Aster Flower Tattoo

Aster Flower Tattoo – What Does it Mean? (Illustrated)

Aster Tattoo Meanings

Aster flower tattoos represent those who were born in the month of September and are also popular for those who are completing their 20th wedding anniversary.

Not only do aster flowers make beautiful tattoos, but they have powerful meanings as well.

Let’s take a look at the main meanings of aster flower tattoos, and after, we will talk about specific aster tattoo designs:

To start off, aster tattoos, like many flower tattoos, symbolize love.

You can receive an aster tattoo as a thoughtful reminder of your partner, especially for the 20th anniversary of your wedding.

Aster tattoos also symbolize, again, like many flower tattoos, beauty.

Aster flowers are beautiful and unique flowers that represent beauty in general as well as being great tattoos to get aesthetic-wise.

These tattoos also represent subtlety and daintiness.

If you are someone who is quiet and feminine but has a lot of intelligence and is wise, then this tattoo could fit your personality.

Flower Bouquet Tattoo on the Ankle

This is because this flower tattoo also symbolizes wisdom and those who are wise.

If you value being wise as an important characteristic of yourself, then this tattoo could show that.

Last, aster tattoos represent courage and strength.

This tattoo could be for you if you are a person who believes in defending those you love at all costs and standing up for what’s right.

If you do not back down in the face of trouble, then this tattoo could represent your ability to be courageous in difficult circumstances.

Although aster flowers do mean all of these things, they don’t contain all of these meanings at once.

You are allowed to pick and choose which aster tattoo meanings you find suitable to you.

You also may want to choose a tattoo design that has the meaning that you desire.

In that case, you may want to take a look at the following aster flower tattoo designs and pick one that matches best with your personality and values:

  • Blue Aster Tattoo Meaning

Blue aster flowers are rarer than purple ones.

Blue aster tattoos represent peace and loyalty.

These are not typical meanings of aster flower tattoos, but the color blue brings out these meanings because blue is the color of tranquility.

Blue aster tattoos also represent loyalty because of their blue hue and can mean that you are someone who never turns your back on your friends.

  • Pink Aster Tattoo Meaning

Pink aster tattoos represent love and sensitivity.

If you have a pink aster tattoo, it means that you fall in love often and quickly, wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Pink Aster Tattoo

You can also get a pink aster tattoo for someone, such as your girlfriend, boyfriend, or long-term partner.

In this case, the tattoo means that you love them eternally and that you always are thinking of them.

  • Yellow Aster Tattoo Meaning

Yellow aster tattoos represent personal strength and vitality, as well as happiness and hope.

Yellow is a color that represents the chakra involved with the stomach and is called the Solar Plexus.

This chakra, when open, can aid that person in finding their personal strength and make their dreams for life come true.

Yellow aster tattoos, therefore, represent someone’s strength being powerful enough to completely change their own lives for the better.

  • White Aster Tattoo Meaning

Most white flower tattoos symbolize purity and innocence, and so do white aster tattoos.

This could be a religious tattoo representing your love for God or your faithfulness and dedication to whatever religion you follow.

Or, this tattoo could simply show that you are proud to be an innocent person with a pure heart that never tries to hurt anybody.

  • Red Aster Tattoo Meaning

Red aster tattoos represent passionate love and romance.

Red asters are not completely red but more of a pinkish orangish-red color that looks as though all of the colors of the sunset were combined.

This color represents passion as well as love, and since the aster flower already represents love, this tattoo is a powerful force of romance.

This tattoo is often received with someone else in mind, but not always.

You could simply want to get this tattoo because you have a lot of love to share.

  • Purple Aster Tattoo Meaning

The purple aster is the most common aster flower and also a very popular aster tattoo.

Purple aster flower tattoos symbolize wisdom, but also have the added quality of representing loyalty.

Purple Aster Tattoo

Those with purple aster tattoos are wise people who not only have that trait but also place a high value on being wise.

They also may in fact be fiercely loyal people.

The purple aster tattoo means that you defend your friends and family at all costs.

  • Aster Bouquet Tattoo Meaning

Aster bouquet tattoos often contain many different colors of aster flowers either joined together by the stem or shown from above with the multiple flower heads shown flat next to one another.

This tattoo can also be done in all colors or simply with black ink.

Aster Bouquet Tattoo

This aster tattoo means that you are a dainty person who is highly feminine and who is introverted.

This tattoo can also mean that you appreciate the beauty and find flowers to be wonderful and expressive of your taste for nature’s beauty.

  • Daisy Tattoo with Aster Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos with daisies and aster flowers represent beauty and love.

These two flowers are incredibly beautiful, and therefore not only make beautiful tattoos but also represent a beautiful soul or mean that you are a beautiful person inside and out.

Daisy Tattoo with Aster Tattoo

An aster tattoo with a daisy tattoo also means that you are a lovey-dovey person who loves romance and values having a significant other very highly on your list of goals in life.

