Jellyfish Tattoo

Jellyfish Tattoos: Meanings, Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish have become a darling of the tattoo world, especially with the advent of watercolor tattoo techniques.

Ask anyone about their recent trip to the aquarium, and they’ll probably mention the jellyfish.

Jellyfish are strikingly beautiful and truly in a class of their own.

There’s something in their movement that makes them so tranquil, but we’re also aware they can deliver nasty stings.

Their luminous beauty and dangerous tentacles make jellyfish a natural source of fascination for us humans.

You can find jellyfish tattoos portrayed in so many ways, from tranquil and ethereal to cartoon-ish and cheerful.

A jellyfish tattoo is a great fit for any gender and can be done in multiple tattoo styles and color schemes.

Maybe you’re wondering why we’ve all got jellyfish on the brain.

Maybe you’re a jellyfish enthusiast looking for ideas for your next tattoo piece.

Either way, strap on your snorkel.

We are about to take a deep dive into jellyfish and what they symbolize.

What Does a Jellyfish Tattoo Mean?

Despite this unfavorable legend, jellyfish tattoos have fairly positive associations as a symbol in most cultures.

In general, a jellyfish tattoo symbolizes immortality, tenacity, adaptability, and protection.

Let’s dive into each one!

  • Immortality

A jellyfish tattoo can symbolize longevity and immortality, both because they’ve been around so long and because they actually have been proven to be immortal!

Well, at least one species has.

The Turritopsis dohrnii never really dies unless it gets eaten by a predator.

When it starts to age it contracts, sinks to the ocean floor, becomes a polyp (basically a jellyfish embryo), and starts its life over again.

Are you looking to “reset” your life?

Let the noble jellyfish tattoo be your guide.

  • Tenacity

Jellyfish are one of the only species thriving through climate change- to the point where it may be a problem!

Because our oceans are heating up, jellyfish have been able to spread to areas previously too cold for them.

Because we’ve overfished the oceans, some of the jellyfish’s natural predators have become endangered.

Now many oceans are overrun with “swarms” or “blooms” of jellyfish which can ruin beach tourism, weigh down fishing nets, suffocate fish, and even cause power outages by clogging cool water intake systems at power plants.

Dangerous? Yes.

But that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

If you’ve been through a lot and want to show that you’ve survived despite all obstacles, a jellyfish tattoo may be the symbol for you.

  • Adaptability

Did you know there were once jellyfish in space?

Because jellyfish have no eyes or ears, they use tiny hairs on their bodies to help them navigate and “know” which direction is up.

We orient ourselves similarly with, for example, the tiny hairs in our ears.

Scientists wanted to see if a human being could be raised in space, so they started with a few polyps in 1991.

Not only did the jellyfish survive in space, but they also multiplied and really got the hang of zero gravity, to the point where water felt unnatural to them when returning to earth.

Feeling a bit like a fish out of water?

A jellyfish tattoo can remind you that you’ll figure it out and soon this new situation will feel like home.

Main Themes in Jellyfish Tattoos

  • Galaxy Jellyfish Tattoos
Galaxy Jellyfish Tattoo
Galaxy Jellyfish Tattoo
Galaxy Jellyfish Tattoo
Galaxy Jellyfish Tattoo
  • SpongeBob Jellyfish Tattoos
SpongeBob Jellyfish Tattoo
SpongeBob Jellyfish Tattoo
  • Man of War Jellyfish Tattoos
Man of War Jellyfish Tattoo

Jellyfish Tattoo Styles

Jellyfish are having a moment right now, and there’s no reason not to join in the fun.

With the number of variations within the species, you’ll be able to find a jelly that suits your unique personality.

Still not convinced? Take a look at our jellyfish tattoo gallery for the coolest jellyfish tattoo designs on the web.

Black & Grey Jellyfish Tattoos

A black and grey jellyfish tattoo may seem counter-intuitive at first blush.

Aren’t these creatures known for their vibrancy and color?

But one thing a black and grey tattoo can do like no other is show off detail.

Without bright colors to distract the eye, the finer points of the jellyfish become visible.

Black and grey tattoos have a classic, timeless quality.

So if you’re worried about jellyfish tattoos being too popular, buck the trend with a monochrome piece.

This is also a nice option if you like to wear a lot of color, because your tattoo will never clash with your clothing.

Black And Grey Jellyfish Tattoo

New School Jellyfish Tattoos

On the other side of the tattoo spectrum is new school tattoo art.

New school is a tattoo style perfectly suited to jellyfish tattoos.

In new school tattoos, rounded shapes become bulbous, and bright colors jump off the skin.

The ocean is full of so much vibrancy and interesting lifeforms we don’t usually get a glimpse of on land.

It can all feel a little cartoonish, which is exactly why this style works so well.

If you’re attracted to the alien-like quality of a jellyfish, this is where your tattoo artist can play with exaggerated shape and proportion.

