Forget-me-not Tattoo

Forget-Me-Not Tattoos: Symbolic Meanings

Forget-me-not Tattoo Meanings

When you give someone a bouquet of forget me not flowers, it means that you promise that you will keep them in your dearest thoughts forever and that they are an essential part of your life.

Forget me not tattoos have meanings that are just as special and thoughtful.

The flower is also known as “the mouse’s ear” flower because of the shape of its petals.

Forget-me-not Tattoos

Forget-me-nots are perennial flowers and they come in pink, pale blue, and white, hence there are many designs of forget me not tattoos, and a lot of options.

One of the key meanings behind forget-me-not tattoos is remembrance.

These tattoos can be used to remember someone that you have lost.

Forget-me-not tattoos can be an excellent way of cherishing the people in your life that you have lost and promising never to forget their memories.

Forget me not tattoos also symbolize a connection that you have with someone or something that stands the test of time.

This is a kind of connection with a friend or family member that is able to withstand many challenges and still remain strong.

In fact, these tattoos have a lot to do with connections.

They can be used to remember strong memories you have with someone that are a part of you forever, just like a tattoo.

Forget-me-not Tattoo

They can represent affection between yourself and another that is growing and changing into something beautiful.

One last and rather unexpected meaning behind forget-me-not tattoos is that they represent those who are taking care of someone who is disabled or in need of financial support.

This is especially true of those who are taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease.

If you take care of someone you love who needs your help, you may want to consider receiving a forget-me-not tattoo.

Matching Forget-me-not Tattoos

Matching forget-me-not tattoos are a great way to share a commonality between you and a friend or relative.

Matching Forget-me-not Tattoos

Since forget-me-not tattoos symbolize great connections between people, matching forget-me-not tattoos mean that you share a strong bond with each other.

Realistic Forget-me-not Tattoos

Realistic forget-me-not tattoos can represent a family member or friend that you loved who has passed.

Realistic Forget Me Not Tattoo

This tattoo means that you miss this person greatly and that you wish to have a way to remember their memory.

Black & Gray Forget-me-not Tattoos

Black and gray forget-me-not tattoos also mean that you are remembering someone you love who you have lost.

Black and gray Forget Me Not Tattoo

The fact that the flowers are black and gray refers to this person’s memory being in the past.

If you want to honor their memory with a tattoo, this is a great way to do it.

Minimalist Forget-me-not Tattoos

Minimalist forget-me-not tattoos are charming and cute, while also being masculine.

Minimalist Forget Me Not Tattoo

These tattoos can represent that you are taking care of someone you love.

They mean that you do an excellent job at taking care of that person and that they are your world.

Watercolor Forget-me-not Tattoos

Watercolor forget-me-not tattoos can be magical and beautiful– they are extraordinary tattoos.

Watercolor Forget Me Not Tattoo

These tattoos often mean that you want to recognize someone important in your life and kind of, well, give them a “shout out”.

Maybe they are long due for the recognition they deserve in your life, and you want to have a tattoo that displays your affection for them.

Forget-me-not with Lettering tattoos

There are many different lettering tattoos that can make for a great addition to a forget-me-not tattoo.

A lot of times, this happens to be a name tattoo.

Forget Me Not with Lettering Tattoo

This could be the name of a family member or friend who is alive and who you love and hold near and dear to your heart, or someone who has passed who you want to remember.

This is an excellent tattoo for either and can be a tattoo that you show off to your loved ones and use to always remember what that person means to you.

Forget-me-not Tattoos with Name Tattoos

When a forget-me-not tattoo has a name attached to it, it means that you are honoring someone who you love, or loved, deeply.

When it is someone who is alive, you may want to tell them that you are getting a tattoo of them, or even leave it to a surprise!

Forget me Not Tattoo with Name Tattoo

This is typically someone who you are intimate with, or at least pretty darn close with.

This of course is also a great tattoo to get if you have lost someone and want to honor their memory.

In this case, it can be anyone you’ve lost, not necessarily someone you were extremely intimate with.

This could qualify as a friend, a comrade, or a family member.

Sunflower Tattoos and Forget-me-not Tattoos

Sunflower tattoos tend to refer to romantic love, especially everlasting romance.

Therefore, a sunflower and forget-me-not tattoo symbolizes your deep passion for someone you love romantically.

Sunflower and Forget me Not Tattoo

This tattoo is all about intimate relationships and bestowing your partner with a tattoo that will make sure that you always remember the love you two shared.

Daisy and Forget-me-not Tattoo

Daisy tattoos represent loyalty, luck, and love.

When combined with a forget-me-not flower, the tattoo means that the connection you share with whichever person you have in mind was one that was filled with extreme loyalty.

Daisy and Forget me Not Tattoo

This tattoo also means that the people who have strong connections with you share a lot of deep love.

With a little luck, you may win the favors of the people with which you share the connection to this special tattoo.

Rose and Forget-me-not Tattoo

Rose tattoos are notoriously known to represent love, especially romantic love.

Rose and forget-me-not tattoos symbolize the love between yourself and another that was deeply intimate and absolutely wonderful.

You may want to honor this love with a tattoo because you always want to remember the times you shared together and the love you two had.

Forget-me-not and Heart Tattoo

Forget-me-not and heart tattoos symbolize the love that you share between you and your partner.

Heart tattoos typically refer to love and romantic love at that.

Forget me Not and Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is a very special one that may even be a good one to share as a matching tattoo with you and your partner.

Make sure that this relationship is going to last– a tattoo does last forever.

Forget-me-not with Butterfly Tattoo

Forget-me-not with butterfly tattoos can refer to many different kinds of connections.

First off, butterfly tattoos can represent young love, and therefore you may want to receive this tattoo if you are all aflutter for a new hot romance.

Forget me Not with Butterfly Tattoo

In other cases, since butterflies fly to each flower over and over again, they are known to be very social.

Because of this, butterfly and forget-me-not tattoos symbolize the connections you have between close friends.

Forget-me-not Tattoo behind the Ear

Having a forget-me-not tattoo behind the ear tends to be a feminine tattoo and means that you have a secret love for someone.

This special crush could be one that you have been hiding for a long time.

Forget me Not Tattoo behind the Ear

Another meaning of this tattoo is that you may be caring for someone who is disabled and who needs your help daily.

This tattoo can represent the love that you have for them and how much you care about them.

Wrist Tattoos

A forget-me-not tattoo on the wrist means that you want to share the meaning of the tattoo with people that you meet.

Forget me Not Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is far from a discreet location and means that you want to share the fact that it represents a special connection with someone you love.

This could be a friend or a family member who you love very much and want to honor and remember.

Ankle Tattoos

A forget-me-not tattoo on the ankle means that you are caring for someone who you love who also needs your help.

Forget me Not Ankle Tattoo

This could be a child, someone who is disabled, or an elderly loved one who you cherish deeply.

This tattoo could also have other meanings such as the fact that you want to remember a friend or family member who has passed.

Foot Tattoos

Forget-me-not foot tattoos mean that you want to remember a special friend who has always had your back and who has always made you laugh.

Forget me Not Foot Tattoo

This person is extremely special to you and who you feel as though you want to honor with a tattoo.

In the same way, this kind of tattoo could represent a family member who you love who has always been there for you when you needed them.


The essential component in forget-me-not tattoos is that you are honoring a person who you love as a friend, family member, or in a romantic way.

These deep connections that we share with others can be represented in tattoos such as forget-me-not tattoos because we always want to remember them.

So, would you get a forget me not tattoo?

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