Phoenix Tattoo

The Powerful Meanings of Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix Tattoo Meanings

The phoenix is a magical creature that bursts into flames and comes back to life three days later.

This is a powerful image for a tattoo because it represents life itself.

Its element is fire; its celestial sign is the sun, and its season is summer.

Phoenix tattoos are done in remembrance of an important memory or event that brings you purpose and drive.

  • Rebirth
  • Royalty
  • Balance
  • Growth

Rebirth has everything to do with the energy that gets renewed from starting over.

Starting over may seem like an arduous task, especially when the past has been burdensome.

A phoenix tattoo represents a start on a new path as if you actually were born again.

This way you can move past your history with vitality.

The Chinese chose the phoenix to represent each new empress that came into power.

The change in power is why the phoenix is used as a metaphor for starting new; however, the phoenix also means royalty because of the peace and prosperity that each new ruler hopefully would bring.

The phoenix tattoo also represents balance in the form of yin and yang.

This concept is about the duality of two opposite symbols that represent their unbalanced nature by themselves, and their power when brought together.

For example, each person does good things and bad things; but without one or the other, we wouldn’t be human.

Growth is one meaning of the phoenix that stands out for many people looking to get a phoenix tattoo.

The phoenix’s rebirth can represent not only renewal but also growth.

As you’re traveling on your path through life you are constantly growing spiritually and intellectually.

The phoenix represents this growth in spirit, knowledge, and beyond.

Phoenix Tattoo Meanings in Different Cultures

Phoenix tattoos are part of many cultural ideas.

Viewed as mystical beings, the phoenix carries with it symbolic messages which are perfect for a strong and meaningful tattoo.

Not only are phoenix tattoos beautiful aesthetically: they pack a powerful meaning.

Japanese Phoenix Tattoo

Used as a magnetism for good fortune, Japanese phoenix tattoos symbolize rebirth and turning over a new leaf in life.

More often than not, they are extremely colorful and bright; they are enlaced with flowers and billowing clouds.

The myth of the phoenix is derivative of Chinese folklore, but also is part of Greek and Roman mythology.

However influenced the Japanese tattoo style is from other cultures, its colorful design really brings to life the story of the phoenix’s rebirth.

Phoenix In China

The phoenix is also highly symbolic to the Chinese.

The phoenix, other than the all-important dragon, is the second most important figure in Chinese culture.

It’s a creature from mythology, named the Fenghuang, representing virtue and refinement.

The Phoenix in Chinese culture used to represent the empress; therefore it means royalty.

When a new empress entered the throne a phoenix was used to represent this change in power.

There is another important meaning involving the phoenix in Chinese culture.

Chinese phoenix tattoos symbolize ying and yang; or in other words, the link between two partners, between good and evil, water and fire, and beyond.

The Chinese-inspired phoenix tattoo designs sometimes pairs the phoenix with a ying and yang symbol in order to better illustrate this concept.

The Meanings of Different Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix tattoos can be very colorful— the can even be bright blue!

However you decide to style your phoenix tattoo, the phoenix will carry with it meanings of rebirth and love; however, meaning is added to the phoenix tattoo depending on how it is styled.

Dragon & Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

There’s no more powerful of a dual than the two most important symbols of Chinese Mythology: The dragon and the phoenix.

When paired together, they are unstoppable.

A dragon and phoenix tattoo is all about relationships.

This tattoo represents a striving towards love for those who don’t have a significant other, and a symbol of renewal of trust for those who do.

Remember how we talked about yin and yang?

“Yin” represents the Phoenix and “Yang” the dragon, a perfect pair in union with each other just like two partners who have committed themselves to marriage.

The phoenix is the feminine creature in this pairing, while the dragon is the complete opposite.

The symbolic message of the dragon and phoenix tattoo is love, peace, and unison.

Blue Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

The phoenix represents the sun and fire; and when the phoenix is blue it burns even brighter.

A blue flame is hotter than a red or orange flame.

This is an artistic license that lets creativity run free turning a traditional phoenix tattoo into a work of art.

A blue phoenix tattoo means finding strength in what you have made yourself to be— a great accomplishment worth shouting out to the world!

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

Want to represent a new start in life?

The tribal phoenix tattoo symbolizes renewal in life; it’s a representation of rising from the ashes and starting over.

These tribal tattoos often have Chinese symbols added to the background and show the phoenix raising its wings and flying.

The tribal phoenix tattoo means renewal of energy lost.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo

Wolf & Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

Generally, wolf tattoos symbolize fearlessness.

Add the phoenix’s story to that, and we get a tale worth telling about why you got a wolf and phoenix tattoo.

This tattoo means you will ferociously overcome your personal battles and succeed to live another day.

Wolf and Phoenix Tattoo Design


At the end of the day, phoenix tattoos represent a change that someone wants to celebrate or strive towards.

This change could be in someone’s love life, a personal battle with a bad habit, a loss that you have been grieving with and overcome, a countless other stories that relate to the tale of the phoenix.

If you have changed in a positive way through growth or from experiencing a negative event in life, you may want to celebrate by getting a phoenix tattoo.

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