Tulip Tattoo

The Illustrated Guide to Tulip Tattoo Meanings

Tulip Tattoo Meanings

Tulip tattoos come in tiny tattoos and large tattoos, black and grey and bright purplish-blue.

The petals of the tulip tattoo overlap each other in a brilliant display of nature at its finest.

These highly dynamic flower tattoos are as beautiful as they are meaningful.

One of the main meanings of tulip tattoos is love.

Flower Tattoo

If you are someone who is obsessed with romance and believes that love is one of the most important parts of life, then a tulip tattoo may fit you well.

You don’t have to have a lover or a partner to have a tulip tattoo.

If you are single, a tulip tattoo could show that you wish to find love and that it is important to you to be with a future partner forever.

Since tulips bloom in the spring, they are thought to represent rebirth, as spring is when everything comes back from winter.

Tulip Tattoo

Tulip tattoos symbolize the beginning of a stage in life and a sort of the new start of something big.

These flower tattoos have many meanings as well that depend solely on their color.

For example, yellow tulip tattoos symbolize cheerfulness, and white tulip tattoos represent forgiveness.

The color of the tulip tattoo changes its meaning and creates a new symbolism.

Tulip tattoos are usually recommended for women, however, men may get these tattoos as well.

Floral Bouquet Tattoo

When men get a tulip tattoo, it means that they consider themselves a perfect lover for any man or woman.

These tattoos also represent women’s empowerment.

However, these meanings can be accentuated or even change based on the tulip’s color, design, or style.

Let’s take a look at what these tulip tattoo designs mean:

  • White Tulip Tattoo Meaning

White tulip tattoos, as we already have mentioned, symbolize forgiveness.

This tattoo not only symbolizes that you have a lot of forgiveness in general, but it can be received as a sort of promise to forgive someone specific.

White Tulip Tattoo

This is a rather extreme example, but if you were assaulted and are having trouble dealing with the event, you could get a white tulip tattoo in order to work on forgiveness towards that person.

  • Purple Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Purple tulip tattoos symbolize royalty.

Purple Tulip Tattoo

Royalty is a trait that includes meanings such as nobility, courage, and elegance.

This takes a special type of person.

Purple Flower Tattoo

Royal people are incredible and have an advantage over others.

If you consider yourself to have royal characteristics, you may want to get a purple tulip tattoo.

  • Yellow Tulip Tattoos Meaning

Yellow tulip tattoos represent joy, friendliness, or on the other hand hopeless love and betrayal.

Yellow Tulip Tattoo

Therefore, you could get a yellow tulip tattoo to express your joyfulness and ease in the ability to make friends.

Or, you could get this tattoo because your lover betrayed you and because you are full of heartbreak.

  • Pink Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Pink tulip tattoos mean that you are a happy and confident person.

This tattoo matches the personality of those who are able to brush negativity off of their shoulders, and who are sure of themselves.

Pink Tulip Tattoo

A pink tulip tattoo can prove to yourself that you will not let that negativity affect you.

This tattoo can also prove to yourself that you will keep your cool in tough situations.

  • Red Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Red tulip tattoos really bring out the love and passion of the tulip tattoo.

This tattoo is for people who are loving and passionate with their partners.

Red Tulip Tattoo

People who have this tattoo may be accused of being a flirt– if you have this tattoo you may spread your love too far.

However, you cannot be at fault, because there’s nothing wrong with being a passionate person.

  • Black Tulip Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of black tulip tattoos is rather dark.

This tattoo is for people that have a life partner and don’t want to die without them.

Black Tulip Tattoo

Black tulip tattoos mean that you want to die with them at the same exact time, that way you won’t have to live without them and vice versa.

As you can see, this tattoo is quite dark but at the same time, it is incredibly sweet and romantic.

  • Blue Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Blue tulip tattoos can represent women’s empowerment, meaning that you are an avid supporter of women’s rights.

If you are a woman who is getting this tattoo, it means that you love being a woman but that you wish for greater recognition in the world of womens’ intelligence and power.

