Moon Tattoo

22 Tattoos That Symbolize Growth: Meaningful & Memorable Designs

Tattoos Symbolizing Growth

Many people want to get tattoos that symbolize growth because when someone’s luck is starting to change it is a momentous moment of change in that person’s life.

That important change in the person’s life should be remembered by a tattoo because growth is an important part of their life.

We will discuss all of the different tattoos that symbolize growth so you can decide which meaningful tattoo is right for you.

Moth Tattoos

Many moth tattoos symbolize growth.

In fact, the main meaning of moth tattoos is transformation or metamorphosis.

Moth Tattoo

Moth tattoos symbolize positive growth and a complete change of self.

You may want to receive a luna moth tattoo if you are going through a time of positive growth in your development as a person.

Luna moth tattoos typically emphasize the transformation part of the moth tattoo’s meaning.

Moth Tattoo

Moth tattoos have to do with a positive change or growth in your life.

These tattoos also have strong meanings of independence.

Lotus Flower Tattoos

If the lotus flower can survive under incredible conditions, so can you.

In fact, the lotus flower can survive practically no matter what happens to it and it still grows.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus flower is connected to one’s awakening and spiritual growth and energy.

If you have been developing a growth in your spirit and growing in your religion, whatever that may be, then the lotus flower tattoo can symbolize that growth.

Phoenix Tattoos

The phoenix tattoo is all about growth, transformation, and metamorphosis.

The myth of the phoenix describes a bird who keeps going through cycles of transformation.

Phoenix Tattoo

Because of this, the phoenix tattoo represents growth and someone who is constantly reinventing themselves.

The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and a phoenix tattoo means that you have practically become a new person because you have changed so much.

This is a great tattoo to get if you recently started a new chapter in your life.

Triskelion Tattoos

The Triskelion is an ancient Celtic symbol that represents the lucky three’s as the symbol is a triple spiral.

The symbol refers to constant movement, or ongoing growth or progress.

Triskelion Tattoo

The triskelion tattoo means that you are constantly working on yourself and that you are always making moves on which direction to head in next and how to better become a more well-rounded person.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are quintessential transformation or metamorphosis tattoos because butterflies literally go through metamorphosis!

For this reason, butterfly tattoos are symbolic of change or growth and mean that you have changed so much that you are literally a different person.

Butterfly Tattoo

Well, we all become completely new people every seven years, but this is not what we mean.

What we are referring to is, well, that you have made so many positive changes in your life that you are practically a brand new person.

Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish are popular symbols in China and Japan, mainly because of the koi fish legend which describes how a group of koi fish made it on their way against all odds upstream.

Because of this, the koi fish tattoo is a symbol of determination and struggles against massive obstacles.

Koi Fish Tattoo

The tattoo in this case means that you have exhibited great growth against all odds or that you have mastered something that you have been working really hard to accomplish.

This is a highly popular tattoo and is a great tattoo to show growth.

Seed/Acorn Tattoos

Seed or acorn tattoos mean that you started out as a mere seedling but are becoming a large plant.

Acorn Tattoo

This tattoo is metaphorical not for literal growth but for spiritual growth or mental or emotional growth.

Seed tattoos are great symbols that represent how you started out so that you can now see what you have become.

Seed Tattoo

These tattoos mean that your growth over the past year or season has been significant and is noteworthy.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossoms bloom in springtime, so cherry blossom tattoos represent a time of renewal.

Cherry blossom tattoos can also symbolize growth because cherry blossoms bloom very quickly in the spring into big beautiful flowers.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

If you have experienced some growth during a short period of time that you are proud of, then you may want to receive a cherry blossom tattoo.

Kokopelli Tattoos

Kokopelli tattoos are symbols of life and renewal.

You may want to get this tattoo if you are leaving a negative habit behind, starting a new chapter in life, or beginning something new in your love life.

Kokopelli Tattoo

The Kokopelli tattoo can signify growth because it means that something significantly different is happening in your life because you have made a change in your life or worked on yourself in some aspect.

Nirvana in Sanscrit Tattoos

The word Nirvana written in Sanskrit is a popular tattoo that can symbolize growth.

Nirvana in Sanskrit

The tattoo means that you are working on reaching your enlightenment, with the goal of achieving this in one of your lifetimes.

Now, this doesn’t mean you believe you will achieve Nirvana right away, or even in this lifetime, however, it does mean that you are determined to work towards it as a goal and to always be mindful.

