Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue Rose Tattoos: Meanings, Tattoo Designs & Placement

Blue Rose Tattoos

As an iconic tattoo design and one of the most popular flowers out there, roses have a wide range of representations with their color deciding their meaning.

Often seen as an ideal emblem for humans, the rose signifies the combination of love and pain that comes with it, alongside beauty, intoxication, life, and death.

With such a myriad of colors and meanings, it can be difficult to choose what type of rose tattoo to get, but for an unusual choice, try a blue rose – a symbol of making the impossible, possible.

Blue Rose Tattoo Meanings

A blue rose specifically stands apart from other roses because of its rarity, mesmerizing appearance, and mysterious meanings.

As an artificial flower created solely for our enjoyment, blue roses will not be found as natural blossoms growing in the wild.

As such, blue rose tattoos often represent the imagination, fantasy, impossibility, and the mysterious allure of the unattainable.

Blue roses may also be a symbol of wishful thinking, hope for a miracle, accomplishment of a seemingly impossible task, or a reminder that new opportunities and possibilities are always out there.

On a darker note, blue roses can also indicate a complex, conniving, manipulative personality.

People also often get blue roses in remembrance of a loved one, as a memorial dedicated to them.

Ultimately, your tattoo will represent whatever meaning you want it to, whether it be positive or negative.

You might choose a blue rose tattoo purely as a decorative element, or because roses are pretty and blue is your favorite color.

Whatever your reason, there are many other possible meanings including:

  • Unnatural beauty
  • Belief
  • Change
  • Desire
  • Fascination
  • Passion
  • Possibilities
  • Hidden or unrealizable love

Main Themes

Added meaning can be intertwined with blue rose tattoos in various ways.

For example, the number of petals on the blossom can indicate a special number or date in your life.

The addition of thorns is meant to display defense and the ability to keep threats at bay, or simply flaws or ugliness alongside beauty.

Whether the rose is open or closed can signify stages of growth – a closed bud could be youthfulness or a fresh start, full bloom showing achievement, or growth and maturity, and a wilting rose represents loss, defeat, or death.

  • Blue Rose and Butterfly Tattoos

In order to ramp up the more natural side and emphasize the beauty of a blue rose, pair it with a butterfly tattoo.

A butterfly also represents transformation and so, with a blue rose, opening a new chapter in both love and life.

Blue Rose and Butterfly Tattoo
Blue Rose and Butterfly Tattoo
  • Small Blue Rose Tattoos

Perfect for first-timers, small rose tattoos are delicate and simple without taking up too much space.

Small tattoos are also often used as fillers or accents to other pieces.

Small Blue Rose Tattoo
  • Blue and Purple Rose Tattoos

Purple roses are enchanting and the symbol of “eternal true love” – often tattooed in memory of a lost spouse.

When inked with a blue rose, this can symbolize immortal love mixed with the possibility of moving on.

Blue and Purple Rose Tattoo
Blue and Purple Rose Tattoo
  • Black and Blue Rose Tattoos

Black roses on their own are a symbol of death, although this is often not meant in a morbid way.

They are usually a memorial or a way to say farewell.

Alternatively, a black rose tattoo can mean rebellion, rebirth, grief, sorrow, or survival.

A black rose with a blue rose tattoo often symbolizes the mixed emotions of grief and sorrow with the unreachable feeling of a lost loved one.

  • Pink & Blue Rose Tattoos

Pink roses are linked with innocence, first loves, friendship, gentleness, and healing.

A pink and blue rose tattoo often is a tribute to first loves, with the pink rose representing the female and the blue a male.

Pink and Blue Rose Tattoo
  • Red & Blue Rose Tattoos

Although red rose tattoos are most widely known as a symbol of love and romance, they also indicate sacrifice.

A red and blue rose tattoo together may indicate passion and a deep desire for something seemingly impossible.

Red and Blue Rose Tattoo
  • Tribal Blue Rose Tattoos

A tribal rose incorporates linear, long designs that look incredible on any gender.

Although usually done with black ink, a blue tribal rose is a method of incorporating a striking, bold tribal tattoo design with the classic, timeless rose.

Tribal Blue Rose Tattoo
  • Blue Rose Sleeve Tattoos

A sleeve of roses indicates beauty and pain in both the appearance and the act of having a sleeve tattoo done.

Your sleeve can be entirely composed of blue roses, or have even more meaning weaved throughout with different rose colors or vines climbing up or down the arm/neck.

Blue Rose Sleeve Tattoo

Body Placement

Just as colors can portray different meanings, so too can the placement of your tattoo.

It is worth it to take a bit of time to sit down and consider how big you want the tattoo and what type of design you’re looking for to help narrow down your placement options – which are pretty much limitless; blue roses are quite versatile tattoos.

  • Blue Rose Hand Tattoos

As one of the most prominent spots for a blue rose tattoo, a rose on the hand is known to symbolize love through action.

Or, just a perfect place to have a tiny blue rose tattoo.

Whether it’s a full back-of-the-hand or a dainty blue rose tattoo, getting inked here is a bold, highly visible, but painful choice.

Blue Rose Hand Tattoo
  • Blue Rose Chest Tattoos

As a symbolic tribute to a loved one, consider getting a blue rose tattooed on your chest, close to your heart.

The chest also provides a fabulous canvas for small and large tattoos alike, providing you with plenty of freedom here.

Blue Rose Chest Tattoo
  • Blue Rose Thigh Tattoos

Thigh and hip tattoos are perfect for people looking for a large piece in a more discreet area.

Adding a seductive feel to a blue rose tattoo, thigh placements also increase the mystery factor, particularly when peeking out under a pair of shorts.

Blue Rose Thigh Tattoo
  • Blue Rose Shoulder Tattoos

An excellent spot for a blossomed blue rose, the shoulder provides an area for a medium to large size rose that can extend up the neck, down the forearm, or around to the back or chest.

Blue Rose Shoulder Tattoo
  • Blue Rose Ankle Tattoos

The ankles are common places for females to get rose tattoos especially, although of course, they’re suitable for any gender.

People often choose the ankle to get a tattoo as an unobtrusive spot that adds a feminine vibe to a blue rose tattoo.

Blue Rose Ankle Tattoo
  • Blue Rose Neck Tattoos

A neck tattoo is a big commitment to making a statement.

Although it is one of the most painful places to get inked, it gives a great opportunity to display a bold blue rose and can also signify you’re a romantic at heart.

Blue Rose Neck Tattoo

Blue Rose Tattoo Designs

If you’re still unsure of the design or placement of a blue rose tattoo, try gaining some inspiration from these!

Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo
Blue Rose Tattoo


A popular design for any gender, the blue color provides a unique twist to one of the most iconic tattoo choices, the rose.

Although regularly associated with love and beauty, a rose’s meaning completely changes when painted blue; replaced with feelings of mystery, fantasy, and the unattainable.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect tattoo to display beauty and love mixed with inspiration and the unreachable, search no further than a blue rose tattoo.

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