Courage Tattoo

16 Edgy Tattoos That Represent Courage

Tattoos that Symbolize Courage

Courage is a very popular theme in tattoos.

Nearly everyone wishes to be more courageous, and those who have courage want others to know that they are brave people.

There are small things that people may do that show that they are courageous people.

Here are some different awesome tattoo designs that represent courage:

Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos are a great example of tattoos that represent courage.

Lion tattoos also symbolize leadership, pride for the family, and power.

Lion Tattoo

The king of the jungle, lions show no fear and are always ready for a fight.

If you have a tattoo of a lion, it shows that you consider yourself to have a lot of bravery.

Lion Tattoo

Not only that, but a lion tattoo means that you would do anything to protect your family, and if the time came when they needed help, you would show a lot of courage and save the day!

Red-ink Tattoos

Red is a color that not only represents love and passion but also courage.

Many people get red tattoos to show that they are fearless.

Red-ink Tattoo

It especially helps if your tattoo is of a symbol that also represents courage and its red, that way it symbolizes courage twice as much.

For example, if you received a red lion tattoo it would mean that you have enormous amounts of bravery.

Koi Fish Tattoos

The Koi fish is a great symbol of Japan and is known for courageousness and perseverance probably because of the koi fish’s incredible myth, the waterfall legend.

This myth is that the koi fish were trying to swim upstream on the Yellow River in China and when they reached a waterfall, many of the koi turned back assuming they were not able to pass through it.

Koi Fish Tattoo

Some of the koi did not give up and spent hundreds of years trying to jump over the waterfall.

Finally, one koi jumped over the waterfall and made it.

This myth proves that the koi fish tattoo represents incredible bravery and the fact that being courageous pays off.

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf tattoos are kind of an obvious symbol of bravery.

Many cultures around the world see wolves as symbols of bravery and fearlessness, as well as loyalty.

Wolf Tattoo

Wolves survive in the wilderness by their lonesome and constantly persevere.

Having a wolf tattoo means that you too survive in your own life and persevere because of your sheer determination and your bravery in situations that arise.

Dagger Tattoos

Dagger tattoos usually surround themes such as danger or betrayal.

However, since daggers are used in combat, they can also refer to courageousness and bravery.

Dagger Tattoo

They are used for protection and during times where danger is imminent and you may lose your life.

Therefore, you may want to get a dagger tattoo if you want to show that you are not to be messed with and that you have a lot of bravery.

Borage Flower Tattoo

Borage flowers symbolize bravery and come from the Latin and Arabic word Borrego, meaning ‘the source of sweat.’

This refers to sweating and being in battle, working hard to defeat an enemy.

Today, this is typically not meant to be taken literally.

Borage Flower Tattoo

Nowadays it means that you are brave in certain situations that may arise, such as standing up for a friend when someone else is speaking poorly of them.

In that situation, it takes some guts to, instead of staying silent, say something and stand up for your friend.

Small things like that can show that someone is brave.

A borage flower tattoo can prove to yourself and to others that you are the kind of person who would do something like that and that you are a person with a lot of courage.

Elephant Tattoos

Elephants, especially in Asian countries, are known to represent Gods and Goddesses a well as strength and power.

Borage Flower Tattoo

In fact, elephants are a great animal tattoo to get if you want to show that you have a lot of courage.

Elephants are large animals that are extremely powerful and an elephant tattoo shows a lot of bravery.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos

Infinity symbols are not only symbols of endless love or limitless hope– the infinity tattoo symbol represents courage and strength.

Infinity Tattoo

This is perhaps because endless love or hope are symbols of great strength to people and it takes a lot of courage to make such a large commitment to a person.

Feather Tattoos

When you think about a feather, what comes to mind?

Most often birds, because that’s where feathers come from.

Feather Tattoo

Birds sour around the sky and in general bird tattoos represent extreme courage.

Feather tattoos also symbolize freedom from being weighed down and the courage to stand up against people who are hurting you.

Feather Tattoo

In fact, in ancient times, feathers were given out to people who showed courage.

Even today, feathers still represent bravery and amazing strength.

Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos are reminders to stay strong even as things go wrong in your life.

They represent the courage it takes to stay strong during difficult circumstances.

Anchor Tattoo

They mean that you are going through a storm and you are getting through it through bravery and sheer willpower.

Anchor tattoos are received by people who want to remember how they got through a situation courageously and that if they ever go through that again they would do the same.

Panther Tattoos

Panther tattoos are known to symbolize strength, loyalty, adventure, companionship, a spiritual mind, and triumph.

All of these characteristics can be part of having bravery.

Panther Tattoo

Panther tattoos are symbols of courage because they are powerful animals that are fearless.

They are predators that stand up to other animals with power and complete bravery.

Panther Tattoo

If you feel as though this describes your personality, then you may want to get a panther tattoo.

Lotus Tattoos

Lotus tattoos have many meanings, but mainly refer to beating any temptation that is in your way of succeeding in your goals and that goal tends to be becoming a better person.

Lotus Tattoo

If you are someone who has always been able to do the right thing for yourself, then that shows a lot of courage and that’s what lotus tattoos are all about.

Lotus flower tattoos stand for overcoming obstacles or whatever life puts in your path.

Lettering Tattoos of “Courage”

Although it is rather obvious, tattoos of the word “Courage” mean that you are a brave person.

Lettering Tattoo

This is a great tattoo to get on the forearm or wrist to remind yourself that you are a brave person who can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

This kind of tattoo can also be a reminder to be brave in any situation that you may be placed in.

Lettering Tattoo

You could also get this lettering tattoo if you wish to be more courageous and have made it a goal to become a better and stronger person.

Wave Tattoos

Water is the most important thing that we have on Earth.

The wave in an ocean symbolizes bringing forth life and also taking it away.

Wave Tattoo

Waves have enormous strength and represent how you may be someone who is calm but when something big happens in life you can react in a tremendous way.

Wave Tattoo

This reaction is courage because a wave tattoo means that you have the strength of a large wave.

Dara Celtic Knot Tattoos

The Dara knot is a Celtic tattoo that represents our inner strengths and the ferocity of our spirit.

Dara Knot Tattoo

The Dara knot is a tree, which is related to the Oaktree, a powerful symbol of spirituality to the Celtic people.

A Dara knot tattoo means that even as you encounter a fearful situation you are able to make a quick decision with bravery in order to come up with a solution.

Quote Tattoos

There are many quotes that you can get as a lettering tattoo on your body that symbolize courageousness.

Quote tattoo about courage

Sometimes, words can be just as powerful as a symbol or an animal.

You can also get word tattoos such as “Strength || Courage,” or, “Serenity || Courage || WIsdom.”

Quote tattoo about courage

There are endless options for lettering tattoos about courage, so do your research and pick one that is meaningful to you.

Are You Courageous?

You don’t necessarily have to have the courage to get a tattoo that symbolizes courage.

Perhaps, you simply want to become more courageous.

If this is your goal, then you may want to get one of these tattoos in order to promise yourself that although in the past you may not have shown bravery, in the future you will always stand up for others.

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