Magnolia Tattoo

Most Memorable Magnolia Tattoo Meanings (Illustrated)

Magnolia Tattoo Meanings

Known as the birth flower for April, magnolia flower tattoos have many important meanings.

Magnolia flowers come in the colors white, pink, purple, green, or yellow, and come in shrubs and make for interesting tattoos!

One meaning of magnolia tattoos is endurance, vitality, and longevity.

They represent people who have a lot of endurance in life and can withstand a lot of pressure and suffering and still stand.

They also mean that you hope to live a long and happy life.

This may be because magnolia flowers are ancient and have been around for a very long time.

Another meaning of this flower tattoo is beauty and greatness.

If you believe that everyone is beautiful in their own special way, then this flower tattoo can represent this belief.

Magnolia flower tattoos even represent perfection because of their great beauty.

This tattoo can also represent the joy of youth and innocence.

Perhaps you never really grew up in some ways and kept some of your child-like characteristics.

Among these other meanings, magnolia tattoos are good luck charms.

One last meaning is that magnolia tattoos lead to good fortune and can bring luck.

  • Pink Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

Pink magnolia tattoos symbolize beauty and femininity.

Pink Magnolia Tattoo

These tattoos represent the greatness of being a woman and the awesome strength of being a woman.

A pink magnolia tattoo represents how beauty is an important part of life and how you believe yourself to be beautiful.

  • Chinese Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

The Chinese view magnolia flowers as representing a noble soul.

Chinese Magnolia Tattoo

Chinese magnolia tattoos mean that you have a great soul and that you are very wise.

These tattoos mean that you are innocent and have a youthful perspective on life, yet have strong and noble values.

  • White Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

White magnolia tattoos represent youth and jubilant displays of child-lie behavior.

White Magnolia Tattoo

This tattoo can also represent your faith, and endurance or vitality.

They mean that you will live a very long and happy life.

  • Southern Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

Southern magnolia tattoos are rather religious and represent a strong faith in God and Christianity.

The flower in this tattoo is often white, which symbolizes purity and innocence.

Southern Magnolia Tattoo

This tattoo represents innocence and means that you are someone who has a pure heart.

  • Star Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

Star magnolia tattoos symbolize endurance and beauty.

Star Magnolia Tattoo

In other words, this tattoo means that you believe in the beauty of the world and you think that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  • Yulan Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

Yulan magnolia trees have thick trunks and the earbuds are hairy.

They have pinkish-red flowers and are found in China.

Yulan Magnolia Tattoo

A tattoo of these flowers has a meaning similar to that of a Chinese magnolia flower, in that they mean that you have a noble soul.

This tattoo symbolizes having a good soul and is for people that believe to be good at the heart.

This tattoo also refers to having a pure and innocent heart.

  • Magnolia Branch Tattoos & Magnolia Tree Tattoos

A magnolia branch tattoo refers to endurance and strength.

This tattoo shows a magnolia flower that is apart from the whole tree, therefore, it represents that even if you are stretched thin with your strength, and even if you are far from your loved ones, you will succeed.

Magnolia Branch Tattoo

A tattoo of a magnolia tree symbolizes perfection.

If you are someone who is in the pursuit of perfection and you want to become a better person, then this tattoo is for you.

Upper Arm Tattoo

The magnolia tree tattoo means that you are trying all you can do to improve yourself, become more successful, and improve your values.

  • Magnolia and Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Magnolia and butterfly tattoos are a good luck charm.

Both butterflies and magnolia flowers are good luck, and therefore this is a very lucky tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo

If you have had a hard time in life and you need your luck to change, then you may want to get a magnolia and butterfly tattoo.

  • Watercolor Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

Watercolor magnolia flower tattoos are wonderful and represent beauty.

You may be someone who sees beauty in everything and everyone.

Watercolor Magnolia Tattoo

Only certain people can see this kind of beauty in life, and this watercolor tattoo also means that you are a good person worthy of praise.

  • Realistic Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

Realistic magnolia tattoos refer to endurance and vitality.

These tattoos mean that you have a realistic perspective on life, and you see things for how they are.

Realistic Magnolia Tattoo

This allows you to have success in life even when things are tough.

People with this tattoo have a lot of life in them and they are able to do a lot more than people expect of them.

  • Black and Grey Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

Black and grey magnolia tattoos are very beautiful and symbolize innocence.

Black and Grey

If you are someone who has a pure heart, follows the rules, and has a lot of strong values, then this tattoo is for you.

This tattoo also symbolizes beauty and means that you view yourself as beautiful and have a lot of self-confidence.

  • Geometric Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

Geometric magnolia flower tattoos are highly interesting and mean that you view the world differently than others.

Geometric Tattoo

A geometric tattoo means that you are a creative person with a lot of vitality and that you are a successful person.

On the other hand, the geometric magnolia tattoo can mean that you are not successful but rather that you wish for your luck to change.

  • Minimalist Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

Minimalist magnolia tattoos tend to be small tattoos.

These simple magnolia tattoos are very special and meaningful.

Minimalist Magnolia Tattoo

They tend to represent an innocent and playful character.

If you are someone who does not take life too seriously, but who is determined to succeed in life, then this minimalist tattoo may make sense to you.

  • Traditional Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

American traditional magnolia tattoos mean any of the main meanings of magnolia flower tattoos.

Old School Tattoo

This tattoo can mean innocent and a youthful spirit, or perhaps beauty and greatness.

A magnolia flower designed in an Old School tattoo style can also mean that you have great endurance and vitality.

  • Magnolia Tattoo with Name or Lettering Tattoos

If you choose to add your name tattoo to a magnolia tattoo, it means that you are proud of yourself and are happy with what you have done in life so far.

This tattoo means that you are highly confident.

Magnolia with Lettering Tattoo

There are many different words and lettering tattoo ideas you may choose to go with a magnolia tattoo.

When deciding on this, think about the general tattoo meanings of the magnolia flower.

In Conclusion

Magnolia flowers are unique in the fact that they are large trees with tiny flowers.

These flower tattoos tend to mean that you are an extremely strong person with good values, or that you are beautiful inside and out.

The meaning of the magnolia flower tattoo is great because they tend to mean that you are a good person.

Whichever tattoo design and tattoo style you decide on, it will surely be a perfect fit for your personality.

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