Arrow Tattoo

The Meanings Behind The Arrow Tattoo: A Growing Trend

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Arrow Tattoos

An arrow tattoo can be sweet and petite, or epic and larger than life.

Arrows have become popular for mini tats and single-line tattoos.

The arrow tattoo has different meanings depending on the culture, style, and type of design.

The arrow points in one direction and can show that we are heading somewhere in life.

Depending on where you are on your journey or with what you are struggling you may choose a different type of arrow tattoo.

They’re usually depicted in a minimalist tattoo style, but can be incorporated into larger more intricate pieces as well.

An arrow tattoo is something simple and readable that can be cute as a subtle finger tattoo or part of a larger mythological motif.

Portraits of archers are an especially powerful choice.

In most cultures, arrows have become more symbolic than anything else.

Not many people are using them as tools in the modern day.

But for a long time in history, they were a reliable way for skilled hunters to put food on the table.

Because of this, they’ve become a motif in myth, folklore, and even astrology.

If you’ve been thinking of getting an arrow tattoo, but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Arrow Tattoo Meanings

As we move through this article, you will find several amazing ideas for your arrow tattoo, each with its own significance.

Many cultures have their own interpretation of the arrow tattoo design, but, as with anything, there is some overlap.

Let’s break down some of the key symbolism behind arrow tattoos before diving further.

An arrow tattoo may symbolize:

  • Life’s Journeys
  • Courage
  • A New Start
  • Triumph or moving through difficult times
  • Strength/great reflexes
  • Responsibility
  • Using tension to propel forward
  • Focus
  • Setting goals
  • Making alliances

Of course, there are a lot of factors that go into an arrow tattoo and its meaning.

You’ll have to consider style, placement, and what the design means to you personally.

The arrow tattoo ultimately represents one of life’s journeys, whether it be a terrible experience that you survived or an awesome experience you will always want to remember.

Courage means facing fear with confidence.

An arrow tattoo possesses this quality because arrows remind us of when they were used in war and for hunting.

It takes courage to face an enemy.

Arrow tattoos can represent starting over; they mean a fresh start and a new direction in life that they are pointing towards.

Triumph is part of the arrow’s symbolism because of its associations with the military.

An arrow tattoo means that you have won a significant battle.

Let’s break down some iconic arrow tattoo designs, and what they mean to the people who wear them!

Arrow Tattoo Meanings Across Cultures

From modern-day phenomena such as Bohemianism and Avicii music listeners to the rich cultures of the Aztec and Native Americans, arrow tattoos are strikingly meaningful tattoos.

Let’s take a look at what those meanings are:

  • Chevron Arrow Tattoo Meaning

The chevron is a type of arrow tattoo with arrows stacked on top of each other all pointing in one direction.

Chevrons are used to represent varying ranks in the military.

The amount of chevrons arrows indicates that you are a sergeant, E-4 specialist, etc.

This tattoo also can simply mean loyalty and working hard for your country. 

Chevron Arrow Tattoo
  • Indian Arrow Tattoo Meaning

Arrow tattoo designs are often associated with Native American tribes.

Arrow tattoos with dream catcher tattoos or arrowheads can be symbols of Native American culture.

Arrows were vastly important to Native Americans during their past tribal lives.

Native Arrow

These arrow tattoos symbolize what the arrowhead meant to Native Americans— protection and dominance in warfare.

Because many ancient Indigenous peoples were known for their keen hunting skills and relationship with nature, there is a common association between these peoples and the bow & arrow tattoos.

Indian Arrow Tattoo

Some common arrow tattoo designs associated with Native American tribes are:

  1. An arrow tattoo facing left: ward off
  2. An arrow tattoo facing right: protection
  3. An arrow tattoo facing down: peace
  4. A broken arrow tattoo: peace, settling a feud
  5. A crossed arrow tattoo: an allyship
  6. An arrowhead: focus, staying focused
  • Boho Arrow Tattoo Meaning

The Bohemian, or Boho tattoo is modern and cool, and so are arrow tattoos in this style.

It often has a more general meaning such as positivism or protection.

Boho Arrow Tattoo
Black and Grey Boho Arrow Tattoo
  • Aztec Arrow Tattoo Meaning

Like the Native Americans, the Aztec arrow tattoo is one of the more meaningful tattoos.

It represents masculinity because of its relation to hunting and protection.

  • Avicii Arrow Tattoo Meaning

The Avicii arrow tattoo is a minimalist tattoo of two thick arrows side by side.

