Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoos: A Guide To Finding The Right Design For You

A powerful symbol of freedom

What Do Eagle Tattoos Mean?

An eagle tattoo can have various meanings depending on the cultural context and the design’s specifics.

Generally, eagle tattoos are often associated with:

  1. Freedom and Independence: The eagle is commonly seen as a symbol of freedom, owing to its ability to soar high in the sky. This makes it a popular choice for those who value or are seeking freedom in their lives.
  2. Strength and Power: Eagles are powerful birds of prey, and their strength is often admired. An eagle tattoo might symbolize personal power or a powerful spirit.
  3. Vision and Perspective: Eagles have incredibly sharp eyesight, which they use to spot prey from great distances. This characteristic can be symbolized in a tattoo to represent clarity of vision or the ability to see the big picture.
  4. Patriotism: In some countries, like the United States, the eagle is a national symbol. In these contexts, an eagle tattoo can express patriotism or national pride.
  5. Spiritual or Mythological Significance: In various cultures, eagles are seen as spiritual messengers or are associated with gods and power. For instance, in Native American cultures, the eagle is often seen as a sacred bird with a special connection to the divine.
  6. Transformation and Renewal: Some people choose eagle tattoos as a symbol of personal transformation, seeing the eagle’s life cycle and its ability to soar above the earth as metaphors for rebirth or transcending challenges.

The specific design, style, and other elements incorporated in the tattoo can further tailor its meaning to the individual.

Eagle Tattoo Meanings in Different Cultures

Eagle tattoos are a national icon for many countries around the world.

The following are some of the cultural highlights for the significance of these amazing birds:

  • Native American Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Native Americans have historically viewed tattoos as spiritual symbols.

The Eagle is used for different meaningful purposes, depending on the tribe.

Overall, the eagle tribal tattoo meaning for Native Americans is protection and shows a great achievement.

  • Japanese Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Japanese style eagle tattoos represent strength and brute force.

Artists emphasize the talons of the eagle, sometimes even placing the eagle’s talons on a dragon’s body.

The eagle in Japanese tattoo style shows dominance since the eagle is a predator.

  • German Eagle Tattoo Meaning

The German Eagle is another national symbol of power and strength.

The eagle, sometimes double-headed, is a major symbol in Germany of pride in their nation as it is part of their coat of arms.

German Eagle Tattoo

Therefore, a German eagle tattoo is often black and symbolizes being part of a nation and its history back to the Roman Empire.

Every national eagle is slightly differently stylized, and the German Eagle is no different.

Long, fierce, dark black feathers and an ornate neck and beak help the German Eagle tattoo stand out and make it a great choice for the person who wants to connect to their heritage in an unobtrusive way.

  • Mexican Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Besides having an eagle on their flag, there is more meaning to Mexican eagle tattoos than just patriotism.

The Mexican eagle tattoo symbolizes power over enemies, often shown with a snake in the eagle’s mouth.

Mexican Eagle Tattoo

A Mexican Eagle appears on the flag of Mexico as an international symbol of fierce power, strength, and national identity.

For anyone with a connection to Mexico, the Mexican eagle is without a doubt the best way to connect to a Mexican identity and heritage with the stylized eagle that’s similar to the version on the flag but shares its own unique elements as well.

  • Aztec Eagle Tattoo Meaning

The Aztecs famously predicted that they would know where to build a city if they saw an eagle eating a snake on top of a body of water.

Their mythical beliefs about eagles don’t stop there.

They believed the eagle represented all-encompassing command.

The Aztec eagle tattoo symbolizes power, especially in times of war.

Aztec Eagle Tattoo

An Aztec eagle tattoo represents the cultural significance and power of the eagle in many indigenous or cultural organizations.

A symbol of divine connection to higher powers, many cultures view eagles as divine beings or mediators between mankind and the gods.

An Aztec eagle tattoo represents the unique specific and cultural influence of this image in Aztec imagery and captures that strength through traditional Aztec themes and designs.

  • Black Eagle Tattoo Meaning

The black eagle tattoo can be done for multiple different nationalities and it symbolizes freedom for many nations.

The eagle is a common meaningful tattoo for people of many different nations: it’s a national symbol or flag for countries such as Albania, Egypt, and Serbia.

