox.

Curled Fox Tattoo

Perhaps you would choose this tattoo because most people believe you to be a strong person, but you want people to know that you have a soft side.

You may even want to be admitting to yourself that you have flaws and that’s okay.

Silver Fox Tattoo Meaning

A silver fox is known for refinement and taste.

A silver fox tattoo means that you have an air of nobility.

Silver Fox Tattoo

In fact, the fur of the silver fox even sparkles in the sun!

This tattoo has the power to bring you good luck and fortune in life, as well as meaning that you are someone who has extremely good taste.

Gray Fox Tattoo Meaning

The gray fox tattoo symbolizes maturity and means that in a tough position between two opposing sides you have the strength to stay in the middle.

Gray Fox Tattoo

If you have this tattoo, you are a negotiator and a mediator.

You have the ability to solve problems using your intelligence and ability to be even-tempered.

White Fox Tattoo Meaning

A white fox tattoo means that you are searching for clarity in your life which this tattoo could help you find.

White Fox Tattoo

It can also mean that you have found this clarity in religion and that spirituality is very important to you.

A white fox tattoo has the power to express your love for God as well as your divine search for the meaning of life.

Fennec Fox Tattoo Meaning

The Fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world, similar to the size of a kitten— super cute!

Fennec Fox Tattoo

A fennec fox tattoo means that you can survive many terrible circumstances and still come out on top.

This is because the fennec fox can withstand very high temperatures as well as limited amounts of water.

Fennec Fox Tattoo

The fennec fox tattoo also means that you love the world and are known to be a positive person.

Corsac Fox Tattoo Meaning

The corsac fox is a nocturnal animal that lives in the steppes of Central Asia, which is an area with flat grass for thousands of miles.

It is a difficult place to live, making a tattoo of a corsac fox means that you are one tough individual.

Corsac Fox Tattoo

This tattoo means that you have wit and intelligence, enough so that you can get through extremely difficult situations.

Fox Head Tattoo Meaning

Many fox tattoos are only of the fox’s head.

This tattoo symbolizes the sly wit and deceptiveness of the fox.

Fox Head Tattoo

A fox head tattoo means that you are a wise person who is cunning.

It means that you know how to trick people, but not necessarily in a bad way.

Fox Head Tattoo

You could be tricking people in a funny way, or performing some personal justice.

Fox Tattoos with Flower Tattoos Meaning

A fox tattoo with flowers is a tattoo that means something different depending on which flowers are chosen.

If it is a bouquet with many different flower tattoos, then it means that you are someone who is connected to many different cultures and may speak a few languages.

Fox Tattoo with Flower Tattoo

There are many other meanings depending on the flower chosen.

For example, a fox with rose tattoos means that you are someone who is cunning when it comes to love and may even be a “player” with romantic partners.

Wolf and Fox Tattoo Meaning

A wolf is a creature that protects other animals with its strength and power.

Wolf tattoos are also associated with the God of war.

Wolf and Fox Tattoo

When a fox and a wolf are together in a tattoo, they are often paired with one on each forearm or one on each side of a man’s chest.

The fox and wolf tattoos mean that you protect others with a cunning wit and with your intelligence.

This tattoo means that you love justice and will do anything, including deception, to defend people who need your help.

Galaxy Fox Tattoo Meaning

A galaxy fox tattoo is a fox tattoo where the animal’s body is filled in with images of the galaxy and space.

Galaxy Fox Tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes magic and the power of the universe to create mystical powers in everyone who desires them.

A galaxy fox tattoo means that you believe in magic and that you believe your intelligence is linked to mystical powers.

Running Fox Tattoo Meaning

A running fox tattoo represents cunning and wit.

Running Fox Tattoo

This tattoo means that you use deception to get what you want and to protect others.

Running Fox Tattoo

A running fox tattoo is a great tattoo to get if you see yourself as someone who is witty and highly intelligent.

Bear and Fox Tattoo Meaning

The bear is believed to have mystical powers, as does the fox.

Therefore, the two together in a tattoo symbolize magic, that is, protective magic.

Bear and Fox Tattoo

A fox and bear tattoo can act as a sort of amulet for magical protection!

This is a great tattoo for someone who does not believe to have luck on their side because this tattoo has the power to turn that luck around and bring wealth and even love to your life.

Owl and Fox Tattoo Meaning

Everyone knows that owl tattoos are associated with wisdom.

The fact that foxes are intelligent creatures full of cunning wisdom means that the two animals together create a very wise tattoo.

Owl and Fox Tattoo

This tattoo is for someone who is full of wisdom or for someone who wants to become wiser.

An owl and fox tattoo is all about intelligence and people who want to become smarter.

Fox Tattoo Ideas

There are so many fox tattoo ideas, and we decided to tell you as many as we possibly can.

There’s no singular fox tattoo that you can pick out that doesn’t have a cool meaning and an even better design.