Its symbolism lies in the song Wake Me Up, which describes struggling through darkness and starting fresh and new.

Avicii Arrow

Main Themes in Arrow Tattoos

There are so many amazing arrow tattoo designs to choose from.

But where to begin?

An arrow is a very simple tattoo motif that can be added to other tattoo symbols to create a new meaning.

The arrow tattoo’s meaning is also defined by how many arrows are added to the tattoo, as we’ve discussed with military arrow tattoos.

We have compiled some great examples of meaningful tattoos using the arrow in their tattoo design:

Broken Arrow Tattoos

If you have a broken arrow tattoo, it means you have left something in the past that was important to you.

There are times in life where we have to make tough decisions to move on, and this represents that feeling.

Broken Arrow Tattoo

Broken arrow tattoos are a symbol of peace, similar to burying the hatchet.

You’ve backed down, and want to move forward from a feud.

A great tattoo for a new chapter.

Arrowhead Tattoos

Arrowhead tattoos are an extremely popular arrow tattoo variation.

These tattoos feature detailed depictions of ancient weaponry and symbolize the strength, courage, and precision of the people who used to wield them in battle and on hunts. 

Today, arrowhead tattoos still signify a person’s strength, but we no recognize more than just physical strength through them.

Arrowhead Tattoo

Arrowhead tattoos can now symbolize physical, mental, or even spiritual strength depending on the person. 

Often, people get arrowhead tattoos as a reminder to themselves to believe in themselves in hard times. 

Arrowhead tattoos are extremely versatile when it comes to placement, but many people choose to get them on their chest or arms.

When it comes to style, there’s really no limit to what looks good with an arrowhead tattoo! 

An arrowhead tattoo symbolizes a sense of focus and alertness, keeping your eyes on the prize.

Arrowhead Tattoo

Bow and Arrow Tattoos

The bow and arrow tattoo could be a symbol of your favorite archer from mythology.

It’s also a popular tattoo symbol for our Sagittarius friends.

Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Drawing from the Lakota teachings, this may be a nice way to symbolize two opposite factors coming together to achieve a goal- perhaps a business partnership.

A bow and arrow tattoo could also be a symbol for someone who identifies as two-spirited within the Indigenous community.

Delicate Bow and Arrow Tattoo

When the arrow is pulled back on the bow on a tattoo, it leads to the feeling of some tension you have in life.

Maybe you had sibling rivalry through your childhood that has affected your adult life.

Bow and Arrow Tattoo

On the other hand, if the arrow is released on a tattoo, it means an epiphany has happened and your mind has been released.

For example, you realized you needed to get out of an abusive relationship and after you left you were finally at peace.

Sagittarius Arrow Tattoos

The Sagittarius in the zodiac is a fire sign.

Sagittarius Tattoo

It is characterized by an outgoing nature, masculine boldness (regardless of gender), and emotional intelligence.

Sagittarius Tattoo

If you were born under this sign, celebrate it with an arrow Sagittarius tattoo!

Anchor & Arrow Tattoo Meaning

It is easy to visually see the meaning of an anchor and arrow tattoo– that’s how incredible its tattoo meanings are.

This tattoo represents the decision that you are anchored in your chosen path, and no one or nothing could stop you.

This is a powerful meaning for a tattoo because it means you have made a huge decision in life and never want to even look back.

For example, a former alcoholic may get this tattoo after deciding to get better and starting a new life of sobriety. 

Arrow Bundle Tattoos

Tattoos featuring a bundle of arrows have a history that dates back to ancient Native American tribal customs where arrow bundles were delivered to neighbors to ask for assistance in times of need. 

Arrow Bundle Tattoo

It was a sign of respect, friendship, and support that overcame differences. 

The spirit of this gesture lives on in modern arrow bundle tattoos, too.  

Arrow Bundle Tattoo

Bundle of arrow tattoos symbolize an unbreakable bond of support and aid between people and are frequently sought out by groups of friends, family members, or partners. 

If you’ve been through difficult times with a person or group of people by your side, a bundle of arrows tattoo is a great way to pay tribute to your collective journey in a subtle but meaningful way. 

Arrow Bundle Tattoo

Where you place the tattoo is totally up to you, as the design is incredibly flexible and can be made to fit any area of the body. 

An arrow bundle tattoo means you’re locked and loaded, ready for any obstacle that comes your way.

  • Three Arrows Tattoos

The three arrows tattoo design can be formed into many arrangements.

Three Arrows Tattoo

When it is designed as a bundle of arrows, it means strength because many arrows together are stronger than one.

