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A Well-Researched Guide On The Meanings Behind Lion Tattoos

Heracles and the Nemea Lion

Lion Tattoo Meanings

One of the more common tattoos done by artists, lion tattoos have strong meanings like ferocity and protection.

They are typically drawn in a portrait tattoo style to capture all of the beautiful details.

Many people choose to get their lion tattoo in black & grey or with a golden, sepia tone.

That said, some hints of color can give your tattoo piece an individual touch.

Some people like to get creative with lion tattoos, giving them a more abstract artistic look.

Lions have a very clear and precise meaning when depicted as tattoos; pride, power, strength, protection, and courage all jump to mind, but below we delve deeper into what these mean in the tattoo community. 

The most obvious of the meanings behind a lion tattoo would surely be that of power and masculinity.

It’s a tattoo designed to depict the bearer as an alpha male, someone bold and unapologetic.

Let’s find out by exploring the tattoo meanings behind lion tattoos and what they mean to the people who wear them.

  1. Protection: Especially when talking about the lioness, the lion is a protector of its pride. The lion in Buddhism symbolized the battle between good and evil as well as the balance between them.
  2. Courage: A lion tattoo can be meaningful to someone who feels like they don’t have a voice. The lion stands up for himself and defines what is means to be courageous. If you have a lion tattoo, you will not back down from danger.
  3. Royalty: The lion is the king of his domain. He is nature’s symbol of regal power. If you want to emphasize this, a lion tattoo asserts being one with nature while ruling the land.
  4. Ferocity: Have you overcome something in your life that many others couldn’t face? Hone in on your dominance and fierceness with a lion tattoo that demands strength.

You might not be able to think of yourself as a brave, fearsome warrior, but you can definitely get a lion tattoo that symbolizes your strength.

Being the leader of the animal kingdom, the lion represents bravery and leadership.

In cultures across the world, the mighty lion is known for its courage and roar, and by getting inked with a lion, you’re honoring your own personal power.

The lion tattoo is a symbol of courage, royalty, leadership, strength, and ferocity.

Chinese Lion Tattoo Meaning

Chinese lion tattoos, also called Foo Dogs, have long manes that appear to be blowing in the wind along with massive fangs.

Foo Dog Tattoo

The Chinese use guardian lion statues in front of public buildings including temples, supermarkets, and restaurants to provide mythic protection.

Foo Dog Tattoo

They even have a Buddhist meaning: Han Chinese Buddhists believed lions are protectors of Dharma, meaning cosmic law and order.

Japanese Lion Tattoo Meaning

Japanese lion tattoos can be symbolic of two qualities: The strength and honorable instincts we work to harness in our daily lives, and the gentleness we need to bring out in one another.

Japanese Lion Tattoo

A Shi Shi lion is a Japanese lion symbolizing protection.

Japanese tattoos and Chinese lion tattoos have similar meanings, both rooted in Buddhism.

Japanese lion tattoos often come with peony flower tattoos and the Japanese pattern called Shippo, meaning never-ending peace and harmony.

Japanese Lion Tattoo

Many people opt for more traditional black and grey tattoos, which are less colorful but still, have an artistic appeal, while others prefer more intricate color palettes, such as those used in Japanese tattoo designs.

Aztec Lion Tattoo Meaning

An Aztec-style tattoo is an example of a type of tribal tattoo with distinct flavor and style.

The lion head tattoos are often symmetrical with thick manes filled in with long flowing tribal tattoo patterns.

Aztec Lion Tattoo

The lion is not a traditional Aztec tattoo, however, if there were lions in Mesoamerica, the tattoo would have likely symbolized the strength of a warrior.

Lion Tattoo Meaning In Christianity

Who better for the lion to symbolize than Christ himself?

The tattoo meaning of the lion is a powerful religious symbol for Christians all over the world.

It symbolizes Jesus’ sacrifice and courage.

But before Jesus— the lion was the symbol of Judah, the ancient Israelite tribe.

Main Themes in Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos can be interpreted in many different ways depending on their look and feel.

