Daisy Tattoo

The Meaning of Daisy Tattoos: A Guide to Interpretations

Daisy Tattoo Meanings

Daisy tattoos are perhaps most popular for those who were born in the month of April, as daisies are that birth month.

Daisies are happy, jubilant flowers that are a popular choice for gardens.

Their white petals and yellow center make for even better tattoos.

We will take a look at all of the different colors daisy tattoos can be and their meanings, as well as different daisy tattoo themes.

Flower Tattoo

There are plenty of other meanings of daisy tattoos, such as innocence and loyalty.

The tattoo colors of the daisy flower’s petals change the meaning considerably.

For example, yellow daisy tattoos symbolize friendship, trust, and joy.

The Celts celebrated daisies as a symbol of remembrance of those they lost and would spread daisies around peoples’ graves.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into the meaning of daisy tattoos and what each design represents.

White Daisy Tattoo Meaning

Most white flower tattoos represent innocence and purity, and the white daisy is not unlike the rest.

White daisy tattoos symbolize a purity that is connected to religion and a love for God.

White Daisy Tattoo

This tattoo can also refer to someone’s spirituality in general.

Interestingly, a white daisy tattoo may also be received to honor a child and your love for them.

Yellow Daisy Tattoo Meaning

Yellow daisies are the most typical kind of daisies.

When you think of daisies, you think of them as being yellow.

The yellow daisy tattoo represents friendship and happiness.

Yellow Daisy Tattoo

This is a great matching tattoo to get with your best friend!

Yellow daisies are happy flowers, partly because the color yellow symbolizes joy.

Therefore, this is the right tattoo to get if you are a happy person, or want to channel some more happy energy your way.

Purple Daisy Tattoo Meaning

Purple daisy tattoos are for those of us who are whimsical and playful people.

Purple Daisy Tattoo

The meaning of this type of daisy tattoo is joy and it means that you are most happy when you are independent and going after your goals.

A purple daisy tattoo means that although your goals may be out there, they are important to you and you are determined to succeed.

Pink Daisy Tattoo Meaning

Pink daisy tattoos represent femininity.

They are a flower tattoo that you can get to express your love of being a woman and it says that you are someone who is highly feminine and appreciates beauty in all things.

Pink Daisy Tattoo

A pink daisy tattoo also symbolizes gentleness.

It makes sense to get this tattoo if you appreciate calm situations and small acts of kindness.

Blue Daisy Tattoo Meaning

In a lot of ways, blue is the opposite of red in the sense that red is about passion and blue is about tranquility.

Blue Daisy Tattoo

A blue daisy tattoo means that you are proud to be a loyal person.

A blue daisy tattoo also means that you value situations where everyone is calm and you crave soothing scenarios.

Red Daisy Tattoo Meaning

The color red in tattoos typically refers to love.

Red daisy tattoos mean love and passion and can be received to honor someone you love such as a wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Red Daisy Tattoo

This tattoo also refers to yourself as a passionate person, meaning it represents your ability to express feelings in a strong manner.

If you have a red daisy tattoo, you love romance!

Daisy Chain Tattoo Meaning

What many people do not know about daisy chains, is that medieval knights would wear daisy chains into battle.

For them, they symbolized love and protection.

Daisy Chain Tattoo

Therefore, daisy chain tattoos have the ability to protect you in times of need.

They also symbolize blind loyalty to whatever you believe in.

Daisy Bouquet Tattoo Meaning

One of the meanings of daisy bouquet tattoos is that they are a symbol of new beginnings.

If you are starting a new chapter in your life, it makes sense to get a daisy bouquet tattoo.

Daisy Bouquet Tattoo

People give each other bouquets typically when they love each other.

Therefore, a daisy bouquet tattoo also symbolizes love and romance and can be received with someone special in mind.

Gerbera Daisy Tattoo Meaning

Gerbera daisies are known for being cheerful flowers.

A gerbera daisy tattoo represents pure joy and happiness in all instances, no matter how bleak they seem.

Gerbera Tattoo

If this sounds like you, then you could receive a gerbera daisy tattoo to represent this happiness that you are proud to carry with you wherever you go.

What Goes with a Daisy Tattoo?

Tattoos aren’t always simple.

More often than not, tattoos contain more than one symbol that when combined create a new representation.

Daisy tattoos can be paired with many different flower tattoos and other imagery that create amazing tattoos that are highly meaningful.

Let’s take a look at what can be paired with a daisy in tattoos and their meanings:

Sunflower and Daisy Tattoos

Sunflowers and daisies are two of the happiest flowers in the world.

Together, they create a tattoo symbol of absolute joy.

Daisies and Sunflower Tattoos

Someone may want to get a daisy with a sunflower tattoo if they feel as though they need more happiness in their life.

On the other hand, someone who already has joy may want to get a sunflower and daisy tattoo to express this to the world.

Rose Daisy Tattoo

Rose and daisy tattoos represent love and romance— even passion.

Daisy and Rose Tattoo

A daisy with a rose tattoo is a great tattoo to great for a significant other to say that you love them.

You could also get this tattoo if you are a highly passionate person who loves everything to do with romance and who wears their heart on their sleeve.

Lily Daisy Tattoo

One of the key meanings of lily tattoos is that you strive for success in everything that you do.

Alongside the daisy, this tattoo means that you refuse to give up your values in order to get to the top.

