Dara Knot Tattoo

Dara Knot Tattoos: The Power of the Oak Tree

Dara Knot Tattoos

The Dara knot comes from the Gaelic word for ‘oak tree’, which is significant because the Celts revered oaks as the most sacred trees on Earth.

Perhaps this is because not only are they resistant to lighting, but they provide the longest burning firewood which burns not only the longest but also the hottest.

Like all Celtic tattoos, the Dara knot tattoo has no end and no beginning.

It is not only a symbol of the oak tree but also of Celtic heritage.

Let’s take a look at the symbolism behind Dara knot tattoos:

What Do Dara Knot Tattoos Mean?

The Dara knot tattoo symbolizes inner strength, fortitude, power, endurance, and wisdom.

There is a somewhat ancient rumor that the Celts used this symbol to find their inner strength and courage during hard times.

Whether it is true or not, there is no doubt that the Dara knot represents the strength and power that would definitely help during difficult times.

Tattoos of Dara knots represent that power and allow the wearer to channel courageous energy.

There are some other meanings of the Dara knot tattoo, such as fertility and growth.

Since it represents a tree, the Dara knot tattoo means that you have the ability to not only reproduce but to grow mentally and become a stronger and smarter person.

Let’s look at some specific Dara Knot tattoo designs and their meanings:

  • Blackwork Dara Knot Tattoos

The most basic kind of Dara knot tattoo is one that has the traditional knots, without a beginning or end, in black ink.

Dara Knot Tattoo

This kind of tattoo is a beautiful one that can go on the wrist, forearm, arm, ankle, calf, or many other placements on the body.

This tattoo means that you have a lot of inner strength and when you are faced with a difficult situation, you can use that strength to overcome just about anything you set your mind to.

  • Black and Grey Dara Knot Tattoos

One kind of Dara knot tattoo that is pretty interesting-looking is when the inside of the lines which create the Dara knot is filled in with grey shading.

The tattoo artist may even choose to incorporate some white lines to create additional depth.

These tattoos mean that you have a lot of wisdom.

They also mean that you have a considerable amount of inner strength.

  • White Dara Knot on Black Background Tattoos

Some people choose this design, which shows the Dara knots in white on top of a black circle that encompasses the background of the knot.

Dara Knot Tattoo

This tattoo means that during difficult times, you are able to reach inside and grasp an inner strength as no one has seen before.

This tattoo means that you have an intensity that you only release when the going gets tough, and when it does, you are always ready to fight back.

  • Dara Tree Tattoos

Some Dara knot tattoos are even shaped like an oak tree!

These tattoos show a tree with a thick trunk and roots which more often than not is created with Celtic knots.

Oaktree Dara knot tattoos channel the endurance of an oak tree, as well as its wisdom.

These tattoos are for old souls who can withstand a lot of resistance when they are trying to achieve their goals.

Dara Tree Tattoo

This kind of Dara knot tattoo also means that you have a lot of strength and many amazing capabilities and that you have a strong ability to grow as a person.

The most popular color for the tree is a mix of different shades of green and blue which color the different layers and parts of the Dara tree.

This tattoo means that you have creative wisdom, and you may even be an artist (maybe not as a profession, but as a hobby or side-hustle).

A colorful Dara tree tattoo means that not only are you a creative person but you are also highly intelligent and wise.


The meanings behind Dara knot tattoos are as powerful as the oak tree itself.

Inner strength, fortitude, wisdom, growth– these are seriously great meanings behind the Dara knot tattoo.

It’s no wonder why so many people get these tattoos!

Once you choose just the right tattoo design and color scheme, nothing will stop you from having an amazing tattoo that you can be proud of.

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