Snake Skeleton Tattoo

Snake Skull Tattoos: Meanings, Symbolism & Tattoo Designs

Snake Skull Tattoos

A snake skull tattoo is a tasteful and artful choice for a tattoo design.

This combines the idea of the skull with the concept of the snake.

These meanings collide to create an individual and eclectic tattoo symbolizing wisdom and rebirth.

There are really incredible tattoo designs that have the snake skull linking into the end of the snake, wrapping around the arm of the individual wearing it.

There’s a lot of creativity involved with these tattoo designs, which makes them very personal to you.

If you’re thinking about getting a snake skull tattoo there are a lot of different avenues you can take to represent this idea, it all depends on the meaning you’re trying to suggest.

It all comes down to what you combine the image with, whether that be flower tattoos, trees, or another symbol of rebirth and growth to go along with the snake, there is a lot more to it than what initially meets the eye.

Snake Skull Tattoo Meanings

Snakes are also a popular symbol of eternity, and they are an ancient sign of power and wealth in Native American culture.

Snakes are known to provide transformational properties due to the shedding of snake’s skin.

Eternal Meanings

Additionally, the eternal sense will imply that your effect and impression will be felt long after you are gone.

People who get snake skull tattoos often are strong-willed and assertive.

Snakes on their own are Native American signs of wisdom and mystery, so they are fantastic for those who want to exemplify both those things and the rebirth concept of a skull.

The snake represents fertility in some cultures.

An example of this comes in the form of the Hopi people in North America that perform a snake dance annually to celebrate the union of Snake Girl and Snake Youth.

This is meant to lift the spirit of the sky and the underworld uniting to renew nature’s fertility.

Live snakes are brought to the ceremonies and released in the crops to assure a good harvest.

The snake also symbolizes the umbilical cord that connects people to the Earth.

Double Meaning

A snake skull tattoo has a really poetic double meaning.

The skull aspect can represent death and decay, and the other side of it can represent eternal life (per the Native American tradition and folklore) and wisdom.

So, this tattoo itself has a lot of duality and duplicity.

It is just edgy enough for people to ask the story about it and meaningful enough to have a great one of growth and strength.

A snake skull tattoo is perfect for large pieces connecting with the rest of a snake skeleton or keeping it simple with the snake skull and picking a smaller place and keeping it more personal.

In any regard, however you choose to place it or design it, it’s such a beautiful and creative way to express your innermost feelings.

Hopefully, when people ask you the story of your tattoo, they take away your anecdote of strength and hope and listen to the reasons you got it and let it inspire them in their lives too.

The Meanings of a Snake Tattoo Paired with a Skull Tattoo

Something really interesting about a snake tattoo is the different meanings it can hold for different people and cultures.

In western culture, a snake is more a symbol of death and rebirth while in other cultures it’s a symbol of healing.

Skull and Snake Tattoo

A tattoo of a snake and skull can both appear to represent the darker side of the world but have a deeper positive meaning.

In one sense these symbols appear to represent death and decay, the movement from this world to another.

Skull and Snake Tattoo

Skull tattoos are greatly representative of human mortality and the cycle of life and death.

A skull tattoo could also represent mortality while a snake tattoo can represent rebirth; it really depends on what your personal taste is, and what you want your tattoo to mean to you.

Skull and Snake Tattoo

Sometimes goals are a symbol of the cyclical nature of our lives and the natural end of them, and sometimes there is symbolic characteristic of a rebirth.

Snake Symbolism in Various Cultures

The meaning of a snake has varied meanings across different cultures but in the regenerative sense, snakes shed their skin, so, they are associated with rebirth and transformation, making them a great choice for people who have gone through a big change in their life.

In ancient mythology snakes are believed to be one of the oldest symbols in both religion and art.

Egyptian hieroglyphics holds a snake as one of its most prevalent symbols, the Bible holds a more negative purpose of a serpent and in Greek mythology, snakes are closely related to wisdom and knowledge.

Egyptian culture holds a snake biting its own tail to mean renewal, representation and the continuous cycle of life and death.

Additionally, snakes hold a big place in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar.

