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The Most Factual Statue Tattoos: Which Statue Should I Get?

Statue Tattoo Meaning

Looking to add a little class to your life?

Statue tattoos are not only classy, but they represent what we go to see in museums which is classical beauty and beloved artistry.

Having a statue tattoo means that you appreciate the arts, aesthetics, and bravery against all odds.

Statue tattoos have a taste of the highest quality and are often of important leaders of the past.

These leaders were both brave and powerful, and are represented by whichever statue tattoo you pick out.

Examples of these are Roman statue tattoos of Gods and emperors like Caesar!

There are also statue tattoos of esteemed symbols such as the Statue of Liberty.

All these statue tattoos represent classic beauty as well as the meaning that comes along with the face behind the statue.

Who wouldn’t want beauty, and brains?

Greek Statue Tattoo Meaning

Greek statue tattoos have a lot to do with victory, freedom, and empowerment.

The Greek Gods and Goddesses still fascinate us to this day!

Perhaps it is because they are so regal and powerful.

In fact, Greek statues are still seen by millions of people to this day because they are so beloved.

In order to properly capture the detail in these sculptures – they are mostly done in a black and grey portrait style.

Some tattoo artists choose to add special elements such as glowing, ethereal light, or storm clouds.

Greek Sculpture Tattoo

The Greeks were considered geniuses when it came to art- particularly sculpture.

History scholars have broken Greek art into 3 main time periods: Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic.

It was as sculptors moved from the Archaic to the Classical period that we begin to see the shift that has rippled outward and informed art to this day.

In the Archaic period and earlier, the human form was generally portrayed as fairly static, and usually front-facing.

There was some attention paid to detail, but not much.

The art during this time, especially when it came to depictions of people, was impressive but plain.

Moving into the classical period- art suddenly became dynamic.

Statues struck poses and were draped in clothing that seemed to sway in the breeze despite being carved from stone.

Muscles were rippling and everyone was anatomically correct.

It was an exciting time as never before seen techniques began producing life-like results.

For these reasons, having a Greek statue tattoo can mean you’re moving from one phase of your life to another.

Greek Statue Tattoo

You took the crude skills you had in one area of life and took them to the next level.

Perhaps you’re someone who works with bodies- a massage therapist or a doctor.

Greeks had an appreciation for the human body and its capabilities, particularly its muscular structure.

Let’s take a look at why Greek statues are loved as tattoos as well.

Zeus Statue Tattoos

Zeus statue tattoos emphasize his muscular physique and are a sign of his inhuman qualities.

He is too powerful and regal to be human— Zeus is the king of all Gods.

Zeus Tattoo

This tattoo means that you need some powerful energy in your life and that you seek to gain a more regal attitude in times of trouble.

Medusa Statue Tattoos

Medusa statue tattoos represent an artistic quality that is very rarely seen today because such an ancient symbol is something we no longer celebrate.

Medusa Statue Tattoo

For those who choose to celebrate it nowadays, the medusa tattoo meaning is protection, women’s empowerment, and determination.

Winged Victory Tattoos

This tattoo represents an ancient statue that is known for missing its head and is simply a body with wings.

Winged Victory Tattoo

The meaning of this tattoo is the kind of freedom that means being free against all odds.

This tattoo is for someone who appreciates freedom and independence in their lives.

Venus Statue Tattoos

Venus statue tattoos are for women who love to be cherished and for men who love women.

Venus Tattoo

This tattoo is all about women and beauty and how it is created by the Gods.

You should get this tattoo if you appreciate the feminine whiles of a women’s nature and want to celebrate it.

Roman Sculpture Tattoo Meaning

Roman statue tattoos are in competition for being as loved as Greek statue tattoos.

They compete for our attention and everyone has their own preference.

The point is, Roman statues are loved by many and they make great tattoos.

Let’s take a look at some of the great Roman statues and what they mean when they are tatted to your body.

Statues of Roman Emperors Tattoos

This kind of tattoo either means you are a history buff or someone who oozes royalty.

Roman Sculpture Tattoo

Not only do the Roman emperors represent a time in history that will always be revered as important, but they symbolize great strength and regality.

Roman emperors’ tattoos mean that you are someone who people respect and who has a lot of power over others.

Lady Justice Tattoo Meaning

Lady Justice tattoos represent divine law and order and peace within a unified system.

Lady Justice Tattoo

It means that you appreciate justice in any circumstance and always fight for the right cause.

