Tribal Wolf Tattoo

20+ Tribal Wolf Tattoos: Meanings, Tattoo Designs & More

Tribal Wolf Tattoos

Wolves are an enduring example of survival, having existed in the animal kingdom for thousands of years in a variety of environments.

When faced with challenges with weather and terrain, the wolf has come out on top and adjusted to become the strong figure we associate with them today.

Historically, the wolf is prevalent in Native American and Indian cultures.

Tribes have admired the familial ties that wolves represent in the wild, by looking out for one another and hunting in packs.

Tribal wolf tattoos, especially, have become extremely popular over the years.

They capture the earthy core of the animal and visualize this in natural depictions such as howling or running actions. 

They are a lively choice of tattoo, full of action and mental strength; tribal wolf tattoos are a brilliant representation of humanity and keep us connected to other mammals.

It can serve as a reminder of our connection others in the animal kingdom. 

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Meanings

Due to their long-standing presence on Earth, the wolf has truly become a multi-faceted animal with a variety of meanings tied to it.

The tribal wolf tattoo, however, gets to the core of the animal’s spirit.

From intimidating to comforting, a tribal tattoo design can capture that essence for you.

The tribal aspect is a homage to one’s culture or heritage for some, giving them an opportunity to showcase their respect.

For example, many Indian tribes consider tribe tattoos as a vital part of declaring your part as part of a collective.

Much like the wolf who works in a larger pack, tribes hold their community close to them.

Many tribe members use specific designs to identify their tribe, or as seen more recently, images of God have been popular.

Whatever the design, tribal tattoos can hold a wealth of history that goes way back.

Wolves have many traits and this is highly dependent on your perception of the animal.

Strength, loyalty, family, history and nature are some of the common traits associated with wolves.

When combined with the tribal design, however, those elements of history are forever present. 


We are all aware of Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

Basically, to survive centuries is to have the ability to develop in accordance with the environment around us.

Whilst a hundred years may feel long in human years, it is a rather quick turnaround for all the environmental changes that every animal has to adhere to.

Where other animals have failed to survive the harshest of conditions, the wolf has kept on developing.

A tribal wolf tattoo can show a resilient sense of growth – a determination to get through the hard times.

The comparison between humans and wolves is a fair one, and the tribal tattoo can bring out the years of growth you have been through, too.

Like many other tattoos, other objects and imagery can fit in perfectly.

If you are interested in having your tribal wolf tattoo as a representation of your growth, flowers may be a great addition (and can incorporate a little bit of color to it, too).

Common flowers in tattoos include rose tattoos, irises, sunflower tattoos, cherry blossom, peony tattoos, orchid tattoos and daisies.

They add a delicacy to your striking tribal style, which often is characterized by sharp edges.

See the tribal wolf tattoo as an act of self-love and give yourself some credit for all the growth you have done when in the face of adversity!

It also reminds you that you are in a constant state of growth each day, reassuring you that you have survived through many situations.

So, see the tribal wolf tattoo as a time to celebrate you.


As aforementioned, wolves are significantly symbolic in many cultures, much due to their longevity.

Their unfaltering existence draws comparison to the human’s, and we are faced with a natural history that we feel connected to.

If you have overcome your own obstacles, the tribal wolf tattoo is a perfect representation of the history you are leaving behind.

Every day is history in the making. In other words, seize the day! 

Your existence is also entangled with your past ancestors, current family members and the future.

You are more than your individual self.

The wolf works in a tribe, howling as communication to keep themselves close to their pack.

Tribal wolf tattoos are a homage to all that the past has enabled you to do: stay safe, have food and simply, exist.


Although meaningful tattoos are awarding for some, we also believe in the sake of having tattoos for their artistic design.

There is nothing quite as striking as the tribal tattoo, with all of its shape, symmetry, dot work and shading. 

The amount of detail is something one can play with to find a truly unique and personalized tribal tattoo design.

Whilst the tribal wolf tattoo is often synonymous with the collective nature of living, there is nothing to stop you from dedicating yours to your individuality.

At the end of the day, tattoos are inherently personal to you, and it is an opportunity to express yourself artistically. 

If you are in doubt, look to your life experiences or maybe begin a dream diary.

As always, a tattooist can work with you in finding a tribal wolf tattoo that sparks your imagination. 

Spark your imagination by adding the endlessly versatile tribal design to your wolf, who exudes pure beauty.

The fur and bone structure of a wolf means that they translate brilliantly into a tribal tattoo.

From dot work to a single needle tattoos, you can choose between a minimalist tattoo or a more traditional tribal style which celebrates thick lines. 

Your body is a canvas, so go ahead and let the tribal wolf tattoo express your creativity.


Dedicate part of your body to the importance of family and connections with a tribal wolf tattoo.

The wolf is the ultimate tribe animal, hunting and living as part of a pack.

Very rarely would you see them venture out on their own.

There is safety in numbers.

Maybe you have endured a significant or hard time with your family, and want to acknowledge their importance in your life.

Or perhaps you have physical distance between yourself and your family and want to feel closer.

A tribal wolf tattoo is a great choice to keep you close (especially if you convince a member to join in with you!) 

The tribal wolf tattoo is multi-faceted.

Whilst many tribal wolf tattoos choose to depict one wolf, you could create a design with multiple wolves whilst retaining that authentic tribal essence.

Other ideas, such as support and unconditional love, accompany themselves alongside the family message.

This opportunity could be used to incorporate other ideas such as hearts (or other love imagery).


Wolves occupy a slender, muscular and effortlessly beautiful body structure which keeps them strong in the natural world of dog-eat-dog. 

The tribal design is a highly versatile style.

From free-flowing line work to watercolor tattoo and intricate detail, the wolf can be transformed into something that looks forever moving.

The tribal style is highly suitable with the wolf, as both represent the bona fide vibe of existing.

If you desire something a little less rooted in realism or portrait, the tribal wolf tattoo allows for more abstract ideas.

Tribal shapes are full of curves, lines and texture that ignite the imagination and lead to some of the most original tattoo ideas.

It is brilliant for those who love creative control and being inventive!

Perfect for capturing the strong animal in motion, tribal wolf tattoos can easily bring out the strength of both the animal and ourselves.

The stable yet careful limbs support the entire weight of this animal as he runs miles, achieving true endurance and strength of mind.

It sounds very similar to ourselves and how we embody strength every single day.

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Designs

Tribal wolf tattoo has the ability to become a statement piece.

This means that the tattoo can be found on many parts of the body, from arm and leg to chest or back.

Placement is flexible.

However, if you prefer to keep it on the smaller scale, the tribal wolf tattoo would work perfectly on part of your arm or perhaps your thigh or calf.

Aside from body placement, tribal wolf tattoos are highly personalisable.

Take a more contemporary design incorporating a splash of ethereal watercolor or perhaps aim for visually satisfying symmetry of the pattern.

Tribal wolf tattoos are gender-less as well as timeless – much like the animal – so this truly is the opportunity to find your style.

First-time tattoos and seasoned pros both adore the tribal wolf tattoo for the same reasons – that the options are plentiful.

Below are a few examples of tribal wolf tattoos others have on their bodies.

Admire the striking beauty and maybe use this as inspiration for your next potential tribal wolf tattoo!

Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo on Chest
Watercolor Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo on Shoulder
Howling Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Howling Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Balinese Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Simple Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo on Forearm
Tribal Wolf Tattoo on Shoulder
Tribal Wolf Sleeve Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo on Chest
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Simple Tribal Wolf Tattoo

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