Matching Tattoos For Sisters

32 Sisterly Matching Tattoos To Honor Your Bond

Tattoos that Symbolize Sisterhood

Some sisters are your sister by blood, while others are chosen.

By sisterhood, we mean actual sisters or close female friends.

There are lots of tattoos that symbolize sisterhood!

Among these are matching tattoos that can be received among sisters (blood or otherwise).

Let’s take a look at some sisterhood-related tattoos to help those who want a tattoo that represents their love for their sister or “soul sister”:

Connecting Tattoos

This is a kind of matching tattoo that uses a line from some scene, such as two sisters holding a rope, that connects when placed together.

Connecting Tattoos

This tattoo is common on the leg or arm where it can be easily joined when the two sisters meet, especially if they want to show off their tattoos to their family or friends.

These tattoos mean that you are connected not only physically but by the spirit and even that you are connected through the soul.

Pinky Swear Tattoos

These tattoos may be matching, but are not necessarily, and they are a symbol of someone giving someone else a pink swear.

Pinky Swear Tattoos

This swear, of course, is to each other and represents the bond between sisters.

Two sisters who receive this kind of tattoo are saying to each other that they love each other and share a bond that they promise never to break.

Map Tattoos

One kind of matching sisterhood tattoo to get, especially for multiple sisters, are pieces of a map that, when put together, create the entire world.

Map Tattoo

For multiple sisters, each sister could get a few continents on their arm and then when they put their arms together they have all the pieces of the world.

This unique idea works well for three sisters, but also works for two.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos can be symbols of joy, immortality, and the soul.

These meanings all can relate to a sister whom you love eternally and connect with on a soul level.

Matching Butterfly Tattoos

One idea for a matching tattoo for two sisters is for each sister to have one side of the butterfly or one wing that can be connected when placed together, usually on the arm.

Butterflies are an excellent symbol of sisterhood and make for a great tattoo alone or matching.

Matching Powerpuff Girl Tattoo

Powerpuff girls have the ability to show a girl’s personality well.

Matching Powerpuff Girl Tattoos

Someone can either be Bubbles, a Blossom, or a Buttercup.

This is a great idea for a tattoo that shows sisterhood because the Powerpuff girls themselves are sisters.

Matching Powerpuff Girl Tattoos

Each sister of yours or even just the two of you could get a different Powerpuff girl tattoo to show that your bond is just as strong as the crime-fighting girls.

Puzzle Tattoos

Puzzle tattoos are great representations of sisterhood because they show that you two three, four, or however many sisters you have are each a part of a larger puzzle.

Matching Puzzle Tattoos

These tattoos also show that without each other, you are incomplete.

Together with your puzzle tattoos, you literally complete each other and are proven to be soul sisters.

Lettering Tattoos About Sisterhood

There are many different phrases you could get as a tattoo that symbolizes sisterhood.

One such phrase is “Endless Love,” or the word “Sisters,” or “Big Sis” and “Lil’ SIs.”

Lettering Tattoos About Sisterhood

There are many other examples too, such as the phrase, “I Carry Your Heart With Me,” or “You Keep Me Safe,” with, “You Keep Me Wild.”

All of these phrases are self-explanatory and account for a great way to show your love and appreciation for your sister as well as allowing for some of both of your personalities to shine through.

Watercolor Tattoos

There are many watercolor tattoos that fit the theme of sisterhood.

For example, watercolor feathers represent loyalty and trust between two sisters or two close friends who consider themselves sisters.

Watercolor Feather Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos in general signify creativity and therefore and for sisters who are artistic and have creative ways of looking at things.

Compass Rose Tattoos

The compass rose tattoo represents a relationship that has been rocky but one where both parties are moving past their differences towards a time of newfound understanding.

Therefore, this tattoo is for sisters who have had their differences in the past but are working on improving their relationship.

Compass Rose Tattoo

In sisterhood, sometimes there are struggles– it isn’t always easy having a sister.

However, a great way to mark a new direction in your relationship is getting a compass tattoo to say that you will move past what separates you and move towards what connects you as sisters.

Compass Tattoos

Compass tattoos represent the direction you are going in life, and the double compass means that you are heading in two different directions.

These two matching tattoos symbolize how both sisters are going in two different directions but they are on similar paths.

Compass Tattoo

The sisters are not on the same path or heading in the same direction, but there is a place where their paths intersect.

This intersection is where their lives connect.

Therefore, this matching tattoo is all about how although you both are doing your own thing, at the end of the day your lives are shared with one another.

Constellation Tattoos for Twins

Want to get a matching tattoo with your twin sister?

A great one to get is a constellation representing the horoscope that marks both of your birthdays.

Constellation Tattoos

Plus, constellations make for great tattoos, anyways!

Since twins have the same birthday, it makes sense to have their sisterhood matching tattoos related to that birthday.

What a great way to show love for your twin!

Ribbons Tattoos

Tattoos of bows symbolize remembrance.

