Geometric Nature Tattoo

Geometric Nature Tattoos: A Visual Guide

Geometric Nature Tattoos

Nature tattoos are a creative way to express your love for the great outdoors.

Whether you’re dreaming up a colorful floral sleeve, a design paying tribute to your favorite animal, or an impressive landscape scene, there are plenty of different options to show off your wild side.

For a distinctive look that’s sure to grab people’s attention, you may want to consider a geometric nature tattoo.

Let’s explore some of the possibilities.

You might be thinking to yourself, what exactly is a geometric tattoo?

Geometric Nature Tattoo

Geometry is all about points, lines, and curves, and geometric tattoos work these elements through patterns and shapes.

They often combine outlines or minimal designs with more realistic motifs, such as a detailed animal surrounded by perfectly drawn lines or a forest emerging from a diamond or circle.

Geometric Nature Tattoo

Geometric Nature Tattoo Meanings

There are so many meanings you can derive from nature tattoos, it really depends on what you choose for your main subject.

For example, you could go with a sun tattoo, which often represents positivity and passion, or something like a tree tattoo, which represents unity and connection.

Geometric Nature Tattoo

Alternatively, you could use a scene from somewhere you’ve traveled to that holds special significance.

Be sure to give our post on nature tattoos a read for a greater dive into the meanings behind the different elements of nature.

Some of the more popular geometric nature tattoos include wild animals and flowers, and each has their own set of meanings.

Geometric Nature Tattoo

Wolf tattoos can represent strength and family, while bird tattoos are often associated with freedom.

Flowers each have individual meanings, such as an orchid for love or a poppy for sorrow.

Geometric patterns don’t usually have much meaning tied to them, but some symbols like the Mandala or Metatron’s Cube have roots in religion and spirituality.

Geometric Nature Tattoo

Geometric Nature Tattoo Designs

One of the most popular geometric nature designs we’ve seen is a mountain range emerging from a diamond.

There’s a lot of room to experiment with this idea; you could try different shapes or other environments like a desert, rain-forest, or beach scene tattoos.

Geometric Nature Tattoo

Here are a couple of other design ideas for your geometric nature tattoo.

Geometric Mountain Tattoos

With all their pointy peaks, mountains lend themselves to geometric nature tattoos really well.

Geometric Mountain Tattoo

One of the most popular designs we’ve seen involves a mountain range emerging from a diamond, but there are loads of different ways to add them to your tattoo.

Try going for simple outlines or contrasting a realistic mountain with a geometric reflection in the lake below.

Geometric Mountain Tattoo
Geometric Mountain Tattoo
Geometric Mountain Tattoo

The Flower of Life

The flower of life is an example of what’s known as ‘sacred geometry’.

Flower of Life Tattoo

Believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt, it’s formed of many interlocking circles and petals that represent interconnectedness.

We think it makes a really eye-catching basis for a sleeve, especially when realistic flowers are worked into the design.

Flower of Life and Nature Tattoo

Geometric Wave Tattoo

Ever heard of the Fibonacci sequence?

Geometric Wave Tattoo

This important mathematical formula is seen a lot in geometric nature designs due to the spiraling pattern it creates.

There are lots of ways you can work it into your tattoo design, but we think it looks best in the crest of a breaking wave.

Fibonacci Wave Tattoo
Geometric Wave Tattoo


Nature tattoos have been around since humanity first started applying ink to skin.

A geometric version of a nature tattoo is a great way to add a modern feel to classic motifs like geometric flower tattoos, animals, and landscapes.

Geometric Nature Tattoo

Try experimenting with lines and patterns, and don’t be afraid to ask your tattoo artist for their ideas.

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