Three Arrows Tattoo

Three arrows pointing together are often designed with Native American flare and can point towards one’s own Native American heritage.

  • 5 Arrows Tattoos

Five arrow tattoos were originally designed by the Iroquois League to represent its five-member tribes.

It is tattooed as a symbol of solidarity, community, and willingness to defend the nation. 

5 Arrows Tattoo

To this day, five arrow tattoos represent strength in numbers and readiness to fight for your ideals and beliefs. 

Again, this is a tattoo that is generally ordered by groups of friends or by partners.

Five Arrows Tattoo

Unlike the bundle of arrows tattoo, it doesn’t necessarily signify hard times, just commitment to one another and to the group as a whole! 

Compass with Arrow Tattoos

The arrow and compass tattoo is another highly visual tattoo that means God or some higher power, if you happen to be religious or spiritual, is guiding you in the right direction.

You don’t need to worry, your beliefs will lead you on the correct path.

Compass with Arrow Tattoo

In this context, compass tattoos represent the material plane, everything tangible and concrete.

It is a popular tattoo motif to have an arrow run through a clock, a compass, or sometimes both.

A compass with an arrow tattoo could symbolize the ability to transcend time and space, and therefore the limitations you’ve put on yourself.

Arrow & Moon Tattoos

A crescent moon tattoo, like a bow, is an inherently feminine image.

Arrow and Moon Tattoo

An arrow and moon tattoo represents the divine masculine and feminine coming together.

Crescent Moon Tattoo

It may also represent a deep connection to nature.

Feather Arrow Tattoos

The feather arrow tattoo can vary in meaning depending on which feather you choose.

Native American feathers are defined by eternal wisdom while Egyptian feathers are symbols of the gods.

Feather Arrow Tattoo

A Christian feather represents hope.

Altogether, the feather arrow tattoo usually means triumph over a battle and independence as a result of it.

Feather Tattoo

The goal in archery is to be light and quick.

A feather tattoo symbolizes lightness while an arrow tattoo symbolizes precision.

Feather Tattoo

A feather arrow tattoo would be an excellent tattoo for an archer, or athlete who relies on nimble reflexes.

Flowers & Arrow Tattoos

Another masc/femme image, a flower arrow tattoo is an image that speaks to maintaining a balance between soft/vulnerable and keen/fierce.

Arrow and flower tattoos are an interesting, modern take on the tradition of the arrow tattoo.

Flowers and Arrow Tattoo

Where traditional arrow tattoos feature sharp arrowheads designed to invoke the weapons that inspired them, flower and arrow tattoos usually feature beautiful bouquets and floral patterns. 

These tattoos symbolize the same strength and determination that traditional arrow tattoos invoke, but also a commitment to peace, harmony, respect, and justice. 

This tattoo design is a perfect option for anyone who aims to make the world a better place through smiles, kindness, and generosity as they go about their daily life. 

Flowers and Arrow Tattoo

Your options for placing an arrow and flower tattoo on the body are largely the same as any other arrow tattoo. 

However, arrow and flower tattoos lend themselves well to placement on areas of the body that are frequently seen.

Generally, the tattoo represents something that people are proud to show off, so they do! 

Arrows & Animal Heads Tattoos

A popular traditional tattoo design, it can symbolize pre-eminence.

It could also be a symbol for a hunter who is proud of their abilities.

Wolf and Arrow Tattoo

It is generally agreed among tattoo enthusiasts, however, that it is simply cool to put an arrow or dagger through anything.

Lettering Arrow Tattoos

Lettering arrow tattoos are a great way to pay tribute to a person, place, or event that has been a source of guidance in your life. 

Lettering tattoos add a great layer of additional meaning to your arrow tattoo that helps take it beyond a general sentiment by making it specific to someone or something in your life. 

Lettering Tattoo

Maybe you’d like to tattoo the coordinates of your childhood home.

Maybe you’d like to get the name of your partner.

The meaning changes with each different choice you make!

Lettering Arrow Tattoos

This versatility is the main benefit of using lettering with your arrow tattoo and it allows you to tailor your tattoo to anything you want.

On top of this, it also allows others to get a glimpse into the meaning behind your tattoo through symbols that are far less interpretive than the arrow design itself. 

Arrow Tattoos with Name Tattoos

Arrow tattoos with names are similar to lettering arrow tattoos in the sense that they use language to add additional meaning to the arrow design.

In this case, arrow tattoos with names use language to pay tribute to a person in your life who is – or was – incredibly special to you. 

