Thoth Tattoo

Thoth Tattoos: History, Symbolism, Common Themes & More

Thoth is one of the more popular Egyptian deities when it comes to tattoos.

Thoth Tattoo

These days, young people seem to be turning away from traditional structures in every sense.

Millennials are enlightened in terms of their flexible views on gender, spirituality, and self expression.


Gone are the days when there is one acceptable way to present, to love, to worship, and to live your adult life.

In more ways than one, the Egyptian god Thoth’s celestial presence feels very alive in the spirit of today’s youth.

Thoth is one of the more popular Egyptian deities when it comes to tattoos- and for good reason!

If any Egyptian god was going to fit in with this creative millennial culture, it’s him. 

The Free Spirit of Creativity 

Creative expression is at an all time high in 2020, and for good reason.

Rapid technological advancements mean skills will always have to be updated with new training, so the best asset someone can have is an ability to roll with the punches.


Not only roll with them, but outdo the competition with the hottest, most original take on the punches.

With this influx of creativity and creative self expression, come an influx of tattoos.

An approximate 35% of adults (people above the age of 18) in America have tattoos.

It is no longer seen as something odd that may keep you from getting work.

As young adults turn away from traditional faith systems, they search for other sources of that mystical fix we all seem to crave deep down.

Then they get that source tattooed on them. 

The popularity of Egyptian god and goddess tattoos may seem strange, but ancient Egyptian art and spirituality has an undeniable appeal.

The images are lush and ornate, the stories are exciting, and the ideas are less dogmatic and binary gendered than more mainstream belief systems.

Who is Thoth?

Thoth has a few different stories associated with his birth.

Thoth is said to have been born of Ra’s lips.

In these legends he is known as the “God without a Mother.”

In other stories, Thoth is closely associated with an ibis- the bird who is said to have laid the egg that created the entire universe.

That settles that debate.


Still others believe Thoth is the son of Horus’s seed via the forehead of Set.

These are both male gods. While Set represents war and chaos, Horus is a benevolent sky god representing celestial quintessence. 

In the son of Horus and Set theory, Thoth represents a principal of divine balance known to the ancient Egyptians as Ma’at.

There is also a goddess by the same name who is often seen as Thoth’s Wife.

Thoth stands between the earth and the sky, between war and divinity.

It is his dual nature and his fluidity that makes him so popular as a modern icon.

What Does Thoth Look Like?

Thoth, like other Egyptian gods and goddesses, is most often depicted as having an animal’s head with a human’s body.

In the case of this particular god, his head is that of an ibis. Not only is the ibis sacred, its beak is curved like a crescent moon.

The crescent moon is something of a calling card for Thoth.

At times Thoth is depicted as a baboon, and even then he will be holding a crescent moon. 

What Does a Thoth Tattoo Represent?

The moon is often seen as a feminine symbol because of its 28 day cycle and its mysterious qualities.

We often associate femininity with that which is reflective, intuitive and alluring.

Male energy is usually considered “sun” energy because it is more explosive, outspoken, and aggressive.  

Thoth being born so unconventionally and having an association with the moon gives him a somewhat gender fluid nature.

He can be a wonderful guide to someone who feels betwixt, or anyone who wants to find balance between their masculine and feminine side.

Because he was born by the gods of chaos and divinity respectively, he is tasked with maintaining the overall spiritual balance of the universe.

A tall order to be sure, but nothing outside of his depth.

Thoth likes to keep busy.

In ancient mythologies, he also works as a record keeper for the gods and is credited with bestowing the gift of the written word on humanity.

Thoth may work hard, but he takes refuge in the afterlife.

He has a home there known as the Mansion of Thoth.

In this home, he allows souls to rest and regain their strength in his presence. 

Thoth also has magical powers and will give souls the mystical tools they need to protect themselves from demons on their journey.

Thoth’s magical prowess was so revered, there is rumored to be a magical text somewhere in the existence known as The Book of Thoth.

The book was penned by Thoth himself and contains all of his magical secrets, but was cursed.

If you were to get your hands on a copy of the text, tragedy would not be far behind.

All in all Thoth represents creative energy, secrets, academic wisdom, celestial mysticism, duality, balance, and protection.

Kind of a one god fits all.

Thoth in Pop Culture

Thanks to the success of American Gods, there is a renewed sense of enthusiasm around Thoth.

The wise character Mr. Ibis is a direct modern representation of Thoth.

In baboon form, you may be familiar with Thoth as Rafiki from The Lion King.

Common Themes in Thoth Tattoos

Thanks to this god’s creative influence, there are any number of styles a Thoth tattoo may come in.

Most traditionally would be either an ancient Egyptian art style, or in other cases portraiture. 

The most common choice is to portray Thoth as a bird headed man, others may choose an ibis or a baboon.

Thoth Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking to get a Thoth tattoo, there are so many ways you can approach it.

What style will you go with?

Take a look at our gallery to get some divine inspiration.

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