Lavender Tattoo

11 Meaningful Lavender Tattoos: Be Positive And Join The Trend!

Lavender Tattoos

Lavender tattoos are excellent reminders to de-stress!

A sprig of lavender in a tattoo is not only meaningful to the person who chose it, but the purple flowers are quite charming.

These beautiful flower tattoos are a great choice for anyone, male or female, who has a refined taste.

However, there’s more to lavender tattoos than simply being calm.

Let’s take a look at the deeper meanings behind lavender tattoos:

Lavender Tattoo Meaning

Lavender tattoos are one of those tattoo choices that really must relate to you personally.

There are so many different meanings of lavender tattoos that when choosing a design you must think about which one you want to be represented.

First of all, the most obvious meanings of the lavender tattoo are relaxation and serenity.

Lavender is scientifically proven to help people relax.

One such meaning is elegance and luxury, which comes mostly from the fact that lavender is purple.

Lavender Tattoo

Purple is a royal color and represents the finer things in life.

The color purple is also related to the crown chakra, which is all about spirituality and noble purpose.

Purple lavender tattoos, therefore, are for people who think about the greater good.

Lavender also is a flower tattoo that symbolizes grace, so this would be a tattoo to get if you consider yourself to have effortless beauty and charm.

One last meaning we should mention about lavender tattoos is their religious context.

Lavender tattoos represent devotion to your spiritual guides such as a God or spirit, and/or your religious purity in your heart.

Now, let’s take a look at some different lavender tattoo designs and see which of these meanings they relate the most to:

Lavender Sprig Tattoos

A sprig or sprigs of lavender in a tattoo can symbolize pretty much any of the lavender tattoo meanings we discussed above.

That’s because this tattoo is almost as basic as it can get.

Lavender Sprig Tattoo

This is not to say that it is a bad tattoo to get, that’s far from the truth.

In fact, this is a great tattoo because it encompasses all of the lavender tattoo meanings put together.

Bundle of Lavender Tattoo

When a tattoo has a bundle of lavenders the result is one big beautiful tattoo.

Bundle of Lavender Tattoo

Sometimes, the lavender sprigs are tied together with a piece of twine or a bow.

The lavender bouquet tattoo is reminiscent of rural areas, where a young girl picked some lavender and bundled it together to bring inside.

Bundle of Lavender Tattoo

This kind of theme makes the tattoo symbolize a noble purpose, or bettering oneself because sometimes the simple things are what count.

Lavender Garden Tattoo

Lavender garden tattoos are of lavender growing in a group with bright green stems and deep purple flowers.

Lavender Garden Tattoo

These tattoos symbolize the power of spirituality and the effect it has on you personally.

This is a tattoo for someone who believes strongly in a higher power and isn’t afraid to express their love for God.

Bee and Lavender Tattoo

These tattoos show imagery of a bee about to land on a lavender flower to have a snack.

This tattoo represents the life cycle since the bee is trying to survive, just as the lavender is.

Bee and Lavender Tattoo

These two beings, although very different, are alive and will one day die.

Someone who has this tattoo believes in a higher power for these beings as well as themselves and sees all life as something precious.

Lavender and Butterfly Tattoos

Lavender and butterfly tattoos and bee and lavender tattoos have similar meanings and are simply different based on which aesthetic you prefer.

Lavender and Butterfly Tattoos

They both refer to belief in a higher power and how God has power over all life on Earth.

This tattoo means you believe in heaven and that we will all end up in a better place.

Lavender Tattoo with Word Tattoos

It is a smart idea to relate one of the lavender tattoos’ many meanings to a word or phrase tattoo.

Lavender Tattoo with Word Tattoo

For example, someone may choose to pair a lavender sprig with the word “breathe” if they want to remember to take a moment occasionally to relax.

Having your name with lavender in a tattoo is a way of defining yourself as royal and full of grace, like a queen or king.

Rosemary and Lavender Tattoo

Rosemary is a charming herb that has many interesting meanings that are mostly related to love and trust between spouses.

Rosemary and Lavender Tattoo

When rosemary and lavender are together in a tattoo they represent how it is important to find trust with you and your partner and spend time relaxing together.

If you believe this to be the case, then this is a good tattoo for you to get.

Eucalyptus and Lavender Tattoo

The eucalyptus tattoo represents wanting to change one’s life for the better and realizing one’s true nature and best state of being.

Eucalyptus and Lavender Tattoo

When the lavender tattoo comes into the mix, it brings in the symbolism of life’s purpose being for the greater good.