If you have this tattoo, it means that you fight for good over evil and like to do the right thing.

Marcus Aurelius Tattoo Meaning

Marcus Aurelius was known for his contribution to stoicism and was a great philosopher of his time.

A statue tattoo of him means that you think virtue is the most important concept in the world.

Marcus Aurelius Tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes your love of doing the right thing and your inability to do the wrong.

It is clear that this tattoo represents everything that’s good in life and describes a reality which we all wish we could become a part of.

Minerva Tattoo Meaning

Minerva statue tattoos mean that you seek more strength or justice in your life.

Minerva Statue Tattoo

Minerva is the Goddess of both war and justice and therefore is a symbol of fighting for what you believe in.

This is a tattoo for someone who fights for their values and doesn’t let other people tell him what to believe.

She-wolf Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo, which is actually a fake in a way, symbolized for some time the birth of the Roman Empire until they found out it was made much later than Roman times.

Nonetheless, it represents the start of an Empire that had an enormous effect on the world.

This statue tattoo means that you are at the start of greatness and something awesome is going to begin to happen for you.

St. Peter’s Statue Tattoo Meaning

St. Peter was a devout Christian and an early Christian leader, worshipped still today in the church.

St. Peter Tattoo

This statue tattoo means that you are also a devout Christian or maybe a Catholic who either way is not afraid to show off their religion to others.

This tattoo means that you worship God to the point that everyone knows you are religious.

Renaissance Sculpture Tattoos

The Renaissance was a time of amazing developments in art.

It is known for being a great time in art history.

Renaissance Sculpture Tattoo

Also, Renaissance sculptures make great tattoos.

Let’s take a look at some of the great sculptures of the Renaissance and what they mean as tattoos:

Statue of David Tattoo Meaning

The statue of David is a depiction of David’s triumph over Goliath, a fantastic tale of victory.

Statue of David Tattoo

This statue tattoo symbolizes victory in all aspects and hows that you are someone who triumphs in situations over others.

It shows that you are a winner!

Moses Statue Tattoo Meaning

Moses is important to both Jews and Christians.

Moses Sculpture Tattoo

He was a prophet and the deliverer from Israel.

This statue tattoo makes Moses look like a royal being and symbolizes great respect for religion and for Moses himself.

Apollo Statue Tattoo Meaning

Apollo was a deity of music, and therefore he symbolizes the arts.

Apollo Statue Tattoo

An Apollo statue tattoo means you are very serious about the arts as a study as well as a discipline.

This would be a great tattoo for a musician, a painter, a sculptor, or anyone who studies the arts and views them as an important part of their lives.

Baroque Statue Tattoos

The Baroque style of art was known for being overzealous and dramatic.

It was a time of extreme expression of taste.

Baroque style statue tattoos are quite interesting, so let’s take a look at some of the style’s statue tattoos:

Milo of Croton Tattoo Meaning

This is a symbol of a wrestler who won many victories in the city of Croton in present-day Italy.

The tattoo represents an intense feeling of victory.

The Milo of Croton statue tattoo is a symbol of winning and can make you forever feel like you are on the winning side of life.

There’s nothing better than being on the winning side!

Trevi Fountain Tattoo Meaning

This baroque fountain looks perfect as a statue tattoo because it is so famous for being one of the most beautiful statues in the world!

Trevi Fountain Tattoo

The meaning of a Trevi Fountain tattoo is mainly that aesthetics and artistic expression are important to you.

This tattoo is a symbol of a love for the arts and makes you look like you are someone who is creative.

Saint Andrew Tattoo Meaning

This religious tattoo is for a Christan or Catholic and is for someone who may be known for preaching.

This is because Saint Andrew spread Christianity and therefore this tattoo is for someone who spreads the word of God.

A statue of him is very pious and means that Christianity should be brought to the far corners of the world.

If you believe this in your heart, then this is a tattoo for you!

Gothic Sculpture Tattoo Meaning

Got Gargoils?

These sculpture tattoos can represent that you are either are a fan of the art style or you are a contemporary goth.

These tattoos can be quite dark and mean you appreciate the Gothic style of art.

If you have a Gothic sculpture tattoo, you are probably someone who is creative and a big fan of the arts.

Aztec Statue Tattoo Meaning

There are many different types of Aztec statues, including all of the great symbols of Aztec culture.

The meaning of an Aztec statue tattoo is dependent on which symbol you choose to represent on your body.

