Viking Compass Tattoo

Vegvisir Tattoos: What To Know Before Getting A Viking Compass Tattoo

Vegvisir Tattoos

In the realm of tattoo art, the Vegvisir, also known as the Viking Compass, holds a unique allure, weaving together ancient Norse symbolism and contemporary body art.

Its rich history and captivating symbolism have made it a sought-after choice for those seeking unique and meaningful body art.

The Vegvisir’s primary purpose was to guide travelers through rough and uncharted waters, providing them with a sense of direction and protection.

This symbolism resonates deeply with those who face life’s tumultuous seas, offering a reassuring beacon of hope in the face of adversity.

It is a symbol of inner strength, resilience, and the ability to find one’s path, even when the way forward is uncertain.

What Does a Vegvisir Tattoo Mean?

  • Meaningful Guidance:

A Vegvisir tattoo can serve as a constant reminder that, just as the symbol guides sailors through storms, it can also guide you through the storms of life.

It is a powerful metaphor for navigating personal challenges and finding one’s true purpose.

  • Protection and Luck:

In Viking folklore, the Vegvisir was believed to protect its bearer from misfortune and ensure a safe return home.

Many choose this tattoo to invoke the same protective qualities and bring luck into their lives.

  • Individuality and Aesthetics:

Beyond its symbolic significance, the Vegvisir is a visually captivating design that can be customized to suit personal style and preferences.

It can be incorporated into a larger tattoo or stand alone as a striking piece of body art.

Is It Okay to Get a Vegvisir tattoo?

Getting a Vegvisir tattoo is absolutely okay, but it’s important to understand its cultural and symbolic significance.

For those who resonate with Norse mythology and the concept of guidance, it can be a deeply meaningful and respectful choice.

However, as with any tattoo, it’s crucial to approach the design with appreciation for its history and significance.

What does it say around the Vegvisir?

Inscriptions around the Vegvisir can further personalize the tattoo’s meaning.

Common inscriptions include runic words or phrases, typically relating to protection, guidance, or personal mantras.

These inscriptions enhance the tattoo’s symbolism and make it more unique to the individual.

These inscriptions are often written in runic script, which adds a traditional and mystical element to the design.

Some common phrases or words that are placed around the Vegvisir include:

  • “Vegurinn fram” which means “the way forward” in Icelandic. This inscription emphasizes the Vegvisir’s role in guiding one on their life journey.
  • “Styrkr” meaning “strength” in Old Norse. It emphasizes inner resilience and personal power.
  • “Hamingja” which translates to “happiness” or “luck.” This inscription can signify the desire for good fortune and well-being on one’s path.
  • “Vígja þig” meaning “protect yourself” in Icelandic. This inscription reinforces the protective qualities of the Vegvisir.
  • “Hugur” which means “mind” or “spirit” in Old Norse. It can symbolize mental clarity and focus.
  • Customized Mantras: Some individuals choose to place personal mantras or affirmations around the Vegvisir, creating a deeply personal and meaningful design.

Ultimately, the choice of inscription around the Vegvisir tattoo is a highly personal one.

It should reflect the wearer’s values, beliefs, and intentions, making the tattoo a unique and powerful representation of their journey and aspirations.

Vegvisir Tattoo Ideas

A Vegvisir tattoo, with its deep symbolism of guidance and protection, pairs beautifully with various other symbols, enhancing its meaning and creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.

Here are some tattoo motifs that complement a Vegvisir design:

Vegvisir with Helm of Awe Tattoo

Vegvisir and Helm of Awe Tattoos

The Helm of Awe (Aegishjalmur) and Vegvisir are both powerful symbols in Norse culture.

The Helm of Awe tattoo is associated with protection and might.

When combined with the Vegvisir, it reinforces the idea of navigating life’s challenges with unwavering strength and resilience.

It’s a powerful symbol of warding off adversity and finding one’s path, fortified by the Helm of Awe’s protective energy.

A Vegvisir and a Helm of Awe tattoo is a symbol that combines guidance and protection, resulting in a tattoo rich in Norse mysticism and significance.

Vegvisir and Yggdrasil Tattoo

Vegvisir amd Yggdrasil Tattoo

A combination of the Vegvisir and Yggdrasil tattoos symbolizes a profound connection between guidance and the interconnectedness of all life.

It represents the recognition of balance and unity in the universe, emphasizing the cyclical nature of existence.

Vegvisir and Odin’s Ravens Tattoo

Vegvisir and Odin's Raven Tattoo

A tattoo featuring the Vegvisir and Odin’s ravens, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), symbolizes wisdom and the quest for knowledge.

It signifies a desire to explore the world, seeking guidance and insight, just as Odin’s ravens did in Norse mythology.

Huginn, symbolizing thought, and Muninn, memory, were Odin’s constant companions, flying the world to bring back knowledge.

Together, they embody the duality of human consciousness, encouraging one to explore, learn, and seek understanding.

This tattoo signifies a journey of self-discovery guided by inner strength and resilience, where the Vegvisir offers direction and protection, while the ravens emphasize the importance of seeking knowledge and the wisdom it brings.

It’s a reminder that amid life’s storms, knowledge and guidance can help one navigate the path to greater understanding and personal growth.

The tattoo is a powerful testament to a thirst for wisdom and the strength to overcome obstacles on the voyage of life.

Vegvisir and Fenrir Tattoo

Vegvisir and Fenrir Tattoo

The combination of the Vegvisir and Fenrir, the wolf from Norse mythology, represents a balance between guidance and the courage to confront one’s fears.

It symbolizes the strength to face challenges head-on, much like the god Tyr did when binding Fenrir.

This tattoo can be seen as a reminder that life’s journey isn’t always smooth, and sometimes, confronting the metaphorical “wolf” or challenges is essential for personal growth.

It represents the resilience to tackle adversity head-on, even when it seems formidable.

In essence, the Vegvisir and Fenrir tattoo is a powerful symbol of navigating through life’s challenges with unwavering strength, embracing the unpredictable, and emerging stronger on the other side.

It’s a testament to the indomitable spirit that refuses to be cowed by adversity.

Body Placement

The placement of a Vegvísir tattoo can vary greatly depending on personal preference and the size of the design.

Here are some common placements:


This is a popular spot for its visibility and the ease of showcasing the tattoo.

It’s ideal for medium to small-sized Vegvísir designs.


A Vegvísir tattoo on the chest can be quite personal, often larger in size, symbolizing guidance close to the heart.


The back offers a large canvas, suitable for an intricate and sizable Vegvísir tattoo.

This placement is less visible but can make a powerful personal statement.


The shoulder can accommodate both large and small designs and is a classic spot for circular tattoos like the Vegvísir.

Summing Up

In conclusion, a Vegvisir tattoo is more than just a tattoo; it’s a profound symbol of guidance, protection, and resilience, offering a sense of direction in life’s challenging moments.

Whether adorned with related Viking tattoo symbols or inscriptions, each Vegvisir tattoo is a unique and deeply meaningful expression of one’s personal journey.

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