Lily Tattoo

The Meanings Of Lily Tattoos: An Extensive Explanation

What Does a Lily Tattoo Mean?

Lily tattoos are absolutely gorgeous and are a great choice for anyone who loves flowers.

They come in many different colors, designs, and sizes.

Lily tattoos are not necessarily the most common choice for a flower tattoo, but their large floppy petals and long stamen make for an interesting look.

Not only are these flower tattoos unique, but they also have many special meanings attached to them.

Lily tattoos have many meanings, and you can pick out which meaning resonates with you based on the tattoo design you choose as well as what they symbolize to you.

One meaning is innocence and purity of the soul.

Lilies represent the Virgin Mary and therefore lily tattoos mean you have a good soul that is pure and religiously wise.

If you are someone who is faithful to God and feel as though you have not sinned that much in your life, then this tattoo can be a symbol of that honesty in your covenant with God.

In fact, lily tattoos also symbolize your love for God.

Lily tattoos are not only a religious type of tattoo.

They also symbolize beauty and sexuality.

This type of tattoo is for someone who loves love!

This tattoo means you know that you are beautiful and also that you want to celebrate beauty in general.

Lily tattoos also represent grace, meaning that you view yourself as having a lot of class and that you value aesthetics and desire a high-class lifestyle.

These tattoos in fact mean that you want to have a lot of money and seek prosperity in life.

Not to mention, this tattoo also means that you love exotic places, meaning that not only do you desire to be rich but you hope to go on lots of tropical vacations.

Maybe, just maybe, this tattoo will make your dream come true.

We weren’t kidding, there’s a lot of different meanings for lily tattoos!

One last meaning we must discuss is how lilies are mainly for women because they symbolize femininity and womanhood.

This tattoo celebrates women and means that you love to be feminine because it is a part of who you are.

Now we will get into the deeper meanings behind lily tattoos by describing various tattoo designs and what they represent.

White Lily Tattoo Meaning

White lily tattoos represent purity, innocence, a love for God, and the Virgin Mary.

Overall, this tattoo encompasses Christianity as a whole and your dedication to the religion.

White Lily Tattoo

You should get this tattoo if you want a tattoo that will prove your love for God.

A white lily tattoo could be a constant reminder to pray and be a good person.

Yellow Lily Tattoo Meaning

Yellow lily tattoos represent the joy you either receive from your love for God or from prosperity.

Clearly, this tattoo could go two ways personality-wise.

Yellow Lily Tattoo

Different things make people happy, depending on the type of person they are.

A yellow lily tattoo ultimately represents your desire to find joy in your life.

Pink Lily Tattoo Meaning

Everyone knows pink to be a feminine color.

Pink lily tattoos represent this femininity, and how you love feeling pretty and doing your makeup and hair.

Pink Lily Tattoo

This is quite a girly tattoo.

A pink lily tattoo is one that you should only get if you love the color pink and everything it stands for.

Red Lily Tattoo Meaning

The color red in tattoos symbolizes love.

Red Lily Tattoo

Red lily tattoos mean that you value passionate love in your life and that you are a very passionate person.

This tattoo could even be received for a loved one, expressing your undying love for them as well the attraction that you two share.

Purple Lily Tattoo Meaning

Purple lily tattoos are all about the magic of money.

Purple Lily Tattoo

This tattoo could bring prosperity to you, or at the very least it symbolizes your goal to be wealthy and not have a care in the world.

Purple tattoos symbolize royalty, and when you’re rich you might as well be considered a queen or king.

Orange Lily Tattoo Meaning

Tiger lily tattoos symbolize compassion for others as well as wealth.

Therefore, you could get this tattoo if you’re the type of person who wants money so that you can help other people.

Tiger Lily Tattoo

This would be a great tattoo for an aspiring philanthropist or someone who tends to give money to the poor.

If you have an orange lily tattoo, it means that you have a heart and a good soul.

Butterfly and Lily Tattoo Meaning

A lily and butterfly tattoo is about transforming your life for the better, but can also be a tattoo about femininity.

You should get this tattoo if one day you want to have the kind of wealth where you can buy your mom a house.

Butterfly and Lily Tattoo

There’s nothing wrong with desiring wealth.

Butterfly and lily tattoos can symbolize the beauty of women, too.

Butterfly and Lily Tattoo

Both tattoos of butterflies and lilies stand out for their incredible beauty and represent the fact that you too are a knock-out.