Caterpillar Tattoos

Like the butterfly, the caterpillar is a major symbol of metamorphosis and change.

The caterpillar tattoo symbolizes growth because the caterpillar grows and changes into a butterfly eventually.

Caterpillar Tattoo

This tattoo, therefore, means that you believe that eventually you will grow and change into something beautiful.

This remarkable growth is something else– it is the kind of growth that is life-changing!

Runes Tattoos

Receiving a rune tattoo to symbolize growth is a powerful symbol that makes for an excellent tattoo.

Runes Tattoo

There are many runes that symbolize growth, and we will list all of the rune symbols that you can receive for this purpose.

Ouroboros Tattoos

The Ouroboros tattoo means that you believe that life is like a circle and that life and death happen over and over again in a rebirth cycle.

Ouroboros Tattoo

This tattoo can symbolize growth because it means that you believe that you are constantly growing and changing in each new life as your soul develops and you are constantly reborn as a better person.

This symbolism has a lot to do with reincarnation and Buddhism but could be taken more metaphorically than literally.

Snake Tattoos

Snake tattoos represent the changing nature of the universe and the way that the universe goes in a circle.

Snake Tattoo

This can symbolize growth because it means that if the universe is constantly changing, so are you.

This tattoo means that you are constantly changing and developing as a person and that the fact that you are always getting better is important to you.

Egg Tattoos

Egg tattoos represent new beginnings or opportunities.

These could be ones that were seized by the power of growth in an individual.

Egg Tattoo

Many people realize new opportunities because they have worked on themselves enough or because they are constantly working on improving themselves.

Moon Tattoos

Moon tattoos in any phase symbolize growth because the moon is constantly changing.

Every night is a fresh new moon.

Sometimes, it even appears as if the moon is growing each night.

Moon Tattoo

Moon tattoos mean that over the course of a short period of time you have developed as a person, whether this is emotionally, physically, mentally, or intellectually.

It also means that you are highly proud of the change and that it was a positive one.

Sunrise Tattoos

The sunrise involves the change of the day.

Therefore, sunrise tattoos represent change and growth in an individual.

Sunrise Tattoo

Maybe you feel like you have transformed from night into day.

Maybe this has been a highly motivating positive change for you.

Sunrise Tattoo

Whatever that growth has been, a sunrise tattoo means that you are moving from the darkness into the light, or in other words, things are looking up for you!

Celtic Knot Tattoos

Celtic knot tattoos can represent eternal life.

They mean that you believe in the existence of the soul.

Celtic Knot Tattoo

And, for those who believe in the existence of the soul, growth is pretty important.

The more that you work on yourself and improve yourself the better the eternal part of life will be.

Therefore, this tattoo is for those that believe growth in this life makes a big difference about where you end up after death.

The Magician Tarot Card Tattoos

The Magician Tarot card tattoos represent your greatest burning desire, determination, dexterity, or travel.

These are all significant attributes of growth.

If your greatest desire is to grow as a person, then you will want to get this tattoo.

Most people desire to grow or change in some fashion, so many people would say that this is their greatest desire.

Sunflower Tattoos

Sunflower tattoos are symbols of a long, happy life.

Long and happy lives are ones that are filled with growth and change.

Sunflower Tattoo

All we do in life is growing, just like a sunflower.

Therefore, this tattoo means that the growth we are doing on our own is going to lead us to have a great life.

Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical stars were meant to lead a sailor home on a long voyage.

We are all on a big journey home to the end of our travels, and through it all, we grow.

Nautical Star Tattoo

For that reason, nautical star tattoos represent growth or development.

They represent a long journey, or life, and one where we are constantly changing.

Yin Yang Symbol Tattoos

Although Yin Yang symbols are best known for representing two opposites, they are also known for symbolizing growth.

Sometimes one needs two opposites to collie in order to experience growth.

Yin Yang Tattoo

Something wild needs to happen to push them in one direction or another, either two things pulling together or pushing away.

In this case, the Yin Yang symbol is a great way of representing growth.

Have You Experienced Growth Lately?

The thing about growth is that we all experience it.

Growth is one of the few constants throughout our lives.

When the growth is large and we notice it, that’s the time to get a tattoo to signify it as an event in our lives.

You have plenty of tattoo ideas to choose from, so pick one and start on the next chapter of your life!