Marigold Tattoo

A Quick Guide To Marigold Tattoo Meanings

Marigold Tattoo Meanings

Marigold flower tattoos are great tattoos because the marigold flower is one of the most positive flowers out there.

The most prominent meaning behind marigold tattoos is positivity.

As we’ve mentioned, these flower tattoos are practically glowing with positivity.

If you have a marigold tattoo, it means that you are somebody who can always see the positive side to each situation you encounter in life.

Another meaning of the marigold tattoo is that you are hardworking.

Marigold tattoos mean that you have a hardworking spirit and a no-nonsense attitude towards getting things done.

They also symbolize wealth and aspirations for success.

Marigold flower tattoos also represent warmth and strong values.

They mean that you are a kind person who cares about others.

These tattoos also refer to creativity, most likely because of their bright and poignant colors.

These important meanings of marigold tattoos may change depending on which design and style you choose.

  • Mexican Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Marigold tattoos are significant in Mexican culture because marigolds are one of the main flowers that are associated with Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

In case you didn’t know, this holiday is where Mexicans honor those who have passed through celebration rather than sadness.

Mexican Marigold Tattoo

The bright colors and scent of the flowers are thought to help guide the souls to their family’s offerings.

Therefore, a Mexican marigold tattoo is too meant to honor those you love who have passed and to celebrate this famous holiday.

  • French Marigold Tattoo Meaning

French marigold tattoos refer to creativity and passion– especially the two combined.

They also represent in French culture the ability to have prophetic dreams and have supernatural powers.

French Marigold Tattoo

This unusual meaning represents the equally unusual look and color of the marigold flower.

There are some negative connotations with French marigold symbolism, such as jealousy, however, this does not typically apply to tattoos.

  • Signet Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Signet marigold tattoos tend to represent passion since they have a rather potent scent.

Those with signet marigold tattoos often have a passion for the arts.

Signet Marigold Tattoo

Or, whatever they are interested in, they are highly passionate about it and do it well.

This tattoo also typically means that you love your job and you are passionate about what you do.

  • Southern Cone Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Southern cone marigold tattoos represent those with warm personalities.

This tattoo also symbolizes people that have strong values.

This tattoo is for someone who prides themselves on being a kind person who is generous almost to a fault.

  • Red-crescent Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Red-crescent marigold tattoos represent passion due to their red color.

These tattoos symbolize a passion for whatever interests bring you the most joy.

Red-crescent Marigold Tattoo

They also represent a passion for romance and a strong need to love and to be loved.

This tattoo represents a passion for love that cannot be fulfilled by mere fantasy– you need to do real things.

A red-crescent marigold tattoo also means that you have a lot of compassion.

  • Pot Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Pot marigold flower tattoos can mean many things, including passion, warmth, love, and creativity.

The flower’s bright colors elicit feelings of warmth and are for people who are high-strung creatives who have a lot of vibrant energy.

This tattoo also means that you are a warm and loving individual with a lot of love to share with the world.

  • Sugar Skull and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Sugar skull marigold tattoos refer to the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead.

Again, during this holiday people celebrate the lives of people they have lost and provide offerings.

Sugar Skull Tattoo

A marigold with a sugar skull tattoo can potentially do the same thing that the holiday does– it celebrates those who you have lost.

These tattoos are also a reminder that death is in our foreseeable future and to live each day like it’s our last.

  • Snake and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Snake and marigold tattoos refer to how evil is present and you must avoid it at all costs.

This tattoo is a reminder of heaven and hell, for those who believe in that, and that everyone should be on their best behavior for when they are judged for their sins.

This tattoo is often thought of as a Christian tattoo, though it is not necessarily.

Anyone who believes in heaven and hell can get this tattoo or anyone who just simply thinks about death often and what happens afterward.

  • Marigold and Galaxy Tattoo Meaning

Marigold and galaxy tattoos symbolize creativity.

There are so many stars in the sky that we couldn’t possibly count them all!

The infinite power of the universe mixed with the creativity of the marigold flower allows for the meaning of unrelenting artistry and a passion for the arts that is in the beyond.

  • Marigold and Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Marigold and butterfly tattoos refer to positivity and to good luck.

Butterflies and marigold flowers are both very positive living things.

Butterfly Tattoo

Therefore, this tattoo means that you are someone who thinks positively in every situation and has a good outlook on life.

This tattoo is also good luck, because if you see a butterfly on a marigold flower in real life then it is a good omen.

  • Carnation and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Carnation and marigold tattoos signify positive connotations and mean that you are someone who is happy and loving.

This tattoo represents how being a good person pays off, and how positivity pays off, too.

Carnation and marigold tattoos are all about good vibes. It’s wonderful how strong values can be appreciated and even rewarded.

  • Rose Tattoo and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Rose tattoos and marigold tattoos symbolize passion in both love and the arts.

If you are someone who is passionate about love and always has a partner, then this tattoo may be for you.

Another reason you would get a marigold with a rose tattoo is if you are passionate about the arts or are an artist yourself.

If you are an artist yourself, then you may want to get this tattoo to remind yourself to never give up o your dream to make money off of being creative and to make that dream a reality.

  • Lily and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Lily and marigold tattoos mean that you seek out success and aspire to be wealthy.