Arrow with Name Tattoo

Maybe they helped to keep you on track when you were at your lowest.

Maybe they helped you find your purpose.

Whatever they mean to you, capture it in ink with this classic combination tattoo. 

Like most arrow tattoos, your options for placement are almost limitless.

Arrow Tattoo with Name

Generally, though, people choose to place arrow tattoos with names in places that are fairly private like the chest, neck, or wrist.

This is by no means a set-in-stone rule, but many people seem to appreciate the ability to keep the tattoo to themselves if they want to. 

Family Arrow Tattoos

Family is usually a hugely important source of direction, guidance, support, and inspiration.

That’s why so many people choose to get their family name represented alongside their arrow tattoos. 

Family arrow tattoos are similar in many ways to the arrow tattoo with names, but in this case, the person being honored is a relative!

Family Arrow Tattoo

If you feel that family has played a huge role in shaping you into the person you are today, this might be the perfect way to honor them and the process of growth. 

Your options for placing this tattoo on the body are, once again, almost limitless.

Like we discussed with arrow tattoos with names, many people opt for more private locations to preserve the personal meaning attached to this kind of tattoo. 

Faith Arrow Tattoos

For devout believers, nothing is more important to their path in life than their connection to their faith.

Faith arrow tattoos symbolize the ability of religion to act as a compass in times of struggle or difficulty.

Faith Arrow Tattoo

They remind people that they always know which way to go and what to do so long as they stay connected to their beliefs. 

In terms of styling and placement, there are a number of options when it comes to faith arrow tattoos.

Many people opt to spell out the word faith within the arrow itself.

Others choose to represent their faith with religious imagery like a cross tattoo or Star of David.  

Faith Arrow Tattoo

Whichever tattoo style you choose, faith arrow tattoos can be placed almost anywhere on the body. 

With that being said, faith is usually fairly personal, and because of that many people choose to get their faith arrow on an area of the body where it won’t dominate the conversation.  

Heart & Arrow Tattoos

One common tattoo design is an arrow drawn back on a bow and pointed at a heart.

This tattoo means that you haven’t had much luck in love, and perhaps you’ve had your heart broken over and over again.

Anatomical Heart and Arrow Tattoo

Many people choose a heart tattoo to represent their own heartache.

Love has been the topic of poetry, art, and literature since the beginning of human history.

Anatomical Heart and Arrow Tattoo

Despite this fact, it remains a complicated concept that can leave people scratching their heads.

Getting an arrow and heart tattoo means that you’ve had your heartbroken, and it reminds you to never let yourself get hurt again.

Heart Shape Arrow Tattoos

The heart-shaped arrow tattoo means you are in the direction of love.

The love of your life is on your path, and you are determined to find him or her.

Heart and Arrow Tattoo on the Finger

Some people make it a hopeful tattoo — they hope to find love on their path in life.

This can be a hopeful tattoo that you will find a partner one day.

Heart Arrow Tattoo

A heart-shaped arrow tattoo is a symbol of intent: you’re on the path to love.

Others make the arrow look as if it’s pointing directly at their heart — they have already found love.

Crossed Arrow Tattoos

The tattoo of two arrows crossing each other is a common symbol for friendship and close ties to one another.

The arrows symbolize togetherness where they meet as if they are linked in the same path.

Crossed Arrow Tattoo

The crossed arrow tattoo is a representation of the timeless bond that exists between friends, family, and partners.

In this case, the tattoo of two arrows crossing each other symbolizes togetherness and unity.

Crossed Arrows Tattoo

The crossed arrow tattoo is perfect for couples who want to show the world how well they keep each other grounded as they face any challenges ahead.

Usually, this particular design is done in black and grey ink only, with a minimalist approach, making the tattoo design both visually impressive and easy to read.

Infinity Arrow Tattoos

The infinity tattoo represents never giving up, and when added to the arrow, this tattoo means you are unstoppable.

Right when someone knocks you down, you get right up.

Infinity Arrow Tattoo

Alternatively, an infinity arrow tattoo can refer to the reincarnation of one’s spirit going in one direction, the direction of the infinity symbol.

For those who are Buddhist, this could be a great symbol of your faith in the eternal life of the soul.

Semicolon Arrow Tattoos

Semicolon arrow tattoos represent a silent fight – the fight against depression, anxiety, and mental disorders that affect millions of people around the world.

The meaning of the arrow is relatively straightforward.

Semicolon Arrow Tattoo

It symbolizes the search for purpose, direction, and meaning in life. 

