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Ink For Dads: Coolest Tattoo Ideas For New Fathers

Fatherhood Tattoos

Proud fathers who choose to receive tattoos in honor of their son or daughter have a lot of different tattoos to choose from.

Becoming a father is a proud moment.

Some choose to symbolize this moment with a tattoo.

Let’s take a look at some examples of tattoos that symbolize fatherhood, as well as a few that children can get in honor of their fathers:

  • Birth Date Tattoos

It is common that fathers receive the date of their child’s birth as a tattoo.

It is also common that people get their father’s birth date or, if they have passed, may receive their death date as a tattoo.

Birth Date Tattoo

These dates are often paired with a certain tattoo symbol, such as something their father liked or that reminds them of him.

Both of these types of dates are significant for the same reasons: they both represent an important day in that family’s life that should be remembered.

  • Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos with your child’s name inside can represent the love that you have for your child or children.

Heart Tattoo with Child's Name

This tattoo is especially perfect for your daughter and can include her birthday.

Heart tattoos symbolize the love that you have for your child and how you will love them forever.

  • Heartbeat Tattoos

Another design of fatherhood tattoos is a heartbeat tattoo, where the name of your child is within the heartbeat symbol.

Heartbeat Tattoo

This symbol represents the heart which of course represents love and affection.

If you want to show how much you love your son or daughter, this tattoo could be a great way of showing it.

  • Arrow Tattoos

Arrow tattoos represent the direction that your life has aimed toward in the world of fatherhood.

Arrow Tattoo

This tattoo represents how the introduction of your son or daughter into your life has changed it completely.

Arrow tattoos symbolize the new direction that a father’s life takes when he starts having children.

  • Writing From Son/Daughter Tattoos

One other idea for a dad tattoo is the imprint of a note or piece of writing from your son or daughter.

This could be something as simple as “I Love You Daddy” in their handwriting or could just be their name written in their handwriting.

Fatherhood Tattoo

We often save notes and different writing from our kids to remember how cute they were when they were little, and this could be a great symbol of fatherhood for a tattoo.

  • Your Son/Daughter’s Portrait

Some people receive a portrait tattoo of their children that is in almost exact likeness to them– there’s nothing more loving than having their face on your arm.

Portrait Tattoo

This kind of tattoo could be part of a sleeve or stand on its own.

  • Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos represent loyalty and trust.

If you are very loyal to your child or children and want to show it, then you may want to get an anchor tattoo.

Anchor Tattoo For Fathers

Anchor tattoos can represent fatherhood because they are all about trusting in each other.

  • Praying Hands Tattoos

If you are a father who is religious you may want to get a praying hands tattoo.

This tattoo means that you are incredibly thankful for your children and thank God every day for them.

Praying Hands Tattoo

You may even want to receive your child or childrens’ initials net to the praying hands or an additional lettering tattoo of their names.

  • Rose Tattoos

A rose tattoo can symbolize fatherhood because roses represent love and affection.

If you don’t want the rose tattoo to look too feminine, you may want to receive a black and grey rose tattoo.

Rose Tattoo That Symbolizes Fatherhood

This tattoo can be a representation of the love that you and your children share.

  • Kid’s Doodle Tattoos

Many fathers want to show how much they care about their young child, and one way to do this is to tattoo an image of one of their kid’s doodles on their arm, chest, or back.

Doodle Tattoo

This can be a super cute way of showing your affection through tattoo art.

  • Dog Tags Tattoo

If you are a father who is involved in the military, you may want to get your children’s names on dog tags tattoos to your arm, side, chest, or leg.

Dog Tags Tattoo

This tattoo shows not only that you are serious about your love for the military, but that you love all of your kids.

  • Handprint/Footprint Tattoos

Another great way of showing affection for your young child is getting their handprint or footprint tattooed to you.

Footprint Tattoo

This tattoo is especially great if you recently had a child so that you can get their tiny imprint tattooed.

Handprint Tattoo

This way, you can always remember how small they were!

  • Holding Hands Tattoo

A tattoo of your hand holding your child’s hand is a great way to show your love for them.

Holding Hands Tattoo

This tattoo shows that you will always be there for your child, and this is a tattoo that your child will appreciate and value seeing that their father cares so much about them.

  • Celtic Father and Daughter Knot

Like most Celtic knot tattoos, the Celtic father and daughter knot tattoo has no beginning and no end.

The knot has four corners and looks a lot like a square with knots going through it instead of lines.

Celtic Father and Daughter Knot

Sometimes, for those who are religious, there is a cross tattoo on the inside of the knots.

This Celtic tattoo is meant for fathers who want to show how much they love their daughters and to reveal the deep bond and connection they have with them

Would You Get a Tattoo For Your Son or Daughter?

If your child is very young, then they may not yet appreciate you getting a tattoo for them.

However, as they grow older, you can show them your tattoo and tell them how it shows how much they mean to you.

If your kids are older, they could even be part of the tattoo process and help you even pick one out.

Either way, tattoos are a great way to show the love you have for your kid or kids and are a lasting show of affection.

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