Poppy Flower Tattoo

Poppy Flower Tattoos: An Accurate Guide To Their Meanings

What Does A Poppy Tattoo Mean?

Aside from being medicine and a delicious treat, poppy flowers become great tattoos and these tattoos have a lot of important symbolism.

One interesting fact about poppy flowers is that they are a symbol in remembrance of the people who died during the World Wars.

When a poppy tattoo is facing outwards, it means you are paying respect to veterans of World War I.

Poppy tattoos also represent people who have a personality that is free-spirited and strong.

This meaning is most commonly associated with women.

Many women get poppy flower tattoos to show that they are independent and carefree, yet have a good head on their shoulders.

In classical times, poppy flowers symbolized sleep, peace, and death.

Poppy tattoos therefore can be a way of paying respect to someone you love who has passed.

One last meaning of poppy flower tattoos that we should mention is that the Romans believed poppy flowers meant eternal beauty, fertility, prosperity, and supernatural powers.

Poppy flower tattoos have the ability to bring these wonderful things to your life and inspire you to work harder to achieve your goals.

Now, let’s take a look at what some specific poppy flower tattoos mean:

  • Red Poppy Tattoo Meaning

Red poppy flower tattoos mean that you have a fiery spirit.

They represent your free-spirited will and this tattoo means that you love adventures.

Red Poppy Tattoo

This tattoo is for someone who loves to travel domestically and internationally.

This tattoo is also for someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and answers to nobody.

  • Yellow Poppy Tattoo Meaning

Yellow poppy flower tattoo refers to your need for prosperity.

Yellow Poppy Tattoo

This tattoo means that you will only be happy when you achieve your goal of being successful.

It also means that the finer things in life are what bring you joy.

  • Blue Poppy Tattoo Meaning

One common meaning behind the color blue is sadness.

Therefore, a blue poppy flower tattoo can refer to a loved one who has passed, showing your sadness that they are gone.

Blue Poppy Tattoo

Another meaning of the blue poppy flower tattoo is peace.

This tattoo shows that you desire peace in both the world and in your soul.

  • Purple Poppy Tattoo Meaning

Purple is a regal color symbolizing wealth.

The purple poppy tattoo also symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Purple Poppy Tattoo

The Romans believed that purple poppy flowers brought wealth to people and were good luck charms in that way.

If you wish to be rich, a purple poppy flower tattoo may just be one way of securing that belief.

  • California Poppy Tattoo Meaning

The California poppy flower’s bright orange petals are a symbol of California and are the state’s official state flower.

A tattoo of a California poppy flower means that you are free-spirited, full of joy, strong, and passionate.

California Poppy Tattoo

If any of these descriptions ring true for you, then you should get this tattoo to symbolize how positive of a person you truly are.

The orange poppy flower tattoo also represents confidence, especially when referring to women.

People who have orange poppy flower tattoos are confident and fun.

Women who get this tattoo want to express their power and strength.

  • Hand Holding A Poppy Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo is often in the American traditional style or in plain black ink.

A hand holding a poppy in a tattoo refers to having a peaceful death.

Hand Holding a Poppy Tattoo

This tattoo can either be honoring a loved one who has passed or be a symbol of your own impending death.

Essentially, this tattoo means that you believe death is peaceful because of your religious or spiritual beliefs.

  • Butterfly and Poppy Tattoo Meaning

Butterfly and poppy flower tattoos symbolize eternal beauty.

This tattoo means that you believe everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

The butterfly tattoo symbolizes the life cycle while the poppy represents eternal beauty.

This tattoo is for someone who creates beauty in their own life.

  • Poppy and Lavender Tattoo Meaning

Both the poppy flower and lavender tattoo symbolize peace and serenity.

Poppy and Lavender Tattoo

If you feel as though you need more tranquility in your life and want to harness that energy then this is the tattoo for you.

A poppy with a lavender tattoo also means that you wish for greater peace in other peoples’ lives.

  • Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo Meaning

The gladiolus and poppy tattoo is one that is highly feminine and is mainly for women.

That’s because it symbolizes beauty, style, grace, elegance, and love.

This tattoo is for a woman who loves to dress up and go to classy events.

The type of woman who has this tattoo is one who is eye-catching and who turns heads!

  • Poppy and Rose Tattoo Meaning

A poppy and rose tattoo mainly refers to fertility.

Poppy and Rose Tattoo

This tattoo also refers to passion, love, and romance.

Someone would get this tattoo if they believe that love is the key to being happy.