It carries associations of grace, wisdom, organization, wit, mystery and divination.

In Nigeria, snakes are so revered that it is against the law to kill a python.

No matter your reason for getting a snake tattoo or how you view snakes in general, there is no doubt that there are powerful symbols and characters in history; both in mythology and in real life.

Native American Snake Symbolism

In Native American culture, the elders believe that the snake is a symbolism of life and rebirth.

They also believe that the snake was linked to secrets fertility rain and healing.

The snake is deeply intertwined with the earth element in Native American culture and so it controls a lot of things like weather and being grounded.

Making prayers to the snake for the health and well-being of the tribe was common.

Skull Symbolism

A skull on its own can symbolize overcoming difficult challenges, and even sometimes overcoming death.

In mythology, they can symbolize strength, power, and offer its bearer protection.

Even though skulls can seem intimidating and negative, they actually have a much more positive connotation to them.

Skulls can exemplify eternity, or the human remains after the soul leaves.

One common piece of advice from people with a skull tattoo is that they love it, and it is one of their favorites, their only piece of advice is to be prepared to explain what it means to you.

People will ask if it’s something negative or if it’s embodying death, but you can then explain whatever creative, artistic, and important meaning it holds for you.  

Main Themes in Snake Skull Tattoos

Snake skull tattoos represent transformation, metamorphosis, and the old version of you coming to a close.

Snakes, in shedding their skins, embody a sense of change and becoming a new version of yourself.

Another theme that is common in snake skull meaning is wisdom and ancient tradition.

Snakes appear in many different historical and religious contexts, both positive and negative, and this is more of a testament to how important snakes are to historical accounts than the actual context of the snake itself.

Snake Skeleton Tattoos

Snake skeletons can also be symbolic of the fact that even predators meet an eventual end.

Meaning, even your enemies will inevitably meet their end and be the end of your suffering also.

Everything comes to an end and has the potential to start over again.

Snake skeletons mean that you embody your primordial nature and triumphing over adversity.

Snake Skeleton Tattoo
Snake Skeleton Tattoo
Snake Skeleton Tattoo
Snake Skeleton Tattoo
Snake Skeleton Tattoo

Ouroboros Skeleton Tattoos

An ouroboros tattoo is a representation of a snake eating its own tail.

It is one of the earliest depictions of the cosmic equilibrium.

Snakes are already a strong symbol of eternity and eternal wisdom, but they take on an extra connotation of eternity when they are places in a circle.

Ouroboros Skeleton Tattoo
Ouroboros Skeleton Tattoo
Ouroboros Skeleton Tattoo
Ouroboros Skeleton Tattoo

Cobra Skull Tattoo

Cobra tattoos have a great masculine flair.

The snakes hold virtue and venom and are usually at a striking pose when illustrated.

Cobras come up a lot in the mythology of India.

In addition to coming up with snake charmers and are incredibly revered creatures.

The cobra skull is a symbol of wisdom and a healthy dose of intimidation, as wearing a venomous beast on your body can have trophy-like appearance.

Cobra Skull Tattoo

Snake Skull Tattoo Designs

There are many different avenues to take with the style of a snake skull tattoo.

Often classic tattoos have new school and old school connotations and styles.

It’s a pretty classic motif anyway, and so there’s a lot of flexibility to keep the tattoo classic, even if it has a new twist.

Realistic snake skull tattoos are also a really powerful style to get and this style works fantastic with a realistic skull image as well.

There is a lot of creativity in realism because you can also add other aspects.

Snake skull tattoo
Snake skull tattoo
Snake skull tattoo
Snake skull tattoo
Snake skull tattoo
Snake skull tattoo
Snake skull tattoo
Snake skull tattoo
Snake skull tattoo
Snake skull tattoo
Snake skull tattoo


The snake skull tattoo is a versatile way to show your wisdom and your ancient roots, grounded in history yet always morphing and changing into something else wonderful.

Shedding your skin in metamorphosis but never changing at your core.

The snake skull is a great choice, and when you’re asked about your tattoo, you will surely have a great story to tell.

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