Both flowers represent a need to succeed, and this tattoo means that you will do anything you can to get better opportunities in life.

A marigold with a lily tattoo represents hard-working individuals who try their best every day to move up in life and to be better people as well.

  • Sweet Pea and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Sweet pea and marigold tattoos refer to positivity as well as pure bliss.

Perhaps you are someone who wishes to have more good times in life because your life so far has been very hard.

This tattoo can the potential to make you start looking at life differently.

If you start to look at life with positivity, it may change your perspective and allow you to change your life for the better.

  • Tulip and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Tulip and marigold tattoos mean that you have a lot of good in your heart which you show by giving to others and spreading charity.

Flower Bouquet Tattoo

This tattoo means that you give to charities often and that you are not afraid to have a little less if someone else has a little more.

A marigold with a tulip tattoo also means that you do a good deed each day and are always trying to be a better person.

  • Daisy and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Marigold flowers are known for their beauty and warmth.

Daisy and Marigold Tattoo

Marigold and daisy tattoos together represent the need to succeed in life and indicate that you have the strength to win in competitions.

Having this tattoo can enrich your life by confirming that you will succeed in achieving your goals.

  • Daffodil and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

The cheery gold and yellow colors of both the daffodil and the marigold represent positivity.

Daffodil and Marigold Tattoo

They both in a tattoo represent a reminder to cheer up!

This tattoo has the potential to change your attitude towards life and make you feel happier.

  • Water Lily and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Water lily and marigold tattoos symbolize transformation and positivity.

They represent the circle of life and how everything comes back to you (karma).

They also represent how happy thoughts can change your perspective on life and how important it is to be positive.

  • Larkspur and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Larkspur and marigold tattoos mean that you have a warm heart and that you have a sweet and kind personality.

Larkspur and Marigold Tattoo

This tattoo could also represent a desire to become a nicer person and to try hard to improve your own personality.

  • Aster and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Aster and marigold flower tattoos represent sweetness, wisdom, innocence, and happiness.

Aster and Marigold Tattoo

Out of these many meanings, the most important thing to understand about this tattoo is that it means that you are someone who has a kind heart.

  • Chrysanthemum and Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Chrysanthemum and marigold flower tattoos refer to the dead and mean that you are honoring someone who has passed.

In fact, this tattoo is one way of remembering the person who you lost and letting them know if they can see you, that you are thinking of them always.

  • Watercolor Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Watercolor marigold tattoos represent creativity and a passion for the arts.

Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos mean that you are an artistic person who strives to make time in your life to paint, sculpt, draw, doodle, or do whatever you like to do when you are feeling creative.

  • Realistic Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Realistic marigold tattoos mean that you are a kind-hearted person who is also very positive.

In fact, people with kind hearts tend to be optimistic because being nice comes back to you and brings you joy.

A realistic tattoo can express this and let people know that you will not harm them.

  • Black and Grey Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Black and grey marigold tattoos mean that you are an extremely hardworking person.

This tattoo means that you work so hard because you wish to be successful.

Black and Grey Tattoo

People who want to be successful tend to have great jobs and advance quickly, if this sounds like you, then you may want to get this tattoo in order to promise yourself that you will achieve your goals.

  • Geometric Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Geometric marigold tattoos mean that you are a creative person who is passionate about your job.

People with a geometric tattoo often have a creative job, but not necessarily.

Either way, these people are passionate about creativity and never cease to stop thinking about the arts and culture.

  • Neo-traditional Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Neo-traditional marigold tattoos mean that you are passionate about creativity, or that you are a warm and lighthearted person.

Neo-traditional Tattoo

If you are passionate about creativity, a Neo-traditional tattoo means that you love to make art and you tend to do this in your spare time.

The other meaning of this tattoo is that you have a warm heart, or in other words, you have a giving spirit and are always nice to others.

  • Minimalist Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Minimalist marigold tattoos are simple tattoos that are basic in principle but are complicated in design.

Minimalist Marigold Tattoo

They also tend to be small tattoos such as an ankle tattoo or a wrist tattoo.

These tattoos tend to mean that you are a nice person who will not give up your values to get ahead in life.

Minimalist Tattoo

If you have this kind of tattoo, it means that you are someone of principles.

  • Traditional Marigold Tattoo Meaning

Traditional marigold tattoos mean many different things.

First, they can represent that you are a warm-hearted person who means no harm to other people.

American Traditional Marigold Tattoo

In this case, the tattoo means that you give regularly to a charity or at least try to always help out others in need.

Another meaning of the marigold designed in an Old School tattoo style is that you are a passionate person who loves your job and is a hard-working person.

  • Marigold Tattoo with Name or Lettering Tattoos

If you have a marigold tattoo with your name, then it means that you are glad to call yourself a kind-hearted person who will help out others in need.

Lettering Tattoo

It means that you do a good deed each day.

Other words or phrase tattoos may be combined with the marigold tattoo to create new meanings.


Marigold tattoos are bright and optimistic.

There’s no way you can be sad with a marigold tattoo, even if it is about a loved one passing because marigolds are all about the celebration of life.

Remember when you get a marigold tattoo that it is important to always check the meaning of each specific design before you choose your tattoo.

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