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19 Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate Motherhood

Tattoos that Represent Motherhood

Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo in honor of your mother?

There are many tattoo ideas that you could use in order to honor her memory, or if she is alive, to please her greatly.

Lettering Tattoo

Or, perhaps you are a mother and you want to get a tattoo that represents the love you have for your child.

There are many tattoos too that show the bond between mother and child.

Let’s take a look at some of these ideas:

Mother and Infant Tattoos

In order to honor your mother, you may want to get a tattoo of a mother with an infant.

This tattoo represents the memory of you and your mother when you were very young.

Mother and Infant Tattoo

The tattoo symbolizes the unbreakable bond between child and mother.

It also recognizes the sacrifices that your mother made for you when you were young.

Mother and Infant Tattoo

This tattoo is a great way to honor your mother’s memory, or for a mother to get to honor the connection they have with their child.

Flower Tattoos

There are many types of flower tattoos that represent motherhood.

Almost every flower tattoo represents femininity, but you may want to choose a particular flower that has special significance to your mother.

Flower Tattoo

Indeed, many women have a favorite flower.

Whichever flower tattoo you choose, it will represent the special bond you have with your mother.

Rose Tattoos

A specific type of flower tattoo, rose tattoos represent the love and great affinity you have for your mother.

Rose Tattoo

Roses tend to represent the love of a romantic nature, however, they can represent the love of a familial nature as well.

Rose Tattoo

This love is represented well and forever connects you to your mom.

Holding Hands Tattoos

A tattoo of holding hands can be designed with one of the hands being smaller, like a child’s, while the other is an adult hand.

This tattoo design makes the most sense when talking about mother and child.

Holding Hands Tattoo

A holding hand tattoo represents how one’s mother brings them through life safely and watches over them from when they are young until they are older.

You may want to get this kind of tattoo in honor of the commitment your mother made to raise you well.

Tree of Life Tattoos

The tree of life represents family ties and the roots of it represent the strong roots that families hold in peoples’ lives.

Without mothers, none of us would even have families.

Tree of Life Tattoo

Mothers hold the entire tree of life together.

Therefore, this tattoo symbolizes how your own mother kept the family together and gave birth to you and your siblings and how grateful you are for her.

Daughter/Son Reaching Out Tattoos

There is also another type of mother-child tattoo that one can get which is a daughter or son reaching out to a hand that is their mother’s.

This tattoo design represents how we all look up to our mothers and reach out to them when we are in trouble.

We often rely on our mothers’ opinions and seek them out when we need help.

This tattoo above all symbolizes how we need our mothers.

Angel Wings Tattoos

Angel wings are a symbol of how you view your angel as an angel.

You may view your mother are an amazing woman who can do no wrong and who will always guide you in the correct direction.

Angel Wings Tattoo

This tattoo means that you love your mother very much and if she has passed, that you literally believe her to now be an angel.

Elephant Tattoos

Elephant tattoos can represent loyalty and familial ties.

Elephant Tattoo

If you have a lot of loyalty towards your mother, then this tattoo can represent that loyalty.

This tattoo also symbolizes the strong tie you have to your mom.

Elephant Tattoo

Not to mention, elephant tattoos are cute and great tattoos to get in general.

In this case, they have a special meaning, too.

Lioness and Cubs Tattoos

If you feel as though your mother is the leader of your pack of cubs, then you may want to get this lioness tattoo.

Lioness and Cub Tattoo

Mother lionesses are extremely protective of their cubs.

Lioness and Cub Tattoo

If you feel as though your mother would sacrifice herself for you or any one of your siblings, then you may want to get this tattoo in order to represent her extreme motherly love.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos

The infinity symbol is a representation of infinity and foreverness.

This symbol can also represent the infinite power of a mother’s love.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo

This tattoo also represents how the bond between a mother and her child is a bond that lasts forever.

The infinity symbol as a tattoo is a great way of showing how much you care for your mother.

Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos have a simple way of showing that you care.

If you are receiving a heart tattoo for your mother or for your child, then you are showing that you both share a lot of love for each other.

Heart Tattoo

Love is the most important and necessary concept to be had between mother and child, and without it, the relationship would simply not be the same.

Family Tattoos

Another design concept is an illustration of an entire family in a tattoo.

Family Tattoo

This kind of tattoo may not necessarily highlight the mother’s role, however, the mother is intrinsically connected to the family and so you could get this kind of tattoo in her honor.

Family Tattoo

If you yourself are a mother, this kind of tattoo shows how proud you are of the family you have created.

Celtic Motherhood Knot Tattoos

The Celtic motherhood knot is one great way to represent motherhood as the symbol literally pays homage to mothers.

Celtic Motherhood Knot Tattoo

This is a Celtic tattoo that most likely a mother would get in honor of the bond she has with her child.

The symbol represents the love that the mother and her children share and can also represent fertility.

Locket Tattoos

One other tattoo design is a locket with your mother’s initials on it or with your mother’s face inside.

This tattoo can symbolize how since lockets are worn around the neck, your mother is kept close to your heart.

Locket Tattoo

Therefore, this tattoo symbolizes the great love and admiration you have for your mother.

This is also a great way to remember a mother who you have lost.

Mama Fox Tattoos

This kind of fox tattoo that symbolizes motherhood is a mama fox with her young.

This tattoo is a symbol of a mother’s fierce protection of her young.

Mama Fox Tattoo

This tattoo design also represents a child’s admiration for their mother’s values and how much they thank them for protecting them so much over the years.

Mother and Daughter/Son on Swing Tattoos

A tattoo of a mother and daughter or son on a swing represents the deep connection you both have with one another.

Swing Tattoo

This tattoo represents how your mother tended to spend a lot of time with you as a child and paid special attention to you.

If you are a mother, this tattoo represents how much you want to make sure that you are always there for your child even as they grow older.

Feathers Tattoos

Feather tattoos can represent freedom and communication.

These can both represent the connection between mother and child.

Feathers Tattoo

A mother must allow their child some freedom in order for them to be successful in life.

Mother and Child Sleeve

If you really want to honor your mother or child and the relationship between the two, you may want to get a sleeve of a mother and child.

These tattoo sleeves represent the great bond that you have with each other.

They may be accentuated by flower tattoos, elephants, chakras, or feather tattoos.

All of these tattoo symbols can serve to add the meaning of motherhood to the sleeve.

Mom Tattoos

Of course, we cannot forget the classic “Mom” tattoo.

This of course is a red heart with the word “Mom” written inside of it.

Mom Tattoo

This kind of motherhood tattoo means that you love your mom and is typically done on a child who is honoring their mother.

This classic 1950’s tattoo still is widely used today and is not to be forgotten.

Mom Tattoo

It represents the strong love that you have for your mom and how you will never forget what she has done for you over the years.

Summing Up

Although this article discusses motherhood, there is a difference between being a child honoring their mother and being a mother honoring their child.

Luckily, many of these tattoo designs can represent both.

What they all have in common is that they are symbols of motherhood in general, which stands for how a mother takes care of their child no matter what and provides them with all of the love and affection they deserve.

So, whether you be the mother or the child, these tattoos can serve to represent that love.

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