  • Poppy and Daisy Tattoo Meaning

Daisy tattoos and poppy flowers together create the meaning of being a free-spirited and happy person.

Poppy and Daisy Tattoo

They may also be the right tattoo for you if you describe yourself as an innocent and pure kind of person.

If you feel as though these descriptions are a part of your personality, you could get this tattoo to express all of these awesome attributes.

  • Sunflower and Poppy Tattoo Meaning

Sunflower tattoos are symbols of faith, hope, happiness, and loyalty.

Sunflower and Poppy Tattoo

Alongside a poppy flower, the two flowers together mean that you have a lot of happiness because of your faith in God.

This tattoo means that not only God but your loyalty towards others brings you joy.

  • Poppy Field Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo that depicts a field of poppies means that you are a free-spirited and strong person.

Poppy Field Tattoo

Poppy field tattoos are brightly colored and beautiful, signifying the love for nature and the open air.

Poppy field tattoos mean that you may have an adventurous side, but your inner strength is powerful.

Poppy Tattoo Ideas

We aren’t even close to finished with ideas for poppy flower tattoos.

Poppy tattoos can come in many different sizes, with different designs and styles to choose from.

Let’s take a look at some more poppy flower tattoo ideas:

  • Small Poppy Tattoo

Small poppy tattoos can represent many different poppy flower meanings, such as eternal beauty, remembrance of World War I veterans, or supernatural powers.

Small Tattoo

Small poppy flower tattoos can come in a variety of designs and tattoo styles.

Whichever meaning you choose to represent your small poppy tattoo, make sure it fits well with your personality.

  • Watercolor Poppy Tattoos

Watercolor poppy flower tattoos represent eternal beauty, meaning that beauty is on the inside and it will last forever.

Watercolor Poppy Tattoo

A poppy flower designed in a watercolor tattoo style also means that you find everyone to hold their own unique beauty that is both wonderful and powerful.

  • Black & Grey Poppy Tattoos

Black and grey poppy tattoos symbolize a peaceful death.

They can represent someone you love who has passed away and the fact that you hope they are in a better place.

Black and Grey Tattoo

This tattoo can also be a representation of the World Wars since the black and grey tattoo style is much like black and white TV.

In this case, black and grey poppy tattoos symbolize your appreciation for history and you can get this tattoo to honor veterans.

  • American Traditional Poppy Tattoos

Many poppy tattoos are done in the American traditional style because poppy flowers look really good in this style.

American Traditional Poppy Tattoo

Old school poppy tattoos work for both men and women and are symbols honoring women and respecting them.

This tattoo also means that you believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Simple Poppy Tattoos

Simple poppy tattoos can represent any number of the typical poppy flower tattoo meanings.

Simple Tattoo

Often they represent prosperity and are for those who desire fortune and will work as hard as they can to be successful.

Another common meaning for simple poppy tattoos is eternal beauty.

  • Geometric Poppy Tattoos

Geometric poppy tattoos often mean that you believe in the existence of supernatural powers.

Geometric Poppy Tattoo

If you believe in magic, this tattoo is for you.

A poppy flower designed in a geometric tattoo style also means that you are a carefree individual who is artistic and intellectual.

  • Realistic Poppy Tattoos

Realistic poppy tattoos are typically in yellow, red or orange, and symbolize the beauty and intellect of women.

Realistic Tattoo

These tattoos are symbols of women’s empowerment and tell the world that you want women to get more respect.

  • Neo-traditional Poppy Tattoos

Neo-traditional poppy flower tattoos have clean edges and usually include the stems and leaves in the imagery.

Neo-traditional tattoos represent many things, one of which is that women are beautiful on the inside and out.

Neo-traditional Tattoo

More symbolism is that the dead have souls and have moved on to heaven.

If you believe in life after death, then this tattoo may just be for you.

  • Matching Poppy Tattoos

When two women get matching poppy flower tattoos, it means that you will be best friends forever and that you believe in each other’s success.

Matching Tattoo

A matching tattoo means that you not only believe that your friend will be successful in life, but that you also believe she is a beautiful person.

When two family members receive matching poppy tattoos, it means that you will stick by each other’s side until the end.


Poppy flower tattoos have more meaning than most people realize.

Whether you believe in the supernatural, the empowerment of women, or in peace for those we are mourning, this tattoo can be very meaningful.

This tattoo may just fit with your personality well too if you are someone who is a free-spirit, high independent, yet intellectual.

There are so many reasons to get a poppy flower tattoo, now you just have to pick out a design.

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