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Gregory: “I’m very curious about the impact the industry 4.0 will have on the tattoo industry.”

Gregory Interview

  • How did you get started and what inspired you to become a tattoo artist?

That was 4 years ago. My best friend who is also a tattoo artist suggested trying to draw something with a tattoo machine. At university, I learned interior design and geometry. All in my life drawing, the painting was a part of my activity. 

Gregory Tattoo

Before became a tattoo artist, I painted portraits and worked as an interior designer. So tattooing never was very far from me. the first tattoo I made was a forest landscape in a triangle. it was certainly very scary to work with the skin in the first session. And since February 2016, I have become very addicted to tattoos.

  • What are your main sources of inspiration and how would you describe your aesthetics?

It is very difficult to write something about inspiration because it is a second feeling that cannot be purposefully obtained and scooped from any specific sources, it comes suddenly. 

Gregory Tattoo

It is like a switch, something clicked in the head for a second, and that’s all and an urgent need to make a mini sketch. As a rule, the first ideas are on napkins, pieces of paper, in general, what will come to hand.

  • What’s been your favorite moment in your career, so far?

I’m in the early phase of my tattoo career, it’s hard to answer this question. For me, it was a big step to move from Russia to Budapest, Hungary ( I moved here because of my relationship). It’s easier to travel around Europe and meet new tattoo artists and build connections here.

  • What do you like to do when you’re not tattooing? 

In my free time, I mostly paint portraits. I still have a love for portraits from my university years. Of course, I love horror video games, if I have free time I enjoy playing long hours. it may sound strange but I like cooking. 

Gregory Tattoo

When I cook, I get the same pleasure as from my work. My friend says I’m a good Chef. It’s the same as my work, I get inspiration and I start to make some food. I never use recipe books, I just follow my instinct and I create something unique. I never cook twice the same.

  • What advice can you give to tattoo artists who are just starting out?

In our work, we need a lot of patience and constant concentration.

My advice would be: Either you give it all up or it doesn’t make sense to start.

  • In the old days, tattooing used to be regarded as a sub-cultural activity, but now with all the social media apps it seems to be more mainstream. What are your thoughts about that? 

Well, that’s a hard question. On one hand, tattooing is a form of art. As everywhere there are also many trends and in the last decade, tattoos became very popular. Thanks to social media you can see lots of ideas and you can get much inspiration. 

Gregory Tattoo

For tattoo artists, social media like Instagram or Pinterest can be a good channel to reach the client. And this industry is growing very rapidly. On the other hand, thanks to the channels mentioned people usually following trends and sometimes want the same tattoo. To have a unique tattoo doesn’t matter more now than before.

Gregory Tattoo
  • A few tips on tattoo aftercare?

It’s hard to advise something specific, I advise you to keep your skin clean and moisturized throughout the healing process. Regularly use a healing cream and not every three days.

Gregory Tattoo
  • What are your thoughts regarding tattoo trends like watercolor tattoos, embroidery tattoos, etc.? We as tattoo aficionados, when we’re thinking about getting a new tattoo, should we follow the trends or should we stick to the established ones?

I mostly make realistic tattoos. For me, this is my style and this style helps me the most to impress my visions and my art. I recommend everybody to find their path and follow that.

Gregory Tattoo

If you choose a style or a specific technique, it helps you to become more professional and it also helps to develop your technique.

  • Talking about the tattoo industry, what would you like to see done differently in the future compared to now?
Gregory Tattoo

I hope in the future it will be less bad quality work, with time I hope this will improve.

I’m very curious what impact the industry 4.0 will have on the tattoo industry.

Gregory Tattoo

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