When you start to look at inspiration for your lion tattoo, think about why you’re drawn to this particular animal.

Do you admire their hunting prowess, or is it more about the regality of a male lion bathing in the sun?

Maybe you want a tattoo to represent your family and a lion’s pride resonates with you and your offspring.

In addition to the main meanings behind lion tattoos, there are often supplementary traits entwined in these tattoos.

Let’s go through a few common lion tattoo designs, what they represent, and how they may be interpreted by an onlooker.

Roaring Lion Tattoos

A roaring lion commands attention, striking fear into all who hear it.

When you see someone with a roaring lion tattoo, you know this is a person not to mess with.

Roaring Lion Tattoo

The meaning of this tattoo is ferocity, and that you will not back down in the face of danger.

A lion may use its roar to warn their pride of incoming danger or to assert their dominance.

A roaring lion tattoo could be a worthy talisman for a person who isn’t afraid to speak their truth and show themselves to the world.

Roaring Lion Tattoo

It could also be a great tattoo design for someone who is trying to become more confident and outspoken.

It’s a truly powerful symbol and dynamic tattoo design.

Roaring lion tattoos are also used to represent those who will protect the people they love by any means necessary.

Baby Lion Tattoos

Lion cubs look soft and cuddly, but it only takes them about three years to become fully grown, so don’t underestimate these little guys.

A baby lion tattoo on its own represents potential.

Baby Lion Tattoo

This would be suitable for someone who is at the beginning of a challenging journey and isn’t afraid of the obstacles that await them.

If you’re planning on coming out the other end like a warrior, a baby lion tattoo will remind you of that goal.

Baby Lion Tattoo

Lion and cub tattoos are a popular choice for new parents.

Because lions are so fiercely protective of their young, a mama and baby lion tattoo could be the perfect way to show the world your dedication to your kids.

Lion Tattoos with Crown

Lions maintain a kind of social order in the wild and have dominion over all the other animals due to their superior strength.

The crown added to a lion tattoo symbolizes royalty and nobility; a nod to lions being the king of the jungle.

Lion Tattoo with Crown

Most often found on men, the lion with a crown tattoo represents the protector of the family; a strong, independent leader in control.

This is why we commonly associate lions with royalty.

Lion Tattoo with Crown

Lion tattoos with crowns tend to symbolize leadership.

Have you recently taken a more dominant role in your life, family, or place of work?

A crowned lion tattoo design will powerfully commemorate that transition.

Steampunk Lion Tattoos

With the right balance of mechanical and biological themes, a steampunk lion tattoo is elegant enough to create intrigue while being subtle enough to not overwhelm.

Steampunk Lion Tattoo

Steampunk tattoos have a futuristic feel emphasizing the relationship between the human body and machinery, as well as the relationship between flesh and metal.

Steampunk Lion Tattoo

Whether you’re into robotic or mechanical designs, the meaning you attach to the tattoo will vary from person to person.

For some, the interpretation is as simple as an exploration of what it means to be human.

Lion King Tattoos

The most famous lion in American pop culture is Disney’s The Lion King.

Lion King Tattoo

If you choose to get a tattoo of your favorite cartoon lion, you may be paying homage to your coming of age.

A lion king tattoo can also be a dedication to serve your community as an effective leader.

Lion King Tattoo

Or maybe you just can’t wait to be king!

Lion Head Tattoos

It is rare to see a full-body lion tattoo; you are much more likely to spot the lion head tattoo.

A lion head tattoo is a popular choice for those who want to add a majestic element to their tattoo.

Lion Head Tattoo

These tattoos often feature lion tattoos with crown tattoos, and both the head and the crown can be drawn in different tattoo styles.

They also look great on their own or even paired with other symbols like flower tattoos or skull tattoos.

A lion head tattoo symbolizes pride and unrelenting power while also exuding peacefulness and wisdom.

Lion Head Tattoo

You may also find lion head tattoos mid-roar, enhancing the strength and fierceness associated with their image.