Not only are they cute and feminine tattoos, but they have a strong meaning of remembering the good times and the bad.

Ribbon Tattoos

That’s part of sisterhood– not every moment is going to be merry.

Tattoos of ribbons represent those ups and downs of true sisterhood and how you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos are a simple but fun way to show love and sisterhood.

Hearts, understandably, show love and affection when tattooed, especially when they are received in honor of someone specific such as a sister.

Matching Heart Tattoos

Matching heart tattoos are a great way to show that two sisters or more love each other unconditionally.

There can even be some additional designs or lettering added to the heart tattoo, such as each others’s names or the word “Sisters.”

Matching Heart Tattoos

A tiny heart on the wrist, collar bone, or ankle can show that although the design of the heart is small, your love for your sister is not.

Matching Heart Tattoos

If you love your sister unconditionally and want to show that love for them with a tattoo, you yourself could get a tiny heart tattoo or you could both get tiny heart tattoos as matching tattoos.

Infinity Tattoos

Infinity tattoos represent eternity and forever.

If this is how you feel about your relationship with your sister or soul-sister, then you may want to either receive an infinity tattoo yourself or get matching infinity tattoos.

Matching Infinity Tattoos

The infinity tattoo design may be opened up as well to allow for a word to be added, such as the word “Sisters,” or “Sisterhood.”

The infinity symbol is an excellent way of showing your sister that you are stuck with them forever and that you will never give up on them no matter what.

Matching Flower Tattoos

There are many flower tattoos that indicate loyalty, such as daisy tattoos which represent both innocence and loyalty.

Matching Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos attached to an anchor also symbolize loyalty.

Plus, flower tattoos are pretty and are great for two women or girls because they are feminine of nature.

Matching Flower Tattoos

Matching flower tattoos can connect two sisters for the rest of their lives and mean that you both cherish each other’s company and want to share a life together as sisters with an unbreakable bond.

Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos can symbolize loyalty and are great symbols of sisterhood.

They also represent a strong belief in something, which in this case represents a powerful faith in each other and in a bond between two sisters that cannot and will not be broken.

Matching Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos can be received alone by one sister or as matching tattoos, which, if matching, should share at least a similar design and color scheme.

Eye Tattoos

There are many tattoo designs incorporating eyes that are cool-looking and highly unique types of tattoos.

The significance of the eye is that you are always watching your sister’s moves and, more than that, you are always watching over them.

Matching Eye Tattoos

This tattoo is great for a big sister who is always watching over their little sister or sisters.

This tattoo design also works for a set of matching tattoos, showing that you always have each other’s backs.

Dot And Circle Matching Tattoos

This interesting sisterhood tattoo is highly symbolic and is quite unusual.

A circle tattoo symbolizes perfection and wholeness, as well as cyclical movement and God himself.

As for the two dots, they symbolize the end of one phase and the beginning of another.

Sisterhood Tattoo

These symbols when placed together represent how the sisters who get the matching tattoos are only complete and whole when they are together.

Their lives begin and end with one another and their involvement in each other’s lives is so impactful that it affects every part of their lives.

You are able to share this matching tattoo with more than one sister or close friend.

Also, this is a great tattoo to have on the forearm or on the ankle.

Daruma Doll Matching Tattoos

Did you know that Daruma Doll tattoos are some of the most famous Asian tattoos in the world?

They symbolize good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

They are a kind of folk-art tattoo that is highly popular in Japan.

Daruma Doll Matching Tattoos

Matching Daruma Doll sisterhood tattoos represent the fact that your sister brings you good luck.

They also mean that your experience of sisterhood brings you tremendous joy.

Last, you may even feel that being with your sister brings you prosperity because your sister brings you good advice about your career.

Sun And Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos symbolize two opposite powers such as life and death, feminity and masculinity, or good and bad luck.

How does this relate to sisterhood?

Sisters share everything together.

Sun And Moon Tattoos

They share their entire lives with one another.

The good and bad, happy and sad, it’s all stuff that you share with your sister and go through together.

Therefore, these opposing powers have to do with the parts of your lives that you experience together or tell each other about.

Choosing which sister takes which of these tattoos depends on the role you have in the relationship.

Fish Matching Tattoos

Fish tattoos symbolize strength, wisdom, and wealth.

These meanings relate to sisterhood because you may find strength in your sister.

When you need her the most, she is always there for you and gives you the best advice.

Fish Matching Tattoos

As for wisdom, you may find wisdom in your sister and find that she knows things that you do not, and therefore you can ask her questions about things.

Perhaps your sister is very wise!

And wealth, well, sisters can give each other career advice and even help each other get jobs!

Matching Sparkle Tattoos

Sparkle tattoos symbolize guidance, direction, and good luck.

Sisters go to each other for guidance and for advice.

One of the great things about having a sister is that you can go to them when you need them.

Matching Sparkle Tattoos

Sisters also often move in the same direction and follow each other when they need help.

