Elephant Octopus Tattoo

What Does An Octopus Tattoo Mean?

Octopus Tattoo Meanings

From vibrant and colorful octopus tattoos to black and white tribal variations, this style of tattoo stands out.

The octopus is a highly intelligent creature.

Not only does it know how to find prey and use its lethal venom to capture it, the octopus is also emotionally intelligent and an intuitive creature.

This animal has enormous strength and is resilient.

Here are some octopus tattoo meanings that will show that the octopus can make a highly meaningful tattoo:

  • Intelligence
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Resiliency
  • Growth

The intelligence of an octopus makes the animal a great predator but also one that humans look to for research because of its amazing abilities.

An octopus tattoo can symbolize magical knowledge, and also on-the-spot thinking and multitasking.

This tattoo idea is a great symbol for overcoming your fears.

One of the coolest octopus tattoo meanings is the ability to tap into the danger and power of this mighty creature of the sea.

Being resilient is something the octopus doesn’t have to try hard at— it gets up and goes without a delay.

Another great one of our octopus tattoo meanings is growth.

Between regeneration of its limbs and growth in intelligence, the octopus tattoo shows that you have grown significantly in life.

Octopus Tattoo Meanings in Different Cultures

The intelligent, magical octopus has a variety of meanings for those cultures that live by the sea.

Let’s take a look at what octopus tattoos mean in different cultures.

Japanese Octopus Tattoo Meanings

You can’t talk about Japanese culture and the octopus without mentioning the Akkorokamui, a gigantic octopus monster from folklore.

The Akkorokamui is dangerous, yet holds incredible powers including healing and religious knowledge.

A Japanese-style octopus tattoo either symbolizes intelligence or wildness– there’s no in-between.

So if you are deciding to get a Japanese-style octopus tattoo you must either choose to show the light or the dark side of this remarkable creature of the deep.

Japanese Octopus Tattoo

Polynesian Octopus Tattoo Meanings

Polynesian tattoos are tribal in nature and can effectively show that, just like the patterns themselves, everything is connected.

Deep in Polynesian culture is the need to use tattoos to spiritually remember what needs to be corrected in one’s character.

Therefore, the tattoo meanings of a Polynesian octopus tattoo should be deeply personal to how you want to better yourself.

One meaning could be overcoming fears that are relentless and hold you back.

Polynesian Octopus Tattoo

What Does the Octopus Tattoo Mean to Sailors?

The octopus tattoo defines being able to come back from adversity, because the octopus has the ability to regenerate its limbs.

The octopus is surrounded by water and is on the offensive, hunting for fish, crabs, and other prey.

Just as a sailor roams the sea, the octopus is a symbol of complex focus and strength.

Octopus Tattoo Designs

There are many different styles and variations of the octopus tattoo.

The following are some of the most popular octopus styles and their meanings.

The Blue Ringed Octopus Tattoo Meanings

If you are or want to be on the winning side of a battle, a Blue Ringed Octopus as a tattoo will mean business.

From the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Blue Ringed Octopus releases venom called tetrodotoxin, which is more lethal than cyanide.

The Blue Ringed Octopus strikes its prey quickly, injecting venom.

The octopus tattoo meanings for this tattoo are that you are not to be messed with and you will win a fight.

Blue-ringed Octopus Tattoo

Elephant Octopus Tattoo Meanings

This creative tattoo is an elephant’s head with an octopus’ tentacles.

This tattoo is a power move, because elephant are known to be profoundly wise creatures.

Add the octopus’ emotional intelligence and we have a overwhelmingly meaningful tattoo, which emphasizes that you are a wise soul connected the magic of the animal kingdom.

Elephant Octopus Tattoo

Skull Octopus Tattoo Meanings

A symbol that the end is always near, the skull tattoo adds to the octopus’ meaning something dark and treacherous.

Someone would get this style of tattoo in order to overcome this fear.

Or, if you have been near the final exit before, you could use this octopus tattoo to show your resiliency.              

Octoskull Tattoo

Ship and Octopus Tattoo Meaning

One example of a sailor tattoo is a massive octopus submerging a ship.

This octopus tattoo symbolizes being able to take on any unexpected event, especially of danger, that may happen at sea or in life in general.

Ship and Octopus Tattoo

Tribal Octopus Tattoo Meaning

Tribal tattoos of octopi relate back to the Polynesians as we’ve discussed, but the two don’t always have to be related.

Tribal octopus tattoos can be ornamented with beautiful patterns and stylistic elements.

This tattoo means growth since it focuses on lines and patterns on the limbs of the octopus.

Tribal Octopus Tattoo


Choosing an octopus tattoo comes down to asking yourself, what am I striving towards? 

You could be overcoming a weakness, learning every day, or increasing your mental capabilities.

It’s all about what you choose to focus your energy and your artistic design on.

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