Traditional Snake Tattoo

50+ Traditional Snake Tattoo Designs

Traditional Snake Tattoos

Soaked with symbolism, the traditional snake tattoo brings a familiar American style and rich history.

The snake is an animal that can be traced back to many historical texts and cultures, including fictional tales and religious documents. 

Due to their prominence in culture, traditional snake tattoos have been a common choice for many.

Traditional Snake Tattoo Meanings

There is no one meaning to the traditional snake tattoo. 

The animal’s imagery is a rather complex one, made of slender, gently sloped structure and a set of strikingly sharp teeth.

If anything, a snake is a visual contradiction – and a fascinating one, at that.

Fortunately, accompanied by the always impressive American traditional tattoo style, a snake tattoo holds many meanings.

Whether you are spiritual, religious, an animal lover, or a self-motivator, the traditional snake tattoo will suit you. 

  • Transformation & Rebirth

One of the snake’s most impressive characteristics is its ability to shed its own skin.

It is an innate part of the snake to transform, and an American traditional snake tattoo is a brilliant way to capture your own sense of transformation.

By shedding their skin, snakes portray rebirth or redefinition.

You may personally interpret this as reincarnation, representing a constant flow of life.

Or perhaps you see it as a metaphor for having control over your own identity. 

At the end of the day, the snake remains the same inside whilst its outside changes.

The traditional snake tattoo is the perfect symbolism of taking control of your identity.

  • Androgyny 

Interestingly, snakes are not placed in a particularly feminine or masculine light.

The traditional snake tattoo, therefore, is a gender-neutral design that is free of the confines of gender. 

Snakes embrace both stereotypically feminine and masculine traits such as seductiveness, strength, and fertility. 

American traditional snake tattoos provide a clean slate.

They bring you a wealth of meaning that you can define in accordance with yourself.

Free of general societal beliefs, they truly give us an androgynous design to work with.

  • Power 

How many times has someone informed you that they are afraid of snakes?

There is no shying from the fact that snakes are an especially feared animal for humans. 

Whilst a snake could do some damage, our fear is rooted in the knowledge that snakes are mighty and able creatures.

Their ease in hunting prey is equal parts admirable and threatening.

Nonetheless, most of us have never had such an encounter.

Rather, in tattoo design, this evident strength of the animal exudes throughout. 

From the flexibility of their nimble bodies to the omnipotent look in their glassy eyes, there is no doubt the traditional snake tattoo is defined by power.

  • Romance 

Have you ever seen how snakes move?

Their structure makes moving look very effortless and hypnotic.

It is in their movement that the traditional snake tattoo can be deemed seductive – or better, romantic.

There have been cases of couples who use the snake’s sensual symbolism as a matching tattoo for themselves and their partner.

And why not? The bold strokes and foregrounded features make for a gorgeous traditional tattoo.

Main Themes

Visually, the American traditional snake tattoo is subject to various interpretations.

Considering color, other objects, and body parts of the animal, there is a breadth of main themes that can be focused on with a traditional snake tattoo.

Traditional Snake Head Tattoos

Cut to the most fierce and frightening part of the snake – the head.

Compromising of those penetrating eyes, a jagged tongue, and a full set of razor-sharp teeth, traditional snake-head tattoos are endlessly powerful and dominating.

Its placement would work anywhere on the body.

Yet, the sheer imagery of a snake-head deserves the eyes of everyone around you.

Maybe try an area visible to many, like the forearm, neck, or shin.

Channel your inner confidence and wear it on your skin with the traditional snake head tattoo. 

Traditional Snake Head Tattoo
Traditional Snake Head Tattoo
Traditional Tattoo

Black & Grey Traditional Snake Tattoos

Take it back to the basics with the forever stylish black and grey color scheme.

Combining it with the traditional snake tattoo, the black provides brilliant outlines and depth, whilst the greys give dynamic shading.

Combine this simple yet effective set up with different patterns.

Many black and grey tattoo designs work with dot work or a single needle tattoo.

This could add further texture to your traditional snake tattoo.

Black and grey traditional snake tattoos give you a classic style which you will only come to love more with time.

Black and Grey Traditional Snake Tattoo
Black and Grey Traditional Snake Tattoo
Black and Grey Traditional Tattoo
Black and Grey Traditional Snake Tattoo

Traditional Snake Tattoo Designs

Below are some examples of traditional snake tattoo designs.

Varying in their scale, placement, color, and vibe, you will discover just how versatile the American traditional snake tattoo is.

Traditional Cobra Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Cobra Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Cobra Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo


American traditional snake tattoos are full of colorful imagery.

Snakes may have been of interest for countless years, yet the variety of styles that tattooing can achieve makes them as fresh and original as ever.

Simultaneously revel in the mysterious beauty of the snake and tell your own story with the traditional snake tattoo.

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