Blue Tulip Tattoo

Another meaning of this tattoo is love.

This tattoo either means that you love your partner dearly or that you wish to find someone special.

  • Orange Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Orange tulip tattoos mean that you are determined to make a new start for yourself and turn your life around.

Orange Tulip Tattoo

This tattoo means that you are unhappy with how things have been going for you as of late, but that you have an extreme amount of determination to change that.

Orange tulip tattoos also mean that as you change your life, you will become highly successful and do well with everything you set your mind to.

  • Tulip Bouquet Tattoo Meaning

A bouquet of tulips in a tattoo means that you are a highly feminine person who loves being a woman and who is a strong supporter of women’s rights.

Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Another meaning of this tattoo is love.

If you are someone who has a partner, this tattoo means that you love that person very much.

Floral Bouquet Tattoo

You may even want to receive this tattoo in honor of that person.

If you are single, this tattoo means that you are searching for someone who will bring great joy to your life.

  • Open Tulip Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo of an open tulip tends to show the inside of a tulip with the petals flared outwards.

Open Tulip Tattoo

This tattoo refers to what you have inside of yourself– you may seem to be an innocent and quiet person, but passionate love and confidence run through your veins.

This tattoo is for someone who only shows their true selves to certain people and who only opens up to people they are close with.

  • Dutch Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Dutch tulip tattoos tend to use a lot of blues and often have a windmill in the background to represent The Netherlands.

The country is known worldwide for its tulips, and they are seen on every street corner.

Dutch Tulip Tattoo

Dutch tulip tattoos represent happiness and Dutch pride.

If you have a dutch tulip tattoo, chances are you are a positive person who isn’t let down easily.

  • Parrot Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Parrot tulips have three colors and bloom in late spring.

Parrot Tulip Tattoo

Therefore, there are two important meanings associated with parrot tulip tattoos.

First, since they are so interesting-looking, they can mean that you are a highly unique person who is proud to be different.

Parrot Tulip Tattoo

Also, since this flower is a late-bloomer, this tattoo represents people who maybe took a little bit longer than others to grow up but are mature now and feel that they are better for their experience

  • Tulip and Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Tulip tattoos and butterfly tattoos both represent transformation and new beginnings.

Tulip and Butterfly Tattoo

If you are at the point in your life where you need a fresh start, then you may want to get a tulip and butterfly tattoo to get things started and promise to yourself that you will make a change.

Flower and Butterfly Tattoo

This tattoo also represents transformation into something new.

Now, we aren’t talking about something as simple as getting a new haircut, we are talking about some serious transformation in your heart.

  • Rose and Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Rose tattoos and tulip tattoos both have the power to symbolize love.

You can get a rose and tulip tattoo to represent the love you and your partner share and get this tattoo in honor of them.

Rose and Tulip

This could even be a matching tattoo between you and your lover!

Rose tattoos and tulip tattoos are incredibly beautiful because they display two wonderful flowers that share a beautiful meaning.

  • Lily Tattoo and Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Lily and tulip tattoos tend to symbolize womanhood and feminine wiles.

If you are someone who is obsessed with women’s rights and wishes for women to be taken more seriously, then this is a wonderful tattoo to get.

Additionally, a lily flower tattoo with a tulip flower represents innocence and is for people who consider themselves to have a pure heart.

  • Watercolor Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Watercolor tulip tattoos are for those who are passionate about the arts.

Watercolor Tulip Tattoo

Whether you are a painter, a sculptor, or just like to doodle in your notebook, this tattoo is for people who love everything about art.

Watercolor Flower Tattoo

If you have this watercolor tattoo, chances are you enjoy going to art museums and you go on Pinterest or Tumblr saving your favorite creative ideas and artworks.


Tulip tattoos are very special because they reveal a lot about someone’s personality.

People who want others to understand themselves better should get a tulip tattoo.

That way, when someone asks, “what does your tattoo mean?” you can answer with a long statement about the meaning of the tattoo and strike up an important and intelligent conversation.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a tattoo to be a conversation starter and express yourself!

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