Eagle Tattoo Designs

Ready to design your new eagle tattoo?

Although the eagle tattoo is a visually striking and endlessly symbolic design in its own regard, there are other tattoo themes that can work perfectly with yours.

Below is a range of main themes one can focus on with their design, and they represent the aforementioned meanings attached to eagle tattoos.

If you’re interested in the eagle, any of these tattoo suggestions will make a great tattoo design for you!

Eagles & Other Animal Tattoos

Some people give themselves eagle wings with their eagle tattoo, rather than having the full eagle itself.

Sometimes, an eagle tattoo will be combined with other animal tattoos- such as tiger tattoos or bear tattoos.

Eagle and Bear Tattoo

Predatory animals can sometimes be combined to create the ultimate tattoo symbol of power.

These tattoos can represent wanting a combination of powerful traits or wanting to infuse your human body with the strength and nobility of an eagle.

Wolf & Eagle Tattoos

Wolves are one of the strongest natural predators of the ground, just as eagles are one of the strongest predators of the sky.

Wolf Tattoo and Eagle Tattoo

Combining the wolf tattoo with an eagle tattoo is a sign of the total dominance of the animal world and the strength and confidence of the bald eagle in the sky and ground.

Lion & Eagle Tattoos

A lion is without a doubt the top of the animal kingdom, but eagles are fierce competitors as well due to their ability to take flight and stay out of the reach.

Lion & Eagle Tattoo

An eagle and a lion tattoo together represent a powerful combination of force and brute strength, something not easily matched by any existing predators on the ground today.

Snake & Eagle Tattoos

Bringing similar themes of fearlessness and focus, the snake can be seen weaved up in the eagle tattoo to create an unbeatable pairing of strength. 

The smooth yet curved lines of the snake tattoo work brilliantly as a backdrop to the triumphant wingspan of the eagle.

Traditional Eagle Tattoo and Snake Tattoo

This is a classic tattoo design that looks great as an old-school eagle tattoo but can also be redesigned 100 ways.

Because an eagle tattoo represents nobility and a snake tattoo represents our more basic urges, this tattoo often represents an inner incongruity between balance and power.

You can’t deny your humanity and the dark temptations therein, but can you rise above?

An eagle and snake tattoo is a bold declaration of strength and pre-eminence.

  • Eagle vs. Snake Tattoo

So, we’ve heard a lot about the eagle eating the snake in tattoos.

If you’re wondering what this is all about, it’s a natural example of the eagle’s power and dominance over its prey.

The snake and eagle tattoo can be a tribal tattoo or an American traditional tattoo, but there’s no question that it means control over the enemy.

Snake & Eagle Tattoo

Eagle tattoos and snake tattoos are traditional symbols of power and superiority, with eagles representing authority over the competition.

The eagle swallowing the snake signifies control, particularly that which is smaller than it — just like how an eagle will eat up a snake in the wild.

An eagle fighting with a snake tattoo symbolizes the two sides of yourself, your ‘higher self,’ and your more basic urges; both sides are within you, but which will win?

Eagles & Landscape Tattoos

Many of today’s young professionals would rather spend their money on an experience than things.

This has inspired a whole generation to get nature tattoos.

In a mountain or forest landscape tattoo, an eagle would feel right at home.

Eagles & Landscape Tattoos

This is a nice way to add some life and movement to an otherwise stagnant tattoo design.

A large landscape tattoo also captures the majesty of the great outdoors.

Battle-Royale Tattoo

If you’re a fan of the reality show Ink Master, you may recall Jime Litwalk’s master canvas in season 3.

In Jime’s tattoo, a dragon and snake face off with a menacing eagle flying overhead.

This is an example of a battle-royale tattoo.

In these tattoos, epic animals from the sky, land, and sometimes sea are locked in an eternal set-to.

Battle Royale Tattoo

As a predatory bird, the eagle often represents the “sky” element of the tattoo design.

It is an exciting tattoo design, but you need to have a lot of skin real estate to pull it off.

The best battle-royale tattoos have more than 2 animals, and you’ll want to be able to see the detail of each one.

These make amazing back pieces tattoo, or could also work on a torso.

Arrow & Eagle Tattoos

On the great seal for the United States of America, an eagle flies clutching items in its talons.

On one side, it clutches 13 arrows.

