Odin Tattoo

Odin Tattoos: Meanings, Symbols, Tattoo Designs & Ideas

A divine choice from Norse mythology.

Odin Tattoos

Odin tattoos are especially popular for men, but he’s someone any gender can engage with if they feel a special attachment to him.

So much of the fantasy movies, books, and graphic novels we know today came from Norse mythology.

Norse mythology and cosmology are the beliefs of the North Germanic people of yesteryear.

Many people assume that, because these beliefs are so legendary, they are fancy tales from the past and nothing more.

But many people with an appreciation for the old ways still practice Asatro: the worship of the Norse Gods.

This is especially the case in Denmark, where a small percentage of the population openly embraces Asatro with still others hiding their beliefs under another iconography.

Viking tattoos and Norse mythology imagery have had a resurgence in the mainstream after 2013’s Vikings, and 4 stunning movies in the Thor franchise.

In a world where we hunt for meat in fluorescent-lit supermarkets and start our most epic endeavors from our couches, it’s easy to see why people have fallen in love with the Viking fantasy.

Chief among these Vikings is Odin, King of Gods.

He is a powerful figure with a complicated personality.

Aside from Thor, this is likely the most commonly known Norse god.

Let’s learn more about Odin tattoos and what they mean.

Odin Tattoo Meanings

Generally speaking, Odin tattoos are a sign of wisdom and knowledge.

When considering Odin’s significance as a deity, it’s important to look to his eye.

Odin gave up his eye to have access to Mimir’s well which would allow him to acquire even more wisdom than he already had.

This shows that Odin’s dedication to wisdom and learning was greater than anything else and that he wanted to “see” with his inner knowledge rather than with his eyes.

Because of this Odin is, naturally, a god of wisdom.

But that’s not all.

He’s also the god of poetry, victory, falling out, sorcery… basically, he’s a busy guy.

To understand Odin is to understand that he is from a polytheistic symbolism, where there is less black and white in terms of “good” and “bad.”

Odin can be just as generous as he is hollow-hearted.

He is a complicated and endlessly fascinating figure.

Odin Tattoo Designs

Most people opt for rich black and grey portrait tattoos to pay homage to Odin, but there are no rules as far as how he’s portrayed.

You should definitely prioritize tattoo artists with a background in Norse mythology, as they will bring a deeper understanding to their imagery.

Some Odin tattoos let the king take the spotlight, but you may want to incorporate some very Odin-specific imagery.

Odin’s Raven Tattoos

Odin owes some of his wisdom to his two raven companions, Huginn and Muninn, who bring him messages from around the world.

Ravens are incredibly intelligent birds, a natural match for our wise friend.

Odin’s raven tattoos may symbolize a deep connection to nature.

They may also be well suited for someone with a global mindset who learns through travel.

In many cultures, ravens are considered to be the messengers of the passed away, so this may also make a nice memorial tattoo.

Odin's Raven Tattoo
Odin's Raven Tattoo
Odin's Raven Tattoo

Wolves of Odin Tattoos

As a holistic figure, Odin is flanked not only by birds but also by two wolves named Freki and Geri.

These wolves will eagerly feed on anyone who lies to Odin or deceives him in any way, so make sure you get your Odin tattoo with pure and respectful intentions!

As such, Odin’s wolves tattoo may be a protective symbol, or a symbol that you’re more perceptive than the average person and can’t be swayed.

 Odin's Wolves Tattoo
Wolf of Odin Tattoo
Wolves of Odin Tattoo

Odin’s Steed Tattoos

Sleipnir is the 8 legged horse Odin rides into action.

Sleipnir is a shamanic entity, with the ability to slip between worlds.

Are you someone who believes you can speak to the other side?

Do you believe in hidden dimensions?

This tattoo may be a perfect match.

Odin’s Steed Tattoos may represent improvement and unseen worlds.

Odin's Steed Tattoo

Spear of Odin Tattoos

Gungnir is Odin’s spear, a trusty magical utensil that never misses.

It is said to be made out of sunlight by dwarfs, who fashioned the tool specifically for Odin.

Spear of Odin tattoos are often used to represent protection in both the spiritual and physical world.

Spear of Odin Tattoo
Spear of Odin Tattoo

Horns of Odin Tattoos

The horns of Odin are a symbol consisting of 3 horns in a triangular shape.

Horns of Odin tattoos may represent a devotion to the god Odin.

It may also be a wink toward the myth wherein Odin takes the mead of poetry, a mythical potion that gives him knowledge.

The term “a thirst for knowledge” may have roots in Odin’s constant quest to know more and gain more wisdom.

Horns of Odin tattoos may represent someone who acts in very much the same way.

Horns of Odin Tattoo

Fenrir vs. Odin Tattoos

In Norse mythology, Fenrir is a great giant wolf who cannot be held by any rope.

Though the dwarves can hold him with a rope made from enchanted and impossible items, they know he will not be bound forever.

