Geisha Tattoo

The Simplest Guide To Geisha Tattoo Meanings

Capturing the timeless mystique of the Geisha.

Geisha Tattoo Meanings

If you are looking into a Geisha tattoo, it behooves you to properly understand them.

Because of this lack of understanding, there are plenty of misconceptions about Geisha.

After all, getting a tattoo in homage to something you do not understand can have the opposite effect.

Geisha tattoos serve as an ode to the Geisha, and the feminine mystique at large.

It can symbolize artistry, mystery, and perfectionism.

These may be qualities the tattoo wearer wants to cultivate for themselves.

Tattoo artists like to play up the illusion side of the Geisha world.

They will draw Geisha tattoos with partially covered faces, or even Japanese mask tattoos.

  • Symbolism in a Geisha’s Look

Everything a Geisha puts on her body is done with care, and there is meaning behind each piece of clothing she wears.

Keep this symbolism in mind when you design your Geisha tattoo.

  • Geisha Makeup

Geisha’s skin must look smooth and fine like porcelain.

Not only does this add to their mysterious perfection, it once served a practical purpose as well.

In a time when bright electronic light was not a possibility, people in China and Japan would wear white makeup for important meetings and theatrical productions.

The white makeup made people more visible, and it enhanced their facial expressions.

A Geisha primes her skin with a kind of wax that creates a smooth, pore-less canvas to work on.

A Geisha’s red lips are not that of a Western movie star.

The Geisha covers only the middle part of her lips, giving them a bee-stung or rosebud effect.

The symbolism of the color red in Japan is vitality, prosperity, and sometimes physical attraction.

In the Shinto tradition, red wards off evil spirits.

  • Meanings of Geisha Kimono Tattoo Colors

If you are getting a Geisha tattoo, consider how you’d like her to dress.

A Geisha chooses a certain kimono for a reason.

Everything must be planned out to the smallest detail.

She will likely wear something with a pattern and color that goes with the current season, and the tone of the event she attends.

Pink is a symbol of youthful, delicate beauty and will likely be worn by young Geisha.

Green represents fertility and growth.

Blue represents purity and a sense of calm.

Black can be a formal color and a solemn one. As in the Western world, it is often worn at funerals.

White is a color of optimism and is often paired with red for celebrations.

A Geisha’s kimono may also be embroidered with symbolic imagery such as cherry blossoms for spring, cranes for fidelity, and turtles for protection.

Geisha Tattoo Designs

Unless you go for a more simple cartoonish look, Geisha tattoos are going to take up some space.

Geisha tattoos not only come in many different themes but they can be portrayed in countless tattoo
styles and designs.

They are tattoo pieces that require an enormous amount of detail, and can’t be done on a small scale.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the styles Geisha tattoos come in and what they mean:

Kisaeng Tattoos

Korean Geisha were highly cultured artist women who were known for their beauty as well as their class.

Kisaeng Tattoo

Known as kisaeng, tattoos of them mean that you yourself are known to be cultured and very artistic.

It also means that you value beauty not just in people but in all things, especially in the arts.

Chinese Geisha Tattoos

Tattoos of Chinese Geisha mean that perhaps you are interested in some of these things or excel in them.

Chinese Geisha Tattoo

This tattoo also means that you are a cultured person, and may even know many languages.

Not to mention, Chinese Geisha tattoos mean that you appreciate aesthetics just as you appreciate the arts and culture.

Warrior Geisha Tattoos Meaning

Warrior Geisha tattoos are great symbols of women’s empowerment.

This warrior geisha tattoo is depicted as fighting a war of which she is in fact fighting, but more of a war of the sexes.

Warrior Gesiha Tattoo

Geisha were treated in a way that assumed that they were inferior to men.

This tattoo symbolizes the fight women have to gain power and equality.

This type of Geisha portraiture is based upon Samurai tattoo symbolism.

The Geisha is typically holding a sword and is in a battle stance.

Samurai Geisha Tattoo

A samurai geisha tattoo means that you are a woman warrior or that you believe women are fighters and strong people.

It also means that you are someone who has strong values that people such as your family and friends appreciate.

Japanese Geisha Tattoos

Japanese style Geisha tattoos are colorful and often are surrounded by Japanese symbols such as cherry blossom flowers, wind, and waves.

Japanese Geisha Tattoo

This style of Geisha tattoo is a symbol of beauty and women’s empowerment.

Japanese Geisha were known for their beauty and grace, and this tattoo can symbolize your own attributes that make you a powerful and beautiful woman.

  • Tebori Geisha Tattoo

When a Geisha tattoo is performed in the tebori style, it means that you have a great appreciation for Japanese culture since the tebori style was invented in Japan.

Tebori Tattoo

This kind of tattoo also means that you think that Japanese women are beautiful and appreciate Geisha’s elegance.