The semicolon tattoo adds additional meaning, though.

In writing, semicolons are used when the writer could have ended their sentence but chose not to.

Semicolon tattoos represent the decision to continue living and finding purpose. 

Like most arrow tattoos, semicolon arrow tattoos look best… well, anywhere!

Semicolon Arrow Tattoo

There is almost no limit to the places you can put them.

Unless you’re comfortable answering difficult questions about the tattoo, it might be best to put it somewhere fairly private, though.  

Morse Code Arrow Tattoos

Morse code arrow tattoos are perfect for adding subtle, personal meaning to a standard arrow tattoo design.

What you choose to say through the morse code is up to you, but many people choose to represent important dates, mantras that help them through hard times, or people that mean the world to them. 

Morse Code Arrow Tattoo

Not many people can understand morse code these days, so choosing to use morse code instead of standard letting allows you to have a bit of privacy when it comes to your message. 

This gives you almost endless freedom to come up with a highly personal message without the fear of it being read and analyzed by everyone who sees the tattoo. 

Green Arrow Tattoo Meaning

The color green can stand for progress and even rebirth.

Green Arrow Tattoo

The green arrow tattoo means that you are making progress along your journey.

It is a symbol of moving on, letting go of the past, and learning from it.

Diamond & Arrow Tattoo Meaning

When an arrow tattoo is in the shape of a diamond it symbolizes toughness and masculinity, since diamonds are hard gemstones.

This tattoo can also represent courage in the face of disaster. 

Diamond Arrow Tattoo

Mountain & Arrow Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo is yet another arrow tattoo design that means you are attaining progress on your journey.

Mountain Tattoo

The mountain tattoo symbolizes strength and perseverance, while the arrow shows that you have direction.

Just as if your climbing up a steep mountain, the arrow leads you forward to keep going even if it is a tough climb.

Arrow Tattoo Designs

It is important to remember that different tattoo styles of arrow tattoos can affect their meanings.

An arrow tattoo design is versatile and beautiful.

Here are some of the most popular styles of arrow tattoos:

  • Black-work Arrow Tattoos

If you’re looking for a distinctive arrow tattoo that stands out on your body, the black-work tattoo style might be the way to go!

Black-work Arrow Tattoo

This contemporary tattooing style uses bold, black lines and shapes to capture the essence of the desired design.

This style pairs brilliantly with arrow tattoo designs because arrows can be almost fully captured in as few as two shapes – a line and a triangle. 

Blackwork Tattoo

Usually, these tattoos use more than the minimum number of shapes, though.

Black-work tattoo artists have created some stunningly complex arrow pieces over the years that have really given the design new artistic life. 

  • Fine Line Arrow Tattoos

Fine line arrow tattoos are a beautiful, minimalist variation on the arrow tattoos you know and love.

They use clean lines and clear shapes to help break the arrow tattoo into its necessary components and recreate them in an elegant, finished piece. 

Fine line arrow tattoos are all about subtlety. 

As a result, many people choose to get them in obvious places to make up for the subtlety of the tattoo design.

It’s not uncommon to see fine line arrow tattoos on biceps, necks, or forearms, but it really is totally up to you where you put them. 

Fine Line Arrow Tattoo
Fine Line Tattoo
Fine Line Tattoo
  • American Traditional Arrow Tattoos

American traditional tattoos are often bold.

The arrow tattoo, done in an American traditional style, often relates itself back to the Native Americans; these tattoos are commonly arrowheads.

American Traditional Arrow Tattoo

These arrowheads sometimes even have teepees depicted inside.

This meaningful tattoo resembles extreme courage and pride in one’s heritage.

  • Illustrative Arrow Tattoos

Illustrative arrow tattoos employ a style that is both traditional and modern at the same time.

Illustrative Arrow Tattoo

The main feature of any illustrative tattoo is minuscule detail.

The same goes for illustrative arrow tattoos, where artists are able to use dots, fine lines, shading, and texture to create pieces that imply things like movement, weight, and scale that are extremely difficult to replicate in other tattooing styles. 

  • Abstract Arrow Tattoos

Abstract arrow tattoos are a fun take on this timeless classic.

They embrace tradition without conforming to it – creating something cool and new in the process!

Abstract Tattoo

They might feature curved arrows, interesting arrowheads, and any number of unique twists! 

Due to their abstract nature, it’s pretty hard to make generalizations about the meanings behind these tattoos.

Usually, the people who get them are hoping to express their own uniqueness in the form of a tattoo.  