Therefore, eucalyptus and lavender tattoos mean that your values lie in protecting and helping people and you believe that a higher power is guiding you to do the right thing every day that you’re alive.

Fox with Lavender Tattoos

Foxes are known for their cunning abilities and swift pace.

Fox tattoos are nearly complete opposites of lavender, which is soothing and follows the right path.

Fox Tattoo

This tattoo represents these two opposite forces that exist in ourselves.

By getting a lavender and fox tattoo, you’re reminding yourself that as good as you try to be, you will sin.

But that’s okay because you will always try to make up for it, and it’s one’s intentions that count at the end of the day.

Crescent Moon Made of Lavender Tattoo

The crescent moon and lavender tattoos both remind us of winding down for the night and of relaxation.

This tattoo means that you value the times that you spend after work or on the weekends when you curl up in bed with a good book, or when you cuddle with your significant other.

Crescent Moon Made of Lavender Tattoo

The lavender and moon tattoo also refers to the purity of the mind and soul, and you would get this tattoo as a symbol of your promise to always limit your failings and strive to be the best you can be.

Lavender and Dog Paw Tattoo

Lavender and dog paw tattoos mean that you love your dog or that you have an appreciation for dogs.

This tattoo can also mean that you are a highly loyal person who always is there to protect your friends and family.

Dog Paw Tattoo

Lavender with Other Flower Tattoos

Lavender tattoos often contain other flower tattoos such as roses or daisy tattoos.

This tends to be a feminine tattoo that is received by women of all ages.

This kind of lavender tattoo represents how women are royal and means that you believe women should be worshipped.

  • Sunflower and Lavender Tattoo

Sunflower tattoos represent loyalty and happiness.

Sunflower and Lavender Tattoo

Sunflowers and lavender together in a tattoo refer to that happiness being received by your loyalty to the divine.

Essentially, this tattoo means that you are so devoted to your God or to the spirits that it brings you insane amounts of joy in your life.

  • Rose and Lavender Tattoo

Rose and lavender tattoos represent the kind of beauty and charm that is purely natural.

Rose and Lavender Tattoo

A lavender with a rose tattoo matches someone’s personality who is known to light up a room.

If you make people smile and are an extrovert with a pretty face, this tattoo describes you perfectly.

  • Poppy and Lavender Tattoo

Those who have poppy flower tattoos are free-spirited individuals who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

When you add lavender to the mix, this tattoo symbolizes royalty and the finer things in life.

Poppy and Lavender Tattoo

A person who gets a lavender with a poppy tattoo is spunky and loves things like the Kardashians and loves to buy expensive shoes.

If you believe yourself to be true royalty and will not let anyone tell you otherwise, this is the tattoo for you.

  • Chamomile and Lavender Tattoo

Both chamomile and lavender are used medicinally for their calming and sleepy effects.

Chamomile and Lavender Tattoo

This tattoo is for you if you feel as though you need a dose of tranquillity in your life.

Perhaps you are a high-key person who needs a tattoo to remind you to slow down and take a deep breath every once and a while.

  • Wildflower Lavender Tattoo

Wildflower tattoos are for wild-childs, while the lavender tattoo is for high-class queens.

These two opposite sides of the spectrum may just be parts of your personality.

Wildflower Tattoo

Everyone has different sides to themselves – if you like to go out and have a ball, yet at the same time keep it classy, a lavender and wildflower tattoo is for you.

Lavender Tattoo Ideas

No, we’re not done.

There are many cool lavender tattoo ideas out there, and instead of making you search for all of them, we have collected a bunch right here for you to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at some of the most trendy lavender tattoo ideas:

  • Black and Grey Lavender Tattoos

Black and grey lavender tattoos are interesting because the fact that the lavender flower is purple is such an essential part of its essence and meaning.

Black and Grey Tattoo

If you choose a lavender tattoo without color, there is an added message of luxury and elegance.

Black and grey tattoo designs are always classy, therefore this tattoo means that you have expensive taste.

  • Geometric Lavender Tattoos

Lavender tattoos done in a geometric tattoo style are absolutely stunning.

These tattoos typically consist of a black triangle with sprigs of lavender coming out of it, or other shapes gently containing the plant.

Geometric Lavender Tattoo

This kind of lavender tattoo has a few meanings, one of which is that your spirituality is an important part of your life.

Another meaning for this tattoo design is that you have a regal air to your personality and love to be fashionable.