This tattoo means that you are determined to succeed, but will not climb the ladder at a cost.

Daisy Tattoo with Name Tattoos or Lettering Tattoos

Daisy tattoos are commonly paired with a word tattoo or phrase that is meaningful to you.

Whatever words you choose, they are emphasized by the fact that daisy tattoos represent innocence and loyalty.

These meanings can be added to the words to describe a meaningful tattoo that is highly personal and specifically made for you.

Daisy Tattoo with Words as Stem

Daisy tattoos with words as a stem is a cool tattoo idea that means that, whatever the words say, you are a loyal person who has a lot of pride.

It also means that your heart is pure, meaning that either you are an innocent person, or that you also have strong faith in God.

Sweet Pea and Daisy Tattoo

Sweet pea and daisy tattoos both represent innocence in all aspects of life, but especially in areas of romance.

Sweet Pea and Daisy Tattoo

This tattoo means that you view your body as a temple and want others to respect it as such.

This kind of tattoo means that you want to protect your innocence and will not let other people lead you astray from your purity.

Wildflower and Daisy Tattoo

Wildflower and daisy tattoos express pure joy.

Wildflower tattoos with daisies both represent a type of person who is free-spirited and impulsive.

In fact, if you have this tattoo it means that your fun-loving freedom brings you a lot of joy in life and that you wouldn’t change it for anything.

Marigold and Daisy Tattoo

Marigold flowers are known for their beauty and warmth.

Marigold and Daisy Tattoo

Marigold and daisy tattoos together represent the need to succeed in life and indicate that you have the strength to win in competitions.

Having this tattoo can enrich your life by confirming that you will succeed in achieving your goals.

Cat and Daisy Tattoo

This is one lucky tattoo!

Cat Tattoow with Daisies

Cat tattoos bring good luck, and with a daisy alongside them, the tattoo is extremely lucky.

This is a tattoo to get if you wish that your luck would change or that you need your life to go in a new direction.

Bee and Daisy Tattoo

Both bee tattoos and daisy tattoos symbolize loyalty.

Bee and Daisy Tattoo

The two combined in a tattoo mean that you are a very loyal person at heart and that people can trust you.

This tattoo means that your loyalty spread to your family and friends, as well as your duty to help and protect others.

Butterfly and Daisy Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos and daisy tattoos symbolize personal freedom, loyalty, and good luck.

Butterfly and Daisy Tattoo

This is a great tattoo to get if you feel as though you are a good person who wants independence, yet at the same time feels loyal to those who love and want to protect them.

This tattoo is also a good luck charm that can help you achieve great things in life by bringing luck wherever you go.

Daisy Tattoo Ideas

There are many other daisy tattoo ideas to keep in mind.

In fact, there are so many daisy tattoos out there, we had to pick just the most popular ones!

A daisy tattoo is often for someone who is a wild child and who loves the outdoors.

They can be colorful or with simple back ink, large, or small.

When you look up daisy tattoos on Pinterest or other sites, you come to realize just how many types of daisy tattoos there are out there.

Here are some great choices:

Matching Daisy Tattoos

People get matching daisy tattoos mostly for friendship.

Matching Tattoos

Matching daisy tattoos are great for two best friends because they represent loyalty.

If you feel as though you are loyal to your friend and will do anything for them, this is a great matching tattoo to get.

Watercolor Daisy Tattoos

Watercolor daisy tattoos are all about happiness.

Watercolor Tattoo

A watercolor tattoo is a colorful representation of joy, and when the daisy looks as though it is painted in watercolor this means that it is a super happy flower.

This happy flower tattoo will bring you great joy and has the potential to improve your life.

Geometric Daisy Tattoos

Geometric daisy tattoos are highly trendy and represent your creative side.

Geometric Graphic Tattoo

These tattoos mean that you are a highly artistic person, perhaps even an artist, and like to show your creativity through painting, sculpture, drawing, or many other ways.

Small Daisy Tattoos

Small daisy tattoos are typically on the wrist, forearm, or ankle.

Small Tattoo

They mean that you are someone who has a pure heart and mind.

This small tattoo is typically for someone who is religious, but not necessarily.

Small Daisies Tattoos

Many times people get this tattoo to show their faith in Christianity.

Other times, people get a small daisy tattoo to prove their loyalty to other such as their family.

Simple Daisy Tattoos

Simple daisy tattoos have the potential to symbolize any number of meanings.

Simple Tattoo

This is a great daisy tattoo to get if your birth month is April, to represent the time you were born and your birthday.

This is also a great tattoo to get if you are a loyal person, or if you are someone who is faithful to God.

Realistic Daisy Tattoos

Realistic tattoos and colorful and in your face— they are hard to miss.

These tattoos mean that you value being happy above all else.

If you have this tattoo, it means that you think that being happy is the key to life and that you will try to do anything you can to bring more of it into your life.

Black and Gray Daisy Tattoo

Black and gray daisy tattoos look like drawings or sketches and are pretty cool tattoos.

Black and Gray Tattoo

They mean that you are a faithful and pure person.

They also can mean that you are loyal to your family members and friends.


Daisy tattoos are popular for good reason.

Although they are simple flowers, they have meanings such as loyalty, faith, and happiness, which are all positive attributes.

They can also transform depending on their color, what symbols they are paired with, their size, and various other themes.

Getting a daisy tattoo is a great idea for anyone who has charm and taste!

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