In the other, it carries an olive branch.

Arrow and Eagle Tattoo

The 13 arrow tattoos represent the 13 original states, and the olive branch is a traditional peace offering.

An arrow tattoo with an eagle tattoo means that America will always strive for peace but be ready for action.

Bald Eagle Tattoos

Bald eagle tattoos can symbolize many different things for many different communities.

Some see them as a sign of strength, while others view them as a spiritual guide.

Today, a bald eagle is an international symbol of the United States and the proud liberty of all of its citizens.

Bald Eagle Tattoo

People often get a bald eagle tattoo inked on their bodies to express their pride in their country, being the land of the free and the home of the brave: it symbolizes being freed from unjust oppression, just as the bald eagle is free to soar across the American landscape.

Bald eagles are very popular tattoo subjects for those who want to feel empowered, brave, and loyal, and there are many popular tattoo styles you can turn to when creating your new design!

Bald Eagle Tattoo

The white feathers on its head represent justice, honor, and integrity.

The national symbol of the United States, the bald eagle tattoo has become synonymous with freedom, fierceness, and loyalty.

The bald eagle tattoo for many is a symbol of fierce individuality, independence, and loyalty to the cause of freedom, and featuring this tattoo heavily connects you both to the United States and to its legacy of freedom and bravery.

Bald Eagle Tattoo

To an American, a bald eagle tattoo symbolizes freedom from oppression, just as the bald eagle flies free across the landscape.

Done in color or black ink, a bald eagle tattoo also means dignity along with respect.

  • American Flag and Bald Eagle Tattoos

Historically, the US has drawn many parallels from the eagle and is inspired by its powerful independence and endurance. 

Because it is the official emblem of the United States, having American iconography and an eagle tattoo makes sense in a patriotic tattoo.

Bald Eagle Tattoo

The most patriotic of tattoo options, an American Flag tattoo, and a bald eagle tattoo is the ultimate symbol of love for the United States.

These tattoo themes prominently feature in many Americana and bald eagle tattoo combinations and are a great way for true patriots to announce their love for the US.

US Flag Tattoo

Inject pride into your eagle tattoo with the flowing image of the US flag tattoo, in all its patriotic detail.

The eagle and US flag tattoos bring back those qualities to the everyday routine as motivation to achieve our best.

  • Statue of Liberty & Eagle Tattoos

The Statue of Liberty has long been a symbol for people who seek freedom in America.

Statue of Liberty and Eagle Tattoo

A statue of Liberty with an eagle tattoo could be a symbol for someone who has moved to the US, or whose family started a new life here.

Flying Eagle Tattoos

With a flying eagle tattoo, you can remind yourself to keep taking risks in life and to keep going higher.

These tattoos represent freedom and protection.

A flying eagle tattoo can also represent a need for more adventure in life, or sometimes a strong desire for freedom.

Flying Eagle Tattoo

It can be a sign of a long, adventurous life spent exploring the world — or it can stand for the need to feel safe, secure, and free while doing so.

A bird that soars to great heights is a reminder that we must have confidence and strength if we want to achieve our dreams.

Flying Eagle Tattoo

A soaring eagle tattoo captures the eagle in its natural habitat, powerfully taking flight across the sky and inspiring hope, beauty, and awe even as it demonstrates its power.

This tattoo would be perfect for a free spirit who loves to take flight and can’t be tamed but is also powerful and motivated.

Eagle Talon Tattoos

Due to their need to defend and attack, eagles are equipped with impressive claws.

The eagle talon is a long and slender limb that is both graceful and intimidating. 

Eagle Talon Tattoo

When incorporated into a tattoo design, the eagle talon tattoo elevates the usual eagle tattoo into a symbol of physical strength and defense.

As it hones in on a specific part of an eagle, an eagle talon tattoo has the flexibility to be a small or a large tattoo.

Eagle Eyes Tattoo

An eagle eye tattoo represents the ability to see clearly, maybe even act as a visionary.

Eyeing its prey from above, the mighty eagle stares with intent as it swoops down to pluck its next meal from below.

It’s a tattoo that has come to represent power and dominance over those beneath you — an image we often see in American traditional tattoos.

Screaming Eagle Tattoos

A screaming eagle has taken on significance as a sign of your opinion to speak your mind, to be loud about your passions, and to be unafraid to make a stand.