Bringing out the intimidating side and heart of the lion, you cannot miss the ferocity and pride associated with roaring lion tattoos.

Lion Skull Tattoos

Sure, a lion is a majestic creature that will always be part of our collective imagination — but what about the side we never see?

Lion Skull Tattoo

Walking the line between gorgeous and unsettling, a lion skull tattoo is another popular way to pay tribute to the king of the jungle.

Ferocious and mighty, the lion skull tattoo is a unique sight to behold.

Lion Tattoos with Flower Tattoos

Lion tattoos are the perfect representation of feline grace and agility alongside incredible beauty and style.

Lion Tattoo with Flower Tattoos

While flowers are known for their delicate beauty, a lion is known for its ferocity.

Combining a lion tattoo with a flower tattoo brings out the best in both worlds, emphasizing the grace of the lion rather than its ferocity.

Lion Tattoos with Roses

Many lion tattoo designs also feature rose tattoos.

The rose tattoo has a way of softening the fierceness of a lion, and that is by design.

Rose tattoos usually symbolize passion and beauty, especially in the feminine sense.

Lion Tattoo with Rose Tattoos

Lion tattoos with roses symbolize a balance between soft and strong, masculine and feminine.

It’s a beautiful tattoo design because there are times in life to be both soft and strong.

Lion Tattoo with Rose

There’s great value in knowing when to listen quietly and when to bare your teeth.

This tattoo design would be well suited to someone from either end of the spectrum who wants to achieve that balance.

Winged Lion Tattoos

Winged lion tattoos may represent different things, as they’re popular images in a few myths and folktales, including:

  1. The Griffin, a half lion half eagle that is considered the king of mythological creatures.

Griffins are often featured on shields, crests, and suits of armor, representing power, prestige, and bravery.

Winged Lion Tattoo

2. Lamassu, a “chimera” and protective deity and guide from Sumerian mythology.

Spot this figure in Mesopotamian art. As a tattoo, this winged lion is a protective symbol.

Because lions are dominant over the land, giving a lion wings would give it dominion over the sky as well.

A winged lion tattoo could be a worthy symbol for someone who wants to conquer many areas in life.

Lioness Tattoos

Let’s not forget the female representation of a lion, whose tattoo meaning is bravery and independence.

A lioness tattoo draws out the family side of the animal, inspiring feelings of loyalty, perseverance, and protection of the family.

Lioness Tattoos

Just as a mother lioness protects her cubs, the tattoo of one brings with it the power of motherly courage.

When it comes to tattoo symbolism, there’s really nothing stronger than a lioness tattoo.

A symbol of appreciation for strong females, acknowledging everything they do for their family, men and women alike are getting the lioness tattoos as tributes to their loved ones, whether it be their mother, wife, daughter, or sister.

Lioness Tattoo

The gentleness of motherhood is also associated with this beautiful creature — which is why mothers often choose this tattoo motif to express their love for their family.

A lioness tattoo is a perfect choice for female and male tattoo lovers alike.

Lioness Tattoo

Lion tattoos are so deeply associated with masculinity that we often overlook the power that a lioness holds.

Lioness tattoos inspire beauty and symbolize strength, fertility, motherhood, and the fact that it takes courage to be a woman.

A lioness tattoo is a tribute to mothers who are often referred to as lionesses protecting their cubs.

Lion and Lioness Tattoos for Couples

Matching lion tattoos are a popular choice for couples looking to get tattoos that represent their relationship.

These tattoos feature the king of the jungle and his loyal mate, the lioness.

Lion and Lioness Tattoo for Couples

The king of the jungle and his queen can be depicted in many ways: some with a crown upon their heads, some with lettering tattoos.

Lion and Lioness Tattoo for Couples

The two can be shown in a variety of poses — from facing one another as they gaze into each others’ eyes to walking side by side as they explore their surroundings.

Matching couple tattoos that feature a lion tattoo and a lioness tattoo show your love for each other in a unique and artistic way.

