Lion Skull Tattoo

20+ Unique Lion Skull Tattoo Ideas

Lion Skull Tattoos

Undeniably strong in the most innate and pure form, a lion skull tattoo is a big statement.

A lion skull is an object of pure mass, with hollowed-out eye sockets and an exposed set of teeth.

Whilst this depicts them as fearless creatures, the smooth, intricate structure of their face is a delicate representation.

Its face is the most iconic image when one thinks about the lion. 

A usual lion tattoo focuses on the strokes and texture of its fur, whilst a skull tattoo cannot rely upon any form of conventional beauty.

Rather, the lion skull tattoo reaches within to show the mechanisms of the lion.

Many lion skull tattoos show the lion mid-roar, frozen in time and showing us their spirit from a more vulnerable angle.

Contrastingly, the lion skull resonates with death and the realization that even with the most strength, death is inevitable.

Yet, as the detail tattoos pick up, the lion skull remains just as much full-of-life. 

However, the mystery of the lion skull offers itself to abstract interpretation, too.

By injecting color or unconventional approaches, the lion skull tattoo can go beyond its gritty realism and transport into the afterlife. 

Maybe explore the more dainty, artistic part of the lion, or channel the unwavering energy that the animal has become synonymous with – the possibilities are endless with a lion skull tattoo.

Lion Skull Tattoo Meanings

Culturally, lions and skulls are viewed differently.

Their versatility is what makes them so appealing as subjects of tattoo designs.

The lion skull tattoo is a vivid example.

Ferocious and mighty, the structure that holds in such sharp teeth and piercing eyes is an intriguing sight indeed – and is worthy of a dedicated space on one’s body!

Whilst the lion skull is a tattoo with enough imagery to provoke a discussion for many hours at a party, the tattoo can be further designed by color and style. 

Watercolor tattoo designs are a popular choice for those who want color without it being cartoonish.

Or a single needle tattoo would be a brilliant choice for someone who wants to revel in the fine detail of a lion’s beauty.

Below are a few meanings behind the strikingly mysterious lion skull tattoo.

Familial ties

Lions are often associated with reproduction and their living situation, where they choose to live alongside their family.

This is in stark contrast with other similar animals, who tend to venture out alone. 

The lion skull tattoo represents familial ties through its innate behavior.

As a lion skull is the purest form of a lion – stripped back of everything – the feelings of loyalty and assurance evidently come through in the tattoo.

If you are family-centered, the lion skull tattoo brings you close to your family at all times.


Embrace the pure spirit of a lion skull tattoo, which is filled with leadership qualities.

Its defensive features, such as its powerful jaw, act as protection and will serve as reassuring guidance through the darkest and most intimidating parts of life. 

These features always lead them and their loved ones through the right path, towards food, shelter, and safety – three things all mammals on Earth desire.

The tie between life and death 

Like all animal skull tattoos, death is arguably the most obvious meaning.

However, this does not necessarily mean a lion skull tattoo is a bleak reflection on the loss of life.

The lively lion expression as a skull combines the activeness of life and the physical effects of death.

By integrating the two, the lion skull becomes a statement that life and death exist hand-in-hand. 

In some way, the message is comforting as it is rooted in unity and universal understanding. 

Despite death, the lion skull has retained its most distinctive features and has not lost its character.

This is perfect for those who believe one’s spirit is the most important thing in the afterlife. 

Lion Skull Tattoo Designs

An exciting, colorful, and varied selection of lion skull tattoos is pictured below.

Lose yourself in the empowering imagery of the lion skull and discover your inspiration.

Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo
Lion Skull Tattoo

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