Love Spoon Tattoo

Love Spoon Tattoos: Meanings, Common Themes & More

A classic way to immortalize your beloved

Love Spoon Tattoo

Are you someone with a romantic streak looking for love?

Maybe you’ve found your special someone and want to prove your undying affection.

You could be looking for the perfect wedding tattoo to share with your sweetheart.

Romantic love is the inspiration for so many good things in life, and tattoos are no exception.

Of course, there are those who warn against romantic tattoos, saying you’ll regret having a lover’s name tattooed on your body one day.

The best way to immortalize an important person or event while avoiding specific words or names- is to find a symbol that suits the occasion.

This way, the symbol can shift and develop a new meaning if your romance happens to go south.

But of course, it’s important to be optimistic when you partner with someone you care about.

One romantic Celtic tattoo symbol that makes a beautiful design is a Love Spoon.

Never heard of a love spoon?

They are a unique, sentimental item from as far back as the 17th century.

Let’s dive into what makes these tokens special.

What Is A Love Spoon?

Before there were love spoon tattoos, there were physical love spoons carved out of wood.

In fact, there still are!

Kerry Thomas, who runs “The Lovespoon Workshop” in Wales, started carving them when he wanted to impress his then girlfriend.

The two have now been happily married since 1969, so maybe there’s some magic in his love spoons!

Now he sells his love spoons and makes his wife a new, more intricate spoon for every year they’ve been together.

Basically, a love spoon is a hand carved wooden spoon presented from one person to another as a symbol of either engagement or courtship.

Sailors used to spend their time carving them on long voyages, then present the love spoon to the person they wanted to date.

The original symbolism of the love spoon was the intention to take care of someone.

The spoon being something a person uses to eat, it is a natural metaphor for having one’s needs provided for them.

Sometimes a woman would have multiple suitors and put her love spoons on display, making her quite the catch.

As time went on, spoons would be decorated with different images to signify the suitor’s intentions and desires.

Common Themes In Love Spoon Tattoos

A love spoon tattoo is basically an illustration of a love spoon, adorned with symbols the wearer has chosen.

There are many numbers of symbols that may be carved into a love spoon; here are a few popular choices:


This one is fairly obvious, a heart symbolizes love!

Hearts are probably the most common tattoo image, but placing them on a love spoon tattoo makes them extra special.

Heart Shaped Bowl

Have you ever heard someone say “my heart is full”?

Sometimes, in a love spoon, the “bowl” of the spoon will be shaped like a heart.

This lovely image is a symbol for a rich and fulfilling life together.


A diamond traditionally symbolizes good luck and wealth.

In modern times this could also symbolize an engagement.


Bells are a classic symbol for marriage and weddings, and the love spoon is no exception!

A bell and a diamond would make a wonderful combination on your love spoon tattoo, if the tattoo is to commemorate your wedding day.


Another classic, this is a traditional symbol for good luck.

Sometimes in a wooden love spoon you will see combinations of rough and smooth wood to symbolize the ups and downs of marriage.

If you need a little bit of good luck to help you through the challenging times, a horseshoe is a great choice.


A Celtic cross tattoo is a symbol for having faith; faith in your partner and faith in God.

A beautiful way to adorn your love spoon tattoo if your spirituality is an important piece of your partnership.


The ship takes the love spoon back to its nautical roots.

In terms of love spoon tattoos, it is a fun way to tie this unique design to American traditional tattoos, which can be a nice way to compliment your other pieces.

The ship tattoo symbolizes a wish for smooth sailing through your life together.

Comma Shapes

In love spoons, commas represent the soul.

Two comma shapes will be a symbol of soul mates, or the joining of two souls.


A wheel on a love spoon tattoo means you will work for your partner- both literally to provide a life together, and figuratively to make sure your love is thriving.


Spheres or balls can represent how many children you desire to have with your love.

Lock & Key

A lock and key in the context of a love spoon tattoo symbolize security, and the desire to buy a home together.

Many couples also use lock and key symbols to represent “locking in” to their life together or having the key to each other’s heart.

What To Consider Before Getting A Love Spoon Tattoo

Before you go under the needle, you may want to ask yourself why you’ve chosen the Welsh love spoon as your symbol.

Are you drawn to the Celtic roots, the nautical back story, or simply the pure romance of a love spoon?

If you are honoring a Celtic lineage, you may want to incorporate some Celtic knot tattoos into your design.

Maybe you’re choosing to get a love spoon tattoo as a calling card to the type of partner you’d like to attract.

What symbols would represent your ideal partner?

If you’ve chosen a love spoon to commemorate your romantic relationship with someone, it might be nice to sit down with your tattoo artist together and come up with a design you both love.

Love Spoon Tattoo Ideas

Love Spoon tattoos are a unique and romantic idea for a number of occasions.

Are you considering one as your next tattoo piece?

Check out our gorgeous gallery of love spoon tattoos to get some inspiration!

Love Spoon tattoo on the skin
Love Spoon tattoo on the forearm
Love Spoon tattoo on the arm
Love Spoon tattoo on the forearm
Love Spoon tattoo on the skin
Two Love Spoon tattoos on the arms
Love Spoon tattoo on the calf
Love Spoon tattoo on the skin
Love Spoon tattoo on the forearm
Love Spoon tattoo on the forearm
Love Spoon tattoo on the arm
Love Spoon tattoo on the skin

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