Lion & Wolf Tattoos

Adding an extra element of ferocity, a wolf tattoo also represents dominance, confidence, fearlessness, and inner strength.

Although both animals focus on their strength and power, wolf tattoos also symbolize spiritual guidance.

Wolf and Lion Tattoo

Wolves are often regarded as “survivors” – speaking to anyone overcoming a challenge.

Wolves can also be seen as free spirits bringing out ties with nature and down-to-earth qualities in addition to being loyal protectors of their packs.

Lion Tattoo Designs

Looking for some inspiration or having trouble choosing your tattoo design and placement?

Which lion tattoo meaning resonates most for you?

If you’re still not sure what type of design you’d like, take a look at our lion tattoo gallery for some of our faves.

  • Black & Grey Lion Tattoos

Lions are famous for their colorful manes, but black and grey tattoos prove that your lion doesn’t need color and contrast to be intimidating and fierce.

Black and grey tattoos can symbolize strength and perseverance as well as solemn severity.

A black and grey lion tattoo, then, is the perfect symbol of strength and fierce bravery.

Black And Grey Lion Tattoo
Black And Grey Lion Tattoo
Black And Grey Lion Tattoo
Black And Grey Lion Tattoo
Black And Grey Lion Tattoo
  • Realistic Lion Tattoos

Realistic tattoos are the true epitome of intensity and strength.

With a lion tattoo, you’re already bringing in elements of strength and power.

A realistic lion tattoo combines the strength and guttural power of a genuine and realistic tattoo with the fierce muscular strength and beauty of a lion to create a powerful and surreal lion that grins back at anyone who looks at it.

Realistic Lion Tattoo
Realistic Lion Tattoo
Realistic Lion Tattoo
  • Contemporary Lion Tattoos

Contemporary lion tattoos blend modern elements of color and architecture with the classic silhouette and style of a strong lion’s face.

These tattoos stand out as contemporary masterpieces that blend modern art and traditional lion styles for a perfect touch of strength and beauty.

With clean lines and colorful design styles, you can’t go wrong here!

Contemporary Lion Tattoo
Contemporary Lion Tattoo
  • One Line Lion Tattoos

These elegant, single-line tattoos bring out the feline grace that’s hidden within many powerful lions.

Strong, crisp line-work that’s all interconnected brings out the intricate detailing of the inner lion as well as adding shape, dimension, and grace to the natural outline of the beast.

A one-line lion tattoo is a great symbol of grace, artistry, and feline power.

One Line Lion Tattoo
  • Graphic Lion Tattoos

The lion may not be traditionally considered to be geometrically sound, but graphic tattoos can bring geometrical grace to any animal, especially the lion.

With triangular mountains and elegant shaping, you can define the contours of the lion and create your own shape of the lion.

Elegant boxing and strong lines create a beautiful image of mathematical grace.

Graphic Lion Tattoo
Graphic Lion Tattoo
Graphic Lion Tattoo
Graphic Lion Tattoo
  • American Traditional Lion Tattoos

For the bold and the brave, a traditional lion tattoo makes a powerful statement.

Featuring a limited color palette and a 2D look, an Old School tattoo it’s instantly recognizable.

They are timeless works of art, and the perfect choice for people who want something that will last a bit longer.

American Traditional Lion Tattoo
  • Illustrative Lion Tattoos

Illustrative tattoos bring new life and artistic glory to the stunning image of the lion.

With flowing manes, carefully detailed fur and muscle toning, and piercing eyes, your illustrative lion tattoo perfectly encapsulates the detail, strength, and fierceness that comes to life from the artwork on your skin.

Illustrative Lion Tattoo
Illustrative Lion Tattoo
Illustrative Lion Tattoo
Illustrative Lion Tattoo
  • Single Needle Lion Tattoos

Each whisker and chunk of fur is its own fine line or ink stroke, and with a single needle tattoo, you can create a truly delicate and inspired, detailed lion tattoo.

A single needle lion tattoo represents the intricate detail and beauty that can be found in all lions especially with this unique and specific tattoo style.

