Ragnarok Tattoo

The Meaning Of A Ragnarok Tattoo

Ragnarok Tattoos

Ragnarok, in Viking mythology, is the ending of all the stories because it is the ending of the world and the Gods as we know it.

The Ragnarok is the dramatic destruction of the entire cosmos and can be depicted in tattoos in many different ways.

Ragnarok is a Nordic word meaning, “fate of the Gods,” or, “twilight of the Gods,” also known as, “the fate of mankind.”

If you can’t tell already, this is a serious tattoo because the topic is quite intense.

Let’s take a look at what Ragnarok tattoos mean before we dive into more specific tattoo designs:

What do Ragnarok Tattoos Mean?

Some believed that out of this mess of destruction and chaos, a new green and beautiful world will be created and the Gods who survived will rule it and make it wonderful yet again.

Therefore, a Ragnarok tattoo can symbolize renewal and rebirth.

If you feel as though your world went into chaos and it is rising from the ashes, then you can get a Ragnarok tattoo to symbolize your new life.

Ragnarok Tattoo

Ragnarok tattoos can also symbolize how chaotic your life is at the moment.

Maybe you are going through some intense struggles and you are desperate for the pain to end.

A Ragnarok tattoo may be able to be a symbol that things are looking up for you, soon will change, and that you should never give up hope.

There’s another important meaning of the Ragnarok that was held by the Vikings, which is dignity, honor, and courage.

These traits are needed to face to end of the world with bravery and not give up.

Ragnarok Tattoo

One of the lessons of this great myth is that in the face of destruction we should not be paralyzed, but rather spring into action.

The Vikings believed we should learn from the myth that in uncertain situations we should hold a noble attitude that is worthy of being told about in generations to come.

Now that we know what a Ragnarok tattoo means, let’s take a look at some Ragnarok tattoo designs and their meanings:

Jormangandr Tattoo

One incredible Ragnarok sleeve is of the Jormangandr tattoo wrapped around someone’s arm and about to feast on one poor Viking.

This tattoo represents one part of the Ragnarok, the part where everything starts to be completely destroyed.

This tattoo means that although things in life sometimes come to an end, there are always new beginnings.

Viking Ship Tattoos

Another type of Ragnarok tattoo is one of a bunch of Vikings on a ship on a rocky ocean.

This is part of the myth where the entire world will sink into the sea, and undoubtedly these Vikings and trying their best to survive– a futile attempt.

Ragnarok Tattoo

This tattoo shows that the Vikings have great courage, all the way up until the end.

Therefore, this Viking tattoo is saying that even when ties are hard in your life, you always need to practice noble deeds and not back down from danger, too, if it means helping someone else.

Viking Warrior Tattoos

Another Ragnarok tattoo shows a Viking warrior battling monsters and standing strong with his ax in hand.

This tattoo represents the noble deeds that the Vikings believed were a large component of the Ragnarok myth.

The tattoo means that you should always be a good person and help others even when times are tough or when you feel as though all hope is lost.


There are many important reasons why you should get a Ragnarok tattoo.

Many people who are struggling do not do good deeds and try to fight and claw their way back to the top, sometimes sacrificing their morals in the meantime.

If you believe that in this kind of situation you would keep your morality and believe in being a good person no matter what, then a Ragnarok tattoo can be a symbol of that for you.