Fenrir is destined to finish Odin at Ragnarok, a final set-to wherein the world becomes submerged in water.

A Fenrir tattoo vs. Odin may reflect how you feel about your own temporality.

It is inevitable that someday you will meet your end, but you don’t have to go down without endeavoring.

Fenrir Fighting Odin Tattoos
Fenrir Fighting Odin Tattoos

Viking Compass & Odin Tattoos

The Viking Compass, also known as Vegvisir, has 9 points to represent 9 worlds.

Like most compass tattoos, a Vegvisir tattoo represents guidance and protection on a journey.

Because Odin tattoos represent ultimate knowledge and wisdom, an Odin with a Viking compass tattoo may represent a more intellectual journey.

Viking Compass and Odin Tattoo
Viking Compass and Odin Tattoo
Viking Compass and Odin Tattoo

Odin Tattoo Styles

So you’ve decided on an epic image for your Odin tattoo.

You’ve won the inner endeavor, but now it’s time to enter the discussion between tattoo styles.

There are so many tattoo aesthetics, both innovative and traditional, that may suit your Odin tattoo.

To narrow down your options, you may ask yourself why you’re getting the Odin tattoo.

Is it because you’re someone who, like Odin, will never have enough knowledge?

Is it because you love the adventurous spirit of Norse mythology and want to express some of that for yourself?

Are you just a big fan of munching on some popcorn during the latest Thor movie?

Different tattoo styles can show all of those moods, from soft and elegant, to stoic, to fun and expressive.

Let’s go through some possible tattoo art genres for your Odin tattoo to live in.

Realistic Odin Tattoos

Realism, or photo-realism, is a ‘what you see is what you get’ situation.

You will choose an image, and your tattoo artist will go to painstaking efforts to make sure your realistic Odin tattoo looks just like that image.

If you’re a fan of Anthony Hopkins’s portrayal of Odin, this tattoo style will be the perfect way to show a still from your favorite Thor movie.

Realistic tattoos are typically done in black and grey which has an outstanding vintage portrait effect.

But there are realistic tattoo artists who work in color, so there are options within the style.

Realistic Odin Tattoo
Realistic Odin Tattoo
Realistic Odin Tattoo
Realistic Odin Tattoo

Black-work Odin Tattoos

Blackwork tattoos are not the same as black and grey.

In a black and grey tattoo, black ink is diluted with water to create different shades of grey.

These are then layered to create a realistic sense of depth and dimension.

A black-work tattoo is more stylized and utilizes negative-space or “skin breaks” to create the overall tattoo image.

Contrasting with this negative-space, black-work tattoos will feature sections of deep, wall-to-wall black ink.

These hyper-saturated black areas will take a long time to fade, and you likely won’t even notice when they do.

Black-work Odin tattoos are going to be with you for the long haul.

They have a look that feels artistic and almost comic book-like, but they maintain the integrity of Odin’s character.

It’s an outstanding choice to make, and well suited to the king of the Norse gods.

Black-work Odin Tattoo
Black-work Odin Tattoo
Black-work Odin Tattoo

Dot-work Odin Tattoos

Dot-work is a tattoo art style inspired by pointillism, a post-impressionist art style pioneered by George-Pierre Seurat in the late 19th century.

In pointillism tattoos, an artist uses thousands of dots varying in size and density.

When these dots are placed together in a certain way, they create the illusion of one complete tattoo image.

The dots give this tattoo style a kind of ethereal vibe, something that works well for mythological characters.

Dot-work Odin tattoos are typically done in black ink, though sometimes the style will mingle with other tattoo genres to create something completely original.

Dot-work with watercolor tattoo style, for example, could give you an interesting splash of color with that same artistic feeling.

Mixing dot-work tattoo style with something like black-work would give your Odin tattoo a stunning sense of contrast and dichotomy.

Dot-work Odin Tattoo
Dot-work Odin Tattoo
Dot-work Odin Tattoo

Illustrative Odin Tattoos

“Illustrative” is a versatile term in the world of tattoo art.

As you can see from our gallery of illustrative Odin tattoos, this tattoo style can go in many directions.

An illustrative style tattoo is one that feels drawn on rather than realistic.

It’s a perfect choice for someone who wants a tattoo with high visual aesthetics that feels more painterly.

Illustrative Odin tattoos are a good choice for someone who wants to pay homage to the Marvel comics of Thor and other Norse figures.

Illustrative Odin Tattoo
Illustrative Odin Tattoo

Sketchy Odin Tattoos

Have you ever looked at an artist’s sketchbook and marveled at the scratchy lines with the raw feeling of the pencil lead?

Many people have.

A polished piece with smooth saturation is gorgeous, but there’s something about a piece that looks like it was ripped off the page.

Sketch tattoos are a modern and innovative style that gives a piece that rough around the edges look.