Single Needle Lion Tattoo
Single Needle Lion Tattoo
  • Sketchy Lion Tattoos

Tattoos have been the subject of powerful pieces of art for many years, and for the artist or creator who feels drawn to these patron saints of powerful protectors, an artistic or sketchy rendering of your lion tattoo is the perfect way to honor your connection to art and power.

Sketchy lion tattoos combine artistic creativity and strength together for the perfect patron protector of expression and self.

Sketchy Lion Tattoo
Sketchy Lion Tattoo
  • Mandala Lion Tattoos

For those who want to explore an even deeper meaning into the lion, the mandala lion tattoo is the way to go.

The tattoo meaning of the mandala lion is the fight of good against evil, but most importantly the balance of the two on Earth.

Mandala Lion Tattoos

Mandala tattoos hold incredible religious significance with many communities because of their perfect symmetry and power.

Every mandala tattoo is uniquely created to represent a constant ebb and flow, a balance of the universe between good and bad, life and death.

Mandala Lion Tattoos

Lions are a part of that circle of life, and a mandala lion tattoo connects the circle of life to lions and their journey of strength and power before they rest in death and continue to the next phase of their life.

  • Watercolor Lion Tattoos

Lions have become a cool choice in the watercolor tattoo world, too.

These lion tattoos are typically more playful and may be done in a cartoony or New School tattoo style.

Watercolor Lion Tattoo

Lions are traditionally associated as fierce and powerful animals, so to see lion tattoos with pastel or more feminine watercolor designs and coloring is an exciting twist.

Watercolor Lion Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos help create the perfect style that balances out the fresh and modern colors of today with the traditional styles and strong lion tattoo designs of the past, making them great for those who enjoy beauty, creativity, and strength.

  • Neo-traditional Lion Tattoos
Neo-traditional Lion Tattoo

Inspired by Art Nouveau and using bold, saturated colors, Neo-traditional tattoos have an elegance that adds a level of sophistication to any animal tattoo.

Elegant, artful, and alluring, Neo-traditional tattoos are a stunning choice for anyone who wants to capture the beauty of the lion tattoo.

Neo-traditional lion tattoo designs are tailored to fit any part of the body, appealing to both men and women who are looking for a sophisticated, yet classy tattoo.

  • Dot-work Lion Tattoos

Dot work tattoos are incredibly detailed and time-consuming tattoos that represent painstakingly detailed artwork and endless hours of creativity, art, and time spent to create the perfect tattoo masterpiece.

Dot-work Tattoo

Lions themselves are impatient but majestic creatures, prone to wandering the savanna and carefully tracking prey.

A dot-work lion tattoo might represent a careful and attentive tattoo style as well as a powerful and patient artist who can commit to the time it takes to create beautiful tattoo art.

  • Geometric Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos have been at the forefront of masculine tattoo designs and have more recently been reimagined as a geometric piece of art for the skin.

The deep meaning behind a lion tattoo hasn’t been lost in the new design, however, and it still stands proudly as a symbol of strength and power

Geometric Lion Tattoo

Geometric lion tattoo designs are contemporary and captivating and carry additional meaning.

They symbolize symmetry, balance, and harmony, something that contradicts the unpredictable nature of a lion. 

Geometric lion tattoos balance the natural symmetry and majesty of mathematics with the incredible power and reach of the natural lion in the wild.

Geometric Tattoo

The perfectly balanced and carefully designed lion tattoos are majestic and perfectly powerful, just as geometrical tattoo designs are too.

A geometric lion tattoo promises power, strength, and purpose all from your tattoo.

The uniqueness of a geometric tattoo design allows for unending creativity and there are a few distinct designs that have gained massive notoriety when it comes to geometric lion tattoos.

Geometric tattoo designs are characteristically abstract and as such, do not follow contemporary tattoo design rules.

Geometric Lion Tattoo

While traditionally these types of tattoos consist of black linear lines and geometric shapes, in modern times they are brought to life in many different colors and styles. 

