Sunflower Tattoo

What Does A Sunflower Tattoo Mean?

Sunflower Tattoo Meanings

The meaning of a sunflower tattoo is usually joy or happiness, and sometimes it means faith or growth.

Sunflower tattoos also can represent hope and warmth.

The sunflower tattoo’s design can be full of nature, geometric, in the traditional American style, grainy and rugged, or even have a face at the center of the flower.

Geometric Sunflower Tattoo

These, among others, are the many designs in which the sunflower can exhibit different meanings.

Here are some of the main themes of sunflower tattoo symbolism.

  • Sunflower Tattoo Meaning: Joy to the World

Sunflowers often elicit feelings of joy, and it is no wonder why.

Sunflowers are joyous flowers with long yellow petals and a textured kernel.

It also makes sense that sunflowers mean joy because of their color: yellow is a happy color!

Sunflower Tattoo

Another reason why these flowers are so joyful has to do with their name.

Sunflowers are named after the sun because they a known to face the sun and follow it wherever it goes.

For this reason, sunflower tattoos can mean that you always follow the sun, or in this case happiness.

In other words, this tattoo means you choose to view life on the positive side and always are heading towards a happier life because of it.

  • Sunflower Tattoo Meaning: Faith in All Above

Sunflower tattoos also show a flower that is bright and charming and a great representation of the miracle of life.

Just as the sunflower represents joy, it represents God, which is in a way joy itself.

Faith in God or many Gods can be shown with a sunflower tattoo because sunflowers are living beings that are meant to do no harm, if anything they are meant to help people.

Sunflowers used to be used as medicine by Native Americans to help with chest and kidney pains.

This is part of the reason why sunflowers represent the faith that you will get better and will succeed in life.

Another reason is that since, as we mentioned, sunflowers always follow the sun, in a way the sunflower has faith in the sun as a person may have faith in a God.

A sunflower tattoo represents that wonderful faith.

  • Sunflower Tattoo Meaning: The Power of Vitality

Vitality means growth, life, and development, or in other words, everything required for life itself.

All the other flowers we will discuss have this quality of life, otherwise, they wouldn’t be a flower.

However, a sunflower symbolizes the essence of vitality because it has an exceptionally long stem and petals, seeming to take in all the sun’s energy for its massive growth.

In fact, the sunflower is a miraculous flower that has growth patterns that exhibit vitality.

Sunflower Tattoo

The sunflower tattoo means that you have experienced or are experiencing great growth in life.

You are able to use your growth to your advantage and constantly improve yourself.

This is a great tattoo for someone who appreciates life and growth within it.

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