  • Carnation Tattoo & Aster Tattoo Meaning

Carnation tattoos are one of the top flower tattoos that represent love.

Therefore, when carnation tattoos are mixed with aster tattoos, the pair create the extreme meaning of love and romance.

This is a great tattoo to get to make you think of a certain special someone who tugs at your heartstrings.

Another meaning of this tattoo is beauty and this is also a great tattoo to get for flower-lovers and gardeners.

  • Aster Tattoos with Name or Lettering Tattoos

Aster tattoos can be combined with a name tattoo, a quote, or any phrase tattoo that is symbolic for you.

When aster tattoos are combined with your own first name or full name, the tattoo as a whole means that you value being wise and are constantly making an effort to learn.

Flower Tattoo with Lettering Tattoo

This kind of tattoo can also mean that you find life to be beautiful.

Another way to combine lettering tattoos and an aster tattoo is to use the name of your significant other with the flower, which then symbolizes your immense love for them and means that you want to be with them forever.

  • Lily of the Valley & Aster Tattoo Meaning

Lilly of the valley and aster tattoos symbolize purity, sweetness, and beauty.

This tattoo means that you are someone who is pure of heart and has a sweet disposition.

Lily of the valley and aster tattoos also symbolize beauty in all aspects, such as loving to be surrounded by beautiful people and objects, or if you see beauty in people that others do not recognize.

  • American Traditional Aster Tattoo Meaning

American traditional aster tattoos represent beauty, daintiness, wisdom, strength, and courage.

This tattoo has a more general meaning of aster tattoos and can represent almost any of the meanings of aster tattoos.

However, one of the main meanings of this tattoo is strength, and American traditional aster tattoos symbolize enormous mental strength that is supplemented by a strong will and fierce determination.

  • Watercolor Aster Tattoo Meaning

Watercolor aster tattoos are mostly for people who are creative and flamboyant or exuberant.

They also can mean that you have a special person in your life that this tattoo is dedicated to, and that you are in love with them.

Watercolor Aster Tattoo

An aster flower designed in a watercolor tattoo style can also mean that you enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful people and or objects and you value beauty in your life greatly.

  • Minimalist Aster Tattoo Meaning

Minimalist aster tattoos are typically small tattoos because they are very simple tattoos.

Minimalist aster tattoos also, not always, but most of the time are only in black ink.

Whether they are in color or with simple black ink, minimalist flower tattoos express daintiness to the extreme.

Women tend to receive this tattoo, and it means that they are dainty and feminine yet still very strong individuals.

  • Morning Glory Flower & Aster Tattoo Meaning

Morning glory flower and aster flower tattoos can either mean unrequited love or love that is hopeless.

Therefore, this tattoo can mean that you are in love with someone who doesn’t love you back and you want to always remember them because they have left such an impression on you.

Or, maybe you are someone who always falls in love with the wrong people and you are destined to lose out in love.

This tattoo can also mean that you want to remember someone who love didn’t work out with but who you loved (and still love to this day) deeply.

  • Gladiolus & Aster Tattoo Meaning

The aster flower and the gladiolus flower are highly romantic flowers and so a tattoo of the two together represents love and romance.

Both flowers also symbolize beauty, so if you see beauty in all things and appreciate aesthetics in art and nature you should get this tattoo.

Another reason to get a gladiolus tattoo with an aster flower is if you are a feminine person.

In fact, this tattoo is typically received by women.

The tattoo means that you are a bit of a girly girl and like things such as doing your hair, getting your nails done, and doing your makeup.

  • Aster & Rose Tattoo Meaning

Aster and rose tattoos are a kind of flower tattoo that symbolizes love and beauty.

Not only does this tattoo symbolize having a beautiful mind, soul, and body, but an aster and the rose tattoo is an incredibly beautiful tattoo design.

Aster with Rose Tattoo

This tattoo signifies love and romance because the aster and rose flowers both represent love.

You can either receive this tattoo while thinking of someone specific who you love or receive the tattoo because you are someone who falls in love easily and wears your heart on your sleeve.

  • Aster & Daffodil Tattoo Meaning

Daffodil tattoos represent new beginnings, and aster tattoos symbolize courage and strength among other things.

The two flowers together in a tattoo represent the strength to start over in life if you have messed up or the courage to make a new beginning for yourself if you want to change your life for the better.

Aster and Daffodil Tattoo

This is a very important tattoo because starting a new chapter in your life is a big step and deserves recognition or something to mark the beginning, such as getting a tattoo.

Summing Up

If you are thinking about getting a flower tattoo, you may want to consider getting a tattoo of an aster flower because of its beauty and its meaning.

Aster flower tattoos can mean sort of feminine concepts such as love or beauty, but also have other meanings such as being wise or courage and strength.

Also, this flower tattoo could be a birth month flower tattoo, representing those who were born in September.

If you do decide to get an aster tattoo, it would be a well-informed choice.

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