Whether tattooed in vivid colors or classic black and grey, a geometric lion tattoo will make a statement like no other.

  • New School Lion Tattoos

New School tattoos elevate the incredible skill and strength of modern tattooists to new heights with incredible color, portraits, and art styles.

New School Tattoo

Contemporary color palettes, modern outlining designs, and glossy highlights are all par for the course in New School design, something that makes them a great choice for modern lion tattoos.

A New School lion tattoo signifies a willingness to boldly pursue the new and leave the past behind.

  • Black-work Lion Tattoos

Black-work ink often stands out as a severe, threatening, and powerful tattoo style that draws the eye in immediately and commands the attention of anyone who looks at it, much as a lion does in the wild.

Black-work Tattoo

A black-work lion tattoo might represent a lion’s strength and power and their ability to command their kingdom simply yet powerfully.

  • Abstract Lion Tattoos

Take your artistic commitment to the next level with an abstract lion tattoo that preserves all the best qualities of lions: their innate strength, intensity, and power, and conserves them through abstract tattoo design and detailing.

Abstract Lion Tattoo

An abstract lion tattoo is a perfect way to signal that you’re not just any artistic or tattoo fan, but one who thinks outside the box and enjoys the deeper and more complex themes in life.

  • Tribal Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos in all sizes and styles have gained popularity thanks to their bold fierceness and strong meanings.

Tribal tattoos have also been trending, with their modern designs dating back thousands of years, providing a traditional feel with a new twist.

Combining these two elements into a tribal lion tattoo creates a dramatic look with even deeper meanings – or simply, a cool, striking tattoo design for anyone that likes lions and tribal pieces.

Tribal Lion Tattoo

Tribal lion tattoos are most often just the lion’s head, roaring or standing guard, and usually in black ink.

This tattoo is the epitome of lion symbolism.

The tattoo meaning of this style is the courage to face another day after experiencing a demanding challenge.

Tribal tattoos work to connect the cultural and indigenous histories of many communities with their spiritual ancestors.

Many places around the world consider lions to be patron saints for them, and tribal lion tattoos are certainly no different.

Bring legends of power, strength, and protection with you wherever you go with a tribal lion tattoo!

A tribal style of lion tattoo shows the importance of the lion throughout human history, to our ancestors, and to us in modern times with spiritual traditions.

Tribal Lion Tattoo

Classic tribal tattoo styles feature curved lines to accentuate the life and movement of your lion, while African tribal art incorporates geometric shapes with bold black ink for a more abstract, stand-out effect.

Traditionally, tribal lion tattoos feature the head of the lion with the mane easily stylized with tribal patterns.

Nevertheless, the beauty of a tattoo is the flexibility to have it look however you please – whether you want it more traditional with all-black ink, or to add splashes of color, the opportunities with tribal lion tattoos are endless.

  • Celtic Lion Tattoos

The eternal knots and connections of the Celtic tattoos are a well-loved symbol of connection to ourselves, to our families, and to our heritage.

Celtic Lion Tattoo

When connected in the shape of a lion, a Celtic tattoo might represent loyalty and bravery for our families and a commitment to protecting the ones we love.

Lion Tattoo Ideas

Ready to implement your favorite lion tattoo idea into real life?

Take these top-notch lion tattoo styles and ideas and build them into your next tattoo plan quickly and easily!

  • Small Lion Tattoos

If you are looking for something a bit more subtle in design, then a smaller lion tattoo may be the right fit for you.

Small Lion Tattoo

Small lion tattoos are designed to be the perfect tribute to the graceful and intimately powerful beings that are lions in real life.

Small Tattoo

A small lion tattoo is a personal reminder of your own strength and abilities that tucks into your existing tattoos perfectly as a simple and strong reminder of everything you’re capable of!

Small Lion Tattoo

Although it may be small, it isn’t any less powerful when you consider the meaning behind it and the distinct style of a small tattoo, which allows you to be creative with the design while keeping it simple and minimalist. 