New School Jellyfish Tattoo
New School Jellyfish Tattoo

Negative Space Jellyfish Tattoos

Negative space tattoo style is less about what isn’t there and more about what is.

There is a spooky, haunting quality to a negative space tattoo.

And what’s more ominous than a possible encounter with a deadly, alien-like creature?

A negative space jellyfish tattoo speaks to the mysterious nature of the ocean’s floor.

There is so much we don’t understand, and so much left to discover.

Negative Space Jellyfish Tattoo

Illustrative Jellyfish Tattoos

“Illustrative” is a term that encapsulates many tattoo styles.

Most illustrative tattoos sit somewhere between portrait and Neo-traditional tattoo styles.

They’re realistic, but not to the point of looking like a photo.

They’re artistic, but not as exaggerated as a Neo-traditional tattoo piece.

An illustrative jellyfish tattoo is a great chance to show off your individuality.

You can customize colors, details, and even move the tattoo style in one direction or another.

Unlike more strict genres of artwork like American traditional tattoo style, with illustrative tattoos the world’s your oyster.

Illustrative Jellyfish Tattoo
Illustrative Jellyfish Tattoo

Black-work Jellyfish Tattoos

If you’re not much for color, but want something more playful than a black and grey tattoo piece, consider a black-work tattoo.

Black and grey tattoo style tends to have a more portrait-like effect, while black-work tattoo style is less realistic.

Black-work tattoos are characterized by large sections of extremely saturated black ink.

This can give them an intense, almost menacing look, or they can be somewhat whimsical.

We love black-work for a jellyfish tattoo because it is artistic and unexpected.

You can go as ornate or minimalist as you wish, for a custom tattoo piece that’s unlike anyone else’s.

Black-work Jellyfish Tattoo
Black-work Jellyfish Tattoo

Traditional Jellyfish Tattoos

Traditional Jellyfish Tattoo
Traditional Jellyfish Tattoo

Neo-traditional Jellyfish Tattoos

Feeling fancy?

Neo-traditional was inspired by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements, as well as classic woodblock prints from Japan.

It is a decorative style that never skimps out on flair.

The tattooing techniques in Neo-traditional designs are informed by American traditional or “old school” pieces.

That means wall to wall saturation with colors that pop off of each other.

In Neo-traditional tattoos, organic elements mingle with bold architectural lines, and colors can range from natural and mossy to out of this world.

The pieces tend to have a muted, “antique-like” look to them, perfect for a vintage enthusiast.

We love these pieces because the jellyfish almost look like decorative lampshades.

It’s truly an original take on a popular design.

Neo-traditional Jellyfish Tattoo
Neo-traditional Jellyfish Tattoo

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoos

When you think about it, jellyfish are kind of the watercolor paintings of the sea.

They have no skin or bones, and watercolor pieces have no outline.

Both watercolor tattoos and jellyfish tattoos have a playful, formless quality.

The splashy, watery characteristics of watercolor make it a perfect medium for your jellyfish tattoo.

The style is versatile, as seen in these two jellyfish tattoos.

One piece is more graceful and feminine, while the other has a slightly more child-like feeling.

They’re both beautiful takes on a medium that is perfect for this strange creature.

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo
Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo

Geometric Jellyfish Tattoos

Geometric Jellyfish Tattoo

Rectangular Jellyfish Tattoos

One trend currently dominating the tattoo world is geometric shapes.

Most geometric tattoos are on the open and airy side, but they’re also an interesting opportunity for illustrative designs.

In this case, the imagery is confined within a rectangle, almost like we’re seeing a window into an ocean scene.

If you’ve ever wished you had a peephole into another world, this kind of jellyfish tattoo has that quality.

You could also achieve this effect with a circle, triangle, or another geometric shape.

Rectangular Jellyfish Tattoo

Fine Line Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish have a slow, graceful movement that can be hypnotic.

A fine line jellyfish tattoo can capture that more subtle quality.

If your favorite thing about a jellyfish is its mysterious and enchanting traits, this may be the tattoo style for you.

Fine line tattoos do not contain any thick or bold lines.

They are well suited to people who want a tattoo but like a delicate aesthetic.

Most fine line tattoos are black and grey, so they have a light, pencil-drawn feeling to them.

If you’re an artistic soul, you may be drawn to this modern tattoo style.

Fine Line Jellyfish Tattoo

Contemporary Jellyfish Tattoos

Contemporary is a broad term that encapsulates many new and exciting styles in tattooing.

If you want your jellyfish tattoo to stand out from the pack, consider something on the cutting edge.

Most modern tattoo artists are itching to try more innovative techniques, but spend most of their time doing traditional tattoos.

This first design, with its thick black lines and swatches of saturated color, is known as a “Mambo” or “Destrutturato” piece.

The beauty of a Mambo piece, inspired by Italian artist Mattia Mambo is distinct, impactful, and hard to miss.