Aztec Statue Tattoo

Many of these symbols represent someone who is a great warrior, vitality, power, and one’s passage through life and time.

Be careful when choosing which Aztec tattoo to pick because each one has a specific meaning that can be very special to you and be a tattoo you will carry with you your entire life.

Egyptian Statue Tattoo Meaning

There are countless types of Egyptian sculptures that currently you may find in museums all over the world.

Egyptian Statue Tattoo

If you have an Egyptian statue tattoo, you must be a history buff who loves ancient Egyptian art and culture.

You may even be a lover of mysticism and magic, as Egyptian tattoos often represent ancient Gods and Goddesses and the relationship between them and the afterlife.

Other Statue Tattoo Ideas

Let’s not leave out all the other interesting statue tattoo options out there!

It’s not all about Greek and Roman statues tattoos.

There are many sculpture tattoo ideas, and we have compiled a bunch of them.

The following are some great statue tattoo ideas:

Jesus Statue Tattoos

Everyone loves Jesus. Well, maybe not everybody.

But if you are a religious Christian, there’s a good chance that a Jesus statue tattoo may be perfect for you.

Jesus Tattoo

The meaning of this tattoo is quite obvious.

If you have this tattoo, you are a religious and devout Christian and want to prove your devotion by having a tattoo of a Jesus statue.

Virgin Mary Statue Tattoos

The Virgin Mary is a highly important symbol in the Christian world and a statue tattoo of her means that you are someone who goes to church and loves God.

Pieta Tattoo

It also means that you are someone that is pure of heart.

It also means that you avid sinning at all costs and try to be a good person as much as possible.

Angel Statue Tattoos

Angel statue tattoos are very aesthetic.

People get angel tattoos because they are beautiful and elegant.

Angel Tattoo

These tattoos may not be all about looks— they also mean that you feel as though an angel is looking out for you.

Perhaps someone who has passed has become your guardian angel and you have this tattoo because you believe that they are watching out for you in life and that you will survive whatever life throw at you.

St. Francis Statue Tattoos

St. Francis of Assisi is one of the most revered figures of the Christian world.

He was known for his pious nature and his love of God.

This statue tattoo symbolizes your love of God and that you want to follow Saint Francis in his shadow.

This is a great tattoo for someone who wants to prove to themselves and to others that they will always be a good person and a follower of the Lord.

St. Michael Statue Tattoos

This statue tattoo means that you hate sin and all that is bad and evil.

St. Michael Statue Tattoo

It means that you fight for justice in life and always stand up for the little guy.

In fact, this tattoo can be a symbol of your promise to always stand up against evil.

Statue of Liberty Tattoos

A Statue of Liberty tattoo is a great symbol of justice and freedom.

Statue of Liberty Tattoo

This statue tattoo represents bringing people into the country who are in need of help.

This tattoo also means that you appreciate the freedom of America and love the country.

Lion Sculpture Tattoos

Lion sculpture tattoos represent pride and ferociousness.

Lion Statue Tattoo

If you have this tattoo it means you take great pride in your work and family and are a strong person.

This statue tattoo also means that you have a ferocious side— you may even be someone who will fight someone and who isn’t afraid to take someone down.

Foo Dog Statue Tattoos

Foo dogs are Chinese lions and are all about protecting things and authority as well as security.

Foo Dog Statue Tattoo

If you enjoy protecting those who you love such as friends and family, this tattoo is for you.

This statue tattoo represents your feelings of love and how you cherish others and feel the need to protect them.

Marble Statue Tattoos

Marble statue tattoos are known for being regal and never understated.

Marble Sculpture Tattoo

These tattoos mean that you appreciate the finer things in life and desire fortune.

This type of tattoo can be a good luck charm, bringing fortune to you and securing your place in high society.

Minimalist Statue Tattoos

Minimalist statue tattoos are highly artistic and creative.

They are also hip and edgy.

Minimalist Statue Tattoo

Anyone who has a minimalist statue tattoo loves the arts and considers themselves lovers of artistic expression.

This is a common tattoo for artists and creatives.


Statue tattoos have so many different meanings because statues can be of anything under the sun.

We have discussed how there are many Greek and Roman statues that we love to depict on our bodies.

There are also a lot of Saints and religious figures that are shown as statue tattoos and represent Christianity.

Some statue tattoos even show our love for history or for the arts.

In general, we can say that statue tattoos are for those who have an interesting taste in the arts and are people who love finer culture.

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