However, small and simple lion tattoos are equally fierce and can pack a powerful meaning too.

  • Simple Lion Tattoos

A simple lion tattoo is both powerful and consistent in terms of silhouette and meaning.

Simple Lion Tattoo

Simple lion tattoos work to convey the most beautiful lion meanings, including their simple strength, power, and beauty.

Simple Lioness Tattoo

A simple and minimalist lion tattoo represents your desire to return to the basics and the simple power and beauty of lions.

  • Rastafarian Lion Tattoos

Rastafarian is a unique and colorful tattoo style that combines love and peace with the strength and fierceness of lions.

Rastafari Lion Tattoo

A Rastafarian lion tattoo is a fun way to add a colorful and personalized twist to your lion by incorporating the elements of peace, zen, and mellow positive energy into your lion tattoo.

  • Large Lion Tattoos

Large lion tattoos are an incredible statement of strength.

Large Lion Tattoo

The huge face of a lion staring back at you is a powerful symbol of the royalty and power of the top of the animal food chain, and these strong and dominant figures take up plenty of space while conveying total power and authority as a large-scale lion tattoo.

Large-scale Tattoo

A large lion tattoo is a symbol of complete power and control over yourself as well as a sign that there’s nothing you’re not afraid of!

  • Mountain Lion Tattoos

The tattoo meaning of mountain lions is one entangled with the lion’s relationship with nature.

The mountain lion tattoo is a balance between peace and power.

However, the mountain lion is also the ruler of its region.

Mountain Lion Tattoo

As the most powerful predator, the mountain lion tattoo symbolizes royalty, as he is the king of the mountains.

A mountain lion tattoo demonstrates the quietly powerful and intimately strong nature of lions and connects it to the peaceful yet breathtaking mountains as a sign of full natural power and ability.

  • Rampant Lion Tattoos

Many people find they have ties to certain royal or prestigious lineages that often use a lion as a predominant feature in their crests and symbols.

Rampant Lion Tattoo

A rampant lion tattoo is often a representation of those historic lion houses, one that’s full of powerful historic strength and cultural significance that stretches back for generations.

  • Lion Sleeve Tattoos

A lion tattoo sleeve represents a total commitment to the world and the power of tattooing and lions.

Lion Sleeve Tattoo

With a dominant lion taking over your entire arm, you are showing to the world there’s nothing you’re afraid of and that you’re constantly protected by an incredibly strong and protective lion tattoo, and that you carry a reminder of their strength and force with you always.

Lion Sleeve Tattoo

Lion Tattoo Placement

Once you’ve settled on the perfect lion tattoo, it’s time to determine where on your body you want to put your tattoo!

Each location on your body has special significance to both yourself and others, so think carefully about where you want your new lion tattoo to go!

Depending on your personal preferences and ideas, lion tattoo placement is flexible and can be put just about anywhere.

However, it is important to consider size when choosing a place to put a lion tattoo.

Although they can range from tiny tattoos to massive, they are more commonly large in order to appreciate the details.

If you’re opting for a tattoo as bold and proud as a lion tattoo, it’s worth placing it where it is glorified and noticeable to others.

Two of the most popular placements for these tattoos are on the forearm and the chest area which are also reputably, very masculine areas of the body. 

No matter where you place your lion tattoo, it will make a powerful statement, portraying your fierceness, courage, and strength.

  • Lion Tattoos on Forearm

A lion tattoo on your forearm is a powerful reminder to anyone who meets you of strength, protection, and defense.

The forearm is one of the most visible parts of the body, and a forearm tattoo is a perfect way to explore and defend your intense connection to these natural defenders.

 Lion Forearm Tattoo

Placing a tattoo on a visible area of the body such as your forearm shows pride, and it shows how you present yourself as a person.

A forearm tattoo shows what you represent and what means a lot to you, wearing your heart on your sleeve so to speak.

Forearm Tattoo

Typically aligned to the wearer’s dominant side of the body, forearm lion tattoos are one of the most popular placements for men – mainly because they are highly visible and easily seen without the aid of a mirror.

