Gladiolus Tattoo

The Meaning of Gladiolus Tattoos: An Illustrated Guide

Gladiolus Tattoo Meanings

Gladiolus flower tattoos represent beauty, grace, elegance, and style for women who wear them.

Also called the “sword lily,” the gladiolus is the birth month flower of August.

This fancy tattoo is packed full of meanings of womanhood and everything that it means to be a woman.

Gladiolus Tattoo

The gladiolus tattoos can also symbolize pleasant memories and be a reminder of the good times you have shared with your friends or family.

These tattoos also refer to the parts of femininity that include tender love for your family.

If you are someone who loves your kids and your husband or wife and is a gentle person full of love and tenderness, then this tattoo can represent that love that you share with your family.

Interestingly, in ancient times, warriors wore the gladiolus on their bodies as a superstition for protection in battle.

Flower Tattoo

Therefore, when men have a gladiolus tattoo, the flower tattoo represents the strength of character and self-confidence.

In fact, the Roman gladiators received gladiolus flowers when they won a battle because they symbolize victory.

Gladiolus tattoos also often represent ethics and values, as well as blatant honesty.

If you are a person who tries every day to be the best person you can be, then a gladiolus tattoo would be a great symbol of your values.

Gladiolus flowers are often used for medicinal purposes, so gladiolus tattoos also represent healing.

Gladiolus tattoos also represent magical protection, as women in the Middle Ages would wear the flower as a protective amulet.

Another interesting fact about the gladiolus flower is that it is the 40th-anniversary flower.

Therefore, the gladiolus tattoo not only symbolizes love, but it represents pure infatuation with your partner– the kind that lasts 40 years!

Now that we have covered the basic meanings of gladiolus tattoos, let’s take a look at the more specific meanings based on each gladiolus tattoo design:

  • Purple Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Purple gladiolus tattoos symbolize beauty, grace, nobility, and elegance.

These tattoos can even go as far as representing pure glamour.

Purple Gladiolus Tattoo

Women who have a purple gladiolus tattoo are known for getting dressed up before they go out.

They also are known for being eye-catching beauties, that are often complimented for their incredible taste in clothing, hair, and makeup.

  • White Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

White gladiolus tattoos represent a state of being morally pure.

People with this tattoo are honest people who only tell white lies and who always own up to their mistakes.

This tattoo symbolizes strong values that are often based on religious ideas.

This tattoo simply means that you try every day to be a good person.

  • Yellow Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Yellow flower tattoos tend to represent happiness, joy, and friendship.

The yellow gladiolus tattoo is no different, except it has the added meaning of brotherhood.

Yellow Gladiolus Tattoo

Therefore, men can get this tattoo and it symbolizes love for their friends and family.

This tattoo also refers to the gladiolus as a gladiator and represents strength and courage.

  • Pink Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Pink gladiolus tattoos refer to femininity, and they represent the elegance, beauty, and charm of women.

Pink Gladiolus Tattoo

Women may also want to get this tattoo to symbolize women’s rights and the strength and importance of powerful women.

Women who have this tattoo have elegance and grace and are people that others look up to.

  • Green Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Green gladiolus tattoos represent healing, growth, and health in general.

This is because gladiolus flowers were used in Medieval times as an amulet of protection and because the flower has many medicinal properties.

Green gladiolus tattoos specifically refer to the gladiolus flower’s power to heal.

  • Red Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

As you can see, gladiolus tattoos come in many different colors.

Red Gladiolus Tattoo

The red gladiolus tattoo symbolizes love, feelings of passion, sensitivity, courage, and deep thoughts.

There is something about the tattoo color red that elicits passionate feelings such as love and courage.

  • Blue Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

The blue gladiolus tattoo symbolizes love and hope.

In a way, love and hope come hand and hand because people often hope for love and people always love more hope.

Blue Gladiolus Tattoo

When people hope for love, they often wish to find a significant other.

If any of this sounds like you, you may want to get a blue gladiolus tattoo.

  • Gladiolus and Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Both the gladiolus flower tattoos and butterfly tattoos represent great beauty and elegance, as well as femininity.

Gladiolus and Butterfly Tattoo

The gladiolus and butterfly tattoo, therefore, is for women with both wonderful personalities and a lot of beauty and charm.

If you consider yourself to fit in this category of women, then you may want to get this tattoo to represent your excellent elegance.

  • Rose Tattoo and Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Rose and gladiolus tattoos are very similar to butterfly and gladiolus tattoos in that they both refer to beauty and elegance.

However, with the gladiolus and rose tattoo, there is an added meaning of love and passion.

Rose Tattoo and Gladiolus Tattoo

Rose and gladiolus flowers are both given to people with who you are in love.

Therefore, together, they make an excellent tattoo to get in honor of a loved one who you want to show how much you care for.

  • Lily and Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Femininity, grace, beauty, and womanhood describe the meaning of the lily and gladiolus tattoo.

There is something special about a woman who has grace.

