Oni Mask Tattoo

The Different Meanings Of Oni Tattoos (Illustrated)

Embrace your shadow side with this design!

Oni Tattoos

For those who do not know, Oni are sort of Japanese ghosts that find it funny to mess with humans but never mean any real harm.

Their existence is from Japanese folk tales and perhaps they became popular tattoos because of their vibrant and bold imagery.

In monotheistic cultures, there are only so many figures we can turn to for examples of right and wrong.

There is a standard God-like figure with a legion of angels, and a mirror-image menacing figure with his teammates.

It’s rare to find much excitement outside of that when portraying legendary religious stories in art.

Polytheistic cultures, on the other hand, have a whole cast of interesting characters to choose from.

This is perhaps why the whole Western world has such a love affair with belief systems from faraway lands.

Japanese folklore is admired worldwide for its beautiful artwork, exciting imagery, and a variety of mystical figures to learn about.

In the tattoo world especially, these ancient belief systems provide an endless well of inspiration to draw from.

When worn respectfully and for the right reasons, the mythical creatures in Japanese folklore can make for some gorgeous tattoo pieces.

Speaking of respectfully wearing a tattoo, one of the more popular designs for Japanese tattoos is the Oni Mask and Oni tattoos.

Who are the Oni?

Oni is part of a larger umbrella term known as the Yōkai.

Yōkai is a group of what westerners may call goblins and ghouls.

The word Yōkai is comprised of two parts: alluring chaos and apparition.

There are some members of the Yōkai that are mischievous at best, more like the pixies from the UK.

These characters may find it funny to mess with humans, but they aren’t going to cause any harm.

The Oni figures, on the other hand, don’t mind breaking a few eggs to make an omelet.

So much so that they pop up as villains in many Japanese folk tales- the same way stories from the UK tend to lean on witches as a source of bad.

Oni characters are often thought to be the cause of boutades and reversals.

Oni Tattoo Meaning

Oni tattoos mainly represent a way of warding off bad omens– they are a source of luck.

These tattoos have the power to bring you good fortune in almost any situation.

Also, these interesting tattoos mean that no one should mess with you.

They are meant to be scary demons that ward off your enemies.

Another meaning of Oni tattoos is facing your dark side and realizing that you are not completely pure and good inside (even if you want to be).

These tattoos mean that you are facing the fact that you have both good and evil inside of you, and that you realizing this can help you confront your darkest fears.

Oni Tattoo Designs

If you are not from a Japanese background, you may understand the Oni best as “beasts”.

It is important to respect and understand the Oni before you rush out and get a tattoo of one, for a couple of key reasons:

These characters are notoriously tricky and will think nothing of messing with someone they see as a gullible human.

Whether or not you believe in the things that go bump in the night, you may want to be on the safe side here.

Here are a few types of designs of Oni tattoos:

Small Oni Tattoo

Small Oni tattoos mean that you wish to ward off demons and prevent bad luck from reaching you.

Small Oni tattoos can go anywhere such as on your ankle, thigh, forearm, or wrist.

Small Oni Tattoo

Small Oni tattoos are great ways too to show that you are a powerful person who will be seated by nobody.

Oni Mask Tattoos

Typically when someone gets an Oni tattoo, they get an Oni mask.

These are traditionally carved out of wood and painted in striking colors.

Oni Masks have roots in the Hindu-Buddhist belief system.

Oni Mask Tattoo

While Eastern cultures may look different today than they did when the Oni was first written about, they are still widely practiced throughout the world.

Something that you see as a fun design may have deep meaning to someone else.

For someone to flippantly wear a sacred symbol without any regard for the people who practice that doctrine can be very hurtful.

Oni Mask Tattoo

But that doesn’t mean an Oni mask tattoo is off the table, it just means you need to do some careful research to decide if an Oni mask tattoo is right for you.

Generally, someone who wears an Oni mask on their body has the same intent as someone who wears one on their face: they want to tell everyone not to mess with them!

Oni mask tattoos may be to ward off bad luck or protect you from unseen forces.

Oni Mask Tattoo

Also, an Oni mask tattoo may be a way of confronting your weaknesses or your “shadow side.”

Ask yourself why this tattoo is important to you, and what you hope to gain from wearing it on your body.

Oni Mask tattoos tend to be intricate in their designs and may take up a significant portion of your body.

Oni Mask Tattoo

This is going to be a commitment both financially and in how visible it will be on your body.

Ask yourself if you have personal ties to the Oni Mask, or if there is perhaps something more fitting in your own background.

Oni Tattoo With Flower Tattoos

Oni tattoos with flower tattoos show a great contrast between something scary and something beautiful and positive.

Oni mask tattoo

This kind of tattoo is a supreme good luck charm.

Oni Tattoo With Flower Tattoo

This tattoo design also represents the dark side and bright side of your own personality and how the two combined are what make for a unique and beautiful person.

Chest Oni Tattoo

Chest tattoos in general are unique because they place a central focus on the tattoo.

Oni Chest Tattoo

This location is also easy for someone to hide a tattoo because it is usually covered by a shirt, especially as with men’s shirts.

Oni Chest Tattoo

These tattoos especially mean that you are afraid of nobody and that there is no one in this world that can tear you down.

Red Oni Tattoo

Many Oni tattoos are red because they help to symbolize the power and passion created by the Oni’s presence.

The color red can symbolize power and therefore this tattoo represents all the extreme powers of the Oni put together.

Oni mask tattoo

If you are a strong individual who is not easily swayed by others and who can defeat many people whether it be with you or your fists.

This Oni tattoo means that you have a strong spirit.

Dark Oni Tattoo

With some Oni tattoos, the artist goes heavy with black ink and makes dark Oni tattoos.

Oni Mask Tattoo

These tattoos mean essentially that you wish to connect with the dark side of your spirit.

Oni mask tattoo

They also mean that although you have a dark side, you know when to use it and you would never do others harm unless they deserved it.

Forearm Oni Tattoo

Forearm Oni tattoos are one of the most popular types of Oni tattoo placements because they are easy for others to see and admire.

Forearm Oni Tattoo

They mean that you wish for people to know that you are a strong person.

They also mean that you are seeking good luck in life.


Not only are Oni tattoos good luck, but they also speak to embracing one’s dark side.

This part of an Oni tattoo is only illustrated in some designs, however, it is always there in each Oni tattoo.

Oni are scary creatures so having one on your body means that you are saying that part of you is like an Oni as well.

This powerful meaning of the Oni tattoo allows for many slight interpretations depending on what you are looking for your tattoo to represent.

So, no worries if it doesn’t exactly go with your style, remember that at the end of the day tattoos are always up for interpretation.

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