Larkspur Tattoo

The Meaning Of Larkspur Tattoos: A Symbolism Guide

Larkspur Tattoo Meanings

The larkspur flower tattoo represents people who were born in the month of July and naturally comes in the colors purple, pink, blue, and white.

The larkspur is a lesser-known flower however it is underrated because it is very beautiful and meaningful as well.

Larkspur flower tattoos have many important meanings in general that make the larkspur tattoo a great one to get.

Larkspur tattoos mean that you are easily attached to people.

In other words, you seek affection from others often, most notably from your significant others.

This is something only people very close to you would know or something you would only know about yourself.

Or, it can have a more positive meaning such as that you make friends easily.

If you are receiving this tattoo, it may be because you are acknowledging something important about yourself or something that you want to work on.

More generally, other than attachment, the flower tattoo also symbolizes love.

Larkspur tattoos also mean that you have an open heart.

You may find that you easily fall in love because you open your heart up to people quickly.

Since giving someone a larkspur flower means that you are pushing them to transform into a better person, larkspur tattoos also mean that you are changing as a person and learning to rediscover the beauty of life.

If you are someone who is light and humorous, then the larkspur tattoo can represent this part of your personality.

Also, a larkspur tattoo can symbolize that you have a pure heart.

Now, let’s look at some specific larkspur tattoo designs and their meanings:

  • Purple Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

Purple larkspur tattoos can symbolize one’s first love.

If you wish to remember your first love because they were a special person to you then this kind of tattoo can be a way of doing that.

Purple Larkspur Tattoo

The color purple symbolizes royalty and having noble pursuits, so the purple larkspur means those things as well.

One last meaning of the purple larkspur tattoo is courage since royalty is associated with being courageous.

  • Pink Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

Pink larkspur tattoos symbolize love, and other the other hand, indecisiveness.

Pink Larkspur Tattoo

If you are someone who wears their heart on their sleeve or who falls in love quickly and often, then you could get a pink larkspur tattoo to symbolize this part of your personality.

They also represent indecisiveness, meaning not necessarily that you are unsure of yourself but that you like to keep your options open.

  • Blue Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

Blue larkspur tattoos mean relaxation.

Blue Larkspur Tattoo

This tattoo means that you have a light and humorous personality and that you are proud to be someone who is somewhat laid-back and relaxed.

This tattoo means that even in tough situations you stay calm, cool, and collected.

  • White Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

White larkspur tattoos represent having a pure heart, who is innocent, and who has strong morals.

White flower tattoos tend to have religious meanings.

White Larkspur Tattoo

The white larkspur tattoo can mean that you have a strong belief in your faith.

This tattoo could mean that, in a secular way, you choose every day to be a good person.

  • July Birth Flower Larkspur Tattoo

It is significant the larkspur tattoos represent the birth month of July depending on where you live and where you are from.

If July is a hot month for you, it means that you are easily attached to people and that you make friends easily.

If it was a cold month in July when you were born, then this tattoo means that you are a pure and innocent person.

Alternatively, if the month of July where you were born is part of a temperate season, then this tattoo means that you have an open heart.

  • Water Lily & Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

Both water lily and larkspur tattoos are associated with purity.

Therefore, a water lily and larkspur tattoo symbolize having a pure heart.

This tattoo also suggests that you have a personal moral code that you follow religiously.

If this at all sounds like you, then you may want to get a tattoo design that involves these two flowers in order to promise yourself to stay pure and keep your strong values no matter what.

  • Marigold & Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

Larkspur and marigold tattoos mean that you have a warm heart and that you have a sweet and kind personality.

Marigold and Larkspur Tattoo

If you have this tattoo, it means that people may often even say that you are a sweetheart.

This tattoo could also represent a desire to become a nicer person and to try hard to improve your own personality.

  • Chrysanthemum & Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

Chrysanthemum and larkspur tattoos mean that you have an open heart and fall in love easily.

However, this tattoo can also mean that you become easily attached to those you love.

A larkspur tattoo with a chrysanthemum tattoo can even mean that you are somewhat clingy in relationships.

Alternatively, this tattoo can be received in honor of a loved one of yours who passed away, especially someone you dated or were married to.

  • Daffodil & Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

Daffodil and larkspur tattoos represent new beginnings, rebirth, and transformation.

Daffodil and Larkspur Tattoo

If you are starting a new career, getting married, or celebrating an anniversary of an important date in your life, then you may want to consider getting a daffodil tattoo with a larkspur tattoo.