A screaming eagle tattoo might mean that you’re a fierce and powerful person who isn’t afraid to speak up when you feel you need to or to make waves or noise when you feel you have an opinion that’s worth being considered.

Double Headed Eagle Tattoos

The double-headed eagle tattoo has a rich history.

It is part of Greek Orthodox and some American churches, its symbolism dating back likely to the Byzantines.

The double-headed eagle is most commonly associated with East Europe, though it’s been featured in many different cultures around the world.

Originating from Byzantium, the emblem has been used in churches for centuries.

The double-headed eagle was adopted by Byzantines as a symbol of imperial might, representing power and royalty.

Its widespread presence today on churches, flags, and other symbols throughout Greece speaks to its strong presence in Christianity.

A person with strong ties to the cultural history of Eastern Europe would enjoy a double-headed eagle tattoo as a sign of their connection to their homeland as well as a general reminder of the lifelong strength and power of the Russian people.

For the Byzantines, the double-headed eagle represented power and royalty.

Eagle Tattoo Styles

Eagle tattoos can mean slightly different things to different people, but overall they symbolize a sense of courage and nobility.

Everyone could use a little eagle energy in their lives.

Eagle tattoos can be a great choice for you regardless of the theme or tattoo style you choose.

Your eagle tattoo can appear in any style, design, or shape you want, so check out these tattoo style recommendations for popular bald eagle designs to use in your new ink!

  • Black & Grey Eagle Tattoos

The black and grey tattoo style is the best medium when you want a tattoo to look serious and poignant.

Black and grey can bring out the details in an epic design, and make for a powerful image.

If your eagle tattoo is a sign of pride, or in memory of someone, this is likely the best medium.

  • New School Eagle Tattoos

If you want to represent a proud eagle without taking yourself too seriously, New School tattoos have playful dynamic designs that will give your bird some life.

These are cartoonish designs best suited to more joyful tattoos.

  • One Line Eagle Tattoos

If you like to keep it simple, consider a minimalist eagle tattoo.

In a one-line tattoo design, the subject matter is “readable” from across the room, unlike some more complex tattoos.

This is well suited to someone who is a no-nonsense, cut to the chase type.

  • American Traditional Eagle Tattoos

Although eagle tattoos are seen in many styles such as geometric tattoo style, dot work, fine line, and tribal tattoo style, it is the traditional style that has been around longest for the eagle tattoo.

American traditional tattoos and eagle tattoos go together like apple pie and ice cream.

Traditional eagle tattoo is just a classic, and it’s always going to look great.

No guesswork is required here.

If you want a tattoo that looks like a tattoo, go with an American traditional tattoo style.

Traditional style tattoos have always incorporated the eagle as one of their main symbols – but don’t be fooled, they remain just as popular today. 

This means that many choose the traditional eagle tattoo to cover their back, chest, or thigh.

Traditional Tattoo

The eagle exudes such a powerful presence that such large-scale tattoos age well with their visually exciting features.

There are other positions that the traditional eagle can adopt, however.

Some tattoos depict the eagle sat with its wings in, standing tall and independent.

Like the bald eagle, the American traditional tattoo of an eagle is common for those in the US who have served in the military, police officers, and are highly patriotic citizens.

Traditional Tattoo

Its meaning, yet again, is pure freedom.

Not only does the American traditional tattoo eagle mean freedom, it means battling and honors those who have been lost to the cause of freedom.

American traditional tattoos are known for their usage of highly popular American symbols, thick and bold outlines, and primary, simple color palettes that help bring out the simple beauty of their subjects.

An American traditional eagle tattoo combines classic American stylized tattoos and American symbols for a traditional and powerful tattoo design that pays homage to America and American bravery.

Traditional Forearm Tattoo

There is an undeniable sense of hope that is attached to the traditional eagle tattoo as it stands undisturbed and confident.

Whilst its US symbolism is one of the main meanings, the traditional eagle tattoo is fair from a one-trick pony.

Whatever meaning speaks to you, this tattoo is an instant classic and suits a range of bodies as well as styles.

The traditional eagle tattoo represents a world higher than our own, unlimited and unbound by life on the ground level.

