Valknut Tattoo

Valknut Tattoos: Norse Symbol Explained (A Quick & Easy To Understand Guide)

Valknut Tattoos

Valknut tattoos are some of the most modern-looking Viking tattoos that you can get today.

These tattoos are usually done in black ink, and often on men.

The three interlocking triangles of the Valknut are very trendy looking.

Valknut Tattoo

In fact, there are many different designs of Valknut tattoos, each one of them being more trendy than the next.

Before we look at these, let’s discuss, what is a Valknut tattoo?

Valknut Tattoo Meaning

The Germanic people used the Valknut symbol to honor those who passed away.

This symbol was meant to represent respect for a lover, family member, or friend who often passed on during a battle.

Nowadays, most people do not perish in battle but from other things and therefore the Valknut tattoo symbol has a new meaning in modern times.

Today, the Valknut tattoo symbol represents anyone you loved who has passed on.

Now, let’s take a look at some cool-looking Valknut tattoos:

Locked Triangles Tattoos

There is an interesting new way to interlock the Valknut triangles– instead of them being linked together loosely with space in between, the triangles can be interlocked tightly like a Celtic knot tattoo.

Valknut Tattoo

This kind of Valknut tattoo represents how incredibly close you were to the loved one who passed away.

Valknut and Wolf Tattoos

Wolf tattoos represent loyalty and in general, wolves are part of a pack.

Valknut and Wolf Tattoo

If you are part of a group of people who mean a lot to you and one of them dies, then a Valknut and wolf tattoo can symbolize the loyalty you had for that person and how much you will miss them.

Vegvisir and Valknut Tattoo

There is one tattoo design that shows the Vegvisir with a Valknut in its center.

Vegvisir tattoos were meant by the Vikings to help guide them to their destination.

Vegvisir and Valknut Tattoo

Therefore, the two of these tattoo symbols together mean that you hope that the spirits or God will guide your loved one who has passed on their journey to the afterlife.

Valknut and Huginn and Muninn Tattoos

Huginn and Muninn are two Viking ravens who travel together in pairs and always perch on God Odin’s shoulder.

In Norse, Huginn means “thought,” while Muninn means “memory.”

Odin was the Viking God of knowledge, wisdom, battle, and many other things.

Valknut Tattoo

When these two ravens are with a Valknut in a tattoo, it means that you think of the person in your life that you have lost often and that you will keep them in your memory forever.

This tattoo means that you will always be thinking of this person and you want to get this tattoo in honor of them because it will show your dedication to preserving their memory for the rest of your life.

Valknut and Yggdrasil Tattoos

Yggdrasil tattoos mean that everything in the universe is connected, and this tree is believed to be holding the world together.

Valknut and Yggdrasil Tattoo

WIth the Valknut, this tattoo represents how your loved one who has passed away is a part of the universe and that their lack of presence in your life will be felt.

However, it means that you are aware that death is a part of life and this tattoo can help you with acceptance.

Small Valknut Tattoos

Valknut tattoos work very well as tiny tattoos.

You can place a Valknut tattoo on the hand, fingers, ankle, collar bone, or even put a small Valknut tattoo behind your neck!

Small Valknut Tattoo

These small tattoos mean that you want a way to show how much you care about the person who has passed away in your life.

This kind of Valknut tattoo is an excellent way to show just how much you cared about them.

Valknut Tattoos: A Way to Mark a Passing

The most important part of getting a Valknut tattoo is about finding the perfect way to honor your loved one who has passed.

The Valknut tattoo will be a symbol for you of that loss forever, so it is important to pick just the right design.

Be careful when choosing the design for your Valknut, but remember that no matter what you pick it will be a great and memorable tattoo.