If you’re looking for a conversation starter, these jellyfish tattoos won’t go unnoticed.

In other cases, contemporary may just refer to a tattoo that combines more than one technique to create something new and innovative.

Ask your tattoo artist for their ideas and input, you may end up with a jellyfish tattoo like no other!

Contemporary Jellyfish Tattoo
Contemporary Jellyfish Tattoo
Contemporary Jellyfish Tattoo

Single Needle Jellyfish Tattoos

Tattoos are done with different types of needles.

Like a paintbrush, different shaped tools produce different effects.

Most tattoo needles are actually a bundle of needles, with either round or flat tips.

In single needle tattoos, only one needle is used.

This means mistakes show up more easily and are harder to cover up with shading.

Naturally, this tattoo style requires a skillful and steady hand.

Most (but not all) fine line tattoos are done with a single needle, so the styles look similar.

They have a delicate, dreamlike quality.

We love the wispy, ethereal effect a single needle tattoo can have on a model like our friend the jellyfish.

Single Needle Jellyfish Tattoo

Realistic Jellyfish Tattoos

It’s fun to play with different artistic interpretations of the jellyfish, but it’s also a creature that’s so beautiful all on its own.

Sometimes it’s best to put artistic license aside and let nature do the talking.

A realistic jellyfish tattoo shows off everything that is beautiful about ocean life, without all the bells and whistles.

Realistic Jellyfish Tattoo
Realistic Jellyfish Tattoo

Dot-work Jellyfish Tattoos

Dot work, or pointillism, is an artistic piece made up of a bunch of tiny dots, which will be either denser or farther apart to create light and shadow.

This technique has a beautiful effect on any subject matter, jellyfish tattoos included.

Like fine line pieces, dot-work tattoos have a sketchbook effect that will speak to your inner artist.

Dot-work Jellyfish Tattoo
Dot-work Jellyfish Tattoo
Dot-work Jellyfish Tattoo
Dot-work Jellyfish Tattoo

Abstract Jellyfish Tattoos

Abstract Jellyfish Tattoo

Sketchy Jellyfish Tattoos

Sketchy Jellyfish Tattoo

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas

With so many great-looking jellyfish tattoos, it’s hard to know where to begin.

The nice thing with jellyfish tattoos is that, while beautiful, they aren’t incredibly detailed.

This means a jellyfish tattoo can be any size and will suit many different people’s needs.

  • Small Jellyfish Tattoos

Looking for something cute, but not clichéd?

We’ve all seen small butterflies and hearts, but a little jellyfish is harder to come by.

These small tattoo pieces make an impression without taking up too much space.

Bonus- your jellyfish can easily hide from prying eyes when you’re in the company of someone who doesn’t like tattoos.

Small Jellyfish Tattoo
Small Jellyfish Tattoo
Small Jellyfish Tattoo
Small Jellyfish Tattoo
Small Jellyfish Tattoo
  • Jellyfish Sleeve Tattoos

Are you an ocean enthusiast?

Try an underwater landscape tattoo for something full of vibrant colors and dazzling detail.

Oceanscape tattoos make for excellent sleeves because you can incorporate so many elements while keeping everything in the same world.

See our article about octopus tattoos if you’re looking for other sea life to include in your large piece.

Jellyfish Tattoo Sleeve
Jellyfish Tattoo Sleeve
  • Simple Jellyfish Tattoos
Simple Jellyfish Tattoo
Simple Jellyfish Tattoo
Simple Jellyfish Tattoo
Simple Jellyfish Tattoo
  • White Ink Jellyfish Tattoos
White Ink Jellyfish Tattoo
White Ink Jellyfish Tattoo
  • Large Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish tattoos are versatile in terms of the level of detail.

They can be small and simple, but they look just as gorgeous blown up.

There’s always more to see as you zoom into a jellyfish- their colors and texture are mesmerizing to behold.

This large jellyfish tattoo has a beautiful flow with the body and almost looks like it belongs there.

There is a lot to be had with grand, statement tattoos, especially with a creature that floats and unfurls in an interesting way like a jellyfish.

Jellyfish Tattoo Placement

  • Jellyfish Tattoos on Calf

Because your calves have a lengthy quality to them with a larger surface, they can be the perfect canvas for a jellyfish piece.

Jellyfish Tattoo on Calf
Jellyfish Tattoo on Calf
Jellyfish Tattoo on Calf
  • Jellyfish Tattoos on Forearm

If you don’t mind a visible tattoo, your jellyfish will be perfectly happy to hang out on your forearm.

Like your calf, the forearm is a nice surface for a tattoo because the jellyfish design can swerve with your curves.

Jellyfish Tattoo on Forearm
Jellyfish Tattoo on Forearm
  • Jellyfish Tattoos on Thigh
Jellyfish Tattoo on Thigh

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