Working with an animal who already exudes elegance means that your tattoo is a spectacle of grace, inspiration, and endless beauty.

American Traditional Tattoo

The sheer beauty of your traditional eagle tattoo is a natural one.

However, like all tattoos, you can offer your own interpretation.

Traditional tattoos tend to sport usual symbolism like rose tattoos or skull tattoos and work with classic tattooing style.

Nonetheless, you are still open to the world of creativity with color, texture, and the kind of eagle you want tattooed.

  • Traditional Black & Grey Eagle Tattoos

Whilst there are many examples of traditional eagle tattoos with bursts of orange and red, there is nothing quite as classic as the traditional black & grey eagle tattoo.

Traditional Black and Grey Eagle Tattoo

It is time to take things back to basics and let the powerful qualities of the eagle speak for your tattoo.

  • Black-work Eagle Tattoos

If you like the aesthetics and bold lines of an American traditional tattoo but aren’t into color, consider a black-work design.

Black-work Tattoo

Black-work tattoos feature bold outlines and large sections of highly saturated black, and they’re stunning when done properly.

  • Realistic Eagle Tattoos

If you want to capture the intimidating majesty of an eagle’s face, get a realistic portrait tattoo.

Realistic Eagle Tattoo

Realistic eagle tattoos vibrate with the intensity of the bird itself.

Eagles aren’t just abstract symbols, they’re also very real animals with piercing gazes and a beautiful flock of feathers.

Realistic Eagle Tattoo

A realistic eagle tattoo captures the true power and natural strength of the bald eagle in stunning, realist definition, making it a fantastic tattoo choice for those who love the power and beauty of this animal.

  • Japanese Eagle Tattoos

As in other areas of the world, ancient Japanese people saw the eagle as a godly bird and auspicious omen.

In Japanese tattoos, the eagle often takes on confrontational themes — piercing its beak through flesh and dismembering the body of a dragon.

Japanese Eagle Tattoo

Japanese eagle tattoos tend to emphasize the talons of the eagle, one or both of which can sometimes be placed on a dragon’s body or in front of a dragon tattoo to signify pre-eminence.

With a little bit of yin and yang thrown into the mix, these animals can be placed together in a single tattoo to symbolize the idea that any great leader must have both strength and wisdom.

The eagle looks stunning in the Japanese tattoo style, and makes for a show-stopping piece

  • Graphic Eagle Tattoos

Graphic tattoos are a bold, modern design with artistic flair.

If you want something prideful like the eagle, but don’t identify with the toughness of classic designs, this may be a good choice.

These graphic tattoo designs have plenty of impressive motifs, but their sketchbook style softens the predatory vibe.

  • Watercolor Eagle Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are a popular way to portray any animal, especially bird tattoos.

Watercolor Eagle Tattoo

The movement of an eagle can be captured perfectly in this vivid, splashy style.

  • Tribal Eagle Tattoos

Similar to one-line tattoos, tribal tattoos utilize negative-space to tell their story.

Featuring bold black ink, tribal eagle tattoos also serve as symbols of victory.

These bold designs have a masculine feeling, but can be done with more curvaceous lines for a more feminine feel.

Tribal Eagle Tattoo

Tribal eagle tattoos are rooted in the Aztec tradition.

These tribal tattoos are symbols of war and winning battles.  

Also, the Haida tribal tattoo, often done in red and black, symbolizes fierceness and leadership.

It comes from the Haida tribal group in North America known for their totem poles and who were heavily tattooed peoples.

They believed that a tattoo of an animal left part of their spirit, and they believed the spirit of the eagle represents courage to lead and not backing down from danger.

  • Haida Eagle Tattoos

Haida tattoo art is often lumped in as “Native American Art,” but it is specific to the Haida tribe.

The Haida peoples originated along Canada’s West Coast.

Haida Tattoo

These tattoo designs are sacred, characterized by their bold red and black lines, and clever use of negative space.

In this tattoo style, the eagle tattoo represents power, wisdom, and peace.

Consult with a Haida tattoo artist before going ahead with this design.

  • Celtic Eagle Tattoos

Celtic tattoos hold great significance with the Celtic people as a traditional sign of power, strength, and integrity.

The combination of Celtic knots often connected with Celtic symbols also represents longevity, power, and ability, making it the perfect symbol of the strength and power of the eagle.

