Justin Bieber Eagle Tattoo

6 Celebrities with Eagle Tattoos

Celebrities with Eagle Tattoos

Eagle tattoos are such a classic design, it’s probably one of the most common requests in any shop.

Because of their connotations and ties to American patriotism, the eagle is a common choice in the Western world.

Many of today’s tatted-up celebrities see eagle tattoos as an essential piece to their collection.

Here are a few of our favorite eagle tattoos from Tinseltown.

Justin Bieber’s Eagle Tattoo

Justin is virtually covered in tattoos at this point.

Some of his tattoos are references to albums, but many are symbolic images.

The young pop star has two eagle tattoos, one stretched out across his stomach, and one on his upper left bicep.

Bieber hasn’t spoken directly to the meaning behind these tattoos.

The one on his stomach is below the script that says “son of God,” so it may have a personal significance.

Justin Bieber's Eagle Tattoo

At first, this was one of Bieber’s larger tattoos.

He has since had the negative-space around it filled in.

Bieber says he felt that, without the surrounding art, the eagle looked like a mustache on his torso.

The eagle on Bieber’s upper left shoulder sits just above a tiger tattoo.

The tiger and the eagle are both classic predatory animals in the tattoo world.

This combination could mean wanting a balance between being grounded/soaring as high as possible.

It may also mean Bieber wants to dominate many areas in his life.

Adam Levine’s Eagle Tattoo

Another singer with an affection for tattoos, Adam Levine has an eagle with almost the same placement as Justin’s.

Adam Levine's Eagle Tattoo

His is slightly higher, framing his pecks.

While this “underboob” placement is often associated with breasts, it can also highlight a flat muscular torso very attractively.

Adam’s eagle sits just above the lettering tattoo that says “California.”

Like Bieber’s tattoo, his eagle looks like it is about to swoop down to earth.

Levine is a pretty confident guy, so this tattoo could easily represent his dominance over the city of dreams.

In basic tattoo terms, the eagle often represents courage.

Amy Winehouse’s Eagle Tattoo

Most of Amy’s tattoos resemble prison tattoos- which are often done by amateurs without the smooth shading of a modern design.

The tattoos suited her rough and tumble aesthetic, and she had an assortment.

Each of Amy’s tattoos has a personal meaning, often tied to the people she loves or her sense of self.

Amy Winehouse Eagle Tattoo

Amy’s eagle tattoo appears in the middle of her upper back.

It depicts an Egyptian ankh tattoo with eagle wings on either side.

In Egyptian culture, the ankh represented an eternal life force, while eagles represented an ideal leader.

Together, it seems Amy was trying to empower herself with a meaningful tattoo image.

Paris Jackson’s Eagle Tattoo

Paris Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s daughter, has at least 16 tattoos.

Many of them are dedicated to her father, but she also has tattoos to represent her beliefs.

The tattoo on her left ankle is of an eagle, done in a tribal tattoo style.

Paris Jackson's Eagle Tattoo

The eagle was drawn up by Stephanie Big Eagle, who was selling tattoo designs to raise money for the Standing Rock Reservation in North and South Dakota.

The funds were needed during an initiative against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and Jackson got the tattoo to show her support.

Keith Urban’s Eagle Tattoo

The cool thing about eagle tattoos is they can appeal to many types of people.

From pop star Justin Bieber, to the soulful Amy Winehouse, and all the way over to country boy Keith Urban.

The singer-songwriter may not be as tatted up as others, but he has 7 small pieces and isn’t shy to talk about them.

As for the eagle tattoo on his right shoulder blade, it was a birthday gift he gave himself during his single years.

The New Zealand born artist had been spending a lot of time in America and was feeling free and breezy.

The eagle perfectly summed up that feeling and era of his life, so he got the tattoo design without hesitation.

Lewis Hamilton’s Eagle Tattoo

It isn’t just entertainers getting eagle tattoos.

Lewis Hamilton, a British Formula One racer, has a large eagle tattooed on his neck.

Like most people with neck tattoos, he was no stranger to ink before receiving this one.

Hamilton visited Keith Scott “Bang Bang” McCurdy, the artist behind Bang Bang Tattoo, for this and one other design.

Lewis Hamilton's Eagle Tattoo

Bang Bang is known for tattooing celebrity clients, including Rihanna, who Hamilton has been rumored to be dating.

When the racer posted about his new ink on Instagram, he explained the meaning behind it:

“My eagle represents a visionary, I’m a seeker and I’m willing to push the limits of self-discovery and personal freedom,” he says. 

“The eagle is a born leader and may become impatient with those who cannot fly as high or as fast.”