Moth Tattoo

What Are The Different Meanings Of Moth Tattoos?

Moth Tattoo Meanings

Moth tattoos seem to be climbing in popularity as more and more people think they are the next coolest thing to wear on their arms, neck, or chest.

They look great and have a lot of powerful meanings, too.

A moth tattoo can have several meanings, often influenced by cultural, personal, and artistic factors.

Here are some common interpretations:

  1. Transformation and Change: Moths undergo a process of metamorphosis, transforming from caterpillars into beautiful winged creatures. This can symbolize personal growth, change, and the idea of evolving through different stages of life.
  2. Attraction to Light: Moths are known for being drawn to light, which can represent guidance, truth, and the pursuit of enlightenment. It may symbolize a person’s attraction to positive forces or a quest for knowledge and truth.
  3. Mystery and the Unknown: Moths, being nocturnal creatures, are often associated with the night. This can represent mystery, secrets, or exploration of the unknown. It might also symbolize a connection to the moon and the darker aspects of nature.
  4. Vulnerability: Given their fragile wings and nocturnal nature, moths can also represent vulnerability or the delicate balance of life.
  5. Adaptation and Survival: Moths are incredibly adaptive and can survive in various environments. This could symbolize resilience, adaptability, and the strength to thrive in different conditions.
  6. Spirituality and the Soul: In some cultures, moths are seen as representations of the soul or the spiritual journey, including the afterlife or spiritual communication.
  7. Death and Rebirth: In certain contexts, moths are associated with death or the concept of rebirth, akin to the symbolic meanings of the phoenix.

Moth tattoos represent a transformation in your being as you advance through the ages.

Many people experience revelations as they age and decide to change into a new type of person, whether this is a conscious or unconscious effort.

This revelation may coordinate with receiving a new tattoo, such as a moth tattoo, which represents transformation.

Moth tattoos are fascinating because although they have many positive connotations, they are also associated with bad luck and dark themes.

For people who consider themselves goth or a related trend, this association with darker themes can actually be a positive trait and can have a certain vibe that is desired.

Moth tattoos have many meanings that are contradicting, which is part of what makes them so interesting.

  • Are moth tattoos bad luck?

One of the meanings of moth tattoos is indeed bad luck.

However, moth tattoos are only bad luck if you want them to be.

Moth tattoos can also symbolize a positive change in your life, which is what makes moth tattoos so contradictory.

Some people don’t even believe in luck itself, but if you do, don’t make this meaning stop you from getting a moth tattoo.

Tattoo meanings in general are always up for interpretation, and when it comes down to it tattoo meanings are what you make of them.

Since you get to choose which tattoo meaning relates most to you, there’s no need to choose the meaning of bad luck!

What does the Luna Moth Tattoo Mean?

Luna moth tattoos are some of the most beautiful designs of insect tattoos.

They often have a green body, with blue or red accents, and may have a skull at the center or other design aspects that add to their aesthetic value.

Luna Moth Tattoo

Luna moth tattoos tend to emphasize the transformation part of the moth tattoo’s meaning.

Luna moth tattoos represent a metamorphosis in someone’s life, and you may want to receive a luna moth tattoo if you are going through big changes in your life, especially positive changes.

Where do you put a moth tattoo?

There are many placements for a moth tattoo, some more common and some rare.

Placement always comes down to how many people are going to see the tattoo and when.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to put a moth tattoo:

  • What does a moth tattoo on the neck/throat mean?

Moth tattoos on the neck or throat are less common than in other locations but they are chosen by both men and women as a great spot to show a one-off.

These tattoos are connected to your throat chakra, which means communication, self-expression, and your own personal truth and being able to voice it.

Moth Neck Tattoo

Moth tattoos on the throat, therefore, mean that you are transforming into someone who can express themselves and their personal truths better than ever before.

This tattoo means that you are growing as a person and learning how to express your innermost thoughts to those you love.

  • What does a moth tattoo on the knee mean?

Moth tattoos right below or above the knee are common in both men and women.

They tend to be in simple black ink, though are often highly detailed tattoos.

Moth Knee Tattoo

These tattoos refer to your root chakra, which is responsible for feeling secure and grounded.

Moth tattoos on the knee mean that you were not feeling grounded before, but all that has changed for the positive.

You are now feeling secure and good in your own skin, and you want to remember what that feels like.

  • What does a moth tattoo on the sternum mean?

Sternum tattoos are only seen when you are at the beach, pool, or being intimate with someone.

This tends to influence their meaning, as they are essentially private tattoos that for the most part only you see every day.

Moth Sternum Tattoo

Moth tattoos on the sternum refer to the heart.

If you have had an experience as of late that changed you, such as falling in love or getting married, then a moth tattoo on the sternum can symbolize that transformation in your life.

  • What does a moth tattoo on hand mean?

Hand tattoos are highly visible, especially the hand that you shake someone’s hand with when you meet them.

A moth tattoo on the hand could very well be the first thing that someone notices about you.

Moth Hand Tattoo

So what do they mean?

Moth tattoos on the hand mean that the people that you meet and interact with are part of your personal transformation into becoming a better person.

They mean that this transformation is pivotal in your movements through the paths that life takes you on.

What Goes with a Moth Tattoo?

There are many symbols that when combined with a moth create a whole new kind of tattoo.

Moth tattoos with other symbols attached to them create new meaning and completely new designs.

Let’s investigate some symbols that can be added to moth tattoos and discover the new meanings that are created:

Moth and Moon Tattoos

The moon is a symbol of growth or change, which fits in nicely with the moth tattoo’s symbolism of having a positive change in your life.

