Pixie Tattoo

Pixie Tattoos: Meanings, Tattoo Designs & More

A magical tattoo for the free, impish spirit in you.

Pixie Tattoos

Pixies are a very popular, extremely customizable tattoo design.

For many, tattoos seem to be a way to add a little magic to their otherwise mundane human skin.

A lot of tattoos feature mythological or ethereal creatures, pop culture icons, characters from books, television, and movies.

The wonderful thing about Pixie tattoos is they can encompass all of these elements, so you end up with a tattoo that is uniquely you.

With a little pixie dust, of course.

Difference Between Pixies and Fairies

Firstly, if you’re going to get a pixie tattoo you should understand that not all human-like winged creatures are created alike!

Fairies are arguably more common in the tattoo world.

Fairies tend to be portrayed as tiny humans- usually female in appearance, with delicate wings and sometimes a magic wand.

Fairies wear clothing and will speak and move the way a human would, aside from the flying of course.

Fairies may be a little bit impish and cheeky, but they usually have a sweet disposition.

A fairy tattoo is a wonderful idea for someone who is sweet, young at heart, and has an other-wordly quality to them.

Pixies are a little more mysterious and magical than fairies.

Pixies tend to be less similar to humans in appearance.

They may have blue, green or pink skin. Their ears and noses are usually pointed, so they have some elfish qualities.

Pixies may be portrayed as wearing clothes, but not always.

If they are wearing clothing, it will often look more elfin and less human.

Tinkerbell, the famous pixie from Peter Pan, is drawn more like a fairy in the Disney cartoon.

That said, she has a lot of pixie-like qualities.

Pixies tend to be mischievous, a little self serving, and love to make trouble for humans.

They are both fascinated by humans and amused by their non-magical qualities.

They do not often have a discernible gender, and exist outside of those binary constructs. They are usually tinier than fairies, and quicker.

So they are naturally more destructive and naughty.

Someone who gets a pixie tattoo may see themselves as something of a trickster.

Pixie Origins

Pixie creature

The exact origins of pixies are unknown, as many cultures tell tales of small magical creatures.

Most pixie stories can be traced back to England, Ireland, and Sweden.

Pixies tend to be nature dwelling creatures.

There are many folklore legends about pixies living in rocks, trees, plants, etc.

The reason pixies can be somewhat bothersome for humans is they are often protecting their environment.

Common Themes in Pixie Tattoos

The style of your pixie tattoo is entirely up to you.

Some people may opt for something whimsical from an old story book, while others may want something more modern.

It can also be a popular idea to take a popular style of tattooing, such as traditional or tribal, and make a pixie design from that style.

There are those who may even take the image of a favorite celebrity and have them immortalized as a pixie creature.

Some pixie tattoos you may see include:

Pixie Tattoo with Stars

Because of their ethereal qualities, pixies are often portrayed among the stars.

This pixie tattoo may symbolize wish fulfillment and dreams.

Pixie Tattoo with Flowers

Someone who is attracted to a pixie’s connection to nature may want to see them surrounded by flowers.

This can also represent playful, innocent qualities, or feminine energy.

Dancing Pixie Tattoo

Pixies are known for their playful nature and their love of dancing.

To have a dancing pixie tattoo represents freedom of expression and a youthful spirit.

Pixie with Butterfly Wings

A pixie tattoo with butterfly wings is a beautiful symbol of rebirth and transformation.

This is also a lovely tie to the pixie’s earth based nature.

Evil Pixie Tattoos

Some artists choose to pay homage to the pixie’s darker side- the side that likes to mess with humans and cause trouble.

Though pixies in folklore are not necessarily evil, they can be vengeful toward those who have wronged them.

Someone who feels akin to the pixie’s more impish qualities may wear an evil looking pixie tattoo.

Celtic Pixie Tattoo

Those with Celtic heritage may want to pay homage to their roots with a Celtic pixie tattoo.

Celtic folklore is full of stories about pixies, and many people in Celtic countries are still wary of areas said to be inhabited by the little creatures.

What to Consider When you Design your Pixie Tattoo

A pixie design is so versatile, you can choose something that reflects your personality.

It can be as detailed or simple as you like, so you aren’t beholden to a certain size.

Consider why you’ve chosen a pixie for your tattoo.

What is it about the pixie that you want to portray?

Talk to your tattoo artist about the elements you’d like to include in your pixie tattoo.

Pixie Tattoo Ideas

Pixie tattoos are popular, but yours can be beautiful and unique.

Looking for some inspiration?

Check out our gallery for some magical imagery.

Pixie tattoo on the shoulder
Pixie tattoo on the ankle
Pixie tattoo on the back
Pixie tattoo on the ankle
Pixie tattoo on the shoulder
Pixie tattoo on the skin
Pixie tattoo on the shoulder
Pixie tattoo on the shoulder

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