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Choosing a Floral Tattoo Artist

Chances are if you’re looking for a tattoo artist, you have an idea of what you’d like your piece of ink to look like, or at least what you’d like it to be inspired by.

Now comes the task of finding the perfect person to execute your vision.

It can be tempting to impulsively walk into a cool-looking shop and make an appointment, but if you want your piece to look as amazing as it seems in your head, you’ll want to do some research.

While every tattoo artist has probably dabbled in various styles, they likely have something they do better than anything else.

Picking something your artist feels confident in and will have fun doing makes for a great overall experience.

When it comes to floral tattoos, there are so many directions to move in when choosing the best floral tattoo artist.

Have a look at your artist’s Instagram or in-studio portfolio.

Make note of what you like versus what doesn’t really speak to you.

You should start to see patterns emerge.

Do you like more realistic tattoo designs, or something a little more illustrative?

Do you want your floral tattoo to burst off your skin in a celebration of color, or do you want something a little more toned down and mysterious?

Flower Tattoo Styles

If you want a floral tattoo with bold lines, saturated primary colors, and that real traditional tattoo aesthetic, you’ll want to find an artist who kicks it old school.

For a floral tattoo design equally as cartoonish but a little wilder, bursting with purples, turquoise, and pinks, you’ll be happy with a new school artist.

When it comes to watercolor tattoo designs, the technique is very popular for floral designs, but you’ll have to be careful in selecting your artist.

A great watercolor floral tattoo design will require the right balance between delicate, watery color fills and light black lines to ensure that your flower never dies.

Designs with fewer black lines tend to fade faster and require a tattoo artist well versed in this modern style.

If you’d like a floral tattoo design that makes a bold impact, try a blackwork tattoo.

Finding an experienced blackwork tattoo artist for your floral tattoo design means you’ll get what you asked for and more.

With something as versatile as a flower design, having a collaborative chat with your floral tattoo artist is a great step toward a next-level design.

Bringing the exact image you want, without any room for artistic liberties, is fine but if you let your artist have some input you’ll benefit from their years of experience.

You may end up with a floral design you never could have dreamed of!

And it will suit your body shape beautifully.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite floral tattoo artists, guaranteed to dazzle and inspire.

If you don’t have the time or money to travel to our top picks, chances are you have a talented crop of artists in your hometown, or maybe a convention that comes through your city.

Best Floral Tattoo Artists

Flowers are nature’s home decor.

They’re a timeless design, even as fads come and go we will always see floral tattoos.

Check out our artist picks and discover what makes you happy in floral tattoo designs!

Vic Vivid Flower Tattoo
Pony Wave Flower Tattoo
Phil Garcia Flower Tattoo
Andres Acosta Flower Tattoo
  • Yuuz – New York City, US
Yuuz Flower Tattoo
Antonina Rostra Flower Tattoo
Jess Chen Flower Tattoo
Liz Venom Flower Tattoo
Wolfgang Flower Tattoo
  • Mish – Sydney, AUS
Mish Bae Flower Tattoo
Chen Jie Flower Tattoo
Doy's Flower Tattoo
Donghwa Flower Tattoo
Mooho Flower Tattoo
Jenny's Flower Tattoo
BBrung Flower Tattoo
Peria's Flower Tattoo
Mumi Ink's Flower Tattoo
Zihwa Flower Tattoo
  • Rita – Ukraine, EU
Rita's Flower Tattoo
Axel Ejsmont Flower Tattoo
Koray Karagozler Flower Tattoo
Mini Lau Flower Tattoo

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