  • Yakuza Geisha Tattoo

Yakuza Geisha tattoos are colorful and use deep, rich colors to create powerful imagery.

Yakuza tattoos are often large back or chest pieces, creating scenes such as a Geisha woman using a decorative umbrella in the rain.

These tattoos mean that the women in your life such as your mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother are very important to you and that you wish to honor their beauty and grace.

  • Neo-Japanese Geisha Tattoo

The Neo-Japanese tattoo style is known for its pronounced line work and almost flat coloring.

Neo-Japanese Geisha tattoos mean that you have an appreciation for women’s beauty and cultural intelligence.

They mean that you believe women to be just as powerful and knowledgeable as men, but simply do things in their own style.

These woodblock-inspired tattoos are beautiful to behold.

They can be done in color, black and grey, or sepia tones.

Neo-traditional Geisha Tattoos

If you’ve fallen in love with a Geisha’s striking makeup and colorful robes, this may be the style for you.

Neo-traditional tattoos can have a cartoonish look while remaining elegant and beautiful.

Neo-traditional Geisha Tattoo

This will really play up the bursts of red in a Geisha’s exaggerated lips and eye makeup.

American Traditional Geisha Tattoos

It is interesting to see the Geisha in the style of the American traditional tattoo because of its color limitations.

American Traditional Geisha Tattoo

This American traditional color palette makes a geisha tattoo uniquely beautiful and almost leaning towards vintage.

The meaning of this kind of tattoo is that you appreciate the finer things in life.

American Traditional Geisha Tattoo

An American traditional geisha tattoo also means that you prefer old age beauty— you enjoy the quality of an older and vintage beauty that isn’t appreciated enough today.

Realistic Geisha Tattoos

Realistic Geisha tattoos ensure that you have a beautiful piece of art on your body.

Realistic geisha tattoos mean that you appreciate beauty to the extreme and that you value aesthetics.

Realistic Geisha Tattoo

Perhaps you are a woman who is interested in makeup and hair and wants to express your individuality and radiant

Or, maybe you are a man who loves women and wants to express your gratitude towards all that women do to enhance their gorgeous faces each morning!

Black-work Geisha Tattoos

Using simple black ink to tattoo a Geisha tattoo is great because, surprisingly, there’s absolutely nothing simple about it.

Blackwork Tattoo

These tattoos are highly detailed and are of a portrait of a beautiful Geisha.

A black-work Geisha tattoo means that you appreciate the beauty and think that all women are wonderful despite their looks.

Blackwork Tattoo

This tattoo is a signal of women’s empowerment as well.

The Geisha tattoo is a symbol of how women need to be respected and viewed as equal to men in every way.

Watercolor Geisha Tattoos

These absolutely gorgeous tattoos use color to highlight the beauty of the Geisha rather than just the composition.

The watercolor tattoo places a lot of emphases on which ink is chosen to make the tattoo.

This means that the colors chosen for this type of Geisha tattoo are essential to its meaning.

Watercolor Tattoo

For example, if a watercolor geisha tattoo uses a lot of red ink, it is referring to someone you love and care for deeply.

If mostly purple is chosen, it means that the Geisha tattoo is seen as regal and represents the noble personality of both the Geisha and of women in general.

Sketchy Geisha Tattoos

This Geisha tattoo design is interesting and highly artistic.

Someone who has a sketchy geisha tattoo is creative and has artistic intelligence.

Sketchy Geisha Tattoo

This Geisha tattoo means that you find art to be beautiful and important to the world.

A sketchy tattoo also means that you consider yourself an artist and never fail to come up with creative ideas.

Sketchy Tattoo

You may even want to design this sketchy tattoo yourself and give it to the artist as a symbol of your creative independence.

Illustrative Geisha Tattoos

Much like the sketchy Geisha tattoos, this type of Geisha tattoo is for someone who has a creative mind.

These tattoos are colorful and highly detailed, showing the Geisha tattoo as a beautiful woman full of grace and in good taste.

Illustrative Geisha Tattoo

These tattoos mean that you appreciate the beauty of women all over the world.

This tattoo, like many Geisha tattoos, is a symbol of women’s empowerment.

Illustrative Geisha Tattoo

New School Geisha Tattoos

The new school tattoo style is known to be spunky and fresh.

A new school Geisha tattoo is unique and stands out amongst the other Geisha tattoo styles.

New School Geisha Tattoo

Its meaning lies in the fact that a person who receives this tattoo is someone who, like the style, stands out among the crowd.

This tattoo means that you are different, yet incredibly beautiful.

Geisha Tattoo Ideas

A Geisha is a noble profession, regarded with as much reverence as a Samurai.

Keep this in mind when planning your geisha tattoo.

Intrigued by Geisha tattoos, but not sure what you’d like to get?