Perhaps it is that grace is hard to come by.

For those who have it, you may want to get a lily tattoo with a gladiolus tattoo to secretly pat yourself on the back for achieving one of the great successes of womanhood.

  • Gladiolus and Daisy Tattoo Meaning

Daisy flower tattoos are known to represent friendship and joy.

Gladiolus and daisy tattoos represent the good times you share between friends and the joy these events bring to you.

Daisy Tattoo

Many people share great memories with their best friends, and share these with each other during good times hanging out.

This tattoo can act kind of like these moments with your friends by reminding you of the good times.

  • Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo Meaning

Gladiolus and poppy tattoos can be another tattoo referring to the gladiators because this tattoo represents those who are free-spirited and strong.

This tattoo means that you have extreme strength and courage.

Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo

This tattoo’s meaning is also that of elegance and beauty.

Both poppy flower tattoos and gladiolus flower tattoos symbolize grace and beauty and so the two together are an extreme version of these adjectives.

  • Gladiolus and Aster Tattoo Meaning

Both the aster and gladiolus flowers are highly romantic flowers and so a tattoo of the two together represents love and romance.

Gladiolus and Aster Tattoo

This tattoo also symbolizes beauty, so if you see beauty in all things and appreciate aesthetics in art and nature you should get this tattoo.

This is a highly feminine tattoo so if you love womanhood or if you are a girly-girl you may want to get this tattoo for those reasons.

  • Daffodil and Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Daffodil and gladiolus tattoos mean that you are a highly feminine person who is also a bit of a girly-girl.

Daffodil and Gladiolus Tattoo

A gladiolus tattoo with a daffodil tattoo represents someone who is obsessed with style and who has a lot of grace and charm.

A woman who has this tattoo most likely likes getting dressed up, doing their makeup and hair, and going out on the town with their friends.

  • Carnation and Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Carnation and gladiolus tattoos are all about femininity and love.

These tattoos are typically found on women, and express a women’s femininity and beauty as well as their elegance and charm.

The carnation tattoo and gladiolus tattoo also represents love and is for people who express their love easily and wear their heart on their sleeve.

  • Larkspur and Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

A larkspur and gladiolus tattoo is one tattoo that one could get in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary because it symbolizes intense love.

Larkspur Tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes the kind of love that is overwhelming and even reaches infatuation.

This tattoo also recognizes your strong attachment to your partner.

  • Gladiolus and Lily of the Valley Tattoo Meaning

Lily of the valley and gladiolus tattoos symbolize femininity, motherhood, and care for your family.

This tattoo, quite obviously, is for women, and typically is for women who have families and children.

Your children will be happy with you if you get this tattoo because this tattoo is basically saying that you cherish them and will do anything for your family.

  • Watercolor Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Watercolor gladiolus tattoos have many meanings, including beauty, love, grace, love for your family, and health.

If you are someone obsessed with beautiful objects and people, a watercolor tattoo would be just right for you.

Watercolor Gladiolus Tattoo

Also, if you have a lot of grace and aren’t afraid to show it, and know how to charm people, you may want to get a watercolor gladiolus tattoo.

This tattoo can even refer to the need to be healthier and can be a promise to yourself to start working out and taking care of your body.

  • Black and Grey Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Black and grey gladiolus tattoos are one of the few gladiolus tattoos that are manly and can be worn by men.

They symbolize strength, power, and courage.

Black and Grey Gladiolus Tattoo

Gladiators in ancient Rome used to be given gladiolus flowers as a reward for winning a battle.

Have you won many battles in life?

If you are a man or woman who has experienced victory in life, even if it is something as simple as succeeding in a sports game, or anything that has changed your life for the better, this tattoo is for you.

  • Minimalist Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning

Minimalist gladiolus tattoos tend to be simple tattoos that express the very essence of the gladiolus flower.

Minimalist Flower Tattoo

These gladiolus tattoos are also often small tattoos because they may be tiny but pack a powerful punch.

A gladiolus designed in a minimalist tattoo style means that you are celebrating the good times you have had with friends, that you are an elegant and beautiful person, or that you have a lot of courage.

  • Gladiolus Tattoo with Lettering Tattoos

If you have a gladiolus tattoo with your name attached to the design, it means that you consider yourself elegant and beautiful and that you are proud of your femininity.

Lettering and Flower Tattoo

This tattoo also means that you have a lot of courage and strength as a woman.

Other words or phrase tattoos may be attached to the gladiolus tattoo with different meanings such as courage, elegance, and health.


It is quite surprising how gladiolus tattoos are linked to the great gladiators of the Romans’ days.

In fact, it is amazing at just what opposites the gladiolus tattoo represents.

On one hand, the flower tattoo represents courage and the strength of a warrior, while on the other hand, it represents grace and the softness of femininity.

When we think of femininity today, however, these two really aren’t opposites at all.

Women can be just as strong and courageous as men.

As you can see, the gladiolus flower tattoo is highly dynamic and can fit a large variety of different people.

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