Lily Tattoos with Lettering or Name tattoos

Many lily tattoos include a word or phrase tattoo in the design.

Lily with Phrase Tattoo

If you choose to add your name to a lily tattoo, it means that you consider yourself to be pure and that you want to reward yourself for always trying to do that right thing.

Lily Tattoo with Name Tattoo

Other words you could choose simply add to whichever lily tattoo meaning speaks to you and creates a new layer of meaning.

Lily Tattoo and Other Flower Tattoos

This tattoo’s meaning changes considerably based on which flower or flowers you decide to show with the lily in your tattoo.

However, this tends to be a tattoo meaning femininity and women’s empowerment.

This flower tattoo shows that you love being a woman and that you’re not afraid to tell the world that aesthetics are important to you.

  • Lily and Rose Tattoos

Rose and lily tattoos symbolize love and passion.

Lily and rose tattoos also symbolize sensuality and the desire to have a lover who not only pleases you but treats you right.

You could get this tattoo with someone you love in mind, honoring the fact that you are in love with them while not having to commit to tattooing their name on your arm!

  • Lily and Hibiscus Tattoos

Hibiscus and lily tattoos share two important meanings in common: they both mean chastity and wealth.

You could get this tattoo if you want to prove to yourself that you can wait until marriage.

Or, you could get this tattoo after you’re married as a reminder of how pious and great you were for successfully following your religious need to be chaste.

Also, a lily with a hibiscus tattoo represents prosperity and can bring wealth to you.

It can also symbolize the wealth that you have accumulated and be a celebration of how far you’ve come.

  • Lily and Sunflower Tattoos

Sunflower and lily tattoos mean that you are a feminine person who loves being a woman.

It also means that you are someone who is always happy and gets overjoyed at the most simple things.

Lily and Sunflower Tattoo

Lily and sunflower tattoos can also represent your spirituality in that you believe that the universe has a purpose or that God has a plan for you.

Lily and Hummingbird Tattoo

Hummingbirds are high-energy creatures, therefore, a hummingbird tattoo means that you are a go-getter.

Hummingbird Tattoo

Since tattoos of lilies represent prosperity, the two together in a tattoo are for people who strive to work as hard as they can to gain wealth.

This tattoo represents someone who pushes themselves every day in order to achieve their greatest dreams. and aspirations.

Sword and Lily Tattoo Meaning

Sword tattoos represent strength and power.

Alongside a lily, or with a lily wrapped around it, this tattoo means that women are powerful.

Sword Tattoo

This tattoo means that you believe that women can do anything their heart is set to do, and you yourself are someone who is strong and able to face your fears.

Lily tattoo Ideas

Why stop now? There are so many lily tattoos to choose from!

We have included below some more fantastic ideas for lily tattoos.

Let’s explore some more lily tattoo ideas:

Watercolor Lily Tattoos

Watercolor lily tattoos are colorful and artistic and they represent beauty and aesthetics.

Watercolor Tattoo

A watercolor tattoo means that you enjoy beautiful things, such as art and nature.

Watercolor lily tattoos mean that you have a strong passion for expression.

Minimalist Lily Tattoos

Minimalist lily tattoos use only black ink and are simple yet elegant.

Minimalist tattoos mean that you yourself are elegant and that you enjoy the finer things in life.

Minimalist Tattoo

They mean that you like going out to nice restaurants, staying in hotels in exotic places, and drinking fancy wine.

If you are that kind of person, you can express it by getting a minimalist lily tattoo.

Black & Grey Lily Tattoo

Black and grey lily tattoos tend to be highly detailed and quite large.

Black and Grey Lily Tattoo

These tattoos symbolize beauty, as well as purity, and they mean that you are proud to consider yourself beautiful and are a confident person.

Black and Grey Lily Tattoo

They also mean that you are someone who loves God and stays pure for God in his honor.

Lily Tattoos For Men

Though quite unusual, men can indeed have lily tattoos.

Usually, these tattoos represent your love for women and can be received for a special woman in your life.

Lily Tattoo For Men

They represent love and passion, meaning that the man is a sensual person.

Lily tattoos for men are usually in black ink rather than in color.


As we’ve discussed, lily tattoos have many important meanings that you must choose from, as well as choosing a tattoo design.

We’ve selected a few tattoo designs that we feel are the most popular and describe their meanings so that you can have a better idea about which one to choose.

Hopefully, this was helpful, and good luck with your lily tattoo!

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