This tattoo can symbolize having a new lease on life and becoming a new type of person based on different events that have happened or are about to happen to you.

  • Lily of the Valley & Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

Lily of the valley and larkspur tattoos tend to be pretty religious.

Lily of the valley tattoos can symbolize a sign of the second coming of Christ, and larkspur tattoos can represent the purity of the heart, innocence, and strong morals.

If you are a Christian, you can receive this tattoo to prove your love of God in the hopes that he will re-visit Earth.

If you are not a Christian, this tattoo can still have value as representing a strong moral compass and a pure and innocent heart.

  • Sweet Pea & Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

Sweet pea tattoos represent someone’s departure from your life, whether literally or figuratively.

When this tattoo includes a larkspur flower, it means that this departure has transformed your life either for the better or for the worse.

This could be a tattoo about a breakup, a loved one who moved away, a death, or a lover with whom your relationship didn’t work out even though you care for them still deeply.

Whatever happened with this person, the important part is that the event has transformed your life and changed everything.

  • Larkspur & Daisy Tattoo Meaning

Larkspur and daisy tattoos tend to represent innocence.

Larkspur and Daisy Tattoo

If you have a larkspur and daisy tattoo it means that you have a pure and innocent heart and that you wouldn’t hurt a fly.

If you are someone who everybody knows is innocent and never means any harm, then you may want to get this tattoo to represent this part of your personality and to promise never to change that about you.

  • Carnation & Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

When the larkspur flower is combined with a carnation, the tattoo represents love, affection, and romanticism.

Larkspur and carnation tattoos represent the kind of love that you usually only find in the movies.

This tattoo can be received with the thought of your lover in mind.

Or, perhaps you want to get this tattoo because you feel that you have a lot of love to share with the world.

  • Larkspur & Poppy Flower Tattoo Meaning

Larkspur and poppy flower tattoos refer to beauty and love.

Both flower tattoos are beautiful and represent the fact that you believe that everyone is beautiful and special in their own way.

Larkspur and Poppy Flower Tattoo

The flowers together in a tattoo also symbolize romance and love, saying that you value your romantic relationships.

This tattoo can also mean that you are someone who immediately gets attached to your romantic partners at the beginning of the relationship.

  • Larkspur Tattoo with Name or Lettering Tattoos

Larkspur tattoos can contain your name, someone else’s name, or a quote or phrase that when combined with the flower has special symbolism.

Larkspur tattoos with your name tattoos attached in the design mean that you have a pure heart or that you have an open heart.

Larkspur Tattoo with Lettering Tattoo

If the larkspur tattoo has your partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend’s name in the design, then it means that you have an extreme attachment to that person.

Depending on which quote or phrase tattoo you choose to go with your larkspur tattoo it could mean almost anything, so it’s important to match it with the basic larkspur flower meanings to find out what it represents.

  • Watercolor Larkspur Tattoo Meaning

Watercolor larkspur tattoos mean that you easily fall in love with people and open your heart up to people quickly.

A larkspur flower designed in a watercolor tattoo style also means that you are a creative person and you are creative in the ways that you show your love.

Watercolor Flower

For example, you may give awesome and unique gifts to your significant other, or you may be a creative lover.

In order to have this tattoo, you do not have to be committed to someone special.

If you are single, may have even more significance for you because it means that you will fall in love with someone new soon.

  • Black & Grey Larkspur Tattoo

Black and grey larkspur tattoos can mean many things.

This type of larkspur tattoo can mean that you have an open heart and fall in love easily.

Black and Grey Flower Tattoo

This tattoo can also mean that you are going through some sort of transformation and a new time in your life.

Also, this tattoo can mean that you are a light and humorous person.

Black and Grey Flower Tattoo

Practically any of the larkspur tattoo meanings can be associated with black and grey larkspur tattoos.

  • Minimalist Larkspur Tattoos

Minimalist larkspur tattoos are often small tattoos that are on the ankle or wrist.

They also are often simply tattoos, in basic colors or simply black ink.

Minimalist Flower Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos mean that you are someone who is a light and humorous person who is very positive.

If you are always laughing things off and brushing bad news off your shoulders, then a minimalist larkspur tattoo could be for you.

Summing Up

It is without a doubt that larkspur flowers make for great tattoos.

Not only do they mostly have positive connotations, but they are very beautiful as well.

Larkspur tattoo meanings cover topics such as love and attachment, life changes, and positive personality characteristics.

Whichever tattoo design you choose for your larkspur flower tattoo, it will have a great meaning that when someone asks, “What does your tattoo mean?”, you can answer with something great.

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