Explore our gallery for some elegant inspiration!

Black and Grey Geisha Tattoos

This one is a great Geisha tattoo idea because the black and grey ink emphasizes the elegance of the Geisha.

Black and Grey Geisha Tattoo

A black and grey tattoo is for someone who is getting a Geisha tattoo because they appreciate Geisha’s grace and princess-like attitude.

Black and Grey Geisha Tattoo

Perhaps you find that you relate to the Geisha, and you too are regarded by others as worthy of advice and confidence.

Simple Geisha Tattoos

Simple Geisha tattoos are typically black ink lines showing a Geisha that is not filled in but rather shown a simple tattoo outline.

This kind of Geisha tattoo is hip and for someone who has a lot of style.

Simple Geisha Tattoo

A minimalist geisha tattoo means that you believe that beauty is not complicated.

In fact, it represents how all women are beautiful no matter what.

Geisha Portrait Tattoos

For someone who wants a more “real” and less stylized-looking Geisha, a Geisha portrait tattoo is a great choice.

Geisha Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos can capture the beauty and detail of a Geisha’s makeup, kimono, and accessories.

Portrait Tattoo

Anime Geisha Tattoos

Anime geisha tattoos are highly creative and cool.

Anime Geisha Tattoo

They tend to use a lot of feminine colors like pinks and purples, making this tattoo one that expresses the Geisha tattoo’s tendency to refer to women and female empowerment.

Anime tattoo is known in popular culture to be fun and playful.

Anime Geisha Tattoo

An anime Geisha tattoo means that you are a person who doesn’t play by the rules.

It can also mean that you believe that women are unstoppable forces of energy!

Small Geisha Tattoos

Small Geisha tattoos typically just show the Geisha’s face and are kept rather simple in design.

Small Geisha Tattoo

They mean that you have a strong imagination and love fantasy.

Small Geisha Tattoo

Another meaning of this small tattoo is that you love wearing makeup and doing your hair, in other words,
you love feeling beautiful in your own skin.

Zombie Geisha Tattoos

Zombie tattoos can be quite gruesome and definitely are not considered beautiful.

So, when a Geisha is a zombie, she loses most of her charm but not without good reason.

Zombie Geisha Tattoo

The meaning of a zombie geisha tattoo is that you have a dark side that many people you know
may not be aware of.

Everyone has a dark side, it’s just a matter of whether or not you feel as though you want to embrace it or not.

Robotic Geisha Tattoos

You don’t have to be a hipster to get this tattoo!

In fact, this type of Geisha tattoo is even cooler than being hip.

Robotic Geisha Tattoo

It has style and interesting details that make it out of this world.

The meaning of a robotic geisha tattoo is that you are someone who has layers to your personality and there are details about you that are intriguing.

Robotic Geisha Tattoo

It means that you are a fascinating individual with a lot of potential, and someone who values new styles.

If you have this type of geisha tattoo, you most likely dress with a lot of good fashion.

Now, having this tattoo doesn’t mean that you are simply flattering yourself— it’s an acknowledgment of your positive attributes and a sign of self-love

Severed Head Geisha Tattoos

What a crazy tattoo!

A severed head Geisha tattoo is quite scary and rough around the edges.

This is a Namakubi tattoo or a Japanese severed head tattoo, and they typically symbolize courage and victory.

Geisha Namakubi Tattoo

A Geisha Namakubi tattoo means that you have courage as well as beauty and are someone who believes in the power of women to be part of the army and do things that were typically done by men.

Geisha Tattoo Sleeve

Geisha tattoos in a sleeve are awesome because the tattoo artist creates an entire scene framing the Geisha.

These tattoos represent Japanese culture and tradition, as well as female empowerment.

Sleeve Tattoo

They also symbolize mysterious beauty— the kind of beauty that is far from traditional.

A Geisha tattoo sleeve may incorporate other Japanese symbols that change its meaning such as a Samurai sword, which makes the Geisha represent the courage and strength of women.

Geisha Tattoo Sleeve

Horror Geisha Tattoos

A horror Geisha tattoo represents the mystery behind Japanese Geisha’s, as well as the fascinating mystery of the beauty of women.

Evil Geisha Tattoo

This tattoo’s meaning also includes the fact that anyone with this tattoo has a brilliant imagination.

Geisha Tattoo Placement

The Geisha tattoo’s placement on the body is dependent on where you already have tattoos, if you want the Geisha tattoo to be obvious or hidden, or what meaning you want the tattoo to have.

A Geisha tattoo’s placement is essential to the tattoo’s intrigue and has the power to captivate whoever sees it.

Let’s take a look at different Geisha tattoo placements and how they change the meaning of the tattoo:

  • Geisha Limb Tattoos

Geisha limb tattoo is a broad category including shoulder tattoos, forearm tattoos, and calf tattoos.