Celtic Eagle Tattoo

A Celtic eagle tattoo often represents the long-lasting power of eagles and their ability to outlast any challenge.

  • Fine Line Eagle Tattoos

Fine line tattoos are done with fine-tipped tattoo needles, often one rather than a bundle.

The result is more of a pencil-drawn feel, which can capture the grace of an eagle in flight.

Fine Line Eagle Tattoo
  • Sketchy Eagle Tattoos

Sketch tattoos have a kind of movement and artistic urgency to them that makes them very appealing.

Sketchy Eagle Tattoo

Like a watercolor tattoo design, this will give your eagle tattoo some movement.

  • Ornamental Eagle Tattoos

In ornamental eagle tattoos, each feather is given an ornate level of detail for a beautiful, almost stained-glass effect.

Ornamental Eagle Tattoo
  • Neo-traditional Eagle Tattoos

If you love American traditional tattoos for their bold color fills, but want something a little more modern, this can be a great way to have a patriotic eagle that feels of the era.

Neo-traditional Tattoo

Neo-traditional tattoo designs have the best of so many tattoo worlds.

  • Single Needle Eagle Tattoos

A single needle tattoo is a version of a fine line tattoo that will only ever use one needle rather than bundles of “shaders.”

Single Needle Eagle Tattoo

Single needle eagle tattoos are a nice, delicate option for people who appreciate subtleties.

  • Etching Eagle Tattoos

Etching tattoos use lines and shading to “carve” an image, much like a wood carving.

This can be a nice tattoo effect for living subject matter and natural tattoo motifs.

  • Illustrative Eagle Tattoos

If you want something with the high color saturation and comic book feel of a new school tattoo, but want it to feel a little more serious, consider an illustrative tattoo design.

Illustrative Eagle Tattoo

Eagle tattoos can look especially dynamic in this tattoo style.

  • Trash Polka Eagle Tattoos

Trash polka is an innovative, collage-like tattoo style.

Trash Polka Eagle Tattoo

Incorporate eagle tattoo elements with other meaningful tattoo motifs for something that has maximum effect and a stylish look.

  • Dot-work Eagle Tattoos

Dot-work or pointillism is a tattoo style that is made up of several dots, done with varying degrees of density to create light and shadow.

Dot-work Eagle Tattoo

This artsy tattoo technique captures the dreamy majesty of a flying eagle tattoo.

  • Geometric Eagle Tattoos

For something more abstract, but still readable, a geometric eagle tattoo has a cool futuristic vibe.

Balance and symmetry are common themes in a geometric tattoo design, with shapes often derived from nature.

Geometric Eagle Tattoo

Both geometric tattoos and eagle tattoos embody a sense of structure being a beautiful tattoo choice, especially if you’re looking for something different.

  • Micro-realist Eagle Tattoos

Using fine needles and careful techniques, a micro realist tattoo design backs a lot of artistry into a small space.

Micro-realist Eagle Tattoo

If you’re looking for a bold tattoo design that you can hide for work, this is a cool option.

Make sure you find a tattoo artist who can walk the walk- this is tricky to pull off!

  • Contemporary Eagle Tattoos

We love the vibrancy of these contemporary eagle tattoos.

Contemporary Eagle Tattoo

Contemporary tattoos give you the impression of an eagle and have a highly effective appearance without being too fussy.

Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Once you’ve settled on a general theme and style for your eagle tattoo, there are plenty of other ideas as to how to gently integrate these impressive tattoos into your existing ink!

From small to large tattoos, delicate to intricate, there are endless options for how to tattoo your eagle clearly and powerfully.

Small Eagle Tattoos

Eagles are naturally large and majestic animals, but that doesn’t mean they need to be large tattoos as well!

To capture all the details of an eagle in a small tattoo, and have it age well, requires a light touch.

Small Bald Eagle Tattoo

If you want one of these delicate tattoo designs, be sure to see an artist who is experienced in small tattoos.

A small eagle tattoo is a perfect way to memorialize these powerful birds in your own personal and private way as well as making it easy to put these tattoos anywhere on your body.

Eagle Sleeve Tattoos

Eagles are an epic bird that deserves an epic tattoo design.