  • Sketchy Arrow Tattoos

Sketchy arrow tattoos look like a page ripped out of a sketchbook in the best way possible.

Sketchy tattoo style uses erratic – almost frantic – lines to capture the shape and essence of the arrow tattoo.

Sketchy Arrow Tattoo

In many ways, they represent the polar opposite of the black-work or fine line arrow tattoos discussed above. 

Where those styles practice restraint, sketchy arrow tattoos are all about being over-the-top!

Sketchy Tattoo

As a result, these tattoos sometimes take up quite a bit of space.

That makes the chest and back ideal locations for placement. 

  • Stick & Poke Arrow Tattoos

Stick and poke arrow tattoos are a fun, DIY-style approach to the design that pairs well with a laid-back personality and alternative style.

Stick and Poke Arrow Tattoo on Wrist

Obviously, we don’t recommend you – or a friend – stick and poke an arrow tattoo without the proper equipment and training.

Stick and Poke Arrow Tattoo on Ankle

Instead, talk to a professional who is comfortable with the tattoo style! 

  • Watercolor Arrow Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos have been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years.

Their beautiful color pallets, gentle gradients, and soft lines make for some pretty stunning pieces of body art.

Watercolor Arrow Tattoo

The style pairs wonderfully with arrow tattoos, too! 

Deciding where on the body to place a watercolor arrow tattoo can sometimes be a challenge, simply due to the fact that the style is so soft that it fits in almost anywhere! 

Watercolor Tattoo

With that being said, this tattoo style thrives on large canvases like the back, chest, and thighs die to that contrast these areas create with the colorful parts of the tattoo. 

  • Neo-traditional Arrow Tattoos

Neo-traditional arrow tattoos pay homage to the long history of tattooing and of arrow tattoos while making use of clean lines and bright colors to take the pieces into the modern era.

Neo-traditional Arrow Tattoo

Neo-traditional tattoos are bold, colorful, and eye-catching.

Neo-traditional Arrow Tattoo

As a result, people love to show them off by placing them in areas that are large or frequently on display like thighs, forearms, calves, and chests. 

  • Geometric Arrow Tattoos

The sharp angles and straight lines of arrow designs lend themselves well to geometric tattoo styles.

Geometric Arrow Tattoo

The results are usually sleek, modern, and balanced takes on the arrow tattoo theme that looks good on just about anyone! 

Geometric Tattoo
  • Tribal Arrow Tattoo Meaning

The tribal arrow tattoo is often a black inked band wrapping around someone’s arm or a shape filled with tribal arrow patterns.

Tribal Arrow Tattoo

These tribal tattoos mean courage and emphasize the inner strength of a person.

  • Celtic Arrow Tattoos

Celtic arrow tattoos combine the symbolism of the arrow with beautiful, Celtic-inspired designs.

Celtic Arrow Tattoo

Celtic tattoos feature knots, spirals, and mosaic patterns that take the look and meaning of the tattoo to a whole other level. 

Arrow Tattoo Ideas

  • Simple Arrow Tattoos

Minimalist and simple arrow tattoos are some of the trendiest tattoos out there.

However, they aren’t to be written off as a fad.

These tattoos will last decades because they are meaningful tattoos.

They represent the courage to move on and face your battles even when they seem impossible.

Simple Arrow Tattoo
Simple Tattoo
Simple Tattoo
Simple Tattoo
Simple Tattoo
Simple Tattoo
  • Small Arrow Tattoos

Arrow tattoos don’t always need to be big, eye-catching pieces, the small ones can be just as meaningful! 

Generally, you won’t be able to use the same kind of intricacy or detail when creating a small arrow tattoo, so your style choices might be slightly limited to lines and simple shapes. 

Small Tattoo
Small Tattoo
Small Tattoo
Small Tattoo
Small Tattoo
Small Tattoo
Small Tattoo
  • Single Arrow Tattoo Meaning

Single arrow tattoos are meaningful tattoos representing independence, courage, and fortitude.

Typically a small tattoo behind the neck or on the upper arm, this tattoo means you have the power to defend yourself as well as your loved ones around you.

Single Arrow Tattoo
  • Two Arrow Tattoo Meaning

One common design of two arrows in a tattoo is one where they point away from each other.

Two Arrow Tattoo

This means an internal conflict, or battling in life against something.

  • Arrow Bracelet Tattoos
Bracelet Arrow Tattoo on Ankle
Bracelet Tattoo
Bracelet Tattoo
Bracelet Tattoo
Bracelet Tattoo

Arrow Tattoo Placement

Once you’ve selected an arrow tattoo design that you’re really excited about, the next step is choosing where to place it on your body!