For someone like Odin, who never loses a dispute, a piece with a slightly messy, less uniform look can express him well.

Sketchy Odin tattoos are usually done in black and grey and are a perfect choice for someone who wants something more stylized.

Sketchy Odin Tattoo
Sketchy Odin Tattoo
Sketchy Odin Tattoo

Neo-traditional Odin Tattoos

Neo-traditional Odin tattoos are just so cool to look at.

It’s no wonder this has become a go-to tattoo style for stylized portraits.

A Neo-traditional tattoo style utilizes bold lines and saturated color fills with an American traditional tattoo, but with more freedom of variation.

Lines may be curved, some thinner than others, and a more modern color palette can be used.

The result is a tattoo that looks both modern, and very much like a traditional tattoo in one.

Neo-traditional Odin Tattoo
Neo-traditional Odin Tattoo

Woodcut Odin Tattoos

The wood in Scandinavia is excellent for carving, which is why woodworking was such an important craft to the Viking people.

To this day, many people pay tribute to the Norse gods with wood-carved statues, pieces of ornate furniture, or wall decors.

It is only fitting then, to consider incorporating some woodworking themes into your Odin tattoo.

In a woodcut tattoo, lines and shading create the illusion of a piece that’s been etched or carved into the skin.

Woodcut Odin tattoos are authentic and original.

If you’re someone who works with wood or just likes to incorporate natural elements into your art, this tattoo style will flatter you perfectly.

Woodcut Odin Tattoo
Woodcut Odin Tattoo

Traditional Odin Tattoos

Traditional Odin Tattoo

Graphic Odin Tattoos

Like “illustrative,” “graphic” is a catch-all term in the tattoo world.

It is typically used to describe visually stimulating tattoo styles that feel contemporary.

This may be an incredibly stylized piece that doesn’t fit the above categories or a combination of styles that come together to create something new.

If you want something that feels illustrated and epic with a big visual effect, consider a graphic Odin tattoo.

Graphic Odin Tattoo

Odin Tattoo Ideas

If you have ties to Norse mythology and want to commemorate that with a tattoo, there’s no one better than the king to celebrate that connection with!

Looking for some divine inspiration?

Check out our Odin tattoo ideas below.

Odin Tattoo Sleeve

Odin tattoos are often ripped right from the mythology itself, so having more skin real estate is a great idea.

It’s hard to depict an entire scene or story in a small tattoo, so an Odin piece can be a big commitment, size-wise.

You can use the flow of your Odin tattoo sleeve to tell one of his many tales or to surround him with a few of the above companions and talismans.

Odin Tattoo Sleeve
Odin Tattoo Sleeve
Odin Tattoo Sleeve
Odin Tattoo Sleeve

Small Odin Tattoos

That being said, we have nothing against small Odin tattoos!

Maybe you just want a little pint-sized Viking wisdom to carry with you, and who wouldn’t?

For long-lasting results, you may have to pick something simpler, but a tattoo artist who is well versed in small tattoos will be happy to work with you on the perfect design.

Small Odin Tattoo on Finger
Small Odin Tattoo

Black & Grey Odin Tattoos

Black & Grey Odin tattoos are the most common tattoo choice and for good reason.

This gorgeous tattoo design has all the elements of a photo-realistic tattoo, but your artist can take some liberties and add stylistic elements.

Black and Grey Odin Tattoo
Black and Grey Odin Tattoo
Black and Grey Odin Tattoo

Simple Odin Tattoos

Odin is complicated, but his tattoo art doesn’t have to be.

Simple Odin tattoos are impressive without all the bells and whistles.

Choose something tasteful and uncomplicated, and go for it!

Simple Odin Tattoo
Simple Odin Tattoo

One-eyed Odin Tattoos

Odin is best known, even outside of Norse mythology enthusiasts, for his eye.

“Odin’s eyepatch!” Is a fun expression that is used by some in place of “oh my god!”

Odin gave up his eye in his eternal quest for knowledge and never looked back.

What would you give up for ultimate intellectual power?

One-eyed Odin Tattoo
One-eyed Odin Tattoo
One-eyed Odin Tattoo

Valknut Odin Tattoos

Valknut Odin Tattoo
Valknut Odin Tattoo

Odin Tattoo Placement

With a few exceptions, most Odin tattoos are going to be rather large.

To depict an epic Viking, you need to give him a little wiggle room.

Here, we’ve chosen some of the best placements for your Odin tattoo.

  • Odin Forearm Tattoos
Odin Tattoo on Forearm
Odin Tattoo on Forearm
Odin Tattoo on Forearm
  • Odin Tattoos on the Upper-arm
Odin Tattoo on the Upper Arm
Odin Tattoo on the Upper Arm
Odin Tattoo on the Upper Arm
  • Odin Back-piece Tattoos
Back-piece Odin Tattoo
Back-piece Odin Tattoo
Back-piece Odin Tattoo

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