Moth and Moon Tattoo

The moon tattoo and the moth together are a super symbol of change and development in a person’s life.

If you find that something great is happening to you and you are really making movements towards success, whether it be in your career, your love life, or anything else, this tattoo is a great one to get.

Moth and Crescent Moon Tattoos

Crescent moons have many meanings, such as fertility and motherhood, growth, an event that aligns with something you’re working towards, and creativity.

Moth and Crescent Moon Tattoo

A crescent moon and moth tattoo mean that your positive change in life may have something to do with motherhood or creativity.

Perhaps you just had a child and you want to celebrate how the birth made a positive impact on your life.

Moth and Crescent Moon Tattoo

You could receive a moth and crescent moon tattoo in honor of how powerfully amazing having a new child in your life is for you.

Also, if the positive change has to do with creativity, perhaps you have made a breakthrough in a long-term project you have been working on that is incredibly important to you.

Moth and Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos tend to represent young love or romance in general, as well as sociability.

In Chinese culture, they represent immortality, grace, joy, and the season of summer.

So, how does this relate to moth tattoos?

Moth and Butterfly Tattoo

Well, the two flying together in a tattoo mean that you are growing and changing in specific ways, such as in your love life.

This tattoo is a great one to represent how a lover in your life has changed you for the better and you believe you will be with them forever.

Moth and Butterfly Tattoo

The season of summer could have an influence as well, saying that the positive change in your life could be happening in the summer.

It is also important to note the butterfly’s meaning of immortality, which could point to whatever change or growth is happening in your life meant to last for all eternity.

Moth Tattoo with Dagger Tattoo

There are many different designs of moth tattoos with daggers, such as a large moth with a skull for a head with a dagger going through it, or a large dagger with a moth landing on it.

Moth Tattoo with Dagger Tattoo

Most of the moth and dagger tattoos involve the dagger going through the moth in a symmetrical manner.

These tattoos typically represent contrasting ideas such as good versus evil, life and death, trust versus betrayal, as well as danger.

Moth Tattoos with Flower Tattoos

Moth tattoos with flowers have a meaning that has to do with transforming into a more beautiful person.

Moth Tattoo with Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos represent beauty and femininity, while moth tattoos represent a metamorphosis or change in your life.

Therefore, the two together mean that you are experiencing a transformation in beauty from the inside out and are excited to become a better person.

Moth Tattoo Styles

When choosing a tattoo, the style is always one of the considerations.

Tattoo style is an important component in any tattoo and should be decided upon carefully.

Let’s take a look at moth tattoo styles and their meanings:

Simple Moth Tattoo

Simple moth tattoo styles have to do with the most basic meaning of moth tattoos which is transformation.

Simple Moth Tattoo

Moth tattoos, as you know, have to do with a positive change in your life.

This style is the most basic form of a moth tattoo and aims toward this concept of change.

American Traditional Moth Tattoo

American traditional moth tattoos are beautiful and stick to the basic color palette of American traditional tattoos on the moth’s wings.

Sometimes, a skull tattoo is incorporated into the design of the moth itself.

American Traditional Moth Tattoo

In this case, the moth tattoo refers to immortality and a change in your life that is so permanent it may be with you for more than one lifetime.

In other cases where the skull is not incorporated, American traditional moth tattoos mean that something great is happening or has happened to you and you are excited to keep the ball rolling.

Geometric Moth Tattoo

Geometric moth tattoos show a basic moth, typically in black ink, with other geometric shapes either incorporated into its wings or surrounding it in a symmetrical form that is balanced and beautiful.

These geometric tattoos sometimes appear almost like Hennah tattoos or sometimes they have a crescent moon involved in their design.

These tattoos mean that your life has come to be balanced because something happened that makes so much sense in your life that nothing else matters.

You have achieved a form of control over your life and everything has fallen into place.

Neo-traditional Moth Tattoo

Neo-traditional moth tattoos are very colorful and bright tattoos that are reminiscent of hope and an attitude of forgiveness and appreciation.

Neo-traditional Moth Tattoo

Neo-traditional tattoos often show the moth in colors that make sense to look almost like a realistic moth.

These tattoos also have strong meanings of independence.

Neo-traditional Moth Tattoo

Maybe you have gained a sort of freedom in your life that you are happy about.

Whatever it is, an extremely positive change has occurred in your life and you want everyone to know how happy you are.

Watercolor Moth Tattoos

Watercolor moth tattoos are highly colorful and often the moth is sort of dripping in color like paint coming off of its wings.

These watercolor tattoos are all about happiness.

Something has happened in your life to bring you extreme happiness and joy.

Watercolor Moth Tattoo

Perhaps you just got married, or you won a lifetime achievement award, or your career has turned a new heading.

Whatever it is, your life has miraculously changed for the better.

This tattoo can signify this change and cause you to remember always and forever how happy you should be that you have achieved so much and to be eternally grateful.


At the end of the day, moth tattoos are about happiness.

They mean that something has happened in your life that is making you happy, and will make you happy for a long time.

Plenty of things could happen for this to occur.

Whatever made your life change for the better, even if it was good luck or God himself, this change has made such an impact on your life that you are now happy and you will be in bliss for quite some time.

That’s what moth tattoos are all about: finally achieving happiness.

  • Are moth tattoos basic?

Can you really say that any tattoo is, in fact, basic?

Everyone has their own style and preferences, and sure, some tattoos get a little overplayed, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from getting the tattoo that you really want!

If you are getting a moth tattoo simply because a lot of other people have them, then that’s kind of basic.

But if you are truly getting a moth tattoo because you like the design and style you picked out, as well as connecting with the meaning of moth tattoos, then there’s no reason why the moth tattoo you choose should be considered basic.