Luckily, due to their shape and flexibility, there’s essentially no limit to the number of places you can stick an arrow tattoo. 

As a general rule, arrow tattoos work best on areas of the body that leave enough room for their length.

One of the main features of an arrow tattoo is long, graceful lines, and finding a place on the body where this element can be represented will help make your piece the best it can be. 

  • Arrow Finger Tattoos

If you’re looking for an area of the body to place your arrow tattoo that is both bold and subtly simultaneously, one of your fingers might be perfect! 

Like forearms, fingers are great for arrow tattoos because they allow the artist to make the length a feature in the final piece. 

There are a couple of options when it comes to placing an arrow tattoo on the finger.

One option is the go with the obvious a smack it down on the top of one of your fingers for everyone to see!

If you’re looking for an option that’s a little see bold, you could think about getting the tattoo on the inside of one of your fingers! 

Arrow Tattoo on Finger
Finger Tattoo
Finger Tattoo
Finger Tattoo
Finger Tattoo
  • Arrow Forearm Tattoos

The forearm is one of the most common locations for arrow tattoos.

A lot of that comes down to biology.

Forearms are perfect canvases for arrow tattoos because they’re relatively long and straight – just like an arrow!

Because of that, they give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing a length that works for you and your tattoo design. 

Arrow Tattoo on Forearm
Forearm Tattoo
Forearm Tattoo
Forearm Tattoo
Forearm Tattoo
Forearm Tattoo
  • Arrow Wrist Tattoos

Arrow wrist tattoos are a really interesting variety of arrow tattoos.

Wrists are relatively small areas to work with, and on top of that, they’re curved.

This means tattoo artists usually need to get creative when they’re tattooing arrows on the wrist. 

One solution is to shrink the arrow tattoo down so that it can fit on the top, bottom, or side of the wrist as a complete unit. 

The other option is an arrow bracelet tattoo that mimics a physical bracelet by circling the wrist and connecting back together at the ends.

This placement choice strikes a perfect balance between subtle and obvious due to the fact that it’s sometimes easy to mistake the tattoo for a real bracelet! 

Wrist Tattoo
Wrist Tattoo
Wrist Tattoo
Wrist Tattoo
Arrow Tattoo on Wrist
  • Arrow Foot Tattoos

If you’re interested in getting an arrow tattoo but aren’t too sure about it being visible to everyone you meet, your foot might be a great option! 

Arrow Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos are only visible when your remove your shoes and socks, and aside from beaches and pools, that only really happens in the privacy of our own homes. 

Foot Tattoo

Arrow tattoos can be placed on your foot in a number of ways – running the length of the top, circling the ankle, placed on a toe – and each has its benefits and drawbacks.  

  • Arrow Limb Tattoos

Getting an arrow tattoo on the limb is pretty common.

For good reason!

Your limbs make excellent canvases that allow you to experiment with size, shape, color – pretty much anything!

On top of that, the limbs are one of the least sore places to get a tattoo, meaning that this is a great location for beginners. 

Arrow Tattoo on Arm
Tattoo on Arm
Tattoo on Arm
Tattoo on Arm
  • Arrow Chest Tattoos

The chest is an extremely popular placement location when it comes to arrow tattoos.

People like the idea of placing the tattoo near their hearts so that it can help ground them and give them guidance in times of struggle.

The great thing about arrow chest tattoos is that they give the artist tons of space to work with when creating a design that’s truly special and meaningful to you.

On top of that, chest tattoos are relatively easy to find, so if you work in an office or have anti-tattoo family members this might be the perfect placement location.

Simple Arrow Chest Tattoo
Celebrities With Arrow Tattoos

Tattoos are all the rage in show business, especially micro designs.

While it used to be a big no-no for performers, especially actors, to have tattoos- more and more of Hollywood’s elite are getting tattoos.

After all, part of being an actor is being an artist, and the artist will always yearn to express themselves and their individuality.

An arrow tattoo is popular among celebrities because it is rich in artistic symbolism, and because it works for a simplistic design.

Smaller, simple tattoos are easy to cover with makeup if an actor has to become a different person on set.

Here are some of our favorite celebrity tattoos:

  • Lili Reinhart

One of the reasons why fans connect with this star from Riverdale and Hustlers is her ability to be candid about difficult subject matter.

Lili Reinhart's Arrow Tattoo

Before landing her role in Riverdale, she had moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time.