Eagle Sleeve Tattoo

If you’ve got skin real estate and have been looking for the perfect tattoo sleeve, the eagle has so much to offer between its piercing eyes, great talons, and long, graceful wings.

Large-scale Eagle Tattoos

The best eagle tattoo designs are detailed and have a lot of space to spread their wings.

Consider an eagle tattoo for an unforgettable chest tattoo or back piece.

Polish Eagle Tattoos

The Polish eagle is an impressive tribute to the national strength and power of the country as symbolized by these stylized and exciting Polish Eagle tattoos.

Polish Eagle Tattoo

Beautiful spread wings, a delicate crown, and a fiercely ornate feathering pattern all make the Polish Eagle stand out and make this a great tattoo option for people who want to feel connected to this natural heritage.

Philippine Eagle Tattoos

The Philippine eagle tattoo is a combination of beautiful, intimidating, and graceful.

For people who want to carry a reminder of their homeland with them, the simple elegance and beauty of the Philippine eagle tattoo make this a great memorial option.

Whether combined with flower tattoos or simply on its own, the Philippine eagle makes a great tattoo and tribute to the Philippines.

The Philippine eagle has long brown feathers and a shaggy crest.

They reside in the Philippines and have a high-pitched call.

Philippine Eagle Tattoo

Philippine eagle tattoos are often in black showing their hairy crest and intimidating beak.

The Philippine eagle tattoos represent power and dominance, just as the Philippine eagle has dominance over its prey.

Harpy Eagle Tattoos

Harpies are considered harbingers of final exit and serious omen, so for the darker person who enjoys a more serious and nuanced tattoo, harpy eagle tattoos might just be a perfect choice.

Harpy Eagle Tattoo

Fiercely detailed, sharply cawing, and often considered a bad omen for other animals, a harpy eagle tattoo is a great option for a serious and ominous tattoo choice!

Golden Eagle Tattoos

Golden eagles are a natural and commonly found version of eagles that appear in nature and along mountains and hills as natural predators who also raise their own chicks along the way.

With an intense golden eagle tattoo on your limb, you’re connecting to a legacy of fierce protection and natural strength, a powerful predator in their naturally occurring environment.

Golden Eagle Tattoo

The golden eagle tattoo also represents liberty and justice.

Often placed on the arm in black ink and sometimes a splash of color.

Golden Eagle Tattoo

The golden eagle tattoo not only means liberty but also can mean a whole slew of other definitions of tattoos with the golden eagle; an eagle sitting in a cave means a lonely warrior.

Eagle Tattoo Placement

As well as considering tattoo style, color, and theme, another component to remember is placement.

Because of an Eagle’s impressive wingspan, it has become a popular chest tattoo.

Placements are also influenced by the desired size of your tattoo.

In general, your torso likely has a good amount of real estate for a more intense eagle tattoo.

Most people will place their eagle tattoos on their chest, back, or even ribs.

Eagle Tattoo

The meaning behind your personal eagle tattoo influences whether you would want the piece on your arm to show, or on a more intimate, covered area such as your back.

You may choose a smaller eagle tattoo design if you like, but you should probably get it in a more simplistic tattoo style to accommodate the smaller size.

Have a think of how large or small you would like your eagle tattoo when you decide on its placement.

Eagles are powerful tattoos that deserve the very best placement on your body in order to help them stand out.

Keep in mind the space that your tattoo will need and the style of tattoo you’re picking out, and check out these great suggestions for the best eagle tattoo placement!

  • Eagle Tattoos on Wrist

An eagle tattoo on your wrist is a personal reminder of your connection to these strong and fierce birds of prey.

Eagle Tattoo on Wrist

An eagle landing or taking flight from your wrist is a great way to remind yourself that life is always in motion and moving forward thanks to the constant movement of your eagle’s wings.

  • Eagle Forearm Tattoos

Arguably one of the most popular areas for tattoos, the forearm is a wonderful place for the eagle tattoo.

The forearm, like the eagle, is forever in motion. 

Its location means that the eagle is easily visible for others to see – and perfect for those photographic opportunities!

A fully detailed and depicted eagle tattoo can wrap around your forearm with incredible precision and strength, making this a great location to place beautifully intricate eagle tattoos!

The eagle tattoo on the forearm is a great way to depict an eagle in full beauty and movement as well as combine it with other symbols or tattoo ideas.

