Hephaestus Tattoo

Hephaestus Tattoo: Origins, Meanings & Design Ideas

God of fire and innovation

Hephaestus Tattoo

Of all the well known Greek gods, Hephaestus’s name doesn’t necessarily roll off the tongue, but he is a major player in Mount Olympus all the same.

If you value hard work and ingenuity, this character makes for one epic tattoo.

Hephaestus statue

The cool thing about Greek myths is that they’ve laid the foundation for many modern stories- so they’re timeless.

Many people like to honor their favorite characters from movies and TV shows, but may grow tired of those fandoms over time.

When you reach back to the stories that have always been there, you find all the familiar archetypes you’ve come to love in their original form.

There are hints of Hephaestus and other Greek gods in so many of our modern stories.

Who is Hephaestus?

There is some debate over the origin of Hephaestus – and in true Greek myth fashion all the stories of his parentage are rather strange.

In one story, he is the son of Zeus and Hera.

In this version of events, he was born with an ugly face and a club foot.

This basically means he may have had one foot twisted inward, or significantly smaller/bigger in size than the other foot.

This can obviously cause difficulty getting around, and was not a favorable trait in a community of gorgeous gods and goddesses.

Hera was so horrified by her son’s appearance, she threw him down to the earth far below.

Another tale has the same parentage, but slightly different details.

Hephaestus is still born unattractive, but he is thrown off Mount Olympus by Zeus.

In this story, Hera and Zeus are having a lover’s quarrel when Hephaestus decides to step in and help.

He was then cast aside by Zeus in a fit of rage.

In yet another story, it is said that Hera had an asexual birth to bring Hephaestus into the world, because she was jealous that Zeus had done the same to produce daughter Athena.

When Hera saw that her creation was ugly, she was ashamed and- you guessed it- threw the child to the earth below. 

In any case, Hephaestus is an outcast.

What does Hephaestus Represent?

After falling to earth, Hephaestus becomes a master at working with fire.

He spends most of his time alone because of his appearance, and learns to create amazing structures and sculptures with metal and stone.

He is the original blacksmith and is even able to forge living things with his metalworking abilities.

It is said that Hephaestus created a team of golden handmaidens to assist him.

Hephaestus grows up to discover his parentage and decides he wants revenge.

He delivers a gorgeous golden throne to his mother Hera but, once in the throne, she is ensnared by golden thread only visible to Hera and Hephaestus.

No one is able to free her from the throne.

Eventually, Zeus offers Hephaestus godly status on Mount Olympia and a marriage to Aphrodite if he agrees to let Hera go.

He obliges, and becomes the metalworker to the gods.

Unlucky in love, he doesn’t have the happiest of marriages to Aphrodite, but it wasn’t her choice after all.

Other Myths Hephaestus is Connected To Hephaestus

When Prometheus stole fire to bring to the humans- it is said that the fire came from Hephaestus.

Though Hephaestus did not want to punish his kinsmen so severely, Zeus overpowered him.

Ultimately, it was Hephaestus who bound Prometheus to a rock with chains, so that a bird might peck out his liver for all of eternity.

Zeus must have had a way with words, because he also convinced Hephaestus to create both Pandora and Pandora’s box as a curse to mankind!

Why get a Hephaestus Tattoo?

Though Hephaestus is not the most likely choice when it comes to Greek god tattoos, his story is an interesting one and there is a lot of value to be taken from it.

When Hephaestus is thrown down to earth he doesn’t wallow in self pity over his ugliness and deformity, he learns a skill.

A Hephaestus piece may be suitable for someone who is very gifted at metalworking or creating things with their hands, but it can also be a good choice for somebody who beat the odds to make something of themselves.

Working with fire to create is a metaphor for creating your own reality, seeing your dreams come to fruition.

There are so many cool reasons to get a Hephaestus tattoo.

He is also considered the god of technology, so he can symbolize innovation.

Symbols for a Hephaestus Tattoo

Hephaestus tattoos are often done in a portrait style to reflect the classic paintings that portray him.

But if you want to add a little extra pizzazz to your design, there are some symbols commonly associated with this god.

Fire and Volcanoes – some people say Volcanic eruptions are caused by Hephaesus when he has a new project.

Palaces and Thrones – Hephaestus’s handiwork could be seen throughout all of Mount Olympus.

Armor – Hephaestus forged armor for some of your favorite Greek heroes – even Hercules!

Arrows – he fashioned enchanted arrows for Apollo and Artemis.

Hephaestus Tattoo Ideas

Think Hephaestus is the tattoo for you?

If you’re a crafts-person looking for a little divine inspiration, or just a fan of this particular story – you’re sure to start some interesting conversations with this piece!

Check out our gallery for the best Hephaestus tattoos online!

Hephaestus Tattoo
Hephaestus Tattoo
Hephaestus Tattoo
Hephaestus Tattoo
Hephaestus Tattoo
Hephaestus Tattoo
Hephaestus Tattoo
Hephaestus Tattoo
Hephaestus Tattoo

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