Feeling overwhelmed, her mental health issues kept her from getting farther in her career.

Before going home to take some time off, she visited Dr. Woo, an artist known for tattooing famous bodies.

Reinhart chose an arrow because it uses tension to propel itself forward.

It has to be pulled back before soaring into the air, a symbol that sometimes what feels like a setback can be exactly what you need.

Turns out, the arrow (a simple design on her forearm) was a perfect tattoo for the young rising star.

She took time to rest and heal from her anxiety, then returned to Los Angeles stronger than ever before.

She auditioned for Riverdale and landed it, propelling her into stardom.

An interesting tidbit- Reinhart’s mother on Riverdale is played by Mädchen Amick, who also has an arrow tattoo.

Their tattoos are, in fact, in the exact same place and applied by the same artist.

Amick’s tattoo is to symbolize her zodiac sign, Sagittarius.

  • Anthony “Ant” McPartlin

Across the pond from Lili Reinhart, this British presenter also has an arrow tattooed on his forearm.

Fans were surprised to see the star tatted up after returning to television in 2019 after a stint in rehab.

Anthony “Ant” McPartlin's Arrow Tattoo

He has never been one to shy away from exposing his inner demons and has other tattoos that mark his desire to stay clean.

When asked about the arrow tattoo, McPartlin has said only that it has a very positive and personal meaning.

One wonders if he is following the same philosophy as Reinhart: seeing his time away from the spotlight as a way to move forward with momentum.

  • Frances Bean Cobain

So nice she did it twice.

This graphic artist, known for being the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, has 2 tattoos with an arrow motif.

Cobain’s tattoos are all different styles, but she sticks to small designs in classic black and grey.

Crossed arrows on her upper limb: Crossed arrows can be a sign of allegiance, so they make a popular friendship tattoo.

Frances Bean Cobain's Crossed Arrow Tattoo

Frances Bean got hers in 2016 while on a trip to Vegas for her 24th birthday.

Her friends also got inked and the gang took in a Britney Spears show.

Is there any better way to celebrate turning the big 2-4?

Intricate stick and poke on her wrist: The delicate arrow design on Cobain’s wrist is a little more esoteric.

Frances Bean Cobain's Arrow Tattoo

The stick and poke tattoo, applied by L.A. artist Tati Compton, has an air of sacred geometry to it.

Compton’s images tend to conjure feelings of divine femininity and sacred sensuality.

With Cobain’s Instagram handle being @thespacewitch- maybe there is some occult symbolism behind the design, but neither artist nor canvas has spoken of it.

That’s the beauty of a great tattoo- the meaning can stay between you and your artist.

  • January Jones

Another Dr. Woo design, this multifaceted actress decided to pay tribute to her son Xander with a light arrow tattoo on her forearm.

January Jones's Arrow Tattoo

The piece features overlapping circles, their birthdates, and an arrow moving through the middle of them both.

This symbolizes their separate timelines, and how their love/familial bond has tied them together.

  • Stephanie Branco and Sarah Hyland

In 2015, Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and comedian/actress Stephanie Branco got coordinating arrow tattoos.

The deed was done at West Hollywood’s Shamrock Social Club with artist Max Hanson.

The two arrow designs are different, and in different places on the young women’s bodies.

Stephanie Branco and Sarah Hyland Arrow Tattoos

Hyland’s design is a thin, delicate arrow with a large fletching on the end.

The tattoo design runs up the petite actress’s spine, presumably so she could be discreet on her sitcom gig.

Branco’s tattoo is more visible, just above her wrist.

Her design features an eye in the center of her arrow’s shaft.

Not much has been said about the symbolism behind the tattoos, but maybe it was more about the friendly escapade than the designs themselves.

Summing Up

Arrow tattoos naturally point in one direction.

Therefore, they represent that you are on a path that you will need courage for, on which you may need to find a new start and one you will ultimately triumph over.

Arrow Tattoo FAQ

What do arrow tattoos mean?

1. Life’s Journeys
2. Focus
3. A New Start
4. Triumph or moving through difficult times
5. Responsibility
6. Using tension to propel forward

Are arrow tattoos offensive?

Absolutely not.

What do 3 arrow tattoos mean?

When it is designed as a bundle of arrows, the 3 arrow tattoo means strength.

What do geometric arrow tattoos mean?

Balance and focus.

Which way should an arrow tattoo point?

An arrow tattoo facing left meaning: ward off
An arrow tattoo facing right meaning: protection
An arrow tattoo facing down meaning: peace

What does an arrow tattoo pointing up mean?


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