One of the less painful places, forearm tattoos are ideal for a first inking that can be effortlessly covered with a sweater or long-sleeved shirt.

  • Lion Sternum Tattoos

For people who want to keep their protection close to their hearts, a sternum lion tattoo is a perfect way to keep a protector and guardian lion close and personal at all times.

Sternum Lion Tattoo

These tattoos are intimate and personal as well as impressively detailed and designed, so your sternum tattoo is often a very personal masterpiece only the lucky few can appreciate.

  • Lion Shoulder Tattoos

Another popular place for men, a lion tattoo on the shoulder demonstrates a strong support system while also displaying masculinity.

Another opportunity for subtle tattoo symbolism is to have the feline’s face pointing inward, toward the heart.

Lion Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

For both men and women alike, a lion tattoo on the shoulder is ideal placement; the tattoo and the body part are symbols of strength.

A lion tattoo on a shoulder blade is a great place to tuck a tattoo if you want more space to work in an intense portrait but don’t want to take up your entire back or chest.

Lion Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

A shoulder blade lion tattoo is the perfect way to appreciate the power and beauty of lions fully with plenty of space to explore the details of the lion in all their fierce strength.

  • Lion Tattoos on Arm

Putting a variety of lion tattoos on your arm is a great way to create your own tribute to the animal kingdom in a personal way.

Lion tattoos on your arm are a great way to carry reminders of their strength and guardianship with you always as well as creating places for you to incorporate other animal themes into your arm tattoo for a total animal tribute.

Lion tattoo on the arm
Lion tattoo on the arm
Lion tattoo on the arm
  • Lion Tattoos on Calf

A lion tattoo on your calf is a great place to tuck a lion tattoo if you want to keep your tattoo personal and specific to you.

Easily hidden yet still visible and powerful if you want it to be, you can create your own lion tattoo and customize your own reminder of strength and protection that will always be carried with you.

Lion Tattoo on Calf
Lion Tattoo on Calf
Lion Tattoos on Calf
  • Lion Tattoos on Chest

The lion tattoo is a popular chest piece because it’s an impressive and detailed artwork that stands out immediately on your skin.

For example, a tattoo placed on your chest is something that could easily be covered up with pieces of clothing, it allows for a tattoo to undergo far less sun damage and allows an element of retaining professionalism.

Lion Tattoo on Chest

The fierce roar and growl of the lion head from your chest shows you’re protected and supported by your lion tattoo that demonstrates strength and sheer force.

To the wearer it signifies strength and power and as such is very well suited to the bold lion tattoo.

Suitable for small and large tattoos alike, this location provides the perfect spot for a grand design.

Lion Tattoo on Chest

A chest tattoo piece not only bestows the perfect canvas but also provides a dual meaning: connecting your heart with the heart of the lion.

Placed directly over the heart on the left side of the chest, a lion tattoo here represents courage, bravery, passion, and a deep, personal connection.

  • Lion Tattoos on Hand

A lion tattoo on your hand is a sign that there’s nothing you’re not afraid of.

Lion Tattoo on Hand

Hand tattoos are some of the more painful tattoos to have done and often need many touch-ups throughout their life.

Hand Tattoo

A lion tattoo on your hand shows to anyone who shakes your hand that you’re instantly protected and capable of handling intense situations easily.

Summing Up

With a long list of interpretations, people often choose lion tattoos for multiple reasons, such as seeking value, worthiness, and respect with a reminder to be strong and courageous.

It may also represent one’s drive and determination to continue fighting and that they won’t be stopped until they succeed.

If you’ve been through something difficult in life, and want to show that you are better because of it, you may consider a lion tattoo.

It doesn’t matter that so many celebrities have one— if you feel in your heart that the lion encapsulates the meaning you’re trying to get across, then pick the lion tattoo style that most describes that meaning.

Versatile for any gender, lion tattoos fit nearly anywhere and offer a mixture of art and history – humans have been admiring the animals and gaining inspiration from them for millennia.

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