Geisha Tattoo

These Geisha tattoos mean that you want people to see your Geisha tattoo and that you are so proud of it that you want it to be obvious to anyone who meets you.

Geisha Tattoo

The meaning of these tattoos is that you want to add beauty to yourself and that you believe in women’s empowerment.

Geisha Tattoo on the Upper Arm

They mean that you are either proud to be a woman, or you respect women greatly and want to express that to the world.

  • Geisha Thigh Tattoos

Geisha tattoos on the thigh as somewhat hidden.

People won’t see this tattoo unless you are wearing shorts or a bathing suit.

Geisha Tattoo on Thigh

Therefore, there is somewhat of a mystery to these tattoos.

They mean that you have fantasies and dreams that are private and secret to you that you do not share with others, but that are important to you

What Goes with a Geisha Tattoo?

Sometimes Geisha tattoos not only have a Geisha in the imagery but add symbols the when paired together create new meaning.

There are many symbols that can be paired with a Geisha in a tattoo.

Let’s take a look at some of these great pairings!

Geisha and Kitsune Mask Tattoo

Kitsune tattoos are part of Japanese folklore and represent Godly foxes that are known both for good and for evil.

In these tattoos, the Geisha tattoo is depicted wearing a kitsune mask which is covering part of her face or rests on top of her head.

Kitsune Mask Tattoo

These tattoos mean that women too can be known for good or for evil.

Women can be wholesome and pure, but can also be tricksters and have a dark side.

Geisha and Hannya Mask Tattoo

Hannya mask tattoos are part of the Japanese tattoo legacy as well but symbolize good luck and protection.

Hannya Mask Tattoo

Hannya are Japanese demons that when worn are thought to offer protection from evil.

When paired with a Geisha in a tattoo, this tattoo represents the ultimate symbol of good luck.

Geisha with Flower Tattoos

Geisha tattoos with flowers represent beauty and an appreciation for aesthetics.

There are also different meanings depending on which flower tattoos are used.

Geisha with Flower Tattoos

However, usually, this tattoo is one that is highly feminine and symbolizes the love of women all over the world.

This tattoo also means that you think all women are beautiful from the inside out.

Geisha tattoos are often paired with cherry blossom tattoos, probably because they are both Japanese symbols and are both appreciated for their beauty.

Sakura Tattoo

Not only will this tattoo add beauty to your body with its pleasing nature, but a geisha with a sakura tattoo also represents beauty itself.

Geisha Skull Tattoo

When a Geisha tattoo shows the Geisha as a skeleton tattoo, it symbolizes how even mortality can be beautiful.

A geisha with a skull tattoo means that we should not fear death, as it happens for everyone, and moving on to a new form of life can be wonderful.

For those who believe in heaven, this tattoo symbolizes the amazing nature of passing on to heaven and how we have nothing we need to be afraid of.

Geisha Sugar Skull Tattoo

Sugar skull Geisha’s in tattoos combine two far-away cultures: this is a mix of Japanese and Mexican culture.

This unlikely pairing symbolizes how death is an important part of life and represents new beginnings.

A geisha and a sugar skull tattoo mean that you may be starting a new chapter in your life but that it will be beautiful.

Gesiha and Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoos symbolize power and good luck.

Dragon Tattoo

When paired with a Geisha, this tattoo represents good fortune as well as the power of women.

This tattoo represents all of that power and can even mean that women don’t need luck because they have strength and power.

Gesiha and Pagoda Tattoo

Pagoda tattoos symbolize wisdom and masculinity, while Geisha tattoos symbolize beauty and femininity.

Pagoda Tattoo

These two when paired together in a tattoo are a powerful force to be reconned with.

This tattoo means that you have an incredibly balanced mind and use it for good, not for evil.

Gesiha as Kokeshi Doll Tattoo

Kokeshi dolls are known to represent fertility and even have become a joke today because of their ludic side.

However, there’s nothing to joke about Geisha and kokeshi doll tattoos.

Kokeshi Doll Tattoo

This type of Geisha tattoo symbolizes a woman’s femininity and childlike purity.

This tattoo is for someone who appreciates girly-type items such as dolls yet is at the same time highly intellectual.

Gesiha and Snake Tattoos

Snake tattoos tend to represent change or rebirth.

When paired with a Geisha, this tattoo represents the rebirth of women into all areas of society and their ability to transform from items of femininity to strong, intellectual humans.


Now, how can you not get a Geisha tattoo?

Geisha tattoos come in many styles and can be paired with many symbols that all interpret different meanings.

These meanings tend to surround themes of beauty, women’s empowerment, and femininity.

All these things are powerful in their own right and are what give women their advantage and their ultimate power.

Geisha tattoos are all about celebrating women.

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