Also, it is good luck to have a sister, and having a matching sparkle tattoo with your sister can bring you both good luck.

Matching Turtle Tattoos

Turtles are known for living a very long time, and so matching turtle tattoos mean that you will be not only sisters but best friends for a long, long time.

Turtle tattoos also represent patience.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of patience to have a sister.

Matching Turtle Tattoos

You may experience times when you are fighting and times when things are great, but no matter what you have to stick it out because at the end of the day you are sisters.

That’s one of the great things about having a sister, you are stuck with them for life!

Matching Bird Tattoos

This matching tattoo shows as many birds as you have sisters.

So if you have three sisters, there are three birds, and so on.

Bird tattoos symbolize freedom, and having a sister involves the opposite of freedom in a way.

You are always attached to that sister or sisters for the rest of your life and you can never get away from them!

Matching Bird Tattoos

But, at the same time sisters give you freedom because they give you the space to do what you want to do and they will never judge you.

Also, this tattoo is about how birds tend to fly together in migration, and you and your sisters always travel and do everything together and are never apart.

“No Matter Where” Matching Tattoos

This tattoo means that no matter where you are or who you are in a relationship with at the time, you and your sister will always be there for one another.

No matter where you are location-wise, you can always talk on the phone and catch up.

Matching Lettering Tattoos

No matter where in life you are heading, you can always hello each other out and improve each other’s lives.

This tattoo is about the strength of the bond that you have between you and your sister.

Cat Tattoos

Cats are known for having nine lives– cat tattoos symbolize resilience.

Matching cat tattoos represent how resilient your relationship with your sister is.

Even though you fight and get into arguments sometimes, you always make up as if you have many times to start your relationship over again.

Matching cat tattoos symbolizing sisterhood

The fact that the cats are cuddling means that you feel comfortable being physically close with your sister and you like to snuggle with each other and it means that you feel so close with your sister that you could tell her anything at all.

Matching Polynesian Tattoos

This wrap-around Polynesian tattoo means that you are expressing your identity and personality.

It means that you both have a lot in common and you share a lot of the same personality traits.

Matching Tribal Tattoos

This tribal tattoo means that you love how since you and your sister have too much in common you are able to bond over practically anything and you get to do a lot of really fun things together.

Family Portrait Tattoos

This tattoo is one of your family together in a cute little cartoon portrait.

This tattoo is meant to remind you just how much family means to you.

To you, family means everything.

Family Portrait Tattoo

This tattoo means that you and your sister have a bond that will remain unbroken until you die.

You will always have each other, and you will always have the rest of your family to rely on as well.

Happy Sad Mask Tattoos

This drama mask tattoo means that through happy times and sad times, your sister will always be with you.

Sometimes, life throws a curveball and something happens that you didn’t expect.

Happy Sad Mask Tattoos

Sometimes mental health is an issue.

Regardless f the circumstance, your sister is someone that you can always rely on to be there whether it is a happy occasion r whether you need a shoulder to cry on.

Sisters Huggin Portrait Tattoos

This set of matching tattoos shows sisters hugging each other and hanging in a frame like a family photo.

The tattoo represents how close the bond is between you and your sister.

Sisters Huggin Portrait Tattoos

When you are not with your sister, you wish you could hug her and tell her how much you love her.

She is an integral part of your family and you just want to hold her tight and never let her go!

This tattoo is meant to remind you of the times you had when you were young together.

Sisters Hugging Tattoo

You want to remember all the happy times you two had together when you were younger, and those times feel like they were just yesterday.

Because you have these great memories of your childhood together, you will always have an extremely strong bond.

This bond is so strong that it will never be broken, no matter what happens.

Matching Palm Tree Tattoos

Palm tree tattoos tend to refer to tranquillity and relaxation.

This tattoo means that when you are with your sisters, you feel very relaxed and as if you are on vacation.

Matching Palm Tree Tattoos

It also means that you like to spend a lot of time together and go on vacations together.

Life’s a beach when you have steers as great as you have, and your sisters make you incredibly happy.

Hand Holding Matching Tattoos

This set of matching tattoos means that you have an intimate bond with your sister or sisters.

This isn’t a relationship that is to be taken lightly.

You really care for your sister and you may even tell each other everything, leaving nothing out.

Hand Holding Matching Tattoos

You two are best friends for life and you know for a fact that that will never change.

That in itself is a great reason to get this set of matching tattoos!

Would You Get Tatted For Your Sister?

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment, but getting one in honor of someone else or matching with someone else is an even greater commitment.

If you are getting a tattoo for your blood sister, then there is little chance of regret because they will be your sister for life anyways.

If you are getting the tattoo for a soul sister, then there is a slight chance out there that you two could lose your close connection.

If this happens, just know that what counts is the good memories you two had together and the times you shared in happiness and that you will never regret those memories and therefore that tattoo.

All in all, sisterhood tattoos are not to be regretted because if you care deeply about that person you will want a way to always remember them.

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