  • Realistic Lavender Tattoos

Realistic lavender tattoos can be quite beautiful and symbolize bliss.

Realistic Lavender Tattoo

They mean that what you have received in exchange for your devoted spirituality is calm acceptance.

A realistic lavender tattoo means you have found peace within yourself and with your higher power.

  • Watercolor Lavender Tattoos

Watercolor lavender tattoos are truly works of art.

The watercolor tattoo style captures the beauty of the lavender flower and adds that beauty to your body.

Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor lavender tattoos mean that you have a strong love for life and think that nature’s beauty is a special gift from God.

These tattoos can also mean that you are an artistic person who finds that making art is a relaxing and blissful activity.

  • Fine line Lavender Tattoos

Do you want to keep your lavender tattoo simple, while keeping some intrigue?

Fine line lavender tattoos are simple yet far from plain.

Fine line Lavender Tattoo

They represent class and style.

They are like a marble countertop or a little black dress.

This fine line tattoo symbolizes elegance and is for someone who loves fashion, interior design, and art.

  • Small Lavender Tattoos

Having trouble choosing a tiny tattoo?

Lavender tattoos work great as small tattoos on the ankle, wrist, collar bone, forearm, and much more because a few sprigs here or there aren’t too noticeable yet when you notice the tattoo its beauty is overwhelming.

Small Tattoo

These cute tattoos are typically for women because they are highly feminine and symbolize royalty.

Now, this is a tattoo fit for a queen.

  • Simple Lavender Tattoos

If you’re not too sure about what lavender tattoo design to choose, you can always go the simple route.

Simple Tattoo

Simple lavender tattoos have multiple meanings such as royalty, tranquility, spirituality, and they represent your crown chakra.

This lavender tattoo design is somewhat of a catch-all and allows you to choose which lavender tattoo meaning is right for you.

Tattoo Placement

Confused about where to place your lavender tattoo?

We are here to help!

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite lavender tattoo placements:

  • Lavender Ankle Tattoos

Lavender ankle tattoos are typically on the smaller side and tend to be simple.

Ankle Tattoo

These are cute and pretty tattoos that are feminine in nature.

These lavender tattoos typically mean that you are in touch with your spirituality, or that you are a high-class woman who enjoys the finer things in life.

  • Lavender Wrist Tattoos

Lavender wrist tattoos snake down the arm and hug the forearm, sneaking out of a long sleeve shirt or being shown prominently when your arms are bare.

Wrist Tattoo

When you choose to have a lavender tattoo on the wrist, it could have many meanings depending on the tattoo design.

Wrist Tattoo

However, the most common meaning is that you want to look at your lavender wrist tattoo every day, using it as a reminder to stay calm and that everything will be alright.

  • Lavender Finger Tattoos

Lavender tattoos on the finger are typically on the inside of the middle or ring finger and are quite beautiful.

These tattoos are more common in females than males.

Finger Tattoo

They mean that either you have found peace with your religion or spirituality, or that you are searching for that calm feeling of knowing you have figured everything out.

If the latter is you, this tattoo can be a helpful reminder to not give up on finding what matters to you.

  • Lavender Forearm Tattoos

Lavender tattoos on the forearm tend to be larger and can be any number of designs.

In fact, there are a lot of designs to choose from for a forearm lavender tattoo and they each come with their own unique meanings.

Forearm Tattoo

Whichever tattoo meaning you decide on, the forearm is a spot you will see every day so you should make sure that both it is important to you and that you don’t mind others asking you about its symbolism.

  • Lavender Tattoo behind the Ear

Lavender tattoos behind the ear are common with women and hold a lot of significance.

Behind the Ear Tattoo

They mean that you enjoy things that are classy and expensive, and won’t take no for an answer when you have your eyes set on something.

That’s all not bad because it means that you set your standards high and aren’t afraid to chase for exactly what you want.


At first glance, the only meaning that a lavender tattoo seems to have is that it represents tranquility and sleepiness.

However, there’s more than meets the eye.

For example, there’s more to lavender tattoos than just being a calm person.

Lavender tattoos can mean that you have the ability to stay calm in difficult situations, and that’s something to be proud of.

The fact that lavender is purple really sets the tone for its symbolism of royalty and the crown chakra.

Whatever lavender tattoo style, design, and placement you choose, remember that it’s not simply a pretty tattoo– it holds deep meaning that you will be able to cherish for the rest of your life.

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