Let’s check out some of the most popular fox tattoo ideas:

Geometric Fox Tattoo Meaning

Geometric fox tattoos are either black ink geometric designs in the shape of a fox or a colorful geometric tattoo display of the animal.

Geometric Tattoo

The geometric fox tattoo is highly trendy and symbolizes multi-cultural intelligence.

Geometric Tattoo

This tattoo means that you have an awareness of different cultures and are knowledgeable about them.

This tattoo may even mean that you know many languages and love to travel internationally.

Watercolor Fox Tattoos

Watercolor fox tattoos are beautiful and colorful, with a meaning that you are intelligent with artistic expression and culture.

Watercolor Fox Tattoo

This tattoo is for someone who is creative and artistic in every bone of their body.

The fox tattoo symbolizes intelligence about different cultures, while the watercolor tattoo style symbolizes creativity.

Small Fox Tattoo Meaning

A small tattoo can fit on your wrist, forearm, or ankle.

Small Tattoo

It means that even though you may not be a very powerful person, you can pack a strong punch.

A small fox tattoo means that you are cunning as a fox, and everyone knows that this is part of your personality.

Simple Fox Tattoo Meaning

A simple fox tattoo brings in the basic meanings of fox tattoos.

This tattoos meaning lies in wit, intelligence, cultural awareness, and magic.

Simple Tattoo

If you are a witty person, you could get a simple fox tattoo to express your love for this particular characteristic of your personality.

It is also a great tattoo for you if you believe in magic and the supernatural.

American Traditional Fox Tattoo Meaning

An American traditional fox tattoo has everything the style is known for: it has thick black lines, a limited color palette, and the fox is surrounded by symbols such as flowers and branches.

American Traditional Tattoo

The meaning of an American traditional tattoo is dependent on which of these symbols are used.

For example, if an olive branch is used, the fox tattoo means that you use your cunning abilities to create peace and that you are a mediator.

Black and Grey Fox Tattoo

A black and grey fox tattoo means that you have a dark, cunning side to yourself.

Black and Grey Fox Tattoo

This tattoo refers to the side of yourself that is a secret to others, and therefore you may not want everyone to know what this tattoo truly means to you.

It may also be referring to magical abilities that you believe yourself to have.

Cute Fox Tattoos

There are many types of cute fox tattoos.

In fact, the fox is a very cute animal!

Cute Fox Tattoo

If you want to get a fox tattoo that is cute, then that means that you also want a tattoo that shows your sweet side.

This tattoo means that you may be cunning but you are a kind person who uses your powers for good not for evil.

Realistic Fox Tattoos

Realistic fox tattoos are difficult to tattoo and we would recommend that you find a highly talented artist to create this tattoo.

These tattoos mean that you have sly wit and are extremely intelligent.

Realistic Tattoo

This kind of fox tattoo represents the fact that you are so intelligent that it makes you an expert at being deceptive.

This may not sound like a good thing, but it can be very useful and can be used to help others.

Abstract Fox Tattoo

Abstract fox tattoos tend to be colorful and may use geometric shapes or what looks like splattered paint or spray paint.

Abstract Fox Tattoo

Their meaning is that you are a culturally intelligent person.

An abstract fox tattoo means that you are knowledgeable about many different countries and languages and that you are someone who respects others even though they may be different or from a strange place.

Neo-traditional Fox Tattoo

Neo-traditional fox tattoos are colorful and the fox is often surrounded by flower tattoos.

Neo-traditional Tattoo

The meaning of this tattoo is, much like the abstract tattoo, that you are intelligent when it comes to other cultures.

A fox done in a Neo-traditional tattoo style means that you love to learn about other types of people.

Neo-traditional Tattoo

It also is a good tattoo for someone who recently moved from a different country or someone who loves to travel around the world.

Celtic Fox Tattoo Meaning

The Celtic people believed that foxes were spirit guides.

They also believed that foxes could seduce people with their beauty and their cunning wisdom.

Celtic Fox Tattoo

A fox done in a Celtic tattoo style means that you are able to think quickly in difficult situations and make hard decisions with great wisdom.

A Celtic fox tattoo also means that you are very clever and have the ability to watch people without being noticed.

For that reason, this is a great tattoo for a police officer or a private investigator.

Tribal Fox Tattoo Meaning

Tribal fox tattoos are highly interesting because the fox’s body is made up of small tribal shapes pieced together to create a fox.

Tribal Fox Tattoo

The meaning of a tribal fox tattoo is that you are someone who is extremely cunning.

In fact, s fox in a tribal tattoo style means you are so clever that people know you to be a clever person and it is how someone who knows you would describe you.


Fox tattoos mean that you are someone who is not only cunning but also has cultural knowledge and acceptance.

Fox tattoos could even mean that you believe in magic!

These incredible tattoos, each with their own slightly different meaning, can be chosen to be included in your tattoo collection.

Foxes are very special animals and it is amazing how many tattoos can be created from them.

There’s no doubting the fact that it would be very smart to get a fox tattoo— perhaps even clever.