Eagle Tattoo on Forearm

Whether it’s just a profile or a carefully designed bird in flight, the forearm has plenty of movement and curves to emphasize the grace and strength of the eagle.

A stylized eagle tattoo on the forearm is the perfect place to show off your latest ink addition!

  • Eagle Limb Tattoos

If you want to amaze, a full limb eagle tattoo takes complete power over your limb and shows off the sheer force and strength of the eagle.

With wings that spread the full length of the limb and a detailed portrait of the head of an eagle, your eagle tattoo on your limb has plenty of canvas to work with and an exciting, dynamic tattoo.

Eagle tattoos placed on the arm are a very masculine and popular tattoo style.

This placement is perfect for those who want to show off their masculine and strong side and flex a powerful tattoo every time they flex their arm!

  • Eagle Chest Tattoos

Chest tattoos are incredibly intimate.

Choosing to have an eagle tattoo on the chest provides a brilliant surface to work with.

Its closeness to the heart also feels closer to the essence of a person.

Eagle Tattoos on Chest

This means the chest is a great place for your eagle tattoo if it is an especially meaningful design for you.

Eagle tattoos on your chest are a fierce statement of your connection to these majestic birds.

Hold the strength and divinity of these creatures close to your chest and watch as the wings of your eagle spread across your chest in full display.

With the sheer strength and power of an eagle tattoo on your chest, you’ll feel unstoppable.

Bald Eagle Tattoo on Chest

If you’re really looking to show off a great, larger tattoo, the chest is a great place to put your eagle tattoo!

An eagle tattoo on the chest demonstrates keeping wisdom and strength close to your heart as well as showing off your tattoo to anyone who happens to see you shirtless!

  • Eagle Shoulder Tattoos

Although not as popular as some of the other tattoo placements, the shoulders are a great place to have your eagle tattooed.

An eagle tattoo that spreads up to your shoulder is a great way to integrate a full limb and body eagle tattoo.

Eagle Tattoo on Shoulder

Spreading onto your chest from your limb is a great way to add extra dimension and strength to your tattoo and create even more space for you to enjoy your eagle tattoo!

Attached to your arm and close to your head, having an eagle tattoo on the shoulders is at the center of your body.

  • Eagle Tattoos on the Back

If you want to feel like you always have someone watching your back, getting an eagle tattoo on your back is a great way to protect yourself and feel comforted by the presence of a guardian bird.

Eagle Tattoo on Back

The eagle is considered both a guardian and a protector, so having this tattooed on your back is a great way to protect yourself and feel shielded at all times with their strength.

Eagles are large birds that need plenty of space to spread out.

An eagle in flight can take up a lot of space on your skin, which makes putting your eagle tattoo on your back a smart decision in terms of both size and space.

Whether your eagle is flying proudly or perched boldly, your back has plenty of space to work with.

  • Eagle Tattoos on the Hand

An eagle tattoo on your hand connects you to the grace and strength of eagles at all times.

An eagle taking flight or landing from your hand allows you to always feel protected by an eagle as well as feature a tattoo with incredible movement and dynamic tattoo design.

  • Eagle Neck Tattoos

An eagle tattoo on the neck is an impressive tribute to these majestic birds of prey.

The canvas space on the neck is limited, but the movement and shape of that vertical space make it perfect for a bird in flight or outstretched wings reaching up towards the heavens from your eagle tattoo design.

Whatever way you choose to tattoo your eagle on your neck, it will make a fierce statement!

  • Eagle Tattoo on Ribs

Brave the needle and get your dream eagle tattoo on your ribs.

The rib area, like the chest, serves as a wide area to work with if you have a large statement tattoo piece in mind.

Traditional Eagle Tattoo on Ribs

If you desire to have an eagle tattoo where the eagle is in motion, the ribs give you that opportunity to fully focus on the wings.


Eagle tattoos are the perfect choice for people who love wisdom, strength, and courage.

The eagle is important for so many people that it’s no wonder it’s a common tattoo.

Eagle tattoos never go out of style because they are cultural symbols of freedom and justice— two concepts that hold nations and society together.

The brave, the free, the bold, the liberated: the eagle represents all of these, a spiritual guardian